Nick Vertucci’s Road to Success

Some people who succeed in their career life after great struggles are a true inspiration to many others. One such man is Nick Vertucci, Founder, and CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Vertucci was brought up in a humble family where both his parents loved him. They made sure that they provided for him and his siblings’ everything they needed until Nick was at the age of ten when his father died. His mother was forced to work throughout the day to provide for them and often came back at late hours when everyone as asleep. At the age of eighteen, Nick Vertucci was at his hardest time of life.

Fortunately, Vertucci found a breakthrough when he started his own business where he used to sell computer parts. At that time when he was successful, Nick decided to marry and even got three daughters. Unfortunately, things again turned worse when the dot-com crash of 2000 came, and Nick lost all his money. The dot-com period was the period when the usage and adaptation to the internet enormously grew. Internet-based companies developed and later the dot-com bubble collapsed, and the companies fell. Other people who had made investments in the companies also lost their money.

Having very little income, Nick Vertucci was forced to get into debts which later became a problem. He eventually lost everything excluding his home. During this time, a friend to Nick, fortunately, invited him to a real estate training seminar which would last three days. Although unwilling to use his weekend in a workshop, Vertucci decided to go. At the seminar, Verucci understood some of which was said by the speaker but not all. He thought of what was said and was inspired by the real estate business. He became determined to learn more about the real estate business, and it took him about ten years to learn all that he needed to start.

He developed a simple system which allowed him to make money in real estate. Within no time, Vertucci had become a millionaire and got out of all his debts. He was given inspiration also to help others with the same problems and founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in 2013. The academy has locations across the U.S such as Nevada. The college offers lessons on real estates and has since helped many people in the real estate business.

Jeremy Goldstein Creates Ingenious Compensation Concept For Companies

One of the biggest sticking points in business involves company compensation of its rank and file employees. Shareholders want to keep the cost of employees down. However, good talent does not come cheap and the best employees want some sort of incentive for their performance. Now, one compensation expert has created what may be the perfect compensation idea. That compensation expert, New York Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein, has created a compensation structure where employees, companies executive, and shareholders can all walk away happy.


First off, let us get to the major issue which dominates a company’s financials – this is known as Earnings Per Share or EPS. Most employee compensation and incentives are valued based on the EPS. If the EPS is high, then some companies will trigger a bonus or higher pay structure for their employees and executives. However, measuring compensation solely by EPS can be a double-edged sword.


Executives can make dangerous short-term decisions to drive up a company’s EPS at the expense of the companies long-term survivability. For instance, a car company can offer a bunch of “no money down, no payments for 12 months” deals to quickly clear out their auto inventory. Sales and EPS would surge for the car company in the short term. However, many of those car buyers may be unqualified borrowers and unable to make the payments on their cars, leading to an avalanche of defaults.


Jeremey Goldstein’s idea is to tie employee compensation to the long-term performance of a company’s senior executives. A CEO with a 5-year growth plan will better position a company for long-term success. The result is that employees will also have an incentive to stay with the company to execute the long-term goals of the CEO. And the shareholders can also find longterm value into holding onto the company’s shares.


Jeremy Goldstein has decades of experience as both a practicing attorney as well as a corporate compensation expert. Currently, Mr. Goldstein is the Principal Partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm specializing in corporate compensation. Prior to opening his own firm, Mr. Goldstein worked for a number of law firms.


Educated at the New York University School of Law, Jeremy Goldstein’s portfolio of experience includes work for several major cellular companies as well as work in the energy and financial sector. In addition to his work at his legal practice, Jeremy Goldstein is also a contributing writer for the NYU Journal of Law and Business. Learn more:


Dr. Rod Rohrich Presents Plastic Surgery Knowledge to Others

Dr. Rod Rohrich will be attending the Baker Gordon Symposium from February 8 to 10, the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery Medicine Meeting from February 28 to March 1, and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting from March 2 to 3. Rohrich is an internationally acclaimed plastic surgeon and educator. He is certified by the ABPS (American Board of Plasri Surgery) and has a practice out of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and UT’s Southwestern Medical Center. DrRohrich graduated from Baylor University College with high honors.

Rohrich will be chairing and organizing both the Medicine Meeting and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting but will be participating in all three symposiums on a much greater level than spectator. He will be moderating several discussions at each of these events as well as doing live surgery during the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. Surgery will be performed on cadavers by Rohrich during both the Medicine Meeting and the Rhinoplasty Meeting.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has published upwards of six hundred peer-reviewed articles and five plastic surgery textbooks. He has been a visiting professor for more than one hundred and fifty societies and has chaired over one hundred symposiums. From 2001 to 2012 Rohrich was rated by the Castle Connolly Guide as a top doctor nationally.

He and his wife were Co-chairs Dallas for Children Foundation, an organization that assists underprivileged children with early childhood development programs. Rohrich is involved in initiatives used to help immunize underprivileged and homeless children throughout East Dallas. Internationally, he has performed and taught surgery on congenitally deformed children and burn victims in third world countries. The Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Foundation supports a primary care medical student in North Dakota each year. He has been regularly included as a Super Doctor in Texas since 2005. In 2003 he received a Simon Frederick’s Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the DSPS in 1997 and 2003.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Social Media:

Communication Streamlined: Securus Doing its Best to Keep Everyone Safe

The people behind Securus probably started their company with the simple goal of providing communication services to correctional facilities. The idea was simple enough, but every dream can morph into something else at any given time. There is no way the people who spearheaded this company would know how big it would become or how revolutionary.


Securus is one of the first to introduce inmate communication technology that allows for inmates to talk to loved ones through the internet. This has allowed for email communication, text, and even video chats. Most people know how expensive it is to make a phone call from or to correctional facilities, so offering other means of communication makes a big difference.


Furthermore, the giant inmate communication company has also made quite a name for itself in some of the communities it serves. For example, Securus wanted to make sure they did their part in the state of Louisiana when it survived those tragic floods a few years ago. The company’s heads wished the very best to the people of the state, but it also made sure that those who wish to call people in state prisons could do so for free. This step was necessary to make sure people did not stress out thinking a loved one was unsafe. Several people took advantage of the offer and were able to rest easy. The people of the state were thankful for Securus Technologies and some of the other companies who stepped up for them in their time of need.


There is no doubt that Securus took a stand when it mattered, and it continues to look forward, attempting to see what other steps they can take to help others. Another action taken by the company worth noting is their wireless containment system. The system is being perfected with the help of an ex-correctional facility officer. This step is necessary to keep people safe since some prisoners have used illegal cellphones to make dangerous calls. Johnson, for example, fell victim to the power of one of these calls when he was shot more than four times in the stomach. The intent was to kill him, and he is not the only person whose life has been put in danger because an inmate got a hold of one of these phones.


Johnson and Securus are doing their best to make sure that their wireless containment system is able to keep these phones from being used again to hurt others. The program is only meant to block signals within the facility and no where else, which is part of what makes it usable. Some states do not allow companies to block cellphone signals, so this looks promising. Making sure correctional facility officers like Johnson are safe is important. Every call needs to be monitored to keep people safe, which is ultimately what everyone wants.


Omar Boraie Makes a City Great Again

I cannot blame my fellow Americans for pointing at the top one percent of our country and proclaiming that the reason they all got there was that they destroyed far too many little people along the way. When you see people like Donald Trump, who has made most of his money by declaring bankruptcy, then you have to wonder what the rest of them are doing. However, there is one man by the name of Omar Boraie who shows that there are some in the 1% who are tenderhearted people and long to transform our country for the better.

Sam Boraie has been working through his own corporation, the Boraie Development LLC, to help revive and restore the city of New Brunswick. He began this adventure by seeing to it that the families who remained in New Brunswick were cared for and provided quality time with one another. Omar Boraie contacted the New Jersey Stage Theater to arrange a way to give families seven free movie nights to spend with one another. Omar Boraie bankrolled the entire thing, and over 7500 people would attend one of these movie nights. Check out press of atlantic city to know more.

Omar Boraie would continue working within the city to help it become the glorified entity he knew it could be.

According to press of atlantic city, Omar has invested 150 million of his own personal dollars to begin attracting businesses to New Brunswick. He knows that if he can get business professionals to become residents of his city that jobs will follow and create a booming economy.

One way that he began attracting business professionals to his city was by building two class A office buildings that were styled after those of New York City. These are perfect places for counselors, doctors, surgeons, and engineers.

These professionals need office space but lack the funds necessary to build from scratch. Often times, their only option is to rent space or purchase prebuilt space. By providing this in New Brunswick, New Jersey for a lower cost than surrounding areas, many business professionals would decide it would be easier to call this place home. His plan worked, and professionals came in by the droves. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie wanted to go a step further. He also built residential real estate so that the professionals could live in New Brunswick rather than commute every day. This he achieved with a 17 story tower that spans 370 ft.² of living space.

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Owing To His Undeniable Experience And Managerial Excellence, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Be At Banco Bradesco For Many Years To Come

Business success in the modern world is significantly pegged on innovation. Organizations that are successfully able to differentiate their products or services from those of their competitors are often able to attract a higher number of customers. This is a strategy that Brazilian bank, Banco Bradesco has consistently adhered to throughout its seven decades of existence. Under the leadership of its founder, Amador Aguiar, the bank was one of the earliest adopters of digital technology in the Brazilian banking industry. Currently, the push for innovative differentiation is being driven by Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the bank’s president.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has spent his entire adulthood at Banco Bradesco. The native of the small city of Marilia joined the large financial institution in 1969 when he was only aged 18 as a clerk. He quickly rose from the entry-level position in the coming years and was soon after working at the lender’s head office in Brazil’s capital. He would go on to become one of the youngest directors at the bank following his appointment to the post of marketing director in 1984. He considerably excelled in the role and will mainly be remembered for growing the bank’s media presence at a time when it was undertaking an aggressive expansion drive. By 1999, he was already being considered by the Banco Bradesco board to become the bank’s third president. The bank, however, decided to go with the more experienced Marcio Cypriano as Luiz Carlos Trabuco was considered to be still too young at the age of 47. When Mr. Cypriano’s time to retire came ten years later, the board finally decided to appoint Luiz Carlos Trabuco to the position.

Read more: Trabuco will assume the presidency of Bradesco’s board; bank to appoint new chief executive in March

Up until the time of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s appointment as Banco Bradesco president, the primary growth strategy in the Brazilian banking industry was acquiring smaller financial institutions. Unfortunately, however, the economic troubles that plagued the Brazilian economy in 2009 prevented Luiz Carlos Trabuco from employing this move as the strategy to grow the bank. The global financial crisis that had occurred in 2008 had significantly reduced the available investment opportunities in most markets, including Brazil. Consequently, the innovative Trabuco decided to shift to a slower, but still useful, organic approach according to As a result of this strategic shift, Banco Bradesco was still able to open up over 200 new branches and maintain its profitability in 2009.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco continued to employ this organic approach until a viable acquisition opportunity presented itself in 2015. That year, it was announced by HSBC that it would be looking to sell its banking business in Brazil according to Despite being smaller than some of the other interested banks, Banco Bradesco moved quickly, under the guidance of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, to initiate the deal. The final price agreed upon by both parties was a significant $5.2 billion figure. That said, the multi-billion dollar deal allowed Bradesco to expand at one go what it would have taken the organic approach six years to accomplish. More importantly, it also enabled Banco Bradesco to realistically threaten Itau Unibanco for the top spot among private banks in the country.

What Luiz Carlos Trabuco has accomplished in the 48 years that he has been at Banco Bradesco is no meager feat. It has taken considerable passion and drive. Even as the bank’s president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues to set an example for his employees by being in the office for at least 12 hours a day. He also regularly carries on his duties at the bank into business meetings. He also employs leadership style that greatly leans towards mentorship, consequently ensuring that the leadership standard at the bank remains consistently high.

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Barbara Stokes Helps GSH Increase Positive Outcome

The GSH company has always been something that is successful, but that doesn’t mean they have always had someone who can lead them in the right direction. Despite making a lot of money, GSH has had to make sure they are putting things into perspective and they have recently started working with people like Barbara Stokes who is now the CEO of the company. She knows what she needs to do to run the company and she has tried her best to make sure the company is getting the support it needs. While Barbara Stokes is the CEO, she still does what she can to get hands-on with the company. Read more at Business Insider.


For Barbara Stokes to do this is a sign that she is truly dedicated to the business. In fact, she has always tried to give people the expert options they need. While she is working with those who are also working with the company, she isn’t afraid to give them advice to help them get to the level she is at. There is nothing wrong with the things Barbara Stokes has put into place and she knows that when she is giving the best advice possible to all the people who she works with.

Even though Barbara Stokes has worked for companies like GSH and even Boeing, she doesn’t let that stop her from being a philanthropic person. In fact, she has tried to always be an active philanthropist so she can help other people with the issues they have. She does her best to give back to the community and has made sure she is helping people who are a part of the community. Everything Barbara Stokes has done has led to her making sure she can give attention to people who need it and people who want to get the charitable help she is providing. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Depending on the things Barbara Stokes is doing, she knows that the most important parts of her life are her children and her job. She has three children who she cares for on a regular basis and who she makes an effort to be in their lives. This is hard for someone who has such a high-demand job as a CEO. It is also something she has always wanted to do and that’s why she became a mother. Barbara Stokes knows what work-life balance is and makes sure she always does everything to keep her work life and her home life balanced out.


Susan McGalla Says More Women Are Needed In Boardroom

Trailblazing CEO Susan McGalla says the lack of women in the boardroom has very little to do with lack of effort or opportunities. It is much more about lack of incentives and other women for the purpose of support.

According to McGalla, men still hold the majority of positions. And until attitudes change, and men understand the importance of women in the workplace, it will remain this way.

According to studies, companies with gender-diversity are 15% more successful. “The numbers cannot be denied,” said McGalla.

The Pittsburgh native has held a number of high-level positions in her young age. She has headed a number of Fortune 500 companies like Wet Seal and American Eagle Outfitters. Today she runs her own company, P3 Executive Consulting and she is also the marketing director for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

McGalla was raised to be fearless. With a football coach father and two brothers, she was never given any exceptions and learned from a very young age that she would not be given any slack because of her gender. It is a good lesson that she carried on in life.

McGalla recalls when she first entered the work force, she saw very few women in the board room. “Although it was obviously still a man’s world, I wasn’t going to let that intimidate me or hold me back.” She didn’t.

She worked very hard and proved that she was just as good as her male peers. She was rewarded with a number of lucrative positions that further showcased her exceptional talents.

While things are getting better for women, McGalla feels the pace could quicken up a bit. She says companies like Hewlitt Packard, Yahoo and Pepsi Cola having women at the helm proves that women can do an excellent job if given the chance.

ClassDojo, Serving the Education Sector Best in the 21st Century

ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary among other associates like Liam Don. ClassDojo is committed to listening to teachers, students and parents as far as education formation and development is concerned. ClassDojo has helped in solving communication skills between students and their parents about their progress outside the class environment. The problem has been assumed in many schools around the world leading students giving false information to their parents as far as academic progress is concerned. However, with ClassDojo, everything has changed and became manageable, especially in the U.S. K-8 schools districts. It was recorded in Business Times by San Francisco that more than 90% of U.S. schools are already using the technology to serve better.

ClassDojo has gone forward and raised 21 million dollars to help in funding technology that connects educators to parents and students. The technology helps parents, students and educators to communicate consistently about social and behavioral growth in school and at home. The technology has taken the education world to the next level by I involving parents to engage and make follow up about their children’s progress anytime compared to the meetings held at the end of every semester. Parents are in a position to learn how their students are proceeding at their comfort other than visiting the school quite often.

The two co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have been looking forward to improving the app and make it much better and convenient to all parents at any time. The company closed late 2015 and decided to use the money raised to make a proper research on what features to improve and add. These efforts were meant to make the app convenient and easily usable by all parents. It would help to track their children grades, make inquiries through emails, send their recommendations and pay school fees at their pleasure.

As a result of many schools turning to the digital world, Edtech has come to fill the gap that has been created in Schoology. With the use of iPads in the vast technology ClassDojo has made sure that all is well, including implementation and adoption plan to modernize education world.

Doing A Full Cloud Migration From Using OneLogin

Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends which is shaping the software industry. Businesses are falling over one another to see whom is able to do a cloud migration fast enough. Data can be secure with the help of the right cloud migration assistance. Many organizations fail to take the best practices into account when they are attempting to migrate their applications and infrastructure. Two-pronged approaches are helpful when businesses need to migrate, and this helps to prevent and correct security issues. Policies and practices are designed to ensure that organizations are secure.

There are still a few challenges which can come with not having adequate hardware. Shadow IT then became a solution that took advantage of cloud computing. Employees of many companies often decided that they would make a choice for their own tools. The tides are turning for many businesses looking to migrate over to the cloud. They are able to take advantage of cloud computing software that enables them to use their own tools.

Nearly any employee with a company credit card can set up new virtual machines, meaning that many companies are less reliant upon their IT departments. A centralized IT structure is able to also done little to improve a company’s understanding of IT security. There is also a major risk that costs could spiral out of control without the right management structure in place for cloud computing.

IT Professionals manage hardware, and IT isn’t fully visible. Developers can easily set up a instance of a server that the IT department doesn’t know about, among other potentially dangerous scenarios. Access control is necessary to make sure that no one person has the ability to put the entire network at risk.

OneLogin is a company which provides access management to IT departments. The aim is to mitigate some of the risks which come with cloud computing and having multiple users working within a shared system. It also makes onboarding/offboarding easier for the enterprise. Onelogin also aims to increase end-user productivity with a Single Sign On. Onelogin is a venture-backed company which is based in San Francisco, CA.