Jason Hope Understands the IoT

Since Jason Hope understood the IoT, he knew he would be able to help other people have a good understanding of it. He tried his best to show people more information about the IoT, and that is what helped him to become better at all of the things that he does. He knew the right business to choose when he became a tech entrepreneur and has been successful since that point in time. Since he knew what to do and he knew the right way to do things, he was working to become one of the best technology entrepreneurs in the business. It is exactly what Jason Hope needed to improve his business and make things easier on all of the people who are doing different things. It also made things easier for Jason Hope to improve his career while he was working at different things on his own.

As things have improved for the IoT and for the people that it serves, Jason Hope is doing what he can to make the industry better. He knew a lot about technology and continues to remain as dedicated as possible to technology. He also knew what he could do to help market the IoT to other people and that is exactly what he did on his own. For Jason Hope to do these things, he had to be sure that he would make things easier on different people who were in different situations depending on all of the issues they had with their own careers.

The industry has grown and more people know about it than ever before. Now, many people have IoT objects in their home. They have exactly what they are looking for and their homes are very smart. In fact, nearly everything can now be connected to the different devices so people don’t have to worry about the issues of actually working on their own items. The IoT has made that something that is very easy for people to experience even when they are working on different areas of the opportunities they have together to learn more about us: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/ click here.

This means a lot to Jason Hope. It means that he was extremely successful with the marketing that he has done. He knew the right way to work as an entrepreneur, and he chose a great business to get involved in. While Jason Hope may not have known what technology would look like in the future, he has been able to see what it looks like right now. He knows that this will be indicative of what it can do in the future and where it is going for people to be able to use new things when they are working in different areas of technology.

Scandal Lipstick for the Sexy Woman

Bright and bold lipsticks have been very popular lately. They are usually attention grabbing, empowering, and give off a vibe of confidence, all while being feminine and beautiful. Taylor Swift trademarked the bright red lipstick while other celebrities have been rocking bold blues this summer. But recently, Lime Crime released a new color to add to this list: Scandal.

Scandal is a deep purple lipstick and according to US Weekly, it “oozes sex appeal and solidifies #bosslady status.” Purple lipstick provides drama and depth to any diva bold enough to rock it. Makeup artists recommend applying lip balm 15 minutes prior to application, blotting off the excess oils, painting on the lipstick and refining the edges with a lipbrush. Then just let the lipstick dry to a beautiful finish that will last all day.

Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere states “Scandal is for girls who like a touch of punk-rock edge & have that don’t-care attitude. Pair it with bold black liner & get ready to stir up some controversy.” Doe Deere is extremely excited about the release of this product and recommends paring it with Trip Diamond Crusher because it highlights Scandal’s violet undertones.

You can wear this lipstick with multiple outfits. You can rock it with your favorite little black dress, jeans and a crop top, shorts with fishnets, or classy white or black lace. Scandal adds a bold flare to any outfit and grabs attention in the best way. It’s dark and edgy but subtle enough for work.

Scandal can be worn in professional contexts and used to intimidate your coworkers and establish your “#bosslady status” or it can be worn to the club and used to attract only the bravest and therefore sexiest men and women there. Scandal lipstick really is for the brave and bold woman but it establishes her dominance in a stunning and utterly beautiful way.

Avaaz: The Modern Day Civic Organization

While the internet can be used to do many things, Avaaz chose to use it for the greater good. Avaaz— a US based civic organization—uses emails, videos, and online public petitions among other tools of communication provided by the internet to promote global activism. There is no doubt that poverty, corruption, conflicts, violations of human rights, and climate change among other social problems are of concern to people around the globe. Avaaz plays a strategic role in addressing the many challenges affecting humans.

Avaaz was founded in 2007 by Res Publica, MoveOn.org, and Service Employees International Union. All the founding partners of Avaaz are dedicated to alleviating human suffering through promoting good governance, civic virtue, and other progressive courses. The organization coined its name, Avaaz, from a transliteration of a Persian word which means ‘’voice’’ or ‘’sound’’. Therefore, Avaaz is the voice of people.

Avaaz’s innovative mode of operation has enabled its presence to be felt all over the globe. The organization has a website that Avaaz’s members and members of the public can initiate petitions. A petition that generates interest is looked into by Avaaz’s specialists who then send tester emails to some members of Avaaz. If the members agree with the petition, then Avaaz welcomes all its members to partake in the petition. According to Avaaz’s website, secure.avaaz.org, the organization has over 44 million members in 194 countries, and it uses different languages in its campaigns.

Avaaz has been involved in significant global incidences. For instance, during the civil uprising in Syria, Avaaz sent 34 international journalists to Syria to cover the unfolding events and make the world more conversant with the goings-on in Syria. The same organization sent over $1.5 million to Syria to enable protesters to access the internet and air their grievances to the world.

Samuel Strauch: Building A Successful Real Estate Company In Florida

To Metrik Real Estate principal Samuel Strauch life is a lesson. He believes people’s path determine their growth. Strauch’s path took him to Hofstra University where he got his bachelor’s degree in business.

It also led him to Harvard University and Rotterdam’s Erasmus University to complete his studies. He then became involved in banking before joining his family in the real estate industry in South Florida. His background has played an essential role in the success he’s enjoyed. It has informed the unique vision he brings to anything with which he is involved.

Samuel Strauch started his own company in 2002. That company, Metrik Real Estate, handles real estate opportunities not only in South Florida, but also in Latin America. Part of the reason he has been successful is his ability integrate business enterprises related to the acquisition, development, management, brokerage and equity sourcing for his real estate investments through a single platform. Aside from his work in real estate, Strauch also invests in restaurants and internet-based businesses. Yet he still makes time to actively pursue his interest in art and photography.

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He got the idea for his business when he arrived in Miami and saw all the new real estate development as well as the way the city was changing from just a vacation destination to a burgeoning metropolis. He then put his investors and international clients together and started his company. He enjoys the diverse daily activities, meeting new people, developing relationships with colleagues and business partners, sharing ideas and finding new properties. An open-minded forward thinker, Samuel Strauch is always analyzing new ideas, ascertaining their viability and potential and investing resources in the good ones.

Being grateful for his blessings, curious, setting goals each day and always thinking win-win are keys to the success of Samuel Strauch.

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Paul Mampilly Achievements In The Financial Industry

Paul Mampilly is one of the most respected individuals in the financial department. At the moment, he is working as the editor for a powerful publication known as Profits Unlimited. The monthly publication deal with stocks and it has already changed the lives of many people in the world. The newsletter has won several awards in the finance department because it has won the hearts of so many people.

At the moment, the newsletter has more than sixty thousand subscribers who want to know how to make more money in the competitive market. The businessman is also the founder and president of an institution known as Profits Unlimited. The primary aim of the organization is to assist the middle-class investor to make the right profits by investing in the right places. People who have chosen to follow the great advice offered by the successful hedge fund manager have turned out to be very profitable.

Being the editor of a powerful magazine is not a walk in the park. Every month, the businessman makes sure that he emails the newsletter to all his subscribers. In the letter, Paul gives these individuals new highlights, promising them great stocks at the end of the day. The businessman is always monitoring the performance of all the investments in the country, and he makes sure that the customers are updated about any news at least once in the week.

Paul Mampilly does not like investing money for any of his subscribers. As an experienced financial expert, the businessman encourages the investors to use their accounts to purchase stocks and try their luck. Most of the people who have purchased stocks in the areas advised have given positive feedback.

The businessman was born and raised in India. However, when he completed his education, he felt that he was going to make a bright future in the United States. After completing his university at the US, Paul was hired to work in several companies. Due to the financial expertise he acquired, the businessman managed to grow companies, shocking many individuals. However, he felt that the profits he made were only helping few people in the society.

Chris Villanueva Role in the Dental World

Dr. Chris Villanueva is one of the respected individuals in the dentistry world. Many people know him because of his numerous accomplishments in the competitive department. Several years ago, the successful dentist decided to establish a company known as MB2 Dental. The businessman always had a vision of making the department better for both the corporate and private practitioners. Villanueva had already worked in both sectors of the equation, and this means that he had the direct knowledge needed to furnish the dental world without interfering with the integrity of the competitive department.

After working as a dentist for very many years, Chris Villanueva thought that it would be crucial to offer dental practitioners to get the specialized assistance without any strings attached. Since it was founded, the dental practice has focused mainly on supporting physicians. At the moment, the company is managing doctors in more than seventy locations in the six states. The firm has five hundred and thirty-three employees who work around the clock to ensure that the doctors achieve their objectives. The leadership of the institution is also close knit, and it plays a fundamental role in the success of the company.

Most of the ordinary dental management networks in the United States operate just like the traditional practices. They are mostly uninspired and drab. However, Villanueva has introduced a new model of activities that is significantly changing the whole industry. The company focuses more on the doctors than making huge profits. The model that is used by the private dental practice has facilitated the changes in the enterprise.

When establishing the company, Chris Villanueva was interested in having a dentist owned institution that would specialize in offering personal growth, autonomy and at the end having fun together. In the past, most doctors did not have enough time to concentrate on their patients. This is because most of them had to attend to the non-clinical matters of the practice. The doctors affiliated with the dental practice now have enough time to treat their patients. The patients, on the other hand, are given the best services at affordable prices.

MB2 Dental has been successful because of several reasons. First of all, the founder of the company, Chris Villanueva has a lot of expertise in the dental world. The experience has helped the management of the company to always be on top. The employees are also highly experienced in whatever they do, and this explains why they have taken the firm to greater heights.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Originally Began Her Practice In Manhattan

*Dr Jennifer Walden: An expert in Cosmetic Surgery:

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an well known plastic surgeon as well as media commentator. In addition, Dr. Walden is the founder of the Walden Cosmetic & Surgery Center which is currently based in Austin Texas.

Dr. Walden originally began her practice in Manhattan. While working in New York, Dr. Walden worked closely with Dr. Sherrell Aston. Dr. Walden learned a great deal from Dr. Aston and enjoyed working with her a great deal. Several magazine articles have been written which praise Dr.Walden as being a top plastic surgeon with a warm and friendly personality.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has also appeared on various news programs. Dr; Walden speaks about her practice as well as various cosmetic procedures that are currently available. Dr. Walden is currently member of Modern Aesthetics. In addition, she is also on the “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” Board of Directors.

*Educational Background:

Dr. Walden has some impressive educational credentials. She attended University of Texas undergraduate school. Dr. Walden chose a curriculum that would ultimately prepare her for entrance into medical school. Dr. Walden attended University of Texas Medical College to become a physician. She decided she would like to pursue a career in reconstructive surgery even before she entered medical school.

Dr. Walden is one of the few physicians that uses only advanced technology in her practice. For example, Dr. Walden uses 3-D imaging as well as controlled radio frequency on a regular basis. She has also created her own instruments in which she uses during breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Walden has contracted with a private medical company to produce her surgical instruments.

When Dr. Walden is not seeing patients or performing procedures, she acts as an consultant for Scitcon as well as Venus Concept. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a knowledgeable plastic surgeon with a great deal to offer by way of consulting and educating the public on cosmetic surgery as well as the benefits.

Dr. Jennifer has an excellent reputation and has built a lucrative practice. She has published at least one book about cosmetic and corrective plastic surgery. She hopes in the future to write more books and continue to keep the public well informed about plastic surgery options and procedures.

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The successful contribution of Mike Baur to the Innovation of Switzerland

The early life

Mile Baur was born in 1975 in Switzerland. He undertook hi early education in the local school before getting to the University of Bern for his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Since he was a young boy, Baur had developed a strong interest in entrepreneurship. He knew he wanted to have a business of his own, but he was not sure where to start. With his entrepreneurial plans in mind, Mike set to pursue his dreams but a little later.

Career path

Since Mike Baur was 20 years old, he worked for different financial institutions. His main interest was to work for different banks in Switzerland. He wanted to understand how banking systems work since this was one of the areas he thought to venture into. Equally, his employment path has always been in the banking sector since it is an area he kept landing different jobs. For close to two decades, Mike Baur held major positions in the banking sector.

The beginning of entrepreneurial journey

In 2014, Baur set a new journey in his entrepreneurial career. He had developed different companies, and these companies helped him develop a strong mind in the end. From his life experience, Mike noticed that several young people had good ideas, but they lacked financial support. He was determined to help these young entrepreneurs to do something constructive as he offered them with start-up capitals. The program was meant to assist the young people from Switzerland who could use the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of the community members.

Why Mike Baur is salient to the new entrepreneurs

After having been in the financial market for several years, Mike Baur was intrigued by the developing importance of technology in the society. He equally noticed that different people had good ideas on technology, but they lacked sufficient funding to turn their ideas into a reality. With this knowledge, Baur set up a company to help such people. Most of the creative ideas came from the young ones whose minds were still fresh.

The birth of Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory started in 2014. Together with other founders, Mike Baur developed the basis of its operation. The company aims at helping the young people with the resources which they cannot raise for themselves. The company picks the projects based on their competence. There is a three month period under which the ideas are incubated and then taken through the test of time.



Oncotarget is a medical journal that is published weekly online to break the barriers that exist in Oncology in the world. The peer-reviewed publication provides information about research on Oncology. However, all issues may be printed on special demand. Oncotarget is a powerhouse of all cancers as it covers practically all aspects of the disease. Some of the issues it covers include; the open-access international journal delves deeply into the causes of all types of cancers.The journal also includes the current and advanced treatment options for the various types of cancers. It also talks about how the improvement of the management of oncology patients can be done according to their treatment protocols.

The medical journal also covers the effect of the programs that manage cancer and emerging protocols and therapeutic agents. It also looks into the patient’s point of view when it comes to satisfaction, their way of life, and perseverance. The journal also seeks to prove the evidence of both emerging and current therapies. It will also look into how they are utilized and accepted by the patients and the general medic population. Nonetheless, the weekly health publications’ main objective is to penetrate the Oncology scientific research frontier by availing and spreading all the current information rapidly. It also seeks to avail the latest discoveries on Oncology by dividing them equally, to ensure that the effect of Oncology research is felt equally and to allow different aspects of clinical and basic science to inter-relate and produce better results in treating Oncology patients.

Therefore, the online medical publication is a link for various professionals in the biomedical science field to interrelate and produce better results that will be beneficial to the patient.Oncotarget’s Editor in Chief is Dr, Faris Farassati. However, the magazine is led by renowned scientists, and it assists all researchers to contribute towards a disease-free world. The journal is indexed online, and it is a member of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The journal also subscribes to the principles of this body. In addition to this, the journal also has a section that covers other medical fields which may be related to Oncology. This includes cell death and Circadian rhythm, pathology, microbiology, neuroscience, immunology, neurotarget and autophagy among others.

The success of Eric Pulier in business and philanthropy work

The success of Eric Pulier in business and philanthropy work

Eric Pulier, founder of vAtomic systems is a man who carries several crowns over his head and is well positioned to lead the organizations he has founded into the future, With about 15 companies he has founded or co-founded, Eric Pulier no doubt entrepreneur who has seen as much as he has learnt along the way.

Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 and joined Harvard University where he studied for a BA.in English and American Literature, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1988. An established publisher and author, Eric wrote a regular column for the Harvard Crimson while still studying there. He wrote on a range of topics and his columns were characterized by wit and a sense of humor. He later moved to Los Angeles and created People Doing Things, a technology company whose focus was on the health and education sectors. Several companies have since been associated with him including Digital Evolution, US Interactive LLC among others.

Pulier has raised millions of dollars in his investments and has also helped fund several ventures that have taken shape to become successful businesses. A prominent technologist, Pulier was named by VAR as one of 30 e-visionaries and is a regular speaker and contributor to technology forums. His outstanding performance has seen him sit at the Clinton Global Initiative. He is also the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council.

Eric Pulier is the co-author of “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” published in 2005. He has also contributed to Forbes among other publications. He has been awarded several prizes as a result of his impressive contribution specifically to the business world and cloud computing in particular.
Pulier has also been involved in various philanthropy work. The Multiple Sclerosis Society is one of the beneficiaries of Pulier’s giving, where he helped to build a multimedia education platform for people with multiple sclerosis. The Starbright World, a private social network which he created with Stephen Spielberg, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., and Peter Samuelson was aimed at helping children with chronic diseases to connect through chats and blog posts. He also sits on the board of Painted Turtle a charitable organization reaching out to children with chronic illnesses in Lake Hughe.

Eric Pulier has achieved immense success in his business career and continues to make an impact in both the social and business world.