Sentient AI Making Personalized Merchandising through AI Platform for E-commerce Sites, Easier and Effective

Sentient AI is one of the premier artificial intelligence technology firms in the world offering advanced AI platform and technology for the progressive companies looking to integrate AI technology with their business machinery. It has conclusively proven to help improve sales as well as provide customers with enhanced customer experience. As technology evolves with time, it only makes sense for the new age companies to expand their use of technology and integrate new AI-based technologies that can help improve their overall technological infrastructure. Sentient AI began its journey in the world of AI technology around 2007 and since then has grown to become a market leader in its field, offering its AI platform and technology to hundreds of e-commerce and offline companies across the globe.


One of the most critical uses of artificial intelligence technology is personalized merchandising. How would it feel to enter a shop that only contains products that are matched to your preferences and likes? Artificial intelligence allows the e-commerce companies to provide its customers with similar experience as it would help in showcasing to the customers, only what they want to see or would like seeing.


The technique behind this is that the e-commerce company would process data sets from each customer, including data from browsing history, previous orders, products watched, items selected, pages navigated, chosen categories, and more. These parameters are processed within fractions of the second to provide the browsing experience to the customers that would seem personalized to the customer. It would help the customers to find what they are looking for within seconds. It is a beneficial technology for the e-commerce companies that have thousands and millions of products.


Personalized merchandising through the AI technology also makes it easier for the companies to guide their customers to the new products, offers, and categories that would be of interest to the customers. As there are just so many things that the e-commerce companies are up at any given time, the use of AI technology helps in making the experience of the customers on the company’s mobile application as well as on any other devices, streamlined and seamless. Personalized merchandising through artificial intelligence creates a list of products for the customers as per their preference. Remember the “most popular” category when browsing through an e-commerce site? It has been sorted and organized as per your previous order history and shopping preferences as analyzed by the site’s AI platform, in most of the cases.

Lime Crimes Exceeds Beauty Care With New Palette

Are you tired of creamy brands imitating the Lime Crime super-foil base? There is a new Polly Pocket Palette being introduced under the Lime Crime name with a 5 color palette. Their buttery formula is perfect to the touch with each application. Doe Deere, successful female entrepreneur, marketing specialist, and technology expert was adamant on vegan cosmetics out of her love for animals. A portion of the proceeds from the Polly Pocket Palette will goes toward housing, retraining, and little training stray/homeless cats in Los Angeles. Lime Crime cosmetics are committed to being cruelty-free, and easy on all skin types.

Enjoy s complete line of intricate lip stick, and eye-shadow shades. Take a moment to use a quality product that brings out your best features. Choose from popular cool colors like Beet It, or Wicked to name a few. Their new collection will take you back to a time when putting your favorite doll in the back pocket of your Jordache jeans was cool. You’ll love having a cool brand that has a cute container, designed to be easy to find at the bottom of a cluttered purse. You’ll love how many colors Lime Crime let’s you choose from.

Enjoy a completely waterproof formula that comes displayed on models with different skin tones to give you a perfect match for your skin. Visit the exclusive Lime Crime website, and get free shipping offers. You can also get Lime Crime cosmetics from select participating Bloomingdale’s today, and enjoy truly unapologetic colors.

George Soros: Leading Philanthropist And Advocate For Democratic Causes

George Soros ranks among the leading philanthropists in the world, with more than $12 billion of his money donated to various causes around the globe. The funding he has provided has gon a long way toward supporting organizations and individuals all over the world that fight for transparency, freedom of expression and accountability of governments, as well as societies which promote equality and justice and what George Soros knows.

Soros’ generosity has been focused on people or groups that are discriminated against. For instance, he has been a generous and vocal supporter of organizations that represent the Roma people of Europe, alongside other individuals that have been pushed to the fringes of mainstream society including sex workers, the LGBTI community and drug users and more information click here.

George Soros conspiracy theories by the right-wing

To the left, the 86-year-old is considered a rich man who openly supports worthy causes that many liberals also believe in. However, to some individuals on the far-right of the political spectrum, George Soros is the manifestation of something far more nefarious and sinister, despite there being no evidence to back their beliefs and learn more about George Soros.

Due to this, he has been the subject of myriad unfounded conspiracy theories, mostly because he has very few people of his means and influence on the left. Among the far-fetched theories include accusations that he is working with the world’s elite to influence global currency markets. However, the truth is that he uses his power and money to influence policies that favor the welfare of refugees and bring about criminal-justice reform.

A Successful Investor With An Incredible Track Record

His backstory is an amazing one; he grew up as a teenage Jewish refugee. Along with the rest of his family, Soros managed to escape persecution in Nazi-occupied Hungary thanks to false identification papers that his father prepared. It is therefore hardly surprising that he supports the cause of refugees and the establishment of a liberal world order.

He would later flee his homeland and go to England, where he enrolled at the London School of Economics to study philosophy while making ends meet as a waiter and railway porter. However, to the business-minded, he is famous as the man who “broke the Bank of England.” His business acumen has seen him compared with Warren Buffett and George Soros lacrosse camp.

The Open Society Foundation

George Soros has used his massive wealth to form the Open Society Foundation, which is a network of organizations, partners, and foundations carrying out philanthropic work in more than 100 countries across the globe. The foundation’s name and its work is a reflection of how much Soros was influenced by Karl Popper’s philosophy, with Soros having encountered him for the first time while studying in London.

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Enjoy Napa Valley Wine at Any Time, Just Like a Wine Guide

If you love wine and helping other wine enthusiasts enjoy wine, becoming a Wine Guide could be a great career move for you. Wine Guides set their own schedule and hours and see great financial success. Traveling Vineyards is always accepting new Wine Guides and they only require that you are a motivated person who enjoys wines and wants to become financially successful.

Many people think they have to be wine gurus to become a Wine Guide. That is not the case, as each Wine Guide is provided with a full Sommology Kit upon joining.

The Sommology Kit contains everything you need to know about each individual wine as well as recommendations on how to create a perfect pairing. Traveling Vineyard wants its Wine Guides to be educated and knowledgeable about their wines, but not to come off as pretentious. For that reason, they also provide a Success Kit that has everything Wine Guides need to host a successful tasting.

The success kits hold Tasting Sets, Tasting Glasses and a gorgeous carrying box for the perfect presentation of your wines at your tasting events. They also provide all the marketing materials and sales tools you need to make your business a success.

When you become a Wine Guide you also have a new outlook on enjoying wonderful Napa Valley wines. You will literally always have access to the best wines and the best prices and enjoying a glass of wonderful Napa Valley wine no longer needs to wait for a special occasion. Any Tuesday evening is the perfect evening for a delicious glass of this exquisite wine.

For example, a recent article even detailed how Wine Guides experience Napa Valley differently. They enjoy the many sites that may not have to do with wine because they don’t have to rush to taste each one in a weekend. There is a lot more to Napa Valley than vineyards. For example, Wine Guides take time to hike in state parks or take a wonderful spa day complete with hot springs and outdoor yoga. Wine Guides visit art exhibits and history museums and take in all the beautiful landscape that the Napa Valley region has to offer.

Napa Valley is an incredible place and it can’t be overstated how wonderful the grapes grown there make the wine. Yet, there’s also wonderful dining, much of it sourced locally in a farm to table style. So, the next time you visit Napa Valley, do it like a Wine Guide!

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The Startling Achievements of Mr. Greg Secker in Business Sector

Greg Secker is an English businessman recognized by his unique ability in knowing the foreign language. He has received international recognition as well as that of media. Mr. Greg is a renowned speaker who speaks on various platforms about financial trading and gives direction on market trends. He, however, speaks alongside great personalities who are well recognized in the business world. He has talked about major market channels like Bloomberg and CNBC. Mr. Greg Secker is also the owner and founder of the company known as Europe top trader coaching company in England. This company is to help young people to become successful entrepreneurs.

Following Greg’s success, he also owns several companies under his name and leadership. The companies include learn to trade, capital index and smart charts software. Greg has worked with various organizations and served top positions in those organizations. For example, he worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. He worked at Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president if the organization.

Moreover, he has also received numerous awards for himself. For instance, he won an award for innovation in e-commerce and much more. He has also worked on various projects that have had a successful record. The projects include the creation of virtual trading desk for the online platform for trading, and later on, he became the full-time forex trader.

His international recognition and success have led him to tour globally and deliver speeches to various countries. These countries include New Zealand, Ghana, Philippine Australia and much more. Thousands of people globally turn up for his events to be mentored and be encouraged to become successful young entrepreneurs. Following his great leadership, values-driven and teamwork his company; Learn to Trade has also bug itself three prizes consistently. They include best forex educator in global banking, best company for forex trading training and best trading education product.

His philanthropic nature and great success, Mr. Greg Secker is also part of community building and empowerment. He supports several charity organizations that help improve people’s lives. These charity organizations are Tusk and Child Bereavement Trust and Royal Princes. He also launched his non-profit organization known as Greg Secker foundation that helps improve quality of life, provide quality education and teach life skills.

Are You Ready for a Taste of Dr Reddy?

If you find yourself in Dr Akhill Reddy’s dentist office for a dental check-up, there’s a good chance you won’t be leaving with just a a clean mouth, you may find yourself leaving with a fine wine recommendation as well.

Dr Akhill Reddy is not only a dentist with the MB2 Dental Solutions team, but also spends much of his time drilling into his wine-tasting skills. And the two seem to overlap and compliment each other well. As a dental professional Dr Akhill Reddy looks for ways to make trips to the dental office affordable for all. He also likes to apply that same principle to wine-buying. A quality wine at an affordable price (but don’t expect to rinse with a cabernet sauvignon or pinot grigio – water is still the mainstay).

But it’s not only Dr Akhill Reddy’s sense and knowledge of what makes a good wine “good”, but he also has a sense of fashion. He has contributed to the the site www.TheBroTalk helping medical professionals dress their best knowing that the white coat is unavoidable yet it alone doesn’t have the final statement in how you look. form khakis and dark jeans to the coordinating dress shirt and when to wear a tie he knows that how a medical professional dresses under the white coat can make a bold statement as well.

However with a fashion sense and wine knowledge, Dr Akhill Reddy’s first calling is dentistry. He knows that continuing education is a necessity to being at the front of one’s field and is constantly reading to keep up on the latest breakthroughs – for both himself as a dentist and for the patient experience. It’s one of the reasons he is a part of the MB2 Dental Solution team. A team that takes care of the non-medical aspects so he can focus on what matter’s most – your experience. The experience of coming-in and being welcomed into his office, the experience of the appointment itself, and the experience of a check-up well done, making sure you will look forward to your next return, and next, and next.

Cardiologist Edward Honig Brings Solution to Cardiovascular Diseases

It is not good to wait until when signs and symptoms begin to surface to attend a speciality care session. For long term health, it is better to consider this as a routine. In case of cardiovascular ailments, it is advisable that one should know their status early enough to avoid any inconvenience and high expenses on treatment later. Finding a good cardiologist can, be a challenging task, but regardless of such a situation, one should acquire the services of a qualified and experienced cardiologist. Evaluating the following factors will assist in obtaining successful therapy in New York City.

Certification and Licensing

A cardiologist is a heart doctor who treats various diseases of the human heart. As we all know, the human heart is a very delicate organ. If not well taken care of, it can lead to various complications to fatalities. For these reasons, before an individual can consider seeing a cardiologist, make sure they are certified. A certified cardiologist is, therefore, one who has completed a board certification exam as proof of high expertise in the field. This is usually done after medical training and is mainly to show that the cardiologist has been accredited by the American Board of Internal Medicine. In such cases, the cardiologist is considered qualified to practise.

Insurance Recommendations

Insurance companies typically have a list of the best service providers for clients can choose from at any given time. For these reasons, an insurance company will have to use different rates of covering out-of-network cardiology clinics. This, as opposed to the in-network cardiology clinics, is much safer and convenient. It is therefore important that one should begin conducting research as early as possible. Youc can accomplish this by simply checking your insurance plans and if possible, inquire whether your NYC cardiology clinic will accept your insurance plan if necessary.

Communication Skills

Qualified cardiologists possess vast knowledge in this particular field of expertise. It is, therefore, easier to detect whether your cardiologist is certified or not by just listening to his/her terminologies. However, it does not mean that a patient should rely on their expert’s terminologies for excellent service. Sometimes it is better to consider a doctor who can easily interpret complex medical terms to lay speech that patients can understand. Besides, a good doctor is one who is dedicated to giving first-rate services to clients including answering all questions appropriately.

Edward Honig

Dr. Edward Honig is an experienced medical practitioner with over 66 years of practice. He has practised in the field of internal medicine at the Glen Cove, NY department of medicine. Being a great doctor as many patients claim, he is caring and always there for anyone who might have needed his help. Besides his career as a cardiologist, he was also a teacher and participated much on art galore. Dr. Honig has saved many lives over the years thanks to his broad level of experience in heart diseases.

Dr. Edward Honig Studied at the University School of Medicine. This is where he achieved his experience as an internal medicine practitioner. He holds the NY State Medical License since 1952 to 2013. Currently, he is licensed to practice medicine in New York City as he is focused much on providing great support to his hometown, New York’s cardiovascular patients.

The Remarkable Life of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, sports person, father, and philanthropist. He grew up with only his mother and the challenges they were facing motivated him to work even harder. He grew up with a winning spirit always striving to do well in everything he was involved in. This was evident in his high school sporting career where he played both basketball and baseball. He was good at both sports and won several awards to show that. During his time at the University of Dallas, from where he obtained his Business degree, he was an outstanding basketball player.

Logan’s love for the game and helping people has led to him developing two outstanding organizations which are IDLife and the Dallas Patriots. He established Dallas Patriots with the aim of providing young baseball enthusiasts an opportunity and ground in which they could grow and nature their skills in baseball. With his experience of playing and coaching baseball in the World Series, he has managed to develop Dallas Patriots to becoming one of the largest basketball organizations in the world.

Being a sportsman, Logan struggled with finding the best nutrition and supplements that worked for him. The clinics he went to for advice gave him products to use without actually giving him proper instructions. This made him develop IDLife which is a company that gives its members personalized nutrients according to their bodies. Each member is guaranteed of a program customized for them after they have been properly examined.

Logan is also a family man. Currently, he is based in Texas where he lives with his wife and two sons. His only other family is his mother and brother. Logan enjoys interacting with people and sharing with them so that he can find help for them if they need it. He has several publications which he sends out to his readers. The publications consist of different topics from health matters to tips on how to become successful as a baseball player or coach. Logan’s goal in life is to bring out the best in those who have potential and the will to grow. He has various programs in which he supports different groups of people and helping them grow.

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The Experienced Industry Leader, Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is a company that continues to grow since its formation in 1990. Mark Okada and James Dondero are the co-founders of the company which was previously a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The company has metamorphosed from fixed income market into what it is today, the largest credit manager.

Services and Clientele
The SEC-registered investment adviser offers a broad range of services. They are well known for alternative investments covering natural resources, long and short equities and emerging markets. HCM also provides credit strategies such as credit hedge funds, private equity, long-only funds and separate accounts, and Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO). Since the launch of its first non-bank CLO in the mid-1990s, the company has monitored and structured over $30B CLOs thus being the largest CLO manager in the world.

Previously known as Ranger Asset Management L.P., HCM has continued to serve its client with value-oriented products and new strategies to increase their returns. Some of its customer base includes high-net-worth individuals, government, public pension plans, endowments, financial institutions, foundations, and corporations. The company serves different industries such as healthcare and real estate and has over $12.9B of assets under their management.

The experienced alternative credit manager has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has offices in Singapore and Seoul which were opened in 2008 and 2011 respectively. Other offices are in New York and Sao Paulo.

Serving Humanity
HCM has over 180 employees that are based around the world. The company is committed to making a difference in the communities that these employees live and work in. Their corporate social responsibilities involve volunteering, financial donations to local and national non-profits, and advisory board involvement. Some of the organizations they have partnered with are Reasoning Mind, Centre for Brain Health, Perot Museum, US-Japan Council, Education is Freedom and American Heart Association among others.

Highland Capital Management’s commitment to the environment is something worth emulating. The company uses sustainable hardwood floors that are from domestic second-growth forests and uses toilets and sinks with a low-water- usage feature. They have open offices that ensure more natural light and LED lighting which reduces their electrical load.

Dierk Hohman Appointed as General Counsel of NexBank Capital, Inc

For many years now, the company has been serving companies, individuals, and institutions in Texas. Before the company was rebranded to NexBank SSB in August 2005, it was previously known as Heritage Bank, SSB, and it was founded in 1922. NexBank SSB has been operating as a subsidiary of NexBank Capital. Recently, NexBank Capital, Inc. announced that it had chosen Dierk Hohman to serve as Executive Deputy President and general advisor to the company. Dierk Hohman has a vast experience in the fields of banking, financial and capital market. Dierk has played a vital role in advising institutions and banks on state regulatory issues and compliance and risk management. Dierk also deals with corporate, litigation and finance transactions.

Before he started working at NexBank, Dierk worked as a senior Deputy President and Associate General advisor for Nationstar Mortgage LLC. In his career life, Dierk Hohman has served in various posts at leading financial service firms, financial institutions, and litigation companies. Some of the corporation he has worked for includes White & Case LLP, GE Capital, HBK Capital Management, and Bank of America. Currently, the company is worth $ 6.4 billion in assets as per the report released on June 30, 2017. NexBank Capital, Inc. works with an experienced executive management team that combines industry prowess and a strong focus on their clients to offer exceptional financial services,

About NexBank

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a top financial services company that offers banking and financial services and products in Dallas Texas. Some of the service the company provides include:

  • personal checking accounts
  • savings accounts
  • mortgages and mobile banking
  • commercial checking accounts
  • savings accounts
  • Internet banking
  • treasury management
  • commercial lending services, comprising business and real estate loans

Additionally, NexBank offers institutional services such as:

  • corporate banking and lending
  • customized programs
  • advisory services
  • corporate finance and advisory
  • agency services
  • syndicated loan servicing
  • investment banking