Bernardo Chua, or Bernie as he sometimes goes by, is the founder of two successful companies, Gano Excel and Organo Gold. He works to introduce ganoderma to the world with coffees and teas, which is known to have health benefits. He started in the Philippines, where he grew up with a Chinese heritage, and has been working lucratively to introduce ganoderma to North American markets. It was early in life that he became aware of ganoderma. Ganoderma is a genus of polypore mushroom. this mushroom which grows on logs of wood, can be found all around the world. The mushroom has been widely used in China and other Asian countries. Chua was one of the first to introduce the herb not only to the market but also mixed with coffees and teas. He liked the idea of working directly with the sales part of the job. He was able to […]

So much depends upon a business’ reputation, and today, much of that reputation is online in the form of reviews, social media and press. According to a WhaTech article, business profits can be hurt tremendously if the business is sporting a bad reputation. Marketing techniques have changed drastically since the internet age. There is so much to consider when dealing with online reputations. Social media is a huge factor in determining reputations as well as reviews on third party sites. These things cannot just be ignored by a company; bad press on the internet does not just go away on its own. This is where successful online reputation management comes into play. Online reputation management can help a company put their best foot forward by developing a strategic marketing campaign as well as quelling negative press by promoting positive press. Many businesses don’t have the time to consider all the […]

The start of 2016 hasn’t been a good time to be an equity investor. Markets around the world declined rather substantially. There are fears that we’re on the brink of a financial crisis, similar to that of 2008. Back then, the stock markets worldwide had declined steeply amid a full-blown subprime mortgage crisis. At that time, we were on the edge of an economic depression, not seen since 1930s. Since that time, the central banks, especially the Federal Reserve in the United States, have been pumping money into the economy through purchasing toxic debt, bailing out financial institutions, and spending more and more, while debt has grown. Now, however, the Fed had stopped the quantitative easing and has started the cycle of raising interest rates. Meanwhile, China’s economy is slowing down substantially, which has led to a carnage on a Chinese stock market. A famous multi-billionaire investor, George Soros, expects […]

White shark Media is an online marketing company with the ability to manage ad words for small and medium size businesses. White shark media has currently undergone lots of improvement thanks to the complaints from their esteemed clients. White shark media highly values responses from clients both positive and negative and they have made more renovations from those reviews and complaints. A client had earlier on complained about not being able to reach their communication channels properly. This, White shark media responded by creating a direct extensions phone connection for all clients. Communication is the base for conducting any business and White shark have ensured that you can now communicate very well with them for all advice and proper moves concerning making progress in your esteemed business. White shark has also scheduled online go meetings, and monthly status calls all to ensure that clients follow their meeting from a large […]

George Soros is a billionaire who has put his money behind many projects around the world, and he is predicting a collapse around the migration crisis. People have been displaced in the middle east, and these citizens are moving into countries like Germany. Angela Merkel has been identified as the key person in this crisis, and George has a solution for the problem. This article explains what George thinks should be done about the migration crisis before Europe falls apart. #1: Germany Is Critical CNBC recently published an article about the crisis, and George Soros was asked about his solutions for the problem. He said that Angela Merkel is the only person who is making the right calls on this crisis at the moment, and he believes that she is going to be the person who brings Europe together. Europe is falling apart because of dissenting viewpoints, and George wants […]

Video Productions of Jon Urbana Jon Urbana has had an extensive career in startups, and much of his best works have been his recent stylish videos that he has primarily released to his Twitter audience. He creates everything from nature videos, to videos about animals, to videos that are artistic and intuitive. Check out his Vimeo account for a long list of his music recordings. My favorite videos from Jon Urbana are his nature videos. I especially like the recent one of the Rocky Mountain National Park. He has a special eye for the natural world, such as in this video of a sunset scene. Then, there are other videos by Jon that are more artistic, such as Feelings Swirling Everywhere. I would also like to draw everyone’s attention to the simplicity in A Streak of Colors. New post at Jon Urbana's Official Blog: Pic: candies #blog #wordpress — Jon […]

When it comes down to writing for a website like Wikipedia, writing has never been so difficult. Wikipedia is a highly respected website that works extremely hard to come up with as many unique content as possible that reaches their highly respected guidelines. The work hard to make sure that all of the articles that is on their site is made with only the best pristine quality that actually delivers the same tone as every other article. The style, tone, punctuation, and the overall design is so important to follow the right way. Wikipedia is extremely great to be on, but you do need to have a good article ready of or approve. The best website to use in order to get top quality content from is Get Your Wiki. They have a team of expert Wiki writers who know and understand this industry, and there are so many amazing […]

Nowadays, the internet plays a very integral role when matters related to how people communicate and live life are concerned. The world wide web has transformed a lot in the last twenty years precisely in matters related to information searching. Gone are the days when text searching was the only exclusive method to make a search. These days, one can make either a video or images search and still manage to come up with very good results. In particular, image searching has grown a lot in the last two decades. This is highly contributed by the fact that it is very popular when people are making online purchases. There has been very recent advances in image recognition on software. Pinterest is a social network that has been on the front line when matters related to the technology are concerned. Together with, the website has been using a technique […]

Dog food is something that you might not even think about yourself, just picking up any old bag that you happen to find on the local grocery store shelf. The problem with this is that your dog needs to eat better foods. Just like how you might feel after eating junk food all day, this is going to be how your dog feels day in and day out. You need to switch to a better brand with much more wholesome ingredients to keep your pet as healthy as they can possibly be. There are a lot of brands on the market, but a lot of people have chosen Beneful because of its price range and the fact that it is one of the most trusted companies out there. Many people are finding Beneful to have the dog food that they need, using high quality ingredients that they feel they can […]

In today’s business world, it takes a special kind of person to achieve success. Not only does it take courage to become an entrepreneur, but also a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone while trying new ideas. This describes Brad Reifler, who CrunchBase says for over thirty years has been an American success story as one of the most well-respected and admired entrepreneurs the business world has ever seen. When it comes to incredible business success, experts from Wall Street to Washington are in agreement that Brad Reifler is a business visionary for the ages. The boards that list him as a member on Bloomberg, really speak for themselves. Not to mention the amazing home that he’s currently selling. Having founded Reifler Trading Company in the early 1980s, Brad decided from the outset of his entrepreneurial career that he would not be afraid to think outside of the […]