Steve Lesnard Shares Some Insight about Global Consumer Trends in the Sports Industry

Steve Lesnard is well known when it comes to the sports industry. He has worked with various major brands throughout his career. The experience that Steve Lesnard has he has gained throughout the years has proven to be advantageous to the growth of his career. He possesses knowledge of technical marketing and big data analytics. Additionally, he always delivers the best products to the client base at an opportune moment.

Steve Lesnard gained an interest in sports at an early age. Since he grew up in Paris, France, he studied in the same area. He enrolled in a course that dealt with business studies. After the completion of his studies, he has gained more knowledge about international business and entrepreneurship. After moving to the U.S., Steve Lesnard enrolled for an MBA. He completed his studies and got a job at Wolford as a marketing director. The company was based in New York City. After some time, Lesnard saw it fit to focus on the sports industry.

After venturing into the sports sector, Steve Lesnard was tasked with signing professionals. He later began to deal with product creation. This was the beginning of his success journey. Steve Lesnard would come up with products that were beneficial to top-level athletes. Lesnard acknowledges that the learning experience was awesome. Within the next two decades, he had held different roles in the sports industry. He also played a major role in various Olympic marketing campaigns. His endeavors brought about billions in revenue.

Steve Lesnard is conversant with the importance of big data. As an analyst, this data has come in handy when carrying out brand marketing. The analytics tools that he has been using over the years have been of great help when enhancing the growth of various brands. Steve Lesnard has always focused on fetching the right data that will allow him to market the products in the best way possible. As a marketer, you can make use of such forms of technology to bring about maximum efficiency. According to Steve Lesnard, the marketing landscape is also evolving because of the presence of forms of technology such as artificial intelligence.

The Supreme Guide In Enhancing Your Media Outreach Methods

You are a brand new online company that has a fantastic site. Part of your marketing plan is to provide your intended audience compelling content.

Now what? Have you any idea that networking outreach is a significant part of your advertising campaign?

What is a media outreach?

The most important objective of every internet business is to target the viewer who could be considering their products and brand, and that will gain from everything they must give. But, focusing only earnings cannot supply you with the benefits that you are looking for.

Media outreach is a crucial component in the successful marketing and advertising strategy of each brand. Here, the attention will be directed to the press, including bloggers, bloggers, and books. Assessing your campaign to the media implies, creating content your intended audience and their subscribers will undoubtedly enjoy, so the two of you can benefit out of it.

The way to get effective media outreach?

Assembling your media outreach approaches can make sure:

  • You’ve got better internet visibility and presence.
  • You reach a broader target market.
  • People today trust you better.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can improve your media outreach and leverage on its benefits:

Plan your media release.

Before releasing your narrative for the media, make sure that everything is set up. Have you spoke about the critical speakers or business leaders and requested their permission to market the information? Compile the essential multimedia information that’s essential to the narrative. Be sure it’s accessible so the reporters won’t be requesting extra info.

Create a draft.

Write a narrative. Elaborate on the replies and define all of the info. Contain a quotation or two to add authenticity and encourage the description. You have to explain the advantages that the target market will get as that provides the reporters the main reason they must share your own story. Do not overlook the press contact, so that they can get in touch with the ideal person if they want extra resources or advice

Be a fantastic storyteller.

For example, try to angle your information in a manner you will maybe tell how your business began. You may say your Dunkin Donut company started as a family recipe made by your grandma, and her grandchildren handle the company.

Just telling about how active your company is, or when you began as a corporation won’t purchase any more. Consider ways to turn your fundamental information into something imaginative.

Who is the media contact?

Whole information is vital to ensure seniors can reach them out for any queries and additional info.

A business might distribute the launch by themselves or use a supply service to make it to the media. The benefit of using their solutions, including using a link with networking, information outlets and journalists, measurable benefits and reaching target audiences.

Do not be discouraged.

Do not be disappointed if the media which you need won’t ensure your story. On occasion, you’ll get more rejections than acceptance. You need to take it within the company rather than personal. Instead, concentrate on reaching out to your goal colleagues and develop your relationship together. Remember that media outreach is a procedure, rather than a one-time shooter.

Everything you need to know:

Media outreach is an issue of building connections. It isn’t only pitching applicable best press release distribution to the media and press outlets, calling strangers to follow or commenting on their sites. If you are serious about your advertising campaign, you need to work on your media outreach strategies.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s Role On C&C Alpha Group Ltd

Background Information

Bhanu Choudhrie serves as the advisor and as a member at the board of directors at Customer’s Bank in 2009 and Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation in 2010. He is currently the executive director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd, a family company, since the year 2001. He is also the director of Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp since August 2018.

Mr. Choudhrie is a British-Indian businessman and philanthropist and currently lives in London, England. He was born in 1978 in Delhi, India. Bhanu and his brother grew up in New Delhi together with their parents until he finished his education. He later moved to the United States and enrolled at the University of Boston where he studied International Business and Marketing. It was after finishing his internship at JP Morgan and graduating that he went to London to work at C&C Alpha Group Ltd. In 1016, Bhanu Choudhrie completed the Owner and President Management programme at Harvard Business School.

View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

Mr. Choudhrie’s Work at C&C Alpha Group Ltd

Bhanu Choudhrie is in charge of directing investment strategies for C&C Alpha Group Ltd. The company deals with a variety of investments in different fields such as healthcare investments, hospitality industry, aviation, real estate, among others. Mr. Choudhrie states in an interview with “This is” that he doesn’t have any favorite investments. He says that he is passionate about all of the different businesses that they are in.

He states that with hospitality he gets to interact with different individuals when they are opening hotels and also during events. For instance, one of their restaurants in Convent Garden, the Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant won the Restaurant of the year award during the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards in 2010. When it comes to healthcare investments, he says that the United Kingdom firmly governs the industry and he likes it because he gets to interact with the physicians, care assistants and even patients and listen to what their views. Bhanu Choudhrie says that aviation was also one of the investments risks that they took which turned out to be a great success compared to what they expected.

For more information about Bhanu Choudhrie, visit:


The New R.A.W Products from Dan Bethelmy-Rada and Matrix & Biolage Team

A quality product where its naturalness has not been compromised is a kind of product that consumers would pay anything to have. Especially products that involve one’s health, the more natural it is, the healthier the product. This is the kind of product that Dan Bethelmy-Rada, together with his team, has been slaving to give the consumer. He has been the Matrix and Biolage Global Brand president for almost two years since the year 2015 to date. This brand deals with professional hair care. They successfully were able to make and launch an all-natural product.

Background and Career

Dan Bethelmy-Rada graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. He then went for masters in ESSEC Business School for advanced masters in Strategy and Management of International Business. Dan has served in several past jobs at L’Oréal.

From 2005-2008 he was the director at GARNIER International, then he became the Assistant Vice President at GARNIER to 2011. In 2011-2014 he was the Vice president of Global marketing at L’Oréal Paris International. He was then promoted to General Manager Garnier International; the L’Oréal’s Consumer Products Division for a year where he then became the Global Brand President Matrix and Biolage from 2015 to date.

Two underlying principles used by Matrix in Making the R.A.W products

According to the Matrix and Biolage team, there has been a deficit of real natural products that the consumers really need. With the current rate of products production, many counterfeit products are produced that camouflage naturalness yet they are not.

To start with, the R.A.W products being made by Dan’s team has been designed wholesomely in such a way that from its formula, its components, to its packaging are all environmentally friendly and very natural 100%. The second issue was that the objective was never to compromise the naturalness. And that cost both in time and financially.

Successful marketing

Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team coined a successful strategy where they were able to make people aware of the product existence without them seeing it as a PR stunt. The online feedback was 90% positive and they were challenged to set their foot in the European Market.

Matt Badiali Focuses on Investment Education

Matt Badiali is a successful investor in the country. In his early life, he did not grow up expecting to be the person he is today. He joined the university to take a degree in earth science at Penn State University. After that, he joined Florida Atlantic University to pursue masters in geology. In 2004, he was pursuing his PhD when his career path changed abruptly. A friend told him that he could make money by investing in natural resources. As an expert in this field, he was ready to explore more and learn how he could make a fortune from the markets. Matt Badiali stands out among other investors who deal with natural resources because he does not rely on the news from the mainstream media for him to make decisions.

Since he is a professional in natural resources, he can take primary data gathered from the mining fields and make his own conclusions. His ability to analyze information and come up with his own conclusions allows him to avoid being misled by the so-called experts who are out there to take advantage of the average American investors. We all know of many scammers who masquerade as experts, yet they have little knowledge they claim to help others with. Matt Badiali is confident that investors who will follow his advice will gain financial freedom. Since he understands what drives the market, he can offer insight on profitable investment than any other person.

In 2008 when the global economy was facing the challenges of the financial recession, Matt Badiali made investments by buying a commodity that was valued at $0.06. Although fellow investors and family members discouraged him from making this investment, he was certain that it was the right time to purchase. Two years later he proved them wrong after he sold his investment after making over 4000 percent return. He believes that as long as an investment is made at the right time, there is no doubt that it will give the intended results. The newsletter that he is publishing will allow the average investors to access his advice in an efficient way.

A Look at The Professional Career and Accomplishments of James Dondero

James Dondero’s Track record in the investment industry is impressive as his career in the same field. Other than being the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Dondero serves as the firm’s sitting president. A recent study ranked the James Dondero-led firm, Highland Capital Management as the largest manager of collateralized debt or loan obligations in the United States. The ranking used was based on the amount of managed funds in American currency. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.


James Dondero has been an active figure in the investment industry for over three decades. During this period, Dondero has made several noteworthy contributions in the credit markets while at the same time setting up high-profile firms that specialize in offering investment solutions to both institutions and persons.

Highland Funds is one if the firm’s that James Dondero has established. The firm Highland Capital Management’s retail arm and is registered by the (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission. Highland Funds has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and it specializes in offering investment advice and consultations.


NexBank is a firm that focuses on providing custom or tailor-made financial and banking services to clients who in most cases are institutions. Dondero is one of NexBank’s founders. As of 30th June 2017, NexBank has an estimated asset base valued at slightly over $6.4 billion.

Since establishment, NexBank has been offering mortgage banking services while prioritizing institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations across America. NexBank has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, similar to Highland Funds.

Before setting up Highland Capital management in 1993, James Dondero was holding the position of Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life in its GIC subsidiary. While serving at Protective Life, Dondero was instrumental in the development and growth of the company from its concept stage to a fully-fledged firm estimated worth over $2 billion; this happened between 1989-1993. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Jeremy Goldstein the Relationship Of Success

Jeremy L. Goldstein has served as a lawyer for more than 20 years. He focuses on issues concerning corporate governance as well as executive compensation. The key main focus for Jeremy L. Goldstein is mergers and acquisition.Jeremy L. Goldstein managed various corporate tasks while he collaborated with some of the companies which deals with Mergers and Acquisition. This collaboration ran for 10 years before founding his own company.




The experience and skills gained made him to found his own law company. During that time, he noticed the break off various companies’ executives from main organization forming some independent entities. Same trait was to be followed by a law firm therefore went forth to establish his own firm. Executive compensation and mergers and acquisition were the main aspects addressed by his company.




Jeremy L. Goldstein had a strong network on how to get his clients. He employed the use of referral strategy. This gave him idea to select his options keenly over a long run. In order to have enough time with his clients to give them adequate services, he has reduced the number of cases he acquires.




Establishment of a close interactions with his clients has been improved by his long-time experience with his client. He claims in order to offer the best service to clients, it is requirement to know them very well. This strategy makes him to spent a short period of time to establish the relationship with clients. He focuses on knowing professional information about the client and goes further to even know the social information of the client.Jeremy L. Goldstein has observed success in his business since its establishment. The profit of a business is not necessarily monetary value. He implements this strategy by investing in other fields to multiply his success.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.

Impressionable facts about Agera Energy

Agera Energy has gained a lot of popularity in many parts of the united states through the great work that its team is doing. The firm has been operating for many years, and it has attained its goals of bringing a positive impact on the lives of others. Besides focusing on helping people in the local community acquire better lives, the firm has also played a huge role in creating job opportunities for people through allocating various jobs to people with unique talents. Besides, the executives of the firm have also ensured that they motivate and nurture the skills of their new employees through serving with an example as well as training them vigorously on the basic things they ought to stick to doing for the sake of the companies success. Read more about Agera Energy at

On the other hand, Agera Energy and its team have continued to change the world by bringing people together and preaching peace. The entire side of the firm believes that peace and love can be acquired in various ways and through a variety of things. Besides, the team also believes that through love and kindness in society, many people come together hence work together for increased production and development in their local communities. Read more at about Agera Energy.

Besides, Agera Energy has also made a name for itself through the various philanthropic activities that it engages in. The firm recently worked together with Westchester County, to contribute food and water to the people of the community that were a strike by hunger. The company took up the role of packaging the food items as well as water so that it could be easy for them to carry and distribute them. On the other hand, the firm also contributed considerable funds to help the people of the country purchase more food items that would enable them to live better and healthier lives. The firm has also taken part in a considerable number of philanthropic activities, which have brought a revolution in the lives of many people. The firm’s employees and executives have also continued to identify more projects through which they can offer their help for an improved and better experience for everyone.


Middle East Expansions by Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie is the president of C&C Alpha group, a family-based company. This company started in 2002 and focuses in private investors who have operated in business venture for various years. Bhanu Choudhrie focuses in giving assistance for investment strategy to expand the company for higher outputs.

C&C Alpha group has its head offices located in London. It basically works on various sectors such as real estate, healthcare, hospitality as well as agriculture. The company also has a consulting division which helps in giving advisory services to its current investors.Over the years, C&C Alpha group has shown a basic interest in UAE. The company trains pilots in its aviation-based school, the Alpha Aviation Academy. Moreover, the company owns the biggest Philippines center that has capability to offer training to about 500 pilots. This takes a couple of time to equip the best skills to its pilots.

Learn more about the group’s portfolio at

Bhanu Choudhrie claims the company focuses of training pilots from scratch to fully skilled pilots. With the expansion in industry and launching of various airlines in in Asia as well as Far East, it is one of the company’s held business witnessed to expands.

The increasing demand of new pilots in Middle East has made the company to create new training centers to offer training for more pilots. The current aviation academy has basic resources needed in offering training such as simulators as well as aircrafts. Bhanu Choudhrie says they will establish training centers in other countries to offer training too.

The C&C Alpha group’s director focuses on utilizing new market opportunities in various areas such as Vietnam, USA and Cambodia. The director still focuses enhancing gender equality by increasing the number of women pilots from 3 percent to 20 percent worldwide. The aviation market has been noticed to have the slowest growth to balance to balance the gender.

Water desalination is another key field being focused by C&C Alpha group company. It has its well-established firm, the Sea Water Reverse Osmosis plant. This plant produces half million galloons of water daily. The company focuses to increase the capacity to about two million gallons daily as the demand increases. To learn more about Bhanu, click here:

Paul Saunders Has Tips For Managers To Prevent Burnout

When considering a career in venture capital, some may second-guess the field entirely because of how demanding the work can be. For many this is going to mean considering burnout as an inevitability. But this can be avoided, or at the very least better managed.


Founder and CEO of James River Capital, Paul Saunders knows that there are some telltale signs that a particular role or workload is becoming too much for an employee. And he places the responsibility for mitigating those challenges on the managers. Luckily, there are steps they can take to make sure employees keep their heads above water.


Perhaps the most common factor in burnout is a schedule that doesn’t consider who is working on what. Rigidity in a work schedule, whether accidental or by design, leaves no room to consider individual strengths and mismanages time. Employees will soon feel stuck in their role and forced to commit to a series of events they have no control over.


Saunders suggests giving employees a sense of ownership over how the workday unfolds. Taking a few minutes at the start of the day, managers ought to establish a schedule that outlines goals and time frames that compliments employees rather than hinders them. With a better feeling over how the day ought to go, employees can work in a more relaxed environment and increase their productivity.


Just as serious as bad scheduling is the issue of poor communication. Employees have expectations with respect to their career advancement, increases in their compensation, and privileges and permissions in the workplace. A manager that does not have a good line of communication with their employees may be blindsided when those employees grow frustrated or feel underappreciated in their role, and the whole office will have to deal with drop in productivity when that employee starts considering other options.


As a leader, Saunders notes that communication is the responsibility of managers, to be clear and thorough with every employee for the good of the entire staff. Updating employees with performance reviews and direct communication can go a long way towards keeping an employees expectations and reality in line. Group discussions and activities, and office-wide memos help make sure that everyone knows what is taking place in the company in a timely fashion. Learn more:


Employees that are well informed are far more likely to know what’s expected of them, what they can expect from their superiors, and keep everyone working towards the same goal.


Then there are those who are harder to reach. They may become overly critical of their work, and wind up slowing their output or dropping the quality of their work. For these employees, Saunders recommends more personal communication. Managers can set small goals that line up with their career expectations, giving them a series of attainable achievements that rebuilds confidence and restores productivity.


About Paul Saunders:


James River Capital was founded in 1995 by Paul Saunders. He’s remained as Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of his company for over 20 years. In his various leadership roles, he’s been responsible for managing the products and services all James River Capital companies make available to the business and finance industries.