Keith Mann is a successful entrepreneur with a golden heart. His career kicked off at Dynamic Associates where he was the manager of alternative investments division and proceeded on to be the vice president of the company. He has expertise in hiring and staffing strategy, marketing and hedge fund compensation having worked as a managing director in Dynamic Executive Search. His vast experience in executive search industry led to the foundation of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), one of the largest database of investment executives in the country.   Before DSP where he is the chief executive officer, he had launched Alternative Investment practice to serve the hedge fund industry and later the private equity industry. Keith Mann has worked with firms in the investment industries across Europe, Asia and U.S. He is committed to identifying strong leaders and professionals and pairing them with companies where they can thrive.   Keith […]

It seems like it is almost too good to be true when you stop to think of the possibility that something could taste so great that you can enjoy it on a daily basis while simultaneously enjoying the health benefits that are derived directly from consuming a particular product. The truth is, there is such a product that exists. It is called Organo Gold. While this particular company provides its consumers with a number of different products, one of the most prolific products produced by the company is its outstanding gourmet coffee. What is so special about the gourmet coffee produced by Organo Gold? it is associated with a particular Chinese herb that is included in the coffee called Ganoderma. It has been used for years and years in China in order to stave off a number of potentially serious health problems, not to mention helping people feel and perform […]

Malini Saba was born in a middle class Sri Lankan family in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. She went on to grow up in Australia, and then move to America with just $200 to her name when she was only 19 years old.   While she was studying at Stanford she was living with her former husband in an apartment by the railway tracks, and still remembers the noise that each passing train would make. Hardships like these are what later helped her be capable of achieving great things, as she became an even stronger woman.   I found out that she began her career by making investments around the globe. Unfortunately, she had to deal with corruption from people in her area, which led to her losing a lot of money and time.   She didn’t let that hold her back though. As this Huffington Post article says, […]

Thor Halvorssen has been known as “The Trouble Maker for Tyrants.” He is dedicated to bringing his cause to the surface by a number of ways. Halvorssen is 39 years old and is the current president of the Human Rights Foundation which is based in New York. The company was created in the year 2005. Halvorssen comes from a rich racial background a line of relatives that influenced politics in many different ways. Because of his family’s background, Thor does not take human rights lightly. Thor basis his movement on the love and empathy has he for others. According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen has sacrificed many things for the cause. Thor and his cameraman snuck into a monastery in the Unified Church of Vietnam to interview the patriarch of the church. He was found and arrested by the Vietnamese authorities and had to convince them that he was interested […]

When Don Ressler ventured into the fashion business, his primary objective was to transform the way people shop through the provision of on-trend fashion at a fantastic value. He has remained true to his goals and has launched several successful companies such as Intermix Media and its affiliates. Ressler’s ascension to the top of the fashion industry has been full of challenges and moments of triumph. Keep reading and find out how Don Ressler rose from a humble beginning to an influential fashion investor on Humble start The first entrepreneurial venture of Ressler was, which he sold to Intermix Media in 2001. He then, partnered with COO of Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg, to create Alena Media. Intermix’s e-commerce and performance advertising section used to generate hundreds of million in returns, and it was the firm’s major profit center. When News Corp purchased Intermix in back 2005, Don Ressler […]

Marc Sparks has long been a leader in the entrepreneurial industry, having founded many successful companies, including Timber Creek Capital. With over ten years in its same location, Marc Sparks was sensing that the ideas and forward thinking of his company that led to the original success had grown stale. Therefore, he decided to switch up the office and move to a new location in order to spark the same creativity to drove the company to its original success. The new office setup will resemble a pattern that has developed with other successful startups, working to foster an environment in which people will work together to push each other to new heights and come up with better ideas to drive the office forward. The whole idea is to generate private equity that can be used to help other entrepreneurs make companies that enjoy similar revenue streams.  Marc Sparks knows that […]

In recent years, emerging studies have continuously painted a clear picture pertaining the negative effects of sleep apnea. More so, the research has displayed the existence of a correlation between sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder, and severe conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The findings have triggered a great need to find better solutions and treatments for sleep Apnea. Experts in the dental field such as Avi Weisfogel have made relentless effort to deal with the disorder. As such, he helps individuals suffering from this condition by diagnosing and treating them. Since Avi Weisfogel and his team at Dental Sleep Master are well aware of the dangers accompanied by this disorder, they have come up with a new model that targets both primary as well as secondary care medical specialists. The model also includes certified sleep physicians and their sleep labs. Apart from creating opportunities within the medical […]

Although many caterers like to stick with the familiar breakfast staples like bacon, eggs, ham, sandwiches, or cereal, there are some who know that diversity of palate can transform your customers’ health and outlook. Tarallucci e Vino caters to those upstanding individuals with fine and untouchable attention to quality Italian food. If you want an effective event that your guests or clients will remember for a life time, than Tarallucci e Vino is the Italian food caterer of choice for you. If you have customers who are grumpy and needing a healthy alternative to hamburgers and fries, Taralluci e Vino can prepare delicious and light pasta dishes that will make them long to buy more and more of your products simply for the sake of visiting your business. The effective association method of marketing is something that we like to partner with you in. If the environment of your sales […] is a purveyor of interesting business solutions and possibilities. They’ve written this way for many years, and been the muse behind countless small businesses. Recently, an article was published on this website which examined the possibility of a collegiate-level online reputation management course. The article pointed out that there are no such courses currently available anywhere on the market today, and that many people stand to benefit. The writer of the article then told an anecdote about his fiancee, whom he met on Tinder, and who went the extra mile to vet him as authentic by checking on his social media before they had any interactions. If a Tinder date is so savvy to social media impact, it only makes sense that a business like Google or Yahoo or Wal-Mart or Wells Fargo would be as well. In fact, such methods of vetting potential clients are sort of becoming […]

Sanjay Shah knows first hand the struggles that come with Autism. His son Nikhil has the condition, but Sanjay Shah Denmark is determined that it isn’t going to hold his son or anyone else back in the future. Particularly, it isn’t going to hold them back from having a good time at the beginning of April, when Sanjay Shah is throwing “Autism Rocks“, a festival kicking off Autism awareness month. The event was first set up in 2014 and has drawn in involvement from artists such as Prince, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Bublé. This year the festival involved Tyga and Flo Rida in an effort to include a younger demographic. Besides music this year’s event features family fun in the form of laser tag, crazy golf, zip lining, a bouncy castle, horse rides, a rodeo bull, face painting, inflatable rides, a petting zoo, and barbecue. The Dubai based businessman’s […]