Madison Street Capital’s Deal of the Year

The Advisor of M&A recently announced the winner of the highly coveted 13th Annual Turnaround Awards to the Chicago based international investment banking firm.


The Madison Street Capital also attained the award for Distressed M&A Deal of the year which reigned in over $25 million to $50 million. This was due to their performance in service as the exclusive advisor to the Sachs Capital Group in relation to the take-private of the RMG networks.


The investments of Sachs Capital Group together with the Virgo Capital and the Merion Investment Partners offered the debt financing in relation to the sealing of the transaction. The leader of the Madison Street Capital was headed by the Senior Managing Director, Barry Petersen.


The founding member and acting CEO of the Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway was honored for the recognition of the work on the transaction. He further thanked all the team members that had invested the efforts and hard work towards the course.


According to Botchway, the award elevated the ability of the Madison Street Capital in assisting the clients in navigating and closing in on complex transactions. Apart from the award, the M&A Advisors also announced the winners in different categories such as Restructuring of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Firm of the Year, Sector Deal of the Year, Turnaround Product/Service of the Year and Professional of the Year.


The nominations were inclusive of over 275 different participating firms which were judged by an independent just that consisted of experts in the industry. The firms that took home the awards were representation of the distressed investing and the shifting industry in the year 2018. According to the founder of the M&A Advisor, Roger Aguinaldo, the firms earned the honors by standing out in the group to curtain raise for others.


The awards were meant to recognize the leading transactions in an environment which is characterized with increasing demand of the professionals. It also shone a light on the firms and individuals who represented the highest levels of performance in the industry.


The winners of the highly coveted awards will be later presented with the awards during the black tie gala. This would be held during the 201 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit late in March, The venue for the event would be in Palm Beach, Fl.


Madison Street Capital reputation is an internationally recognized investment banking company. The firm is committed in virtues such as excellence, integrity, service and leadership in the delivery of the corporate financial advisory services. They also offer merger and acquisition expertise, valuation services to public and private entities and financial opinions.


The services help in the positioning of the clients to attain success in the worldwide market. The firm has earned the trust from the clients across the globe due to the dedication to their professional standards.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Tips on Online Businesses

Every business venture has challenges, and the challenges are supposed to mold the business direction and growth. Richard Liu Qiangdong, however, believes that challenges should also challenge the businessperson to sharpen their skills and probably change their investment path. In the early 2000s, Liu experienced a wave that made him change his view on business and more importantly on offline marketing. He is currently one of the biggest investors in Asia, primarily because he adapted to the challenges he experienced in 2004. Liu, however, points out that the sad outbreak in the early 2000s killed so many potential businesses that did not change with the wave.

Changing with trends or adapting to the wave, therefore, is one of Richard Liu Qiangdong strongest character. Understanding if the tide is a long time or a short time according to him has always guided his decision-making. Since 2004, there have been other major financial waves, but Richard Liu Qiangdong points out that they do not pose a considerable threat to businesses on a long-term basis. He, however, point out that understanding your business in terms of adaptively and if it has strong structure is his greatest tip in remaining consistency in a world of changes. Due to this impressive view on changes and the company’s structures, Liu is still one of the most versatile investors in Asia.

In addition to his approach to changes, Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the people that have restored sanity in online business especially in terms of trust and quality goods. Prior to this company, the previous attempts to make online businesses an alternative to the world of consumption was heavily dented because of quality issues and the fact that the market players at the time did not have a good customer-relations. Fortunately, Liu has set a precedent in industry standards by making certain expectations a requirement for any entity to thrive in online spaces. In conclusion, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been successful in this competitive niche due to his approach to negotiations and his vast understanding of working as a team. Although working together in the corporate world can mean different things, Liu understands how to ratify deals.

Sandy Chin’s Book Drive at PS11 School an Overwhelming Success

Can you imagine spending a summer without reading a book? Granted, the internet is often a source of reading material, but it doesn’t have the same impact for children who love to look at pictures helping explain the story. Illustrations are an important part of each book for grade school children.


Those in lower grades may actually forget what they’ve learned during the school year if reading is not a regular activity during the summer. This sometimes puts both students and teachers in a difficult spot come next school year. Considering this and other factors, Sandy Chin and a group of her associates held a book drive to make sure every low-income kindergarten child from the PS11 school had a book to take home for the summer.


The drive was so successful that each kindergarten child in need was able to take home several books. Some donations were above the kindergarten level, so students in higher grades benefited as well. Chin and her team methodically sorted the books to determine the reading level of each and allowed the children to choose the ones they wanted to take home and read.


What a worthwhile project, especially when the internet is more available to these children than actual books. This effort was indeed so successful that Chin plans to do it again next year. We all realize the importance of learning to read and comprehend at an early age. Children happily took the books home, anxious to get started on their summer reading program.


Sandy Chin says she is also a book lover and is glad to have this chance. “The new summer book program will take away another worry for the parents,” she asserts.


Chin is a successful business owner, serving as Chief Investment Officer/ Portfolio Manager of Tidal Bore Capital. While she has a full and busy life both at work and at home, she is happy to have this chance to help the less fortunate. Read more about Sandy Chin on


Flavio Maluf Informs the Employees about the New Business

The companies Eucatex and Duratex will be going into the business from April this year. The president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, announced a note that informed the employees and the leaders of the Botucatu firm about the agreement. The terms of the new business opportunity include Eucatex giving the farm in Capao Bonito to Duratex who shall use it for producing raw material. It shall be located adjacent to the Duratex farm that is in Itapetinga. In return, Duratex shall manufacture a line of thin sheets of wood in Botucatu for Eucatex Company. This deal implies that Duratex shall be resuming its production services in the Itapetinga factory.

Flavio Maluf is confident that the business is good for the company. The estimated base of the deal is R $ 60 million. The Botucatu plant has 280 employees, and its annual production is approximately 200,000 m3 per year. By acquiring Duratex, the company shall increase the output of fiber sheets by 70%. The paint capacity and paper printing shall also be boosted by 30% and 40% respectively. See more on Wikipedia.

Flavio Maluf is a trained mechanical engineer and the business professional who has served in various capacities in Eucatex Company. His vast experience in Eucatex, mainly as the Chief Executive Officer means motivates his employees to have confidence in his work. In a letter addressed to his employees, Maluf emphasizes the need to engage in planning. He urges the workers to embrace the new deal because it will enable them to forecast the sales and maintenance as well as lower any losses. The President also asks the staff to remain open-minded and embrace the new opportunity because it shall allow the firm to diversify to other international platforms such as Brazil and abroad. Besides, more jobs shall be created at the new plant and many more regions in the markets that the company will manage to conduct their operations.

Although the business deal between Eucatex and Duratex is subject to approval by CADE (regulatory body), the workers need to remain patient and start embracing the predicted changes.

Executive President Maluf hopes that his employees will be cooperative and support the company in benefiting from this deal.



Oren Frank’s Online Therapy on Talkspace

With so many things migrating into the virtual world, it is only necessary to address important issues in the society in the same platform to aid in the delivery of services to millions of people by just one click. In recent years the issue of mental health has been pushed out if the darkness with more and more people stepping out to accept and address this menace. Mental health has been one of the things associated with shame, embarrassment and most often than not hidden out of the societal eye did to ignorance and lack of the resources to curb it. Most of the time, people were not even aware they were suffering from mental health until the age of social media came. Now all one has to do is read a pop-up advert or a “how do you know you have mental illnesses” video or article to learn that you have mental health issues. It is true that most of this articles, blogs and vlogs are composed by people with close to no knowledge about the conditions and therefore not be used in medical evaluations or taken too seriously unless they are managed and developed by medical professionals like Talkspace. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

Talkspace is a New York therapy online platform developed and established by Oren Frank with aim of making therapy affordable to a big number of people at an affordable price. The platform uses a network of professionals in the medical industry to provide consultation services to clients, develop long term treatment plans and diagnosis via the internet through Smartphone and the world wide web. With Oren Frank ad the co-founder and CEO of the platform, Talkspace is hoping to deliver psychotherapy services to billions of people worldwide. Oren Frank designed the business as a b2c company with an unlimited messaging capability for its users.



Hussain Sajwani the renowned CEO of DAMAC

Hussain Sajwani who is the CEO of DAMAC was born in 1956 in Dubai. Sajwani was an all-rounded child who was good at both academics and co-curricular activities. His unique trait earned him a scholarship from the government so that he can attend Washington University. He graduated from Washington with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics. After school, he got a job at GASCO which is a gas company. While working at GASCO, he developed a liking for catering.

After a short while, he left GASCO and set up a small catering facility. His catering business, global logistics services, was located in downtown Dubai. He put so much effort and commitment into the market until it grew into an international market. The first significant deal the business had been when they landed Bechtel as their customer. Global Logistics Company increased to open up small hotels spread throughout the Middle East.

Since global business logistics had become a success, the DAMAC CEO joined the real estate industry. He would use the profits from his catering business to buy land. Unlike most people, Hussein Sajwani would buy land in the undeveloped parts of Dubai. Hussien did this because he could see opportunities that others don’t see. Years later Dubai decided to allow foreigners to own property in the country.

It was the starting point for DAMAC properties. Hussain, the CEO of DAMAC, has the simple idea that DAMAC would take part in the selling of property and then use the money to finance its constructions. The Marina Terrace which sold out in 40 days was the company’s first project.

The aggressiveness and creativity of the CEO of DAMAC have seen the company make collaborations with huge brands among them Ferrari and Versace. The company’s most recent prestigious project is the trump world golf course. It is a partnership with tiger woods to design the best golf course in UAE. Despite all this success, Hussain Sajwani is not yet done. He has now created DICO investments.

Rodrigo Terpins Helps More People See Positive Options with Rally Car Driving

As a rally car driver, Rodrigo Terpins knows a lot about what he can do to help people with the options they have and with the things that might make their career better. It’s also a way for the industry to change the opportunities Rodrigo Terpins has so he doesn’t have to worry about how he’s going to make more out of different experiences. Rodrigo Terpins believes in giving people positive options and positive ways to make a change. He also shows others there are things that might help him see through the opportunities he has on his own. As long as there are options available for Rodrigo Terpins to race and to try different things, he believes he’s going to do everything on his own to make the industry better. In combination with his efforts, he hopes his family will continue supporting the industry too.

Since Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of rally car drivers, he has a lot of hope for the way his family can make changes and for the way he can do things that might provide people positive experiences. Based on the way he does things, he hopes the family will keep trying them and keep doing more to make that happen. Every time Rodrigo Terpins spends time figuring out the best approach to industry options, he feels he can make things easier for people who need the assistance and people who can get more out of it.

By focusing on the changes to the industry and always doing his best to give more people what they’re looking for in it, Rodrigo Terpins feels he can keep trying things that might change the course for rally car racing. It’s his goal to always do a good job and do his best. Thanks to his opportunities and the way he pushes people, he feels he knows what they need without worrying about all the different experiences that come from rally car racing. It’s also his goal to always do things right so he doesn’t have to worry about how he can help others through difficult experiences.


Chamonix’s Genucel Helps Abuse Victims Improve Their Self-Esteem Through Women Aware

Chamonix is a skincare company founded in 1999 by a pharmacist named George Faltaous. Their headquarters is located at Edison, New Jersey under the Unimed International, Inc. group of companies. Genucel is part of Chamonix’s skincare line. Its products include an anti-wrinkle treatment, eyelid treatment, and a jawline treatment to just name a few.

Genucel And The Community It Supports

In a recent article dated January 21st 2019, it discusses the importance of self-love and the contributions made by Genucel in this humanitarian effort. The article begins describing low self-esteem that victims of abuse often experience. Among low self-esteem, victims of abuse also turn to violence against themselves, whether in thought or physically. “Self-care routines” are recommended by both survivors and mental health professionals to aid in attempts to overcome low self-esteem.

By focusing on “wellness and body positivity,” survivors of abuse can channel that energy in a positive matter. This is where Genucel steps in. As an avid supporter of “women and children” of abuse, Genucel has supported this community through “Women Aware”. Women Aware was founded in 1981 and is an organization dedicated to helping survivors of domestic violence. Genucel regularly provides Women Aware with “beauty bags” that contain their products as well as toiletries to be distributed to the survivors of abuse.

Women Aware

The article  on moves on to describe Women Aware and the cause they support. As previously mentioned, Women aware was founded in 1981. It is based out of Middlesex, New Jersey and is a nonprofit organization. It states that domestic violence in New Jersey happens more often than any other part of the country. In detail, the article indicates abuse happens “almost every 7 minutes” in New Jersey. Because of its high statistical number, Women Aware was born. They provide services such as housing, food, and programs for victims of abuse.

To help raise funds for the cause, Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk provides the needed funds for the services provided by the organization. The article begins to describe the importance of physical activity and its benefits. It also mentions that walking for at least “30 minutes a day,” can make improvements in the skin’s health and appearance.

Going beyond appearance, Genucel articulates the importance of self-love and self-esteem. In line with their contributions, Genucel also donates funds for the race and walk. The article continues to talk about Genucel’s products and the ingredients they use in them. If you would like to read the full article, please click here.



How Cassio Audi Became a Major BusinessMan

Brazil most popular businessman and talented music strategic individual have had a huge impact on Brazil for years. This creative individual is known as Cassio Audi. Uniquely, he mastered how to conduct business with individuals while keeping his music dream alive at the same time. Audi gained all of his financial management and investment skills by attending the University of Pontifical Catholic where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and also received his Masters in Business Administration at Sao Paul University. His education motivated him to encourage other individuals how to overcome the economic crisis that was occurring in Brazil at the time by investing their money to make even more money. His strategic financial investment plan helped hundreds of individuals better there finances. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.


Cassio Audi created empowering groups within the communities of Brazil to elevate the financial crisis that was causing individuals to live unhappily. His plans included Economic Empowerment and Investment Revenues. With economic empowerment, he taught group members how to invest their money to make profit. By using their skills and talents that they possessed, the investors were encouraged to sell their creative skills to make money. The empowerment programs made everyone feel better about their financial situations and caused economic improvement in Brazil.


On the other hand, involving investment revenues, he created a variety of channel platform to invest on such as investing in stocks, shares, real estate, and savings account. As a result, Cassio built trust with his clients because they were receiving returns on their investments. Nevertheless, Audi has opened up many businesses that have had major impact on many individuals. He ensures customer satisfaction by working with clients individually so he can maintain his positive image within his brand. While working with individuals personally, satisfaction strategists have increased. Read more about Cassio Audi at


How Cassio Audi Became a Businessman


Before Audi became the experienced businessman he is today, he was a talented musician in Brazil. IN 1985, Cassio Audi started a music band called “Viper” that consisted of five teenagers. Audi played the drums and he helped the band gain success within Brazil because of the mixing of classical and metal music. The uniqueness of the music is what made the band so popular in Brazil. After many years of the creation of the band, Audi gave it a rest and decided to further his career as a businessman by attending the university Pontifical University in 1989. Still being a successful businessman, Audi implements his music while teaching about investing on his YouTube channel. He has an understanding that people can enjoy music and sustain financial success altogether.


Why Victoria Doramus Shares Her Experience as a Drug Addict

For many people, being a drug addict is not a character of weakness. It, however, takes more than the will to overcome the issue. Abusing illegal or prescription drugs will create chemical changes in one’s brain thereby causing cravings as well as a compulsion to continue using drugs.

For Victoria Doramus, coming up with innovative brands as well as marketing ideas takes incorporating new ideas through creativity. Since venturing into marketing, she has shaped her career by working for topnotch marketing brands. She has also garnered experience in media advertising, communication as well as branding and managed to create eye-catching branding ideas. Through her expertise and skill set, Doramus has ventured into leading advertising roles in the corporate sector including working for Trendera, Creative Arts Agency and others. Busy as she may be, Doramus has consistently pursued charity in various organizations. She also works as a volunteer in charitable firms.

Victoria Doramus prides herself in being multi-skilled. She has extensive experience in marketing and trend analysis. She attended the prestigious University of Colorado Boulder where she majored in mass communication. She also majored in arts since she is a believer of self-confidence. As an explorer, she started her marketing career after completing her studies.

Victoria Doramus is successful, but she has a lot to say regarding overcoming life’s challenges. For instance, she was a drug addict for about three years since she turned 26 years old. The recovery process entailed checking in rehab and taking a great treatment program that enabled her to live a normal life once more. Eventually, she overcame her battle with addiction. But that’s not the end for her since she’s now using her life experiences to educate people to live healthy, better lives. Doramus states that addiction is a weakness that contributes to a recurring character which enables you to rely on drugs to feel better. While she always thought that she would be okay as an addict drugs and alcohol affected her. She even lost her job in the process. Moreover, she sold some belongings to settle drug-related debts. Doramus also had major financial issues.

Find out more about Victoria Doramus: