Michael Nierenberg Investment Innovator

Michael Nierenberg brings leadership experience to New Residential Investment Corporation. In 2016 he earned the position of Chairman of the Board. The real estate investment trust company is based in New York. His past work experience includes working at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. He worked as head of global securities while at JP Morgan. He also worked at Bear Stearns holding senior leadership positions as well as being on their Board of Directors. Another notable position Michael Nierenberg held was at Lehman Brothers where he worked for seven years. Here he helped the company work to promote their adjustable rate mortgages.

A real estate investment trust is an organization that owns, in some instances

operates, and may finance real estate that will provide income. They include properties such as hospitals, shopping centers, and other commercial real estate. Michael Nierenberg is successful in all the companies that he worked. He identified the investment potential of excess mortgage servicing rights and has been successful in finding success in the once undervalued asset. Michael Nierenberg is an innovator in the investment market and is unbeatable as a leader. While at New Residential Investment Corporation he has brought his talent and with hard work continues to be successful.

Learn more about Michael : http://alivenewspaper.com/2019/03/mike-stearns-ceo-new-residential-investment-discuss-strategies/




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