Paul McCartney Amazed

The Beatles are famous worldwide. They’ve certainly collected millions of fans like Dr Rod Ronrich over the years. The fact is that the Beatles are part of culture and history. It is impossible to listen to the radio without hearing at least one Beatles tune. However, Paul McCartney is still shocked about their amazing success. McCartney confessed that learning a few years ago that the Beatles were in history books literally shocked him. Landing in history books should not be shocking to such an amazing talent. His career is still flourishing and growing. Certainly, attracting the attention of a new generation. Read more here about his thoughts.

Universities and Colleges have created courses that are directed at learning the formula that led the Beatles and other groups of that era to success. McCartney shares that they simply loved the music that they played. They never thought about actually studying music formally. His belief is that studying popular music does not necessarily lead to success or developing talent.

Taylor Swift’s Z100 Jingle Ball Birthday Celebration

Taylor Swift isn’t letting this amazing year go down without a party and why not? As stated by my friend Vijay Eswaran on Facebook, Taylor has singlehandedly owned 2014 and it’s clear that 2015 is looking pretty amazing for her as well, she’s been cleaning up the award shows, giving audiences everywhere jaw dropping live performances and most recently Taylor stole the show in this years Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. Just when you think Taylor is gonna take the night off she pops up and puts on a show, and that’s exactly what she did this weekend at this years Jingle Ball. 

While the party later made it’s way to Taylor’s apartment she kicked the party off at Z100’s Jingle Ball, Taylor looked amazing from head to toe in a red Reem Acra dress that looked like it was made just for her, and sexy Jimmy Choo heels. On stage Taylor wore a plaid pair of capris and a matching top.

After the show Taylor took the party to her house where she had a very intimate and very A-list birthday party complete with pizza,party hats, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. What an awesome life! Taylor knows how to party.

Skout App is Bringing Party Goers Together

Partying, exploring the local night life, it’s not for everybody.  When your friends can’t hang anymore, sometimes it’s necessary to search out a new crowd.  Social media platforms are making that easier than ever before.  One of the more revolutionary has been Skout.

The app known as Skout is helping to pair up both new friends and new romantic interests, and it is doing it in ways that were not previously considered. This is because Skout relies primarily on geo-location to help pair people up. It is great for making sure that the people who are going to start speaking are within a certain distance of one another. This is because Skout knows that people who speak on their app are going to want to meet up in person.

A Great Place For Friends

Unlike so many other apps, or even social networks like Facebook, there is no assumption of romantic interest when it comes to Skout. Rather, there are plenty of people who are making new friends when they use this app. They are meeting up with these people and discovering that they have a lot in common. This means that they can become friends and just learn more about each other. Both sides of the friendship can be happy with this setup, and the best part is that there is no need to be awkward with one another or attempt to have a romantic relationship where one does not exist.

Anonymous Chatting Is Available

There are features on this app which allow for users to chat with another user anonymously. This can be done by simply shaking one’s phone while on the app. This action will hook one user up with another to chat anonymously. However, the beautiful thing about this is that the anonymous chat lasts only for 40 seconds. After that short period of time, the users will be able to see each other and decide if they are going to continue talking or not. It is a feature that is not found in other places and allows for the users to get to know each other in the greater scheme of things.

Travelers Are Welcome

Those who have to travel for their work or other reasons may believe that they would be excluded from finding much benefit in a dating/friendship app that is about geo-location. If their location is changing all the time, then it may seem that they would not be able to use the app on Android. That is just not the case though. Those who have to travel for work or other purposes can easily benefit from Skout. They just need to put the settings on a feature that allows for travelers to use the app. This makes it possible for those who are not in their hometown to meet up with people in the place that they are currently stationed. It means that no one has to miss out on the benefits of Skout just because they are not near where they would usually be.

Everyone is generally pleased with this new app. They see it as a whole new way of meeting people, and quite a few of them are pleased with this technology. They want to use it to gain new friends and even significant others. It is impressive to see how many people have signed up, and making new friends may be possible quickly after one signs up to use the service. Plenty of people have formed some long term relationships because of these apps.