BRL Trust Manages Your Money For You

You do not need to be a money expert when you are investing money with BRL Trust. This bank is going to allow you the best chance possible to make more money with the small amounts of cash that you have. You must remember that they are trained professionals, and they are willing to help you invest anywhere in the world that you want.

Trading Yourself

You do not need to do any of the trades on your own, and you need to make sure that you are asking your BRL Trust broker to help you. The brokers are going to buy and sell according to what you want to do, and they are going to help you with the advice that you need. Many people need this extra advice so that they will be able to make wise investments, and it is much easier to make money when people get their advice from the BRL Trust team.

Setting Up Accounts

The BRL Trust team is going to set up all your accounts with the many different markets around the world. They are going to help you get stated, and they will report to you on the status of each of your accounts.

These accounts that you set up at BRL Trust are going to allow you to make a great deal of money. They are also going to allow you to change the way that you invest. The brokers do most of the work for you, and they are going to hold your funds for you in the proper BRL Trust accounts.

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe Attends an Expensive Birthday Party


The elderly President of Zimbabwe attended an expensive birthday bash conducted in his honor by private sponsors at a golf course near Victoria Falls said Brad Reifler. The picnic featured an elaborate birthday cake shaped in the form of a bust of Robert Mugabe, replete with fine details, such as glasses and clothing accessories. The event cost an estimated $1 million or more. Guests dined on elephant.

President Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe continuously since 1980, attended the event flanked on one side by his wife, Grace, and on the other by his daughter, Bona. He donned a colorful floral necklace for the festive occasion. His daughter wore a dress with her father’s portrait imprinted on the front. After the speech, those in attendance listened to music and poetry praising their President.

He recently denied allegations his visits to Singapore were to obtain treatments for prostate cancer, insisting he is in good health. He told a television interviewer recently he would not designate a party official to follow in his footsteps: “I don’t choose my successor, never.”

The ruling ZANU-PF Party selected him, once again, as its leader last December. Robert Mugabe has been widely criticized for rigging elections.