Written Agreements

More people than you might think work on a purely commission basis, while others work on a commission and salary basis. However, it is important to make sure that all parties involved agree to the commission terms or things could really get heated. For example, a recent case from the Houston Courts of Appeals is a perfect example of what could happen to an employer that works on a commission basis. In order for an agreement to work, both parties must have a meeting of the minds. However, the Colter v. Amkin Technologies, case is a pure example of minds that did not click. More On That Here.

Written Agreements
Perhaps, you are a sales agent and work for a meager salary and a commission. Did the hiring manager create a written agreement that both parties signed or simply agreed verbally. That verbal agreement concerning a hefty commission might not stand up in court. The fact is that a court of law will give more weight to a written agreement than a verbal agreement. Clearly, a written agreement is a fact. A verbal agreement is based on hearsay.

Professional Business Consultant
Susan McGalla is a professional executive business consultant, American businesswoman. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This experienced business consultant has worked in various managerial positions during her career, and she would of advised all parties involved in the above case to have a meeting of the minds and a written contract to seal the deal. This would have saved a lot of headaches in the long run.

Apartments and More in the New Jersey Area

This city has so many fun and excitement places to go, there are museums, theme parks, clubs, casinos, the boardwalk, and it’s not hard to get from New Jersey to New York City. There are apartment in Newport or Union City that are just close to the main train stations and there are really close bus stops right down the street. There are all kinds of nature to be seen as well with beautiful birds, wild animals, and if you want to spend some time outdoors you can go canoeing, biking, riding horses, or hiking in the hills. If you like sports there is plenty of action you can go see the New York Giants play at one of their football games. There are art exhibits in art galleries, garden and arboretums, dog parks, outdoor parks and concerts, aquariums for the kids, Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, arcade games, and the Jersey Shore. There are also great restaurants with food of every conceivable kind-sushi, Thai, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Mexican, seafood-bars, jazz clubs, Blues bars, country bars, taverns, karaoke, and more. There is so much to do in New Jersey; it would take me forever to tell you about it. Suffice it to say, New Jersey is a great place to live and a great place to have fun.

One and Two Bedroom Apartments from $915-$2710

Some of the benefits I’ve noticed that are available in apartments in New Jersey are washer and dryers(some specify full size) in the units, large walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, balconies with great views, hardwood floors, security alarms, high speed internet, ceiling fans, full fitness centers, barbeque and picnic areas, swimming pools. I’ve also noticed that most apartments are animal friendly. There are even more perks at the higher end apartments with high ceilings, gated community, a doorman in the lobby or in front of the building, marble countertops in the kitchen, microwaves, bathrooms decorated in ceramic tile, and windows with thermal panes.

The Aspire Apartments

New Brunswick luxury rental options at The Aspire are the way to go. It has roomy Studios, One and Two Bedrooms with washer and dryers in the apartments. Private patios with magnificent views, hardwood floors in the living rooms, upscale kitchens with marble countertops, stainless steel refrigerators, oven/stoves, and dishwashers, internet and cable hookup ready, and carpet in the bedrooms. Around the clock doorman, fitness and workout room, attached parking garage attached to the lobby for safety, and social resident centers on the roof.

Joseph Bismark brings Spiritual Success to Business


Climbing the corporate ladder, getting the big house, driving the big cars, and receiving the big paychecks are all part of the dream of success. But is business success really all about getting things or is there something more? An article on Judy and Her Dog profiles powerful entrepreneur Joseph Bismark who believes that spiritual success at work leads to business success in the board room.

Living in a Spiritual Business

Joseph Bismark’s story is as amazing as his rise to the top of the corporate ladder. Joseph’s journey started at the tender age of nine in the mountains of the Philippines where he became a monk and lived a life of inner peace. His life as a monk in the ashram(monastery) lasted until the age of seventeen, but his spiritual path was just beginning. By 1998, Joseph Bismark went from monk to co-founder of the QI group of companies bringing spirituality to business and in 2008, he became managing director of the company.

His unlikely venture into the corporate world also led to co-founding the RHYTHM foundation which focuses on corporate social responsibility. His company culture of healthy living through wellness, organic plant foods and spiritual growth is shared by all his employees. His strong belief in everyone’s ability to be amazing extends well beyond his company and his mission is to help millions reach their full potential through such outlets as his Gems of Wisdom blog.

Throughout his extraordinary journey, Joseph Bismark has proven that business can be both spiritual and successful.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort: Over 100 Years Of Skiing, Music, And Fun


Squaw Valley Ski Resort is one of the best known and highest quality ski resorts in the United States. Located on Squaw Peak in Placer County, California, near Reno, Nevada, this resort has been welcoming thousands of guests each year since it opened in 1949. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is one of the largest in the United States and offers lots of fun for skiers of all levels. With a top elevation of 9,050 feet, 4,000 acres of skiable area, and over 177 ski runs, there is sure to be a ski run to suit your need for speed and fun. Maybe it’s the 3.2 miles long Blue Mountain run.

But Squaw Valley Ski Resort is more than simply a great place to ski. It is also historic. It was home to the 1960 Winter Olympics. Today thousands of people make their way there to test their skills on the green circle (easiest), blue square (intermediate), and challenging black diamond (most difficult) runs. The resort boasts 3 terrain parks and 30 lifts with a lift capacity of 58,000 people per hour. Add an average of 450 inches of snowfall a year, snowmaking machines, night skiing, and the country’s only funitel, and it’s easy to see why this resort has long been one of America’s most popular.

Currently under the leadership of Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley, the resort is much more than a popular ski destination. Each year it hosts about 600,000 skiers on its six peaks, but tens of thousands of others ride the scenic aerial tramway to High Camp in Squaw Valley to enjoy high-altitude disk golf, roller skating, swimming, dinning and shopping. For almost 50 years people have visited the resort during the summer for the Squaw Valley Community of Writers program, and the yoga, beer, wine, and music of the Peaks and Paws, Bluesdays, Brews, Jazz, and Funk Fest, and many other events. 

Founded in 1949 by Wayne Poulsen, a star skier from the University of Nevada, and Alex Cushing, a Harvard-educated lawyer, the resort quickly became a playground for the rich. Modeled after popular European ski destinations and containing the latest technology and world-class facilities, Squaw Valley was an instant hit. A California Historical Landmark, it’s part of the Pioneer Ski Area of America. More than 100 years ago it was the first U.S. location to hold organized ski events.

Pea Obsession

It was fairly recent that the New York Times was under fire from people across the country. No they weren’t angry about some article or a quote by Shaygan Kheradpir. They were angry for a different reason, altogether. The New York Times told viewers of its Twitter page to put peas in their guacamole and to trust them on this decision. Twitter users were outraged to say the least! Some went as far as to say that they would stop reading the New York Times altogether.

Well, it seems that that whole mess has come and gone. But, New York Times did it again. People are angry. This time the NY Times is telling people to put peas in their tequila. Um, what?

There is no rhyme or reason for this tweet, but one thing is for certain. There will be many more angry tweets coming out. Again, the New York Times included the “Trust Us.” at the bottom of their tweet. Are they trying to prove that their followers will take everything they say literally? If that’s not it, then maybe the people who work for the Times just really really really like peas. It’s a bit baffling. Many have never heard of peas in tequila before. It begs the question, is it an actual thing? Or, is the Times just trying to mess with it’s followers. Either way, it’s kind of funny.

Investment Guru Igor Cornelsen

To Igor Cornelsen, a retired banker from Brazil, investing is a hobby but he also happens to be an professional in the stock markets as well as pursuing multiple types of investments. Igor Cornelsen is presently working with the Bainbridge Group Inv. Inc. in the Bahamas investing in the stock market as well as advising and guiding less experienced investors who are new in the world of stocks.

He has lead new investors to focus on many small stocks instead of one large stock and not to over commit to only one of their projects, this has made many new and inexperienced brokers much more profitable and successful in a shorter period of time. He is gladly generous with his expertise and experience by encouraging investors to research and diversify by not putting all of their eggs in to one basket.

As seen on Resume.com, Igor Cornelsen became so accomplished in this field by making mistakes, learning the hard way and working his way up to the top. Born and raised in Brazil he built a name for himself as one of the country’s top bankers as well as managing a few of the biggest banks in the country, Igor Cornelsen knew he what he wanted early on in life so he made it his goal to make that happen. He feared he could possibly run out of money during his life time so he decided to become fully involved by building the perfect life for himself so he would have no concerns when retirement came around. When retirement arrived he was able to happily settle down in South Florida where he enjoys golf as his new favorite past time. His retirement in 2010 has not kept him from what he is best at though, he continues investing on the side as a hobby and he still works with Bainbridge.

Check Out David Beckham’s Minion Tattoo

Everyone knows that David Beckham is filled with tattoos, and some of them are very interesting. David has tattoos from his head down to his toes, and he has recently added a new one. David Beckham’s Tattoo. David decided to get a tattoo of one of his daughters favorite characters, who is from the movie “Despicable Me.” He tattooed a Minion on his right rib cage, and the tattoo is absolutely adorable. The picture is of a yellow Minion, and it’s in its signature jumpsuit, but the suit is pulled over its mouth.

The guys behind Boraie Development noted that his daughter had some sway in the reason why he’d tattoo this cute little yellow guy on his body. Even though the tattoo looks great, it turns out that it’s a temporary tattoo. He put the tattoo on in order to impress his daughter, but it’s not something that he wants to keep there permanently, David decided to tattoo his daughter’s name on the left side of his body, instead of putting one of her favorite cartoon characters there.

One would have to question if it would cause problems for David if he chose to keep the tattoo, but since it’s temporary, then all it is, is free press for the new “Minions” movie. The new movie Minions, it hits theaters in early July, and if it’s anything like the previous Despicable Me movies, it will be a big hit.