Slyce.It: Visual Search Engines New edge image recognition technology just makes it easier for users to buy things they see in real life, how does this work? Just snap a picture of a billboard or printed material or scan a barcode of a product you like and this app will retrieve the most accurate results from a variety of vendors locally or worldwide.

But Slyce is not aiming for something that is already in the market, they want to be a step forward and give users a 3D interface, if its users see something they like, for example, a purse, shoes, jeans, etc, they just need to take a picture and the app will analyze all the attributes of the product (color, pattern, style, unique features) and will return the results with similar products from a catalog.

The youth nowadays is tech savvy and in need of faster and easier ways to get things done, for example some of them have issues on finding clothes either because some brands just make them too large or too small, and in-store purchases for this kind of demographics is just a thing of the past and they want to have the world in their palms and be delivered to their doorstep.

With this new image recognition technology arriving the supply and demand chain will struggle because retailer are now going to have to think several months in advance so they do not fall short of product all this triggered by a new trend which is predicted to be around for years to come.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Moving Toward Liquor Business

Dick DeVos is The Michigan Entrepreneur and More
Dick DeVos is clearly a Michigan entrepreneur and there is much more to him than that. He is a businessman and he is also an investor. He has an intriguing and remarkable background. His father was the co-founder of Amway, which Dick is heir to according to MLive reports. He has been listed in Forbes magazine as the 67th richest individuals in the United States. Dick is an all around interesting and highly engaging man. He seems to always find another endeavor in his life that seems to keep him thriving and interested.

Dick ran for Governor of Michigan and although he was defeated, he maintains a strong presense in politics. House of Cards even made reference to his donations, which he weighs in on in the following article:

The Power Couple and The Liquor Business
Dick and Betsy DeVos are viewed, by many, as the political power couple of Michigan. Their current business move is toward the liquor business. Windquest Group had set a motion in to buy Coppercraft Distillery. Windquest Group is their holding company. The first step in the process has been set into action. It was on January 20 that the LCC had approved the license transfer. It should be known that it is Windquest that is listed as the “registered agent.” This is for the Holland Township company. The transfer could take as long as six months for the state to approve. It was Walter Catton 111 who had originally opened up the distillery. This opening took place in 2013. He had been wanting to broaden and expand the operations. He was looking for an investor to assist in the expansion. He is not speaking about the possibility of a deal between himself and Dick and Betsy DeVos. This is a 90000 square-foot distillery. It also has a 50-seat tasting room. Catton is excited about this new direction and this entire journey. This distillery does distribute to well-over 100 locations. This is throughout Michigan. They also supply clients in Illinois as well as in Colorado. The idea is to have an increase in the distillery’s network of distribution. 

A Family Man
Dick DeVos had started in business at an early age. It was Amway, the family business. This business began in the basement of their home. This was a business that did include the entire family. He and his brother were just young boys when they became helpers of the business. They had the assignment of greeting the attendees at the yearly Amway conventions. The participated in many other ways too.

Learn more about Dick by getting to know more about his foundation or by checking him out on the New Netherland Institute site.

The Quality Products of Beneful

When it comes to pet owners looking to provide the very best food for their pets, there has been a change in products purchased. Up until the last decade, most pet owners simply went with a product that either proved the least expensive or came from a name they recognized. Outside of this, the only other variables at play focused around the age group of their dog, such as if it fell under a senior, puppy or in need of some weight loss. Now, as the healthy food craze has taken over what people eat, many of these people have decided to feed their own pets better, more nutritional food. Beneful, from Purina, has taken up the call in order to provide better, higher quality food for pets. That is exactly why the Beneful brand is one of the fastest growing pet food lines in the world. Plus, the company has several different products available for purchase, which makes it that much more desirable.

Dry vs. Wet

Different pet owners feed their pets different kinds of food. Some are going to feed them dry food, others are going to feed wet. There are different nutritional values to all of these food offerings. Regardless of what someone is looking for or the kind of food someone wants to feed their pet, Beneful comes in both wet and dry. The Beneful wed food is individually wrapped containers that can be purchased one at a time or in bulk. The dry food comes in several different sized containers as well. This way, pet owners can find what they are looking for with their pet.


Of course, there are also other flavors. It is not just straight kibble and everything is the same. Pet owners can selection from chicken to fish, beef to lamb.


Organo Gold Marches Into 2016

Bernardo Chua, or Bernie as he sometimes goes by, is the founder of two successful companies, Gano Excel and Organo Gold. He works to introduce ganoderma to the world with coffees and teas, which is known to have health benefits. He started in the Philippines, where he grew up with a Chinese heritage, and has been working lucratively to introduce ganoderma to North American markets. It was early in life that he became aware of ganoderma.

Ganoderma is a genus of polypore mushroom. this mushroom which grows on logs of wood, can be found all around the world. The mushroom has been widely used in China and other Asian countries. Chua was one of the first to introduce the herb not only to the market but also mixed with coffees and teas.

He liked the idea of working directly with the sales part of the job. He was able to grow the business quickly in the Philippines and it didn’t take long for him to take the company global. He maintains that being in direct sales is what led to his fast growing business. He has even been given a number of awards. Some awards that he won include the Dangal ng Bayan award for business and industry from the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice. He also won the National Consumers Quality award in 2014. The National Shoppers Choice recognized Organo Gold five times as one of the top direct selling companies.

Since his business is well established, Chua is able to work closely with the producers of ganoderma to keep the price tag low and still provide a good quality product. He also funds research to discover new ways to use the herb, giving him a leg up against the competition as he finds to uses for it. Education has always been his main focus, though. He wants to educate people about the herbs many benefits. He believes this creates a form of trust between his distributors and the consumers. Based in Canada, Chua is still looking for ways to expand the company even though he has over one million distributors. But Bernardo Chua has seen them open up into Turkey in recent years.  In five years, Organo Gold, according to Direct Selling News, became the 55th largest direct selling company in the world.  That’s why they continue to win awards and Bernardo Chua continues to forge ahead.

The Upcoming 2016 Changes of New York Real Estate

The new year of 2016 has some interesting prediction for the New York real estate market. Changes in the economy will impact the changes in the real estate market. The predictions for the real estate market will affect how people buy, sell, and finance properties.

According to the original New York Daily News there are eight total predictions for the real estate market in 2016. The first prediction is in regards to the rising interest rates that will occur due to the fluctuation of prices. The second prediction is that closing a deal for property will be more difficult. The third prediction is that people who want to buy real estate will take more time to decide to close the deal. The fourth prediction is the difference in realistic, and non-realistic sellers will increase.

The fifth prediction is that location will be a huge focal point for buyers. Sixth prediction would be focused on baby boomer generation buying and selling property for family reasons. The seventh prediction would be that Brooklyn residence will want to buy more of rental buildings to increase revenue. The eighth and final prediction is the condo market will increase in growth and sales over the next year.

Town Residential is New York City real estate leading residential property business that has the most residential property listing in the state. The team who works diligently to help people find the best real estate to fit their needs has been in business for over five years.

The Town Residential has been the leading industry for property, and is known for one of the top 50 places to work. The people who make up this wonderful business has high qualifications in making every dream come true for any type of real estate needs.

Online Reputations Can Affect Business Profits

So much depends upon a business’ reputation, and today, much of that reputation is online in the form of reviews, social media and press. According to a WhaTech article, business profits can be hurt tremendously if the business is sporting a bad reputation. Marketing techniques have changed drastically since the internet age. There is so much to consider when dealing with online reputations. Social media is a huge factor in determining reputations as well as reviews on third party sites. These things cannot just be ignored by a company; bad press on the internet does not just go away on its own. This is where successful online reputation management comes into play.
Online reputation management can help a company put their best foot forward by developing a strategic marketing campaign as well as quelling negative press by promoting positive press. Many businesses don’t have the time to consider all the aspects of their online reputation while also worry about general business practices. This is where a reputation management company such as Status Labs can help.
Status Labs specializes in second chances and helping clients look their best. Clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies as well as individuals that need a reputation makeover. Status Labs helps clients mostly be helping them look best in search results. Since most consumers don’t look past the first page of Google search results, placing positive content at the top is important to helping a clients reputation. As well as engineering search results, which can take some time, Status Labs can help clients with social media marketing as well as other online marketing campaigns.
The company started in 2012 and was co-founded by Darius Fisher. It has grown from one office in Austin, Texas to two more offices, one in Sao Paulo Brazil and the other in New York City. Status Labs has clients from around the world and are willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to reputation. The company has grown significantly since its inception and hires only the best in the marketing and technology based industry.

George Soros: China Transfers Its Problems Abroad

The start of 2016 hasn’t been a good time to be an equity investor. Markets around the world declined rather substantially.

There are fears that we’re on the brink of a financial crisis, similar to that of 2008. Back then, the stock markets worldwide had declined steeply amid a full-blown subprime mortgage crisis.

At that time, we were on the edge of an economic depression, not seen since 1930s. Since that time, the central banks, especially the Federal Reserve in the United States, have been pumping money into the economy through purchasing toxic debt, bailing out financial institutions, and spending more and more, while debt has grown.

Now, however, the Fed had stopped the quantitative easing and has started the cycle of raising interest rates. Meanwhile, China’s economy is slowing down substantially, which has led to a carnage on a Chinese stock market.

A famous multi-billionaire investor, George Soros, expects hard landing for China’s economy. The GDP growth in the Middle Kingdom fell below 7% per year, first time in many years, while Chinese debt skyrocketed.

At a recent economic forum in Sri Lanka,George Soros warned investors to be very cautious as the financial markets are facing a crisis.

China has been having problems finding new economic growth model to sustain its prosperity and keep the country from social unrest. So far, the Chinese solution has been to devalue the yuan, although minimally so far. This is expected to boost Chinese exports, but is transferring China’s growth problems to the rest of the world.

Soros is a highly successful hedge fund manager. His funds averaged 20% a year for 45 years, a performance record very few can match. He became quite well-known back in 1992 when his ten-billion-dollar bet on a collapse of a British Pound has made him a billion dollars.

With that bet, Soros correctly predicted that Britain will pull out of the European Exchange Mechanism, which is a prelude to joining the Eurozone. Since that day, he’s been known as “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

Due to his tremendous performance record in the financial markets, many investors are paying close attention to what he has got to say.