Unique Focus Gives Direct Selling Leader Competitive Edge.

Any company who has been involved in the direct selling industry for over fifteen years should have a good grabs on what they are doing, however, few companies can continue to be unique. Direct selling industry leader Qnet has a unique focus that keeps them light years ahead of their competition. Much of the direct selling market is controlled by large companies who center their focus on just selling product. Qnet has a focus too and their focus is to leave people in better shape than where they were when you found them. They believe that you should better yourself and better those that are around you too.

In the real world, they promote wellness products that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Helping people live longer, healthier lives is the plan. They really care about their products and the people who become involved with their company. There are many brands that make up the focus, but, deep down it is the focus of people helping people on all levels that keeps Qnet years ahead.

Perhaps one reason that this company keeps up with the high values and focus is because they started the company with just a few friends which cared about each other and the company as a whole. When you have that core element of caring, it is hard to adapt an attitude that is less than caring. The vegetarian philosophy helps to play an important part of the Qnet lifestyle too. It is these high standards that keep the company out of reach from the others in the direct selling industry. High standards are important to Qnet. No animals are used in their products and they don’t test on animals. The company continues to spread awareness in regards to disease like heart disease, obesity and diabetes and many others.

Qnet also engages their efforts and focus on taking some serious positions on demonstrating social responsibility.By becoming involved in work that is philanthropic in nature, they are able to continue to encourage the idea of helping yourself and other people on a long term plan. After sixteen years, Qnet continues to be a leader in the direct selling field that is working hand in hand with each community. Giving back their success is an important part of their over all plan. One of the best things about this whole plan is, people can and do see it working within their communities.

Blogger Shows World Wen By Chaz Works

My friends often lie to me and say they don’t obsess over their hair. I don’t believe them especially because I often catch them looking in the mirror obsessing over their hair or watching the latest youtube video hoping to get hair tricks. And perhaps they don’t obsess or maybe they don’t realize they are obsessing but in anyway they are just like other women out there who have every reason to adore their hair. Shoot, I’m one of those women so I am the last to judge anyone about their hair and the decisions they make to obsess over it.
Not long ago the people over at Bustle decided to give Wen By Chaz a try on her hair. She had heard so many things about the sephora marketed product and wanted to see if it really worked. Fortunate for her everyone else in the world wanted to know if it worked too so we all followed her. We watched and took note of her hair changes via videos and photos and surprisingly the product worked and worked pretty darn well. Leaving many of us to wonder if maybe we should give WEN By Chaz a try.

If you have never heard of the product it was created by Chaz Dean. It is a 3 in 1 hair care system that was created for all types of hair. See, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html for more info.WEN is available for order on ebay online.

Escaping North Korea

When Yeonmi Park was only 13 years old in 2007, she escaped from North Korea with her mother. She wasn’t even aware of the concept of freedom before the escape. Yeonmi had to endure traveling through a frozen river at night to cross the border into China. When they arrived, they had no solid plan.
Terrible starvation, thoughts of suicide and unfortunately abuse were just some of the atrocious horrors that Yeonmi experienced while on her incredible journey. She is a woman with very strong character and fortitude. Sadly, Yeonmi was raped early on in her migration to South Korea, at only 13 years old. This is a fact that she hid out of shame and she couldn’t bring herself to talk about at the time it occurred.

Yeonmi’s father departed North Korea to join her and her mother, but he died of cancer shortly after. She says her father regrettably passed on without knowing about democracy and the large amount of food that is actually available to the world.

Dedicated to her goal, Yeonmi traveled across China for several years to get to her ultimate destination of South Korea. She suffered while traveling through China’s extensive Gobi desert. They trekked all the way to the border of Mongolia. It took her several long and tiring years to get to her destination. The young girl was astonishingly determined to make it through. Finally, she boarded a plane to South Korea.

Some facts of her journey, she detailed in her Amazon released book have been changed to protect some of her relatives that still live under the North Korean government.

You can read more about her incredible story on the Reason.com.