To Shampoo Or To Condition

Shampoo and conditioning. This is the age old debate amongst two of the most popular ways to treat the hair. Yes, both products have advantages as well as disadvantages, but these variable is contingent on what type of product you use and from which brand that has been chosen.

Most shampoo and conditioning products can give you a certain look with some benefits, but when it comes to using these products consistently, negative side effects can begin to manifest and this is why. Most of your leading brands as well as the not so leading brands comes from a chemical source. This means that the majority of the ingredients are man-made. Sulfates, parabens, and other contaminates are the culprits and these culprits can result in dry scalp, flakes, dullness, and brittle hair. Looking for an alternative?

To combat these negative effects, try using products that are from a more natural source. This means that the ingredients actually grow from the earth itself. WEN by Chaz is one of the hottest product lines on the market and many of it’s ingredients are organic. Lavender, aloe vera, chamomile extract, pomegranate extract, fig, cucumber, glycerin, rosemary, and other plant extracts, makes up these advanced formulas. These innovative cleansing conditioners give you the benefits of added moisture, more shine, and they are known to be great detanglers. WEN by Chaz is winning and as of today, the brand has sold more than 40 Million units. That’s right!

Coming from an organic source makes WEN by Chaz safe to use. Unlike other brands whom are loaded with dangerous chemicals, WEN products/cleansers can be used throughout the week or every other day. This is a winning strategy thanks to founder Chaz Dean. He has used his knowledge, expertise, and skill to come up with the very best in cleansing conditioners. With millions of satisfied customers, WEN by Chaz is a true testament of his success.

What To Expect When Walking Into The Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall

Residents of Joao Pessoa have every reason in the world to celebrate. One, their coastal city is one of the loveliest destinations all over Brazil. Two, the weather is fantastic. Three, the idyllic town boasts of having all the essential amenities and facilities one would ever require in a modern society. A perfect example being the Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall. What’s it with this mall that has everyone talking?

Fun and Leisure Options

Honestly, there’s never a boring moment at the multi-million dollar investment complex. Thrill seekers get treated to all the latest movies at the Cinepolis movie theater. The seats are arranged in the most unusual manner. They resemble seats in a stadium. There’s the Domus hall where artists and performers connect to showcase their cultural extravaganzas and other exhibitions.

Day Cares and Bowling Alleys Available

Parents can leave their kids at the gaming centers while they do their shopping. There’s a day care for parents with toddlers. Bowling enthusiasts can feast their hearts out at the Olympic-sized alley in the premises. Folks who are into romance get treated to songs and dances at the lavish ballroom.

Pristine Environment

The facilities provide a calm and comfortable space where you can go to unwind. In a paradigm shift from the norm, this mall has plenty of flora and fauna all over. Health and wellness enthusiasts have an excellent spa to get into and relieve all the stresses they have. Fantastic eating joints also present.

Incredible Deals and Offers

The labyrinth of shops found here have all the goods and services one expects in a premier mall. Shoppers get treated to an endless plethora of discounts at the various stores in the mall. There are always draws being held whereby the lucky winner walks away with fantastic prizes like cars, houses and even all-expense paid vacations.

Meet the Owner, Robert Santiago

Robert is a self-made millionaire. He’s built his empire from scratch. He started out with a cartonnage venture. Later, he diversified into the allotment niche. In time, he opened the doors of his Santa Rosa Café. Everyone in Joao Pessoa knows and loves the entrepreneur. The 58-year-old investor has lived, studied and worked in this quaint town all his life. While not at the office, find Robert at the race tracks driving karts and motorbikes.

Eric Lefkosky and His Bountiful Business Ventures

Eric Lefkosky is the entrepreneur that founded Tempus. He has a passion for science and data research, and his company is researching the data of patients that have cancer. This Tempus team knows that the only way that one can effectively help prevent the spread of cancer is by researching how cancer grows. This can help future patients that are dealing with similar ailments that are associated with this disease.


Many people may know Eric Lefkosky from is his success with Groupon. He is the person that has made billions by helping overs save money with Groupon. He was the co-founder of this company. He would eventually work to start another company called Uptake with his business partner Brad Keywell. This was an organization that would study the work of other companies and help these organizations improve operations. This was a very popular business that would eventually help Eric Lefkosky make the Forbes 400 of richest billionaires.  Check him on


Lefkosky received a bachelor of Arts/Science degree from the University of Michigan. He also attended the University of Michigan Law School. He has been adamant about working hard to help others through his Lefkosky Family Foundation. This is where Eric and his wife Elizabeth have given to a plethora of different causes over the years. Lefkosky has proven that he knows how to create successful business entities that can make a lot of money, but he has also proven that he has the ability to give back as well.  Based on


Eric Lefkosky is a busy businessman that has proven that he has the ability to take on a diverse number of business ventures. He also created LightBank with his business partner Brad Keywell. This would become the venture capitalist business that specializes in investing in disruptive technology companies. This is a break away from the path of Tempus or Groupon, but it shows that Eric Lefkosky has the ability to branch out. He is not afraid of risk and new business entities. This is what has helped him achieve such a huge amount of success in the business world in a short time.





How the Lung Institute is saving lives using their stem cell treatment.

The Lung Institute is viewed by many as a medical research facility that works on restoring stem cells with the help of regenerative medicine. It has been responsible for treating obstructive and restrictive lung diseases using the patient’s stem cells. The Lung Institute has treated more than three thousand individuals ever since it opened its doors in 2003. With the help of the skilled and learned team, the institute has seen a seventy percent increase in quality of life.

In a report by, patients who had once lost hope of living and getting well are filled with hope while receiving treatment in this institute as they are assured of quality services. With the help of their dedication in improving and offering their patients an effective way of addressing pulmonary conditions, lives have been enhanced at all angles.

Some of the chronic diseases that the Institute aims of treating with stem cells include pulmonary fibrosis, Emphysema, Interstitial Lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among others. Many people are aware of the Institute and what it offers but have no idea of how the Institute’s treatment of using stems cells work.

How the Treatment works.

The Institute has found that the stem cells are a building block of life and are crucial to every organism. The cells can replicate and self-renew themselves and have the ability to form any body tissue. This means that the cells from one organ can be used to form tissues that can be utilized by another organ.

With this in mind, the Institute in most cases uses autologous stem cells that are removed from the patient’s body. Before doing any procedure, the patient is required to undergo a blood or bone marrow treatment, and this is when the cells are removed.

After removing the blood or bone marrow sample used to harvest the cells, the Institute goes ahead to separate the cells from other cells in the sample and then the stem cells are returned to the patient’s body. This is where the healing process begins.

In most cases, the stem cells target the lungs as they fall into a pulmonary trap. In the pulmonary trap, the cells get stuck in the lungs where they regenerate all the damaged lung tissue. This is one of the core reasons as to why the Lung Institute uses stem cells for treating their patients. A lot of lives are saved thanks to the stem cells treatment from the Lung Institute. To read more, visit

Mullen Lowe – Applications are a necessary tool

While on the one hand publishing companies are increasingly using the applications as a tool to update their relationship and sales channels, it is still possible to perceive a certain hesitation on the part of the companies in the corporate branch in using this new method of communication says the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, José Borghi. With this in mind, here are five reasons why applications are extremely advantageous tools and should be adopted as soon as possible by corporate firms.

1) Direct contact

One of the major problems of corporate sales sector is to make contact with the right people, those who have the potential to conduct good business with the company. However, through the applications, you can maintain a quick and direct contact with both current customers and those who may become customers.

2) Application x mobile site

Many people remain focused on this issue, trying to decide what is more important: the mobile site or an application. But the truth is that these two tools can and should be used together for the benefit of the corporation, informs José Borghi , CEO of Lowe Mullen Brazil. While having a website has already become a basic requirement for any company, applications are still a strategic differentiator, which can make all the difference when it comes to communicating with potential customers.

3) Content and more dynamic information

One of the great advantages of the applications is the fact that they manage to take information and content to users even when they are offline, so having a range greater and more comprehensive than other online communication methods.

4) Security

Applications allow the company holds a full control over who has access to your content by simply require the user to perform a login before using the tool. Therefore, it is an easily manageable and easy to administer tool.

5) Monitoring

In corporations, is always a problem performing the return of the ratings obtained by distributing content, something that is usually very charged by the directors and coordinators. However, this is not a problem when using an application because with it monitoring is done continuously, thus generating reports that are organized and easy to analyze, says the Mullen Lowe Brazil publicist.



As AXA Advisor insurance company celebrates its seven years of being the top insurance brand worldwide a rank determined by inter-brand annual report one can only wonder where this great firm began. AXA has a rich history that reflects where a dependable history can take you. In the year 1859, a young Henry Hyde starts his own firm Equitable life insurance Society after leaving his previous employers Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. Equitable can run ten years of success, and in the year 1870, it moves its headquarters to the tallest office building in the world in that year. Equitable becomes the first company to pay death immediately by using survivor annuity. The company also began an agency training program in 1902 and by 1927 with the help of American College launches CLU professionals a designated program. In the 70’s Equitable makes a big step by introducing, its first line of individual variables annuity products. It is in the year 1992 that Equitable Insurance receives $ 1 billion from AXA Group and converts from a mutual to a stock company becoming a member of the Global AXA Group.

Vincent Parascandola, is a Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisor, LLC with the responsibility of ensuring the development of financial professionals, recruitment, management development and retention of professionals. His 25 years of experience began in Predential back in 1987 as a mere agent, later in 1990 he joined MONY Life Insurance and held different management positions both locally and regionally, and in 2004 he joined AXA. He runs the advisory unit and contributing significantly to the raise of AXA Group.

AXA Group operates in North America, Middle East, Africa, Western Europe, and Pacific region of Asia. AXA uses a number of subsidiaries to trade in the UK and owns online Swiftcover insurer. The company being a Conglomerate of businesses operated independently, it ensures that rules and regulations of many different countries are followed. In 2011 according to Veteli et al,. the company is transnational in regards to ownership. Indeed which such a rank AXA has control over the financial stability of the world. Bravo AXA not only for global financial growth but for corporate responsibility with Foundations such as AXA Foundation offering scholarships.


Alexandre Gama- A Communication and Advertisement Professional

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur who specializes in the communication and advertising industry. The 59-year-old entrepreneur is the CEO, CCO, and founder of Neogama, a top advertising firm in Brazil. Gama is a holder of bachelor’s degree in advertising and communication from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

Alexandre Gama’s Early Career

Alexandre Gama began his career in 1982 when he served as a creative and copywriter at Standard Ogilvy and Mather. In the 1990s he served as copywriter and creative director at DM9 for four years. During his tenure, Gama became the most awarded copywriter of that generation.

In 1996, he served as a shareholder and creative executive director at Almap BBDO and as CCO and CEO of Young and Rubicam. Later he served as a member of the Global Board before starting his firm, Neogama. Having gathered experience from various organizations, Gama has steered his agency to admirable heights. In 2014, he diversified into the music industry and launched VIOLAB, an acoustic guitar instrumental music in Brazil.

The Accomplishments of Alexandre Gama

Gama is the only Brazilian member of Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board, a committee of six global creative leaders. In 2008, Gama became the first Latino to present a master class at the Cannes festival in France. He has also received several awards including, entrepreneur of the year in the communications industry, agency director of the year award, agency of the year, and Golden Lions award among others in different years.

Read More: Alexandre Gama dá aula-magna no Festival de Cannes

Online Reputation Management Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Embrace To Push Their Brand

The reputation a business enjoys goes a long way to affecting its performance and the kind of feedback it will receive from customers. Many entrepreneurs have wanted to run profitable businesses but at some point this resolve is overridden by the lack of management and bad feedback that is shared by a section of customers. To remain relevant and to compete well with others, a business needs to clean its image online and ensure all the information shared reflects its positives.

Getting things done does not necessarily mean hiring professionals. There are simple yet effective strategies that the entrepreneur can embrace to push the business to attaining its goals after cleaning its reputation.

Set up social media account

The advent of social media opened up many opportunities and brought to the business world a new platform where businesses can market their products. Setting up social media accounts for a business does not need any assistance because opening most of these accounts is free and there are easy guidelines to follow when filling information.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook offer an easy way to connect with customers and potential customers. Interacting with them online helps you to understand their views of your products and you can reply with information that will clarify some doubts. Running social media accounts makes it easy to build a strong relationship with customers, which in effect boosts the reputation of the business.

Keep your site up to date

Technology changes every day and those who are found using old systems are more vulnerable to attacks. Customers always want to feel part of the new system, so updating your online store to offer additional features will prove you have effort to offer customers value for their money. Most importantly, updating your site helps to increase security.

Search engine optimization

Google can also be a great catch for you if you want to reach more buyers. Updating content that is optimized for certain keywords makes it easy for Google to offer results that are relevant to what your customers search online. Appearing on the first page of Google speaks a lot and shows that your website is preferred by many, hence reputable.


Roberto Santiago Created Manaira Mall, a Mall Like a Small City

Roberto Santiago is the owner of the largest shopping mall, Manaira Shopping, in Joa Pessoa. The 58-year-old entrepreneur is also the owner of Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago owns Domus Concert Hall, which was established on November 7, 2009. Santiago began his career at Cafe Santa Rosa. Roberto Santiago was born in Joa Pessoa on July 16, 1958. He studied business at Pio X Marist College. After completing his studies, there Roberto Santiago studied Business Administration at University Center of Joa Pessoa.

His malls are like no other. They might even exceed Minnesota’s Mall of America. Manaira Shopping had opened for the first time on November 11, 1989. Several years ago, the mall had expanded to include Capital Steakhouse on The mall includes eight cinemas. The theater has a 3D active technology game room with several games that include, Game Station, Gold Strike Bowling, and Strike Bar. On the roof of the Manaira Shopping is the Domus Concert Hall. The concert hall has the capacity to hold 8,000 people. When Domus Hall isn’t presenting concerts, it also hosts fairs, art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and receptions. The concert hall has two floors, a mezzanine and a ground floor. On the mezzanine you find cabins, bathrooms, music rooms, and bars. People can still shop in the mall’s 280 stores. Manaira Shopping has a food court that satisfies anyone’s particular favorite dining choices on People can dine on fast food that includes hamburgers, Chinese food, hotdogs, pizza as some of the delicacies. There are restaurants with names like Bonaparte, China Town, Camarão & Cia, NAU Seafood, and more.

The 280 stores have only brand name items. Nothing is second or third rate. The mall is really a one stop place for all needs. It includes a ballroom, bowling alleys, and an electronic amusement park. This mall is a city within the mall. It comes with its own bank, a gym, and its own college. EPHF colleges are found on the mall for anyone who wants to take a class in health and physical studies. As big as the mall is, plans to expand the mall even more have been planned for the years 2017 and 2018.

Mangabeira Shopping Mall has many different restaurants and some you may have heard of, including Burger King and Subway. The restaurants cater to Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian, and American foods. It also has dessert favorites that include ice-cream. Mangabeira has three levels to its mall and 212 high quality stores. In addition to its electronic amusement park, seven lane bowling alley, it also has a playground for children. It also has a multiplex cinema.

Roberto Santiago is more than his malls. He’s a sports enthusiast. Santiago has won trophies in motocross and kart championships.

Can Class Dojo End Parent/Teacher Meetings in Schools?

Education software app provider Class Dojo has decided to create a platform that would eliminate the need for parents and teachers to meet up face to face. This feature would be included on their award winning mobile application known as Class Dojo.

Click here.

In case you didn’t know, Class Dojo was started in 2011 by two former teachers who decided to take their experience from the classroom into the world of technology. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don had enough computer and programming skills to get this app started. Once they figured out how to get this app up and running; the rest as they say is history.

Class Dojo is a great app because it works on a mobile platform. People can download the app, install it on their phone, register their information and then use it to communicate about students. The whole basis of the app is to turn a class room into a dynamic learning environment. There are over 2 million teachers and 30 million students that use this platform to communicate. So, Class Dojo is really impacting the field of education and making a difference.

The idea about using this platform is a simple and strait forward thing. Once a parent has this app on their mobile device they can then immediately start to contact each other about the progress of a student. Teachers can schedule meet up times on the app with parents. They can then discuss a pupil’s progress and positive classroom behaviors.

According to, this type of service will eliminate the need for parents to have to travel to a school when they do not have the time or the desire to go. Teachers can benefit from the app by contacting parents with the essential information that they need to know about their child’s education. No one has to waste time, energy, gas or even take time off work just to meet up. has more of this.

There are many more benefits to this service than just this. Ultimately, Class Dojo is on the right path with the elimination of parent/teacher meetings. If they can get enough parents and teachers involved within this trend, this part of the education process might permanently change. We’ll just have to wait and see.