Brian Bonar’s Illustrious Career

Brian is a prominent figure in the financial world. He has been involved in very many organizations in different positions. Bonar serves as the leader of two big companies at the moment. These are Dalrada Financial Group and Trucept Incorporated (formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions Incorporated).

Brian won the prestigious Executive of the Year Award in 2010. The award is hosted annually and sponsored by Cambridge Who’s Who foundation. The award is very competitive, and only two male and female nominees get to receive the prize. The criteria used to select the winners is based on leadership abilities, academic abilities, and professional accomplishments.

Brian’s 30 years of experience in the financial field have helped Trucept and Dalrada excel under his leadership. He has gained a lot of knowledge during that period, and he has created an incredible reputation in the finance industry. He has been the top executive at Dalrada for over a decade.

About Dalrada

The primary objective of the company is to offer employee programs for various enterprises in the country. Much of Dalrada’s success can be attributed to the fact that it customizes its services hence most clients find it appealing.

Bonar’s time at the helm of Dalrada has turned the company into a success story. The company has assisted multiple individuals and organizations manage their resources. The increased growth, sales, and reputation of the business are a testament to what a hard working man Bonar is.

About Trucept

Trucept assists enterprises (mostly small and medium) to complete tasks. These tasks include managing their payroll, employee benefits, and human resources administration. Trucept helps companies to focus on their primary work, and it (Trucept) will deal with the rest. The firm also provides staffing solutions both long-term and temporary. Trucept also helps organizations by holding their human resource documents and managing risk.


From 1963 to 1969, Brian attended two institutions. One was the James Watt Technical College. The other was the University of Strathclyde where he graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering. He then proceeded to Staffordshire University where he did his master’s and doctorate studies.

Work history

Bonar’s first job was as a procurement manager for IBM from 1969 to 1985. His main job there was motherboard outsourcing issues for a couple of computers assembled by the firm. His next job was as the Director of Engineering at QMS. The technical background got from these two jobs has helped Bonar a lot in his career.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar started working for Dalrada in 1992, and he was made executive chairman and chief executive officer in 2001. He was appointed as the chief executive officer and chair of Trucept in 2010.

Securus Technologies Is A Hit With Customers

There was a need for more safety controls in correction facilities, and Securus Technologies, the leader in the public safety field decided to create a technology that would work for their customers. They launched the Video Visitations, and it has been a huge success for their customers, the correction facilities all across the nation.


When the correction facilities use the Video Visitations, the prisoners are happier. When they are happier, the entire facility is safer for everyone involved. The Video Visitations let the prisoners see and hear their loved ones on a regular basis via video. There have been so many successes with the technology, and the customers of the company are speaking out about how well it is working. This makes Securus Technologies proud.


Securus Technologies employees are dedicated and professional. They look forward to any missions that they can go on to help solve and prevent crimes in the criminal and civil sectors of the justice system. Since the company does a lot of business with the government in the US, they are known and respected all around the world. When they deal with over a million prisoners, they use techniques like investigations, interviews, videos and more to get their desired results. They are a company that takes great pride in what they can do, and they are creating even more safety technologies every week in order to make the world a safer place. In the future, the public will continue to hear about the great things that this company does to instill public safety everywhere.



Chris Burch: What the Fashion and Tech Industry Will Look Like in the Future

Innovation has been the key driver of fashion and tech sectors. The growth trajectory of fashion and technology has been fascinating according to entrepreneur Chris Burch. Today, it is possible to predict tech fashion trends by simply looking at the status of both sectors in both the past and the present.


How fashion promotes technology growth


Chris Burch backs his assertions that technology relies on fashion to grow by using the boom box as the case study. When the boom box debuted in the 70s, people were excited since they could enjoy sweet songs and listen to their favorite station wherever they went. The relevance of the boom box increased immensely after several award-winning films introduced it into their story lines. Everything changed after the Walkman’s invention in the 90s – people could now attain

Maggie Gill: A Strong and Successful Lady

Maggie Gill has led Memorial Health Medical Center to great heights since she started working for the firm. Gill’s career is very decorated, and she has accomplished a lot of things during the 20-year tenure that she has worked in the health sector.

Annual Healthcare Heroes Awards and other nominations

George Medical Society recently announced the winners of the 16th Annual Healthcare Heroes Awards. These awards are usually given to businesses and individuals who have been committed to improving the health of their environs and communities. In this edition of the awards, Memorial Health Medical Centre got nominations in six different categories. They were medical innovation, community outreach, institution, allied health professionals, medical education, and physician lifetime achievement. Memorial Health Medical Center and its team won seven awards.

Maggie was also named as one of the 135 CEO’s to know working in nonprofit hospitals and health systems in 2016. This list was compiled by the Becker’s Hospital Review

Memorial Health partnership with Eon Health

Eon Health and Memorial Health struck a partnership deal that concerned a new Medicare Advantage Plan. This would be available in 2017 and would be located in Georgia and South Carolina. The partnership comes with a lot of benefits. The most notable are dental benefits, pharmacy benefits, hearing benefits, a member rewards program and transportation benefit.

Maggie Gill lauded this move saying that due to Eon’s focus on preventive care, the partnership will complement Memorial Health’s services.

Gill’s career at Memorial Health Medical Centers

Gill joined Memorial Health in 2004 after a successful spell at Tenet Healthcare since 1994. When she joined, Gill was the vice president of the enterprise in charge of overseeing its financial activities. A year after joining, she was promoted to the chief operating officer position. She had a successful career while in this post coming up with strategies that lowered the operating costs of the company and increased the profit margins. In 2011, she was promoted to the CEO and president of the enterprise.


Gill has a bachelor’s degree in literature and a master’s degree in business administration.

Succeed At Business With A Few Tips

If you want to succeed at business you have to be smart and think of the long run. That means you have to think of not only yourself, but others. Truly successful business people thrive on helping others succeed too. Here a few tips from founder Josh Verne, a veteran of entrepreneurship, on how to win at business.


Find what you are passionate about and go for it. You will be spending so much time working hard on your business, that it’s important that you are passionate about it. If you don’t like it, then you are less likely to succeed.


If you want respect as a leader, you must respect your employees. When you’re talking all the time and not listening, it can hurt your business. It’s not about what you want all the time, it’s about listening to your employees. This makes it a win-win situation. You will also gain their respect. Also, having balance in life and work will make you a must better boss and person. When you are with family, be present and don’t work. When at work, don’t bring family drama into it.


Josh Verne is an American Businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of with his childhood best friend Jon Dorfman. It is an online e-commerce marketplace that deducts purchase from payroll. He founded it in 2012, but then sold it to Global Analytics Holding in 2014.


He currently is the founder and CEO of It’s a company that is based out of Pennsylvania that is a content exchange for college students. This peer-to-peer format allows students to read about college life, sports, watch videos, entertainment, current events, and watch videos.


Andrea McWilliams: A Tough Political Woman With A Big Heart

Anyone involved in U.S. politics has probably run across the name of Andrea McWilliams before. Although McWilliams has made a name for herself in national newspapers, she hasn’t strayed far from her roots in the great state of Texas. McWilliams credits her early interest with politics and political fundraising to her experience growing up just a few minutes away from the Texas Capitol building.

McWilliams’ determination to make a name for herself led her to become a Chief of Staff at the age of 21. The popular public relations firm Public Strategies, Inc. quickly recognized McWilliams’ talent and hired her just a few years later. Andrea McWilliams took the skills she learned both in the public and private sectors to form her own company for government affairs simply called McWilliams. Today, McWilliams is one of the most respected full-time firms in the political world for local, state, and even national races.

McWilliams has been recognized for her work by numerous publications in her home state. For example, the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce chose McWilliams the “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist” award. The Girl Scouts of Central Texas also honored McWilliams with a “Woman of Distinction” award.

Besides her professional life, McWilliams is passionate about making a difference in the community through volunteer work. Just a few non-profits McWilliams has helped over the years include the Mexi-Arte Museum, HeartGift, Texas Lyceum, and Arthouse. McWilliams also served as the President of Inherit Austin, which seeks to educate and maintain all the historic buildings throughout the city of Austin.

Some other organizations McWilliams is particularly proud to help out include the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the nonprofit group KillCancer. Through all of her fundraising efforts, McWilliams hopes she can help doctors and researchers find a cure for cancer in the near future. McWilliams even participated in a fun “Dancing With The Stars” fundraiser event in Austin to support the Center for Child Protection, which serves as a children’s advocacy center.

McWilliams currently lives with her husband, Dean, in Old Enfield, Texas. When she isn’t working, she’s busy at home raising her three children.


AXA Advisors’s at its Best with Vincent Parascandola

AXA Advisors is a French Intercontinental Association. The main aim of the company is to offer financial security to their customers. Furthermore the company has sustained their honesty and consistency to their clients. The company began their activity in the year 1859. Their customers are adequate pleased with the services which they are given by the organization as well other services that AXA offer to their customers is investment management and worldwide insurance.

The AXA linked with the leading top 3 global financial service trademarks in the year 2016. The services are offered globally including North America, Middle East, Asia-Pacific region and Africa and Western Europe. The organization in the year 1816 when it began the first title was Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie which they later changed to AXA in the year 1985. AXA attained Winterthur group with an overall sum of €9 billion also is one of the top insurance organization in Swiss.

AXA Advisors is situated in Paris at the 8th arrondissement. The organization also accomplished numerous philanthropic such as the establishment of AXA Research Fund in the year 2008 that made a total of €100 million. The AXA Research assist in funding various research that stop dangerous things that can inhibit the human life or environment.

Vincent Parascandola graduated from Pace University with a degree in science also is the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. The main role he does is to make sales, creating effectiveness, enlarging of new financial experts and management development. He as well has over 25year of experience, he began his first job as an agent at Prudential. He later on left Prudential he linked with MONY Life Insurance Company. His better supervision and hard work made him the link and joined AXA Advisors.

When he joined the company he became the president at AXA Equitable unit before he became the senior vice president of the organization. Additionally he took over the in a branch at New York as the co-administrator. He has accomplished numerous awards due to his wonderful work such as Master Agency, GAMA’S Career Development. He is also known for his best public speaking sessions.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a classroom communication app. It is used to connect parents, teachers and students throughout the day. Class Dojo is meant to help all members of classroom work together and be successful. Used in over 90% of classes across the US, children aged 5-14 have used Class Dojo to learn about growth mindset and creating a positive culture.

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The main goal of Class Dojo is to connect. They believe that a good communication platform for parents, teachers and students creates ground-up change, a change that will last with students throughout their entire life. It has now been translated into over 35 languages, which is one of the largest ways the company has been able to connect. All over the world, classrooms have a created a community simply through a messaging app.


Class Dojo has raised 21 million dollars through a series B round of Venture funding. The company closed the fundraiser in 2015, and have been using the funds to help their team grow and make the app more useful to parents. Teachers can use the app to do things like create a schedule, or send out photos or videos of students.  Check this on


There is competition, however; other form of classroom communication have been created. Remind, FreshGrade, and Kickstart have the same idea. However, the difference is that Class Dojo will never try to make money off of the 85,000 US schools currently using it. Info by


By creating a positive communication platform, Class Dojo has connected parents, teachers, and students.

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Meet Clay Siegall at Seattle Genetic


Clay Siegall is the co-founder, CEO and president of Seattle Genetic. He is also the chairman of the company at the board of members. He achieved a Ph.D from George Washington University in Genetics and added a B.S from the University of Maryland in Zoology. In a nutshell, Siegall is a successful scientist and entrepreneur. He has worked for so long in the biotechnology field. As a result of his great work, he has been awarded as the 2013 Alumnus for Math, computer and natural sciences from Maryland University.

Biotechnology is simply putting and initiating technology in the process of science. For a much-explained form; it is assembling a number of microorganisms to work on particular manufacturing methods for the sake of creating non-natural drugs and hormones. Seattle Genetic has the objective of using their biotechnology effort to treat cancer victims. They hope that at the end they will create the best antibody drug conjugates (ADC). Clay Siegall and his colleagues work as a team to keep generating better results of assisting the patients suffering from cancer. Having reached more than 60 countries all over the world; Adcetric is their first drug and they hope to do much better each and every day.

Furthermore the financial results of the company have also over the years went up because of the incredible work Clay Siegall and his team is doing. Clinical developments have received over 20 ADCs of the organization; Siegall has highly contributed to this growth due to his long-term experience. The amount made by the company is so far $330 million. Adcetris has helped so many patients globally, approximately over 15,000 victims of Lymphoma have got treatment with the drug.

Seattle Genetic has also come up with SGN-CD33A in acute myeloid leukemia as well as SGN-CD19A in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. These drugs dosages have so far worked positively. Cancer patients are assured by the organization that they will get more excellent therapies for cancer so that they can have normal healthy lives. Clay Siegall together with his members has decided to collaborate with other organizations to work on making better therapies for cancer.


Technological Innovator, Eric Pulier

Born in New Jersey, Eric Pulier seems to have an inherent ability to quickly grasp concerns and create technology that solves problems for our world. He began computer programming in the fourth grade. And upon completion of his high school graduation, he had already formed his first database computer organization. Today, the multi-talented, Pulier is well known as an entrepreneur, author, orator, and philanthropist.


Graduating from Harvard in 1988, magna cum laude Mr. Pulier consistently receives high praise for his skills in cloud computing, startups and enterprise software. Since 1991, Eric has made his home in Los Angeles, California, where he serves on several boards and is the founder/co-founder of several organizations. Eric is the owner of over 15 technology patents and largely focuses on using technology to help people overcome challenges. Recognized for his contributions to the world, renowned Forbes Magazine published an article in 2012 about Mr. Pulier’s accomplishments. In 2005, Eric co-authored a book with Hugh Taylor on the topic of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).


As a donor to the Painted Turtle, and Starbright World, Mr. Pulier demonstrates a passion for children suffering with chronic illness.

Eric Pulier has too many amazing accomplishments to list here; however, of particular note are Akana, Inc.; and ServiceMesh, Inc. Akana, Inc. had a focus on:

  • API Management;
  • API Security;
  • Integrated SOA Governance; and
  • Cloud Integration.

Application program interface (API) is formally defined as: “a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.” In short layman’s terms, APIs make it easier to build programs. Just last year (2016), Eric sold his organization to Rogue Wave Software. Currently, along with co-founder Mark Martinez, Eric serves as chairman and chief executive officer of ServiceMesh, Inc.; another organization that caters to Global 2000 users, and offers self-serve information technology operating models designed to be used enterprise wide. Click Here for more Info.


At the young age of 49 and as the gifted father of four children, Eric Pulier’s future is wide open for further advancements. Expect all of humanity to benefit from his innovative, technological solutions.