Life Line Screening Services-Helping People to Get Better

Life Line Screening Services are your go-to fro preventative health. They can screen for an array of health issues but their main three types of preventative health screenings include ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and limited electrocardiograph screenings.

The ultrasound screenings are used to find abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, and to perform ankle-brachial index screening, and bone mineral density screenings.

The finger-stick blood screenings are primarily used to provide results for lipid panel screening, glucose screening, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein screening, and elevate liver enzyme screening. It is a test that usually only takes about 10 minutes and Life Line Screening Services uses instruments that are FDA-approved, lab-accurate to take the test.

The limited electrocardiograph is used to detect fibrillation, also known as an irregular heartbeat, which is quite a common condition that can increase the risk of stroke substantially. The EKG electrode screening is non-invasive, quick, and does not require the removal of clothing.

Life Line Screening Services also tests for many other healthcare issues including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, lung cancer, and prostate cancer, jut to name a few.

The services of Life Line Screening is meant for individuals who have relevant health risk factors and will help their patients to find the right test for their ailment. They will access the risk factors, family history, medical history, and personal preferences of their patients before recommending any test. They advise to consult with the family doctor first in order to provide the best care possible and to find the appropriate course of action for their patients.

9 out of 10 cardiovascular doctors believe that preventative health screenings are the way to go for people considered to be high risk. Early identification is key to having a fighting chance against disease and it is always best to get checked out sooner than later. the more time on your side, the better able you will be able to fight any ailment. Life Line Screening Services is there for their patients and will do all they can to give their patients the best and most customized care possible.

Getting To Know NuoDB

Founded as NimbusDB in 2008, NuoDB (NewSQL) is an elastic SQL that provides a database for cloud applications. From minimizing application response times to allowing their clients to remain available, NuoDB has created new heights in the competition.
This database company has also reached far enough to make sure its clients don’t have to scale up. What this means is if a company wants its database to expand in capacity but isn’t with NuoDB, they will likely have to scale up; buying newer, more expensive software to keep up. However, databases like NuoDB allows their clients to scale out, instead; expanding and contracting their processing power through the cloud itself. It saves time, money, and power (Kertzman, M., 2014).
NuoDB is an investment taking strides in each update. In the beginning, they just wanted a database to fit their needs while simultaneously creating an environment for various companies to give more value to their customers. What more could a company ask for?

Jason Hope Explains Purpose of Internet of Things

By now, most people have heard of the Internet of Things. Even if you haven’t heard of it, the chances are that you have seen some type of technology that is related to it. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur of things of the Internet and he wants to make sure that everyone is aware of all of the things that are going on with the Internet. He also wants to show people that there is more to the Internet than connecting with old friends and getting a subscription for socks each month. Jason Hope wants people to know about the Internet of Things. This is a concept by which everything is connected to a network.

From your closet to your lights and even your car, things that you use on a regular basis can now all be connected through a network just like your computer would be to the network in your home. The Internet of Things is something that is happening through things like Sync and Home. It is new and it is big.Jason Hope wants to be sure that this is going to be successful even though he has seen the success firsthand. He is an entrepreneur and knows that the spirit of doing more and selling more for people is always going to be strong in his own soul. He plans to make the Internet of Things more popular and something that people will be able to enjoy no matter where they are or what they are doing.

It is a huge opportunity and he hopes that it will not be a fad.Throughout his career, Jason Hope has come up with new ideas and plans to make technology more profitable. He sees an idea and he jumps on it. Because of the fact that he has been so successful in the past, he is confident that he will be able to continue with that type of success in the future. Jason Hope knows that the right way to be able to help people is through technology and it is something that he plans on doing for many years.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Unveils a New Project

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently decided to collaborate with NantHealth and Allscripts. The two medical giants worked together in offering clinical workflows. This is a new plan that allows seamless integration of data in a way that the clinician can be notified about the condition of a cancer patient without interfering with the treatment process. To make this project a reality, the two institutions contacted hundreds of oncologists from across the United States. Another benefit of this solution is that it helps eliminate guesswork’s on the side of the clinician when treating a patient. According to the people who designed the system such as George Daneker who is the chief medical officer of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, this system has been designed by considering every patient and their needs. Notable factors that have made the project a success include treatment regimens, latest cancer research as well as complimentary therapies.

The designers of the system say that the project will offer plenty of solutions such as treatments that are specific to every patient. It will also be able to give a comparison of the cancer treatments that are currently available. Other capabilities of the system will be real time functionality, the ability to support clinical data as well as the ability to get hold of referenced guidelines that are up-to-date.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has maintained its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. To ensure that it offers its services to all Americans as they fight cancer, the institution has maintained five hospitals across the nation. These hospitals are located in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tulsa, Chicago and Atlanta. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is known for offering patients and their families’ information about various types of cancer. To ensure that they serve the query of every patient, they have maintained several social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

OSI Group Supplies Protein To World!

The OSI Group has continued to expand its operations and satisfy the needs of the world’s population for protein. Starting with it fruitful McDonald’s relationship, OSI Industries has not only won the 2016 British Safety Council “Globe of Honour,” but is listed by Forbes as one of America’s largest private companies. The brand keeps on growing, expanding and delivering food excellence.

Providing Protein to the World

The State of Illinois has a central location in the heart of America. This has made it a great location for building the OSI Group headquarters. Aurora, Illinois can bring together the meat industry ingredients from America’s Heart Land.

What parent has not been running late and stopped in a local McDonald’s restaurant for a Happy Meal to tide their family members over? The McDonald’s hamburgers have plenty of protein to help them rebuild their body’s cells. Growing children need a great source of protein and OSI has satisfied this hunger.

58th Largest Private American Company

You have truly arrived when you make Forbes Top 100 American Largest Private Companies List as OSI Group did at #58 for 2016. Founded in 1909, the OSI Group is in the food, drink and protein industry. For 2016, it earned a healthy revenue of $6.1 billion.

Chairman & CEO Sheldon Lavin and CFO Sherry DeMeulenaere have built the company up to 20,000 employees. One of its secrets to success has been cryogenic food processing, which has used liquid nitrogen to freeze the beef. This has allowed for McDonald’s to provide fresher Big Macs to its customers. The result has been a more succulent culinary experience.

From Aurora to West Chicago, the OSI Group has expanded around the world. It has been one of the primary meat suppliers for Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. The sky is the limit. As the world population increases its wealth, people will naturally crave more protein. OSI is a winner – providing protein to the world!

James Dondero Now a Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business

Highland Capital Management, L.P co-founder and president, James Dondero, is now part of the SMU (Southern Methodist University) Cox School of Business board. His appointment is a reward to his Dallas-based company’s dedication to making SMU a better business school to upcoming entrepreneurs.Speaking about the nomination, Dondero admitted that SMU is vital to the buzz in Dallas, a buzz that is the very reason why Highland Capital Management, L.P has grown to become so successful. To him, it is a great privilege to finally be part of something that fuels the growth of so many businesses and individuals in Dallas.

James Dondero will join an executive board of about 100 appointees, a great deal of whom are non-academics who offer valuable strategic advice to the SMU Cox School of Business. He will now be part of the boards traditional winter, spring and fall meetings.Apart from just being the president over at Higland, Dondero is also the chair of CCS Medical, NexBank, NexPoint Residential trust and Cornerstone Healthcare. His position as a board member won’t be new responsibility since he has some experience from being part of the MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital board.

About SMU Cox School of Business

The Cox School of Business has been around since 1928 and is one of the most reputable business learning institution in the region. The school offers a wide range of business oriented programs to both graduates and undergraduates from across the globe.Highland Capital Management, L.P.Highland Capital Management is an asset management company founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada back in 1993. This SEC-registered investment tutor has over $16 billion worth of assets under its care. Highland offers its clients credit and investment strategies with its fortes including lucrative investment options like hedge funds, long only funds and special-situation private equity. Read more :

Who wants to go toe to toe with Desiree Perez?

When Desiree Perez steps in the room she means business. She is told to be a very tough and fierce negotiator. She has been in the music business for years and she has worked very close Jay Z for nearly 20 years. She has negotiated many deals for artist like Rihanna, T.I., Kanye West and Beyonce, just to name a few. She also was able to bring the streaming era into a new swing of things, when she was able to bring Tidal into the battleground with the other great streaming sites like Spotify, I-Tunes and Apple music.  For more to read about Dez, click on this.

It must be a great feeling to be able to write something like that on your resume and tell people “this is what I’ve done. I think she is a boss in her own right and deserves to be treated like one. She has a strong will to succeed and she will not hold back. She seems like a fighter and a person who want give up until her people that she fights for gets exactly what they want and need. She has created different services within Tidal that should and will seek the attention of anyone that maybe in the music business. Check Dez timeline updates and more on her page.

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Not only is she a part of Tidal, but she is also a part of Roc Nation which is also another venture that Jay Z has his name all over. It seems like Jay Z has found his wolf of the wolf pack and her name is Desiree Perez. It sounds like when she steps in the room everyone that is in the room knows that it is time for business. I think this just defines the persona that there are strong business minded women in the world and Desiree Perez proves to be one of those ladies.  More about Dez on

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Elasticity of Servers, by NuoDB

Back in 2008, a company named NimbusDB started in Cambridge, Massachusetts and then later in 2011 changed their name to NuoDB. The company specializes in database technology specializing in Operational Database Management Systems. What the company is famous for is the “Elastically Scalable Database” technology which they developed and patented in 2012. The company was founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. Jim Starkey is listed in the patent as the inventor of this game-changing technology. In this day and age of cloud computing, this technology of NuoDB has already become very important.
What is the Big Deal of Elastic Scalability
Elastic Scalability is what the name refers to. You only use what you need and can scale up or down according to demand, in this case, database server space for applications. If you are running an application and it slows down because of high volume, the only solution is to scale according to demand. Unless of course you have a crystal ball and plan way ahead of time. There are several advantages to this technology such as using it in a cloud-based environment, on-premise or in a hybrid environment. Ultimately it is about flexibility like never before seen for database systems.

Jim Tananbaum and his Success in Healthcare Investment

Jim Tananbaum and his Success in Healthcare Investment

In an interview with Ideasmench, Jim Tananbaum discussed his life journey and how to become successful as a health care investor. Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and also the founder of Foresite Capital. Jim told Ideasmench that he got the idea to start Foresite Capital more than 25 years ago while he was a strategist and a health entrepreneur. Jim Tananbaum has seen many possibilities in investing in the healthcare. People are also in need of affordable and high-quality health care. It is for this reason that as a health entrepreneur, Jim Tananbaum decided to start Foresite Capital.

According to Jim Tananbaum, his success in the healthcare industry can be attributed to understanding the healthcare operation model and also develop a solution that is long-term, and that is guaranteed to result in improved service provision. He told Ideasmench that he spends his typical day with his team members and they talk about strategies to use so as to overcome the problems faced as they look for a lasting solution for the healthcare investment. From time to time, Jim also takes the time to go to dinner with colleagues in the healthcare industry to network and also to create a working portfolio that is robust.

A committed family man, Jim Tananbaum takes the time to spend with his family despite his tight work schedule. Foresite Capital is a private equity firm that deals with healthcare. The company provides funding so as to ensure there is the professional handling of healthcare service delivery. Foresite Capital also identifies healthcare leaders who are developing and assists them with networking, finances, and information to help them prosper in the health systems investment. With more than 20 years’ worth of experience, Jim is specialized in the establishment and also the development of healthcare. Jim has contributed to the creation of pharmaceutical companies that develop drugs to mitigate diabetes effects. You can visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum has championed for the introduction of Intarcia, an implant that helps individuals who have diabetes. Intarcia is set to be launched in 2017 in the US and will help approximately 350 million people across the world that has diabetes. Visit his page.

Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund was established by CEO Jacob Lief. The goal of the charity was to raise money in order to bring education to poor children who live in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, in the Port Elizabeth townships. Education, Lief believes, is the first step to changing your life. So, obviously eh believed that his foundation was doing something important and so he was rightly upset when he realized that they weren’t working as efficiently as possible. This gave way to the new Ubuntu Model that everybody is now talking about.

The Ubuntu Model was pioneered by Jacob Lief and approved by Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board. The Ubuntu Model focuses on changing the way that charities raise money for their causes. Most charities end up raising money from any benefactor that they can find, unfortunately this means that their funds end up being highly regulated. Highly regulated funding ends up dragging down charities who need to see their funds reach very important destinations. Lief had to propose something that would fundamentally change the game while bringing Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the team on board.

Many folks do not realize it but benefactors are in complete control of how their donated money gets spent. This means that money awarded to a non profit can be tied up in regulations and earmarked for specific purposes. This is something that Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief wanted desperately to fix. Fortunately for Andrew Rolfe, a big benefactor of Ubuntu Fund himself, Lief had a quality idea.

Focusing more on the quality of investor was the deciding factor for Jacob Lief. Lief says, “We now go for high net-worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” Finding funding from sources that aren’t highly regulated is a big deal for non profits like the Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Fund’s focus on quality benefactors has enabled the company to completely streamline their approach. With how effective this approach has been we definitely anticipate it being adopted by other non profits in the coming years.