Susan McGalla Says More Women Are Needed In Boardroom

Trailblazing CEO Susan McGalla says the lack of women in the boardroom has very little to do with lack of effort or opportunities. It is much more about lack of incentives and other women for the purpose of support.

According to McGalla, men still hold the majority of positions. And until attitudes change, and men understand the importance of women in the workplace, it will remain this way.

According to studies, companies with gender-diversity are 15% more successful. “The numbers cannot be denied,” said McGalla.

The Pittsburgh native has held a number of high-level positions in her young age. She has headed a number of Fortune 500 companies like Wet Seal and American Eagle Outfitters. Today she runs her own company, P3 Executive Consulting and she is also the marketing director for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

McGalla was raised to be fearless. With a football coach father and two brothers, she was never given any exceptions and learned from a very young age that she would not be given any slack because of her gender. It is a good lesson that she carried on in life.

McGalla recalls when she first entered the work force, she saw very few women in the board room. “Although it was obviously still a man’s world, I wasn’t going to let that intimidate me or hold me back.” She didn’t.

She worked very hard and proved that she was just as good as her male peers. She was rewarded with a number of lucrative positions that further showcased her exceptional talents.

While things are getting better for women, McGalla feels the pace could quicken up a bit. She says companies like Hewlitt Packard, Yahoo and Pepsi Cola having women at the helm proves that women can do an excellent job if given the chance.

ClassDojo, Serving the Education Sector Best in the 21st Century

ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary among other associates like Liam Don. ClassDojo is committed to listening to teachers, students and parents as far as education formation and development is concerned. ClassDojo has helped in solving communication skills between students and their parents about their progress outside the class environment. The problem has been assumed in many schools around the world leading students giving false information to their parents as far as academic progress is concerned. However, with ClassDojo, everything has changed and became manageable, especially in the U.S. K-8 schools districts. It was recorded in Business Times by San Francisco that more than 90% of U.S. schools are already using the technology to serve better.

ClassDojo has gone forward and raised 21 million dollars to help in funding technology that connects educators to parents and students. The technology helps parents, students and educators to communicate consistently about social and behavioral growth in school and at home. The technology has taken the education world to the next level by I involving parents to engage and make follow up about their children’s progress anytime compared to the meetings held at the end of every semester. Parents are in a position to learn how their students are proceeding at their comfort other than visiting the school quite often.

The two co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have been looking forward to improving the app and make it much better and convenient to all parents at any time. The company closed late 2015 and decided to use the money raised to make a proper research on what features to improve and add. These efforts were meant to make the app convenient and easily usable by all parents. It would help to track their children grades, make inquiries through emails, send their recommendations and pay school fees at their pleasure.

As a result of many schools turning to the digital world, Edtech has come to fill the gap that has been created in Schoology. With the use of iPads in the vast technology ClassDojo has made sure that all is well, including implementation and adoption plan to modernize education world.

Doing A Full Cloud Migration From Using OneLogin

Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends which is shaping the software industry. Businesses are falling over one another to see whom is able to do a cloud migration fast enough. Data can be secure with the help of the right cloud migration assistance. Many organizations fail to take the best practices into account when they are attempting to migrate their applications and infrastructure. Two-pronged approaches are helpful when businesses need to migrate, and this helps to prevent and correct security issues. Policies and practices are designed to ensure that organizations are secure.

There are still a few challenges which can come with not having adequate hardware. Shadow IT then became a solution that took advantage of cloud computing. Employees of many companies often decided that they would make a choice for their own tools. The tides are turning for many businesses looking to migrate over to the cloud. They are able to take advantage of cloud computing software that enables them to use their own tools.

Nearly any employee with a company credit card can set up new virtual machines, meaning that many companies are less reliant upon their IT departments. A centralized IT structure is able to also done little to improve a company’s understanding of IT security. There is also a major risk that costs could spiral out of control without the right management structure in place for cloud computing.

IT Professionals manage hardware, and IT isn’t fully visible. Developers can easily set up a instance of a server that the IT department doesn’t know about, among other potentially dangerous scenarios. Access control is necessary to make sure that no one person has the ability to put the entire network at risk.

OneLogin is a company which provides access management to IT departments. The aim is to mitigate some of the risks which come with cloud computing and having multiple users working within a shared system. It also makes onboarding/offboarding easier for the enterprise. Onelogin also aims to increase end-user productivity with a Single Sign On. Onelogin is a venture-backed company which is based in San Francisco, CA.

Professional Expertise of Louis Chenevert During His Time at UTC

A Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert has served United Technologies Corporation as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and also Pratt & Whitney Canada as President in his successful professional career.

Professional Career of Louis Chenevert

After earning a bachelor degree in production management from a business school affiliated with University of Montreal this Quebec born boy started his professional career with General Motors and served the company as Production General Manager for 14 years. Then he joined a Canadian company Pratt & Whitney where after working for six years he was elected as company’s President in 1999. In 2006 he was elected as Chairman of UTC and in 2014 he resigned as the CEO of this company. From 2011 to 2012 Chenevert also served as Vice Chairman of the Business Council’s Executive Committee. In 2015, he joined Goldman Sachs as Exclusive Advisor for its Merchant Banking division to find business opportunities in the industrial and aerospace sectors. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

Chenevert’s Career with UTC

During his tenure in UTC he became Chairman and CEO of the company not at the cost of company’s investment in new technologies and workforce or outsourcing or offshoring production in wholesale. He enabled hundreds of aerospace engineers to serve the company at low cost locations like Connecticut so that their skills can be used by the company as per the needs of military and commercial users of its products. So during the time of Chenevert UTC avoided the suspension of engineers done by other companies to increase its production by improving their skills.


As a subtle and positive thinker Chenevert improved his business dynamics to ensure the success of UTC. In fact, UTC is not a company that handle various businesses that are not connected with each other. The focus of its business is mainly on two markets- aerospace and technologies, in which it is constantly investing its finances and functionalities. For example, with its climate and controls business UTC has combined Otis so that an integrated solution can be provided around the world for infrastructure and commercial projects. It is just as the acquisition of aerospace business of Goodrich by Pratt & Whitney. Along with it Louis Chenevert has also encouraged UTC to balance the portfolio of its businesses with different types of users and markets. Normally demand cycles of military and commercial worlds follow different measures to smoothen their results and revenue every year. For example, during tensions at international level the demand of jet engines decreases in commercial markets but increases in military markets. By maintaining balance in skills and capabilities in both the aerospace markets can help in maintaining productivity of the UTC better than those who deal in only one market. In this way, the professional career of Louis Chenevert as Chairman and CEO of UTC was very successful. He made his presence felt in a very positive and fruitful manner during his tenure. Instead of being a burden for the company he tried his best to improve the revenue of the company by improving the skills of its technical staff by investing in new technologies and educating the workforce. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

Waiakea Water Saves the Environment

The article “The Truth Behind Waiakea Water” reveals the amazing new bottled water company that is changing the game and the way we view bottles water. The article starts off by explaining how plastic bottles are ruining the world’s oceans and how Waiakea is trying to save it. The water plastic bottle problem is not being fix and the United States alone only recycled 23% of their water bottles. But even bigger countries like China are dumping millions of plastic bottles a year into our oceans. The author explains that Waiakea Water has developed new water bottles that are biodegradable and take a shorter time than all the other water bottles. Waiakea Waters is also described in this article for being filtered different and having a prime selling location because who would not want to buy water that was made in Hawaii. The article shines a light on a company that is taking a different approach to the bottled water industry. Read more about Waiakea Water on

In 2012, 22 year old, Ryan Emmons created Waiakea Waters which is a bottled water company. He used a new filtering technique to separate his company from the multiple bottled water companies. The technique he uses is a volcano; He uses Mauna Loa Volcanoes rain/snow water that get filtered through the rocks and picks up minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. These minerals are good for humans bones, hair , skin etc. Emmons is located in Hawaii which is a great place to get a hold of this volcanic filtered water. Visit BevNet to know more.

Since the opening of Waiakea Waters, Emmons company has grown tremendously roughly around 4000% in only three years. For a 20 something founder amongst 50 years old CEOs, that is amazing. Emmons built this company to be environmentally friendly and to help the community as well. Waiakea water uses biodegradable bottles and only use recycled plastic to create their bottles. The donated liters of water to communities who are less fortunate to have access to clean water and also donates money to communities in need. The company is currently worth ten million dollars and is expected to grow.Emmons goal was to create a company that gives back and that is what he successfully did.


Creativity is Trending at TechStyle.

Three industries are on the rise, e-commerce, technology, and fashion. Last year, revenue from retail e-commerce was at $72 billion. This revenue is expected to increase to $116 billion in the next four years. From adopting social media marketing to implementing CRM technology, fashion brands are exploring all options available to ensure that they capture today’s digital consumer. Membership programs are one of the programs that are being adopted. Its success varies from one company to another but TechStyle Fashion Group has seen tremendous success as a result of this program.

TechStyle Fashion Group is led by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. It is one of the first companies to use subscription programs, yet not many people have heard of it and an even smaller number know the role it plays in marketing and technology.

The first retail fashion membership programed was launched in 2010 by JustFab. Its subscribers enjoyed benefits such as discounts on prices, free shipping, loyalty points, access to special products and exclusive promotions. Within two years, they had 6 million subscribers. The company went on and acquired Shoedazzle and FabKids and expanded into eight countries, among them Germany and the UK. JustFab, together with Kate Hudson, launched Fabletics, and in 2016 JustFab rebranded and changed its name to TechStyle.

Adam Goldenberg has over 20 years of experience in startups. His first startup was an online bulletin board which he started at the age of 13. That board became Gamer’s Alliance, a gaming website. Adam later sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix, who later offered him the chief operating officer post at the company. He was only 19 then and became the youngest COO of a public company in history. He later left the company and started Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce site.

Tim Collins is TechStyle’s Chief technology officer. In an exclusive interview with NewsCenter, he revealed that he had previously worked with the two co-founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, and how he was amazed by their focus on building an optimization culture in the fashion industry. He also pointed out that their aim is to satisfy the customers by offering products and user experience that is relevant and more efficient for them. This will, in turn, decrease the cost of acquiring consumers and increase the lifetime value.

The company has invested heavily in technology and is likely to earn an annual revenue of $700 million this year. It has 2,000 employees and its membership stands at 4.5 million subscribers. They are scheduled to launch a new product line mid next year.

Amicus Therapeutics Treatments for Rare Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is a fifteen-year-old biopharmaceutical company specializing in rare and orphan diseases. Because of Amicus Therapeutics work with rare diseases they have received grants from The Michael J Fox Foundation & Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. The public company’s focus at the moment is on a therapy for genetic diagnosis of Fabry disease. Fabry disease is rare and often misdiagnosed and is often found by symptoms of pain, kidney failure and cardiac complications. Amicus Therapeutics is also under development for a rare genetic connective tissue disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. This treatment named SD-101, at present, would be a first to market treatment for EB which can cause painful blisters and skin fragility.


Amicus Therapeutics and other innovative pharmaceutical companies like this will lead health care in the next decades. With more technology and understanding of disease and the body, there will be more opportunity for companies like Amicus Therapeutics to focus on unique market positions to be able to reach many Americans that are not being treated currently. Pain inducing diseases like Fabry disease are becoming more diagnosed as doctors begin to take pain seriously and look further than just pain management into the treatment of the causes of the pain. In 2008 the company expanded from a single New Jersey office, adding an office in San Diego as well. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics expects further growth with the 2015 acquisition of Scioderm. The company’s commitment to innovation, smart risks, and the families and people that have these rare diseases will mean success for the company and the people that are counting Amicus Therapeutics to improve their everyday life. They are committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the development and research into therapies for rare diseases that often go unnoticed and under treated. They are dedicated to patients and families, and improving lives. Read the company profile at Crunchbase.

From “JustFab” to Fashion Empire

In the world today, we eat, sleep and breathe the internet. Savvy entrepreneurs have realized that with a majority of the world connected, consumer eyes are just waiting for the next big product. It’s not uncommon nowadays to see advertising strewn across every form of social media, and for good reason. A projected $72 billion dollars was made through retail eCommerce in 2016. And this number was only expected to keep climbing, reaching a staggering $116 billion by 2021.

One of the most popular forms of ecommerce today is a group of companies with a “membership” business model. This requires customers to sign up for a monthly subscription, and in return they receive some kind of commodity on a timeline (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) Leading the pack, a company took this idea, and ran away with it. TechStyle Fashion Group (formerly JustFab), led by CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, is a successful name in the eCommerce realm, with good reason.

In it’s infancy, JustFab burst onto the scene with some unprecedented ideas. For a monthly VIP subscription, members were offered special promotions, products and discounts on footwear. JF also included over a 30% savings on retail pricing and free shipping with their monthly package. The strategic move worked and in 2 years, JustFab was shipping out 2.5 million pairs of shoes.

In the following years, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had grown their company into 8 more countries and acquired 2 new entities, FabKids and ShoeDazzle. To add to their success, the company paired with actress Kate Hudson to release her fitness line, Fabletics. By 2016, the company had expanded and evolved so much farther than “JustFab.” The partners felt they needed a name that better described their mission, and TechStyle was born. A label showing how they had opened so many new doors in online retail. Their pioneering concepts in membership models and using data science with marketing have set them apart, and rocketed them to the top.

Goldenberg and Ressler look forward to the future while continuing to grow their brand. With a new product line nearing release, 2,000 employees and a base of operations in California, TechStyle is sure to keep impressing. With a clear directive and no lack of motivation, this company put a shoe in the door for themselves in the world of eCommerce.

“Everything we are developing is about elevating customer satisfaction in making the products and the user experience more efficient and relevant.” said Tim Collins, chief technology officer for TechStyle. And from the sounds of it, that’s what the company plans to deliver. But for now, it’s safe to say that TechStyle and eCommerce will continue to be a great fit.