OG Juan’s Birthday Party

A growing number of people are learning more about Jay-Z and his inner circle as he branches out into other business entities. One person that continues to surface over over and again is Juan Perez. He has become someone that has been mentioned in multiple raps by Jay-Z. He has also gained the spotlight because his wife, Desiree Perez is a big part of the circle of influence that Jay-Z has. She has helped him with Tidal, and Juan appears to be one of Jay-Z’s closest allies.

What Jay-Z has shown over the years is that he appreciates loyalty. In a recent outing with friend Juan Perez Jay-Z spent $100,000 for birthday party. For someone to spend this amount of money on a party would seem reasonable if they were a celebrity that invited tons of guest. The thing that is getting a lot of buzz on social media is the fact that there were only 9 people present for this hundred-thousand-dollar birthday party.

It shows that Jay-Z is very interested in keeping the people around him happy. It shows that he appreciates his friends, and a night out on the town with Jay-Z can easily lead to big celebration where expensive bottles of champagne are being popped along with extravagant dinners.

Juan Perez is ultimately showing people that there is a payoff that comes with being a loyal friend. Jay-Z did not have to do this. Juan Perez may even be in a position where he is more than financially secure when it comes to his own money. It was just a token of appreciation that was shown, and it is a sure-fire sign that Jay-Z is someone that actually spends and lives in the same way that he rhymes about in the large majority of songs.

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Wes Edens, Chairman and co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Edens, also called Wes Edens is a sports team owner, businessman and a private equity investor. He was born in the year 1961, October 30th. Currently, he resides in New York together with his family. He has American nationality. Wesley Edens studied at the University of Oregon. He pursued and graduated with a bachelor’s of science in finance and Business Administration in the year 1984. Wesley Edens co-owns Milwaukee basketball located in Wisconsin. The entrepreneur co-owns the club with businessman Marc Lasry. The two businessmen bought the team from Herb Kohl. They purchased the basketball team at the cost of $550 million. The duo promised to keep the club at Wisconsin. Additionally, they promised to build the team a new Arena replacing the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

Edens also owns the League of Legends team FlyQuest. Wesley Edens never started his career immediately from the University. He went looking for a job at Lehman Brothers three years after campus. Edens was lucky to find one. He worked at the organization as a partner and managing director of the firm until the year 1993. Edens quit his role at the firm and went to another company. He got another job at Blackrocks. The firm was private equity. He remained in the institution until the year 1997 where he was a partner and a managing director. However, his time there was short-lived as he quit the job in the year 1997. Wesley Edens decided to pursue something else.Wesley Edens met the other four principals where they sat and came up with a very brilliant idea of establishing Fortress investment group. Wesley Eden’s management style was witnessed in a journal ‘The wall street’.

The journal described his creativity in financing and other dazzling ideas in business investments. Together with his principals, Michael Edward, Randal Nardone, Peter Briger and Robert Kauffman, they transformed the firm as the first private equity organization to become a publicly traded company. By the year 2009, the company had already sold 8% of its shares that went at the cost of $600 million. The investment firm assets under its management included both publicly traded alternative and private equity investment vehicles. Four hedge funds, real estate vehicles and fourteen private equity funds belonging to the organization went public. When a Japanese holding company bought 15% of Fortress for $888 million in December 2006, Wesley Edens together with his colleagues became instant paper billionaires. Wesley Edens has a low profile kind of life. At work, he relates so well to his employees. He is always cheerful.

How NGP VAN has helped bring light to the eyes of politicians during campaigns

NGP VAN is a database or a web that is used by the Democratic campaigns, democratic parties, and other non-profit organizations. It is used for fundraising, storytelling by the candidates or reaching out to the voters. The company was started some years back, and up to today, it has been used by a significant number of candidates especially presidential candidates in the United States f America and other countries.

NGP VAN has some products that are used by the democratic parties and the campaigns. For example, the Minivan which is more or the same like a mobile canvassing program that is used by the campaigns to reach out to their voters t collect the necessary data from them which is then feeding the information t the EveryAction database. This has brought a significant advantage because it reduces the paperwork and the time that would be used to go from door to door collecting information from the voters.

Another product provided by the NGP VAN is the Votebuilder software system. This is used to access the information of the potential, and in this case, the campaigns can know the potential number of voters, and still, they are also able to identify the voters that need to be persuaded to support them. This eliminates the disadvantages in the door to door canvassing where the conversers have no idea about the mind of the voters they are going to talk to which is sometimes tiresome, and it may not bear any tangible fruits.

NGP VAN also has an Innovation Platform that allows other software developers or engineers to write programs for it. Some f these programs include self-service online advertising, live calls, do-it-yourself direct emails among others.

The company has helped to increase efficiency during campaigns which is something that has become appreciated by many politicians. For example, the company interviewed with one of the politicians Yash Mori who demonstrated the importance of digital storytelling by the politicians. He says that this type of digital organizing is one of the most effective ways that enables one to capture a large number of population. But, first, before getting in front of the cameras, the candidate or the politician has to first listen to the community and learn about their values and ethics so that when it comes to storytelling they will be able to tell a story that is conversant with the community cultural values and that they will enjoy to ;listen. This is one of the best ways to capture the attention of the people which is one challenge that most of the politicians go through during their campaigns.

All About Infinity Group Australia

This is an organization that was founded by Graeme Holm. He is a man who has been in the financial services sector for more than a decade. Among his completed accreditations is through finance, financial planning, and real estate. What motivated Graeme to start his company’ Infinity Group Australia is when he learned that the financial institutions were directly offering a poor deal to most of the families in Australia. It made Graeme become inspired and he started his company so that he could help finish the problem. He has been aiming to change and fix the lives of most Australians one home at each time financially.


When he was in an interview talking about his company, he explained why using a debit card can help control the financial expenditure for a consumer. According to Graeme Holm, when you are not paying for something cash, then you are not purchasing it! When he talked about his company, he said that they ensure that each dollar is given a purpose and it has been focusing to help in educating the people the difference that exists between having a need and having a want. It will also help to keep them accountable to one’s goals.


He said that most of the kinds of stuff that consume the hand earned money end up being thrown to trash in a few months time. Instead of that, the money should be sitting in someone’s mortgage which will help in reducing the daily interest of someone. What people have been assuming and forgetting is that interest still calculates on daily basis and there are charges at every end month. His company is, therefore, focusing on mitigating clients expenditure where they won’t be eating mince in seven different ways every week.


The company is also aware that most of the families have been spending what they can directly access and therefore be having the credit becomes their ongoing enemy to an average family living in Australia. A debit card is known to operate in a similar and flexible manner like a credit card but the advantage is that it ensures that the client has not hyperextended his outgoings. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/graeme-holm


He also talked about how his company is being received by the borrowers. He said that most of them have loved the company. This is because they are able to go to work, have time with their families when they are sure that their bills are being taken care of. This is able to remove the stresses that they have been experiencing. For other clients who love being more hands-on to their finances, it is a big adjustment because at the third month they are able to have cleared their debt instead of having it for 122 months and they are able to see the big picture there.



The Intriguing Life of Milan Kordestani

Attributes such as hard work should be cultivated from when a person is of tender age since they will help in creating the person who will be celebrated in future. Milan Kordestani can be described as a successful entrepreneur. His journey has not been an easy one, but his resilience has always carried the day. In the year 2009, his parents divorced, an action that saw Milan Kordestani moving from his hometown of Stanford, California to London. He, therefore, enrolled in the Eaton Square School. A year later, Mr. Kordestani relocated to Atherton. While here, he attended the Sacred Heart Preparatory, from where he graduated high school in the year 2017.

Growing up, Milan was interested in riding horses. While barely 10 years of age, his dream was actualized, after a fatal ordeal where he was thrown of a runaway horse. Unlike getting terrified as many kids of his age would have done, Milan got back on the horse and rode back to the camp! While at Atherton, Milan Kordestani officially began his riding lessons. Shortly after completing the lessons, Milan started competing on world championships. He was forth during the Worlds Championship Horse Show in the year 2015. A year later, he became second on the same competition.

Besides his love for horse riding, Milan Kordestani has a profound interest in farming. It is for this reason that he started a company known as Milan Farm in the year 2015. The farm specializes in the production of eggs, poultry as well as saffron. The Milan Farm was the first ever to grow saffron hydroponically on microfiber. The farm aims at providing consumers with honesty. The animals are raised using organic options. The company believes in scaling the heights of excellence, all the more reason they aim at reaching out to its global consumers.


The Career of Brazilian Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins

Rally driving is an interesting sport that keeps adrenaline levels high due to the terrains that are unnerving to participants. For those who follow Brazilian rally racing, Rodrigo Terpins is undoubtedly a familiar name. He is widely respected as a rally driver for his skills, dedication, and passion for racing sports. He has participated in various rallies across Brazil, and more so his famous involvement in five Sertoes Rally championships.




Rodrigo Terpins was born in a sporting family, and he became passionate about rally driving at a young age. His father, who had a successful career as a basketball player, inspired him to venture in the sport. Over time, he became a household name in Brazil rally driving. Currently, he races alongside his brother Michel Terpins for Sertoes Rally Team Tea Bull. He has a huge passion for the T1 prototype category. In fact, he has been victorious in the category a number of times, and that makes him retain a vast interest in rally driving.




Rodrigo Terpins feels contented with the career growth he has ventured. He believes that his achievements are as a result of hard work and determination, which is the driving force behind his success. Together with his brother, they teamed up to participate in the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship that covers 2,600 kilometers. The race covers two states and competitors go through seven courses that are diverse. The courses present varying challenges to the drivers, which test their mental agility and endurance. Check out Terra for more.




Rodrigo Terpins studied at the University of Sail Hilaire and graduated with a degree in business management. He applied the skills during his tenure at Lojas Marisa for 16 years where he became the president until he vacated the seat in 2007. In 2008, he formed his own company T5 participacoes. The company has been organizing some major successful racing events across Brazil. While he still holds an executive position in the company, his career still entails involvement in rallies. He usually gives credit to his brother for all the achievements he has accomplished as a rally driver. Even so, the brothers are staying positive about the future of rally racing in Brazil.



How Attorney Francisco Domenech Built A Career In Politics

Francisco Domenech is a lawyer who is based in Puerto Rico. He is the managing director of his law firm, Politank. This law firm is focused on government affairs. They represent private interests before government forums in Puerto Rico and other locations in the United States. Prior to this he was with the Peurto Rico Legislative Assembly where he was the Director of the Office of Legislative Services for three years. In this position he made his office more efficient and also extended the reach of the Legislative Libary. One of the results of this effort is that people who are blind or physically handicapped can now get access to this libary.

He attended the University of Puerto Rico. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science there as well as his law degree. While attending school he was elected as the President of the General Student Body Council for one year. He went overseas to the University College Londo for one term while in law school so that he could take a number of classes in comparative law.

For five years, from 2007 to 2012, He was on the Democratic National Committee. During this time he was the representative of the Young Democrats of America. During the 2008 presidential elections he was the Deputy Campaign Manager in Puerto Rico for the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. During this election she beat Senator Barack Obama in Puerto Rico by a big margin, 68-32. He helped her campaign once again during the 2016 presidential elections where she won 61-37 over Senator Bernie Sanders. The Honorable Jenniffer Gonzalez is another person who Francisco Domenech helped win an elective office. She became both the youngest person and first woman to ever fill the office of Resident Commissioner.

Each year the 40 Under 40 organization holds an event to honor people recognizes the top people in many industries in Puerto Rico. The 2016 event was held in New York City as Restaurant II Mulino. Francisco Domenech won over 59 other nominees. All of the contestants came from voting on the Caribbean Business website as well as Caribbean Business Español.

Gregory Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz, born in London in 1949, is currently the CEO of National Steel Car. The economics graduate who attended the Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario is also the president and chairman of the company which has been ranked the leader in railroad and car manufacturing industry. His excellence in leadership and innovation enabled the firm to maintain its leadership position in the industry for over eight decades. Due to his stewardship and persistence, National Steel Car was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Upon graduation, James Aziz worked at Affiliated Foods; a family owned business that deals with the wholesale importation of food from the South American and European regions. His contributions to the family business started by James Aziz propelled it towards expansion of its distribution outlets in the primary wholesale markets.


Greg James Aziz later moved to the investment and banking realms where he acquired the investment skills that enabled him to acquire the railroad firm in 1994 successfully. This acquisition from the Canadian firm Dofasco, initiated the process of transforming it to its current leadership position in the freight and rails manufacturing industry.


As the result of his dedication and commitment, National Steel Company has made tremendous steps with regards to its growth and expansion. The growth has been witnessed in the realms of capital investments, re-engineering, customer relations and team building initiatives. At acquisition, the manufacturing capacity of the company stood at 3,500 cars. Over time, Greg Aziz increased this capacity by 9,000 and increased the number of employees from 600 to 3,000.


Gregory Aziz continually challenges the employees at the firm and urges them to raise the bar. He implemented strategies that enabled them to focus their strengths on the development and advancement of the company in particular and the rail industry. This has resulted in a robust corporate culture based on a sense of purpose and the adherence to core values. These values include leadership, excellence and respecting the traditional practices. Sequentially, this culture has had a favorable effect on the brand since the customers have developed a sense of trust and believe in the company’s capacity to manufacture premium railcars characterized by high delivery performance rates. Click Here for more information.


Greg Aziz lives with his wife and two daughters in Ontario where they participate in various philanthropic events such as the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair.

Business Owner and Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Currently, Mr Robert Deignan is the CEO and the co-founder of ATS digital services, LLC a firm that was established in August 2011. He is a degree holder in Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership obtained from Purdue University from 1992-1995. After graduating in 1995, Mr. Robert Deignan was focused on becoming a business owner and entrepreneur based on his first-class education.

Early Career

He established his first business Fanlink, three years after graduating. He was dedicated to this venture so that he could learn what it takes to set up a successful business. He clearly understood that this early milestone could provide an extensive experience that would lay the foundation for his future career. After working for three years with Fanlink, Mr. Robert Deignan rose to the position of the executive vice president at iS3 Inc. This software company offered outstanding services to a wide range of technical notch. All these stepping-stones provided Mr. Robert with a wealth of experience, which saw him rise to his current position.

Current Position

Through the endless culmination of various projects, Mr. Robert has been able to co-found ATS a company that can address any technical issue that you can ever imagine. This entails digital data storage, home network, or even installation services. The assortment of services offered by this firm makes it an incredible option for many technological issues. This firm has experienced experts in all required technical fields like activation, setup, and cellular repair. If you need their hand to fix your problems, they are a call away. Additionally, you can grant them remote access such that your device can be fixed in the comfort of your home. At ATS, Mr. Robert wants to ensure that their customers receive excellent services way possible. This is based on the availability of exceptional employees and reliable tools, not to mention the provision of up to date systems and upgrades.

Work Philosophy

Robert understands that technology makes life more comfortable and enjoyable. As such, anything that does not work right disheartens him. Fortunately, he learnt that restless work would surely bring a positive outcome. Therefore, together with his team of experts, he has always been able to keep afloat by working restlessly to ensure that their customers are satisfied.


Fortress Investment Group Is Guided By A Very Strong And Capable Management Team

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm that has now become one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers. It was the first larger private equity firm to go public on the New York Stock Exchange and now manages more than $43 billion in assets. The company has more than 900 people working for it and its home-base is located in New York. The company’s main focuses include working with capital markets, operations management, corporate acquisitions and mergers, asset-based investing, and more. Fortress has has picked up a lot of experience, over the years, related to managing mergers and acquisitions and has built plenty of important relationships with executives and corporate board members.

Fortress Investment Group is guided by three principals, and these are Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone. Two of these three were original founders of the company, but all of them have been with the company since 2007. Wes Edens is an expert in the financial world, but he has also been the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks who purchased the team along with Marc Lasry in 2014. He is also the owner the eSports brand, FlyQuest, which is a League of Legends team that is backed by Fortress. He has worked mainly in the Private Equity division of the company, and brings with him a high-tolerance investment angle that works to bring in profits from sectors or companies that are experiencing fluctuating times.

Fortress Investment Group is also thankful to have Peter Briger on-board. He spent over a decade and a half with Goldman, Sachs, and came on with Fortress in 2002. He is head of the company’s Credit division and is also listed on the Forbes 400. He has supported the Central Park Conservancy as a member of the Board of the Princeton University Investment Company and also actively supports Tipping Point, which is a nonprofit that works with poor San Francisco families. He studied at Princeton where he received his undergrad degree and then earned a Master’s in Business Administration while studying at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Fortress Investment Group rounds off its leadership with the very capable Randal Nardone who is a founding member of the company. He has served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer since 2013 and has been a member of the Management Committee for more than two decades. As a leader for some of the company’s subsidiaries, he has worked hard to successfully expand its many different aspects. Forbes has named Nardone of the world’s most successful billionaires, and before he came aboard with Fortress Investment Group, he worked with UBS as a managing director. He also served with BlackRock Financial Management as a Principal and teamed up with Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a law firm, in the past. He studied at the University of Connecticut where he majored in Biology and English and later attended Boston University School of Law where he earned his law degree.

The future looks bright for Fortress with a leadership team as strong as this one, and the private investment company expects to make plenty of more money for itself and the clientele it serves.