Boraie Development Inspiring Development of Phenomenal Properties in Newark and Beyond

The Aspire, Boraie Development’s luxury tower, opened up for leasing for summer occupancy. The Aspire is located at 135 Somerset St. New Brunswick. Trendy renters in the highly populated city will now have an option of residing in a modern residence. The building is situated near New Brunswick train station bringing about convenience for renters.

The Aspire is surrounded by a neighborhood full of recreational and dining facilities. It is close to major social amenities such as Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. It has everything for a renter who loves modern interior and exterior designs. The high-end apartments, ample parking space with a direct access and state-of-the-art flooring designs comes together nicely to give trendy renters a great experience staying in the building. It has been Boraie Development’s mission to build state-of-the-art properties around cities.

Recently, Boraie Development partnered with Shaquille O’Neal, a former National Basket Association star, to bring development of commercial and housing properties to the distressed areas of New Jersey. The former basketball star collaborated with the prominent developer in New Brunswick to renovate an old theater to what is now known as CityPlex12 Newark. The combination of the two entities will be sure to drive developments in the city and beyond because of the financial capability of Mr. O’Neal and the extensive experience and political contacts of the developer.

Recently, the two titans in the real estate unveiled $60 million rental complex in Newark. The complex is the first in 50 years. Mr. O’Neal gets an undisclosed equity stake in the company in reward for the financial aid he provides. They are looking to develop a housing tower, Movie Theater as well as retail complex in Atlantic City. There is three other developments underway in Newark.

Shaquille O’Neal views the new wave of property development as a good way to give back to the city he grew in. He values smart investments and he is ready to finance right products. Boraie Development has built several commercial and residential properties in New Jersey. Boraie was started by Omar Boraie when he came to the United States to get his doctorate. He diverted from chemistry to real estate shortly after arriving in the US in the 1970s. His children also ventured into the real estate and they are now working with him.

The partnership started back in 2005 when the initiated talks on teaming up and bringing modern properties to Newark. Boraie got in touch with Mr. O’Neal through his uncle, Mike Parris. Since then, they have developed phenomenal properties including The Aspire.

Too Much of A Good Thing In Hair Care Can Be Bad

Hair care should be high on the list of things to do throughout your life. If you don’t take good care of your hair, then you’ll surely begin to lose it. Many of today’s haircare brands aren’t as honest as they may appear. The majority of haircare brands have chemicals within their structure. This basically means that the products are full of parabens and sulfates. These two chemically-based ingredients are stripping your hair of its natural oils. When the natural oils are all stripped away, you’ll begin to experience issues with your scalp. The best thing for anyone to do is to use the gentlest products possible for haircare maintenance.

One of the better haircare brands of 2018 is known as Wen by Chaz. According to a Wikipedia research, this phenomenal brand uses some of the finest of ingredients in its advanced formulas. Botanicals are in high-use here. Some of the ingredients that you’ll find in Wen products just so happen to be lavender, sweet almond mint, chamomile, wild-cherry bark extract, panthenol and pomegranate. Wen haircare products tend to heal the hair as well as heal the scalp. When these ingredients are consistently being used, the scalp’s environment is better and easier to maintain.

Wen by Chaz was actually founded by a celebrity-haircare stylist. This stylist has worked with a number of prominent figures in Hollywood. Chaz Dean is the man with the plan, and he has worked up on how WEN led the way for the no-lather hair care trend. Dean actually started his career as a photographer. Photography led into a growing love for cosmetics. For a short period of time, Dean got a chance to attend cosmetology school in Los Angeles. According to, as of 2018, he has his very own salon in Hollywood, and he treats a variety of people on a daily basis. For more info, visit

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Bernardo Chua: Promotes Beverages Infused with A Medicinal Herb

Most of us drink coffee to wake up and get moving rather than for actual health reasons. Imagine if your cup of coffee could fight serious illnesses and diseases, speed up your metabolism, or help with other common health problems. Bernardo Chua, founder, and CEO of Organo Gold claims that the products his company sells can enable people to be all around healthier individuals. He makes this claim because his company specializes in products that are infused with a special mushroom called the Ganoderma lucidum. This mushroom has been popular for hundreds of years as a medicinal herb. Mr. Chua was a little boy when his grandparents taught him about the mushroom and how it could treat a wide variety of health complications. Using this herb is a great way to boost someone’s immune system. View Bernardo Chua’s profile at LinkedIn

Bernardo Chua really got his career launched while working for Gano Excel. This company sold Ganoderma infused beverages, and they needed someone who understood the medical properties of Ganoderma lucidum in order to market their products. Mr. Chua fit very well in the company and worked his way up to becoming the President of the company’s branch in North America. He continued promoting Ganoderma products when he started Organo Gold in 2008. Part of his business strategy is education and helping people to learn about Ganoderma lucidum.

The products sold by Organo Gold can bring someone’s body in a healthier state. The herb helps the body produce oxygen more efficiently. Higher levels of oxygen enable the body to build a stronger immune system and make it easier for the body to fight disease. Ganoderma has been effective in managing diabetes and lowering blood pressure. The herb is also great for helping the body digest crucial nutrients and can speed up a persons’ metabolism in the process.



Oren Frank : The introduction of Chief Medical Officer Neil Leibowitz into the Talkspace family

Talkspace and their CEO Oren Frank have just announced the addition of Neil Leibowitz onto the Talkspace company. Neil Leibowitz brings a plethora of experience to the company as he is the UnitedHealth senior medical director. The addition of Neil by Oren Frank only flames the speculation of Talks that the company will soon apply for IPO or Initial public offering in the coming year.

Oren Frank additionally commented on the incredible feet that talk space has accomplished this year, which is that Talkspace has now signed up their one-millionth user. Talkspace has been making waves around the country as the benefits of the service are publicly know more and more. The service which is available to everyone at an incredibly low price of $79 dollars per week is dramatically lower than the average therapy visit. The ability to stay at home and not have to publicly appear at a doctors office is another benefit that the public seems to enjoy. CEO Oren Frank states that the company is now generating tens of millions of dollars per year. Connect Oren Frank on Twitter.

The inclusion of Neil Leibowitz into the company also allows Talkspace physicians to legally prescribe medicines to their users. Of course, the company must follow proper federal and state laws which ensure safe and confidential protocol is followed. If any types of medicines are going to be banned is the initial question being asked and Neil Leibowitz has stated publicly that at the moment the company has no plans to ban any particular type.

Oren Frank’s decision to bring Neil Leibowitz into the team wasn’t merely for the allowance of prescribing medicine, but to have an active role in the business side of the company as well. Frank understands the expertise Neil brings as a former insurance executive and skill that will be incredibly useful in the future growth of the company as Talkspace gets ready to offer its service to employers across the country.

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The 21-hour-long tweet storm that broke Shervin Pishevar twitter Silence

On December 2017, Shervin Pishevar handed in his letter of resignation from Sherpa capital. Since then, he maintained a twitter silence of around two months until he came back giving predictions concerning topics such as the US stock exchange market, bitcoin, immigration, Silicon Valley and Space-X.

What could be the meaning of Shervin Pishever’s tweets?

The tweet storm that went on for two days and had 50 messages started with Shervin Pishevar saying a financial storm was on its way and he would explain why. Here is a look at the predictions Pishevar tweeted on and the reasons he gave;

Markets will go down with 6000 points in a few months

Pishevar explained that bonds volatility would cause ripples across all markets, he accused Washington DC of slacking on decisions concerning major trade deals in the global market. According to him, the bond market would rally first by trying to carry the equities market, but this would fail too.

The crash of bitcoin was on his 23rd tweet

Shervin Pishevar predicted the death of the cheap money era. This would cause the spread of inflation, the crash of the stock market, and underemployment’s systematic deterioration into an economic crisis. The rise of gold would be witnessed, but bitcoin’s crash would begin to stabilize after 24 months.

The end of Silicon Valley’s era as the center of technological innovations

Shervin Pishevar observed that Silicon Valley had already begun losing some grounds as the lead in technological innovations because other zones were now coming up and bringing with them stiff competition. Pishevar observed that now Silicon Valley has entirely become separate from its physical component and it has become an idea that can be remodeled anywhere in the world, by anyone with enough resources.

China will surpass the US, especially in infrastructure.

The speed with which infrastructure development in China is being carried out will challenge leaders in the US to start thinking about long-term goals. Shervin Pishevar accused leaders of sleeping on the job and letting infrastructure in the country go to utter ruin and orther countries winning over the U.S.

The Life of Ryan Seacrest

Everyone wants to have an impressive career life by the time they are hitting their twenties. For most people, a good career life is one that pays well and enables the person in question to live a comfortable and content life. Very few individuals have managed to acquire this in their lives. No matter how hard they have tried, most individuals have been forced to change their careers so that they can be happy in the workplace or even get loans so that they can start businesses. For Ryan Seacrest, things have been flowing so well in the recent years. His popularity only means that the young man has achieved so much in his life, and he is not even about to stop.

Several years ago, when Ryan Seacrest name started coming up in the showbiz, people recognized him as a television host who made Fashion Idol a great series for the American viewers. Years later, the star has made so much progress, and he has appeared in many other shows, showing his great skills in television hosting. There are many lessons that young professionals who are new in the market can acquire from the renowned professional. In a recent publication, the businessman says that he has six jobs, and all of them have been doing well, giving the star a good income at the end of the day. Six jobs cannot be handled by an ordinary individual who is not hardworking and motivated in whatever they are doing. Ryan Seacrest has put in all his energy in his positions, and his efforts have paid off so well. His careers in television and radio hosting have won him so much respect. Many admire to have his kind of success, but they have failed.

Apart from the showbiz career, Ryan Seacrest is doing so well in business. Years ago, the American based philanthropist started an organization that made skincare products only for men. With the help of an expert, Ryan Seacrest made the best products for men who needed to have great skin, and fortunately, the idea worked so well. His business has been so successful, and it has impacted so many lives.

Keeping Up to Date with Alex Pall

Alex Pall may not be known by name by most people, but you may know him as one of the members of the Chainsmokers EDM duo. The Chainsmokers are well known for their hit songs Roses, Closer, #Selfie, and Don’t Let Me Down. The Chainsmokers have been putting out new music throughout their time making music. Alex Pall originally met Andrew Taggart in 2012 after a mutual manager introduced them to each other when they were both on the lookout for someone to make music within the EDM genre.

Before his time in the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall was born in 1985. He was raised in Westchester County, New York by his parents. His father was an art dealer and his mom was a stay at home mother. He loved music throughout most of his life. He can play piano and started songwriting when he was young. Alex was introduced to EDM when he was in high school and started DJing at events. He later moved to Manhatten and played DJ shows as a nighttime gig and worked in an art gallery during the day. He started to really think he could make a career out of his work as a DJ when he continued to be booked for events in Manhatten. His manager Adam Alpert introduced him to Andrew Taggart when Alex was looking for someone else to make music with who also had a passion for EDM, but wanted to take a more personalized approach to it. Andrew Taggart proved to be the perfect music crafting partner for Alex. Alex serves as the primary DJ and pianist in the group. Andrew is the lead producer, guitarist, and vocalist of the group. They both write songs.

When he isn’t making music for the Chainsmokers or on tour with the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall resides in Los Angeles with his dog Mooshu. He plays the piano and likes to travel in his spare time. Although his favorite thing to do in his spare time is to write new songs for the Chainsmokers.

Robert Ivy And The American Institute Of Architects

Professional organizations are one of the most valuable resources that anyone can use. When joining a professional organization, individuals will have the opportunity to enhance their career development. For architects, the leading professional organization in the field is the American Institute of Architects. Anyone who looks to join the American Institute of Architects will be able to benefit from being a member. Once gaining membership of this organization, architects will be able to have assistance with job hunting. This will allow them to have a more efficient way of finding and getting jobs. Another benefit associated with this organization is access to more networking opportunities. Members of the AIA will also have the opportunity to build more credibility along with getting educated on the latest issues about the architecture field.

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The American Institute of Architects has an administration that has helped it remain as the leading professional organization in the architecture field. As of today, Robert Ivy is the acting chief executive officer of the AIA. Beginning in 2011, Robert Ivy has been involved in managing the organization. Under his management, the AIA has been able to introduce a number of new educational programs, professional development programs and also help it expand throughout the world. With his leadership, the AIA has been able to expand to many countries and provide assistance to architects in multiple countries.

Robert Ivy established himself as a top professional in the field before becoming the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. For many years, he worked as both a writer and an editor for leading publications. While he was a writer, Robert composed many articles that helped educate the masses and professionals about the latest trends in the architecture field. When he was serving as the editor in chief, Robert Ivy continued to publish important articles about the latest developments in the architecture field. His career in the writing and editing field has allowed Robert to earn considerable recognition. He won a top award while serving as the editor in chief of an architecture publication. Recently in June of 2018, Robert was the latest recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Louis Chenevert Made A Lifelong Friend With His Great Work Ethic

The Early Life Of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Montreal Quebec. It was during his typical childhood that the world of business peaked his interest. He knew that if he gave endless dedication to his dream of entrepreneurship he would be successful. He understood that success came from hard work. Chenevert went on to study business at the University of Montreal. His major was production management. Production management is the department that makes sure goods are created with top notch quality, quantity, and speed, while costing the company very little, to gain a profit in the end. The production management department is sometimes the most important part of a company’s efficiency. Chenevert chose this area to work in because he had a desire to be instrumental in the success of a company.

Getting Into The Auto Industry

It was right after Louis Chenevert earned his degree in production management that he was hired on to General Motors in Quebec. Guy Hachey was very proud to have hired him. Hachey placed Chenevert in charge of the assembly line. The two young men had a common interest of making the company better and climbing the ladder at the same time. Hachey was already a year-and-some ahead of Chenevert. He says every time he would get promoted, he would promote Chenevert. Hachey says Chenevert is most likely the best executive he has ever had.

Continuing To Climb

In 2008 Hachey went on to be the president and COO of the Bombardier Aerospace company up until 2014. Both of the young men learned so much from working in the auto industry. The speed of the assembly lines required so much attention to detail, as well as fast decision making. Hachey says they were building a vehicle per minute, that left very little room for error. If any mistakes were made, within the hour you could have 60 vehicles that needed correction. Today the two men are still close. They both recall their experience in the field, working together. Hachey says whenever they reflect on old times their laughs bring them both to tears.

Alex Pall Speaks Of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one half of the super duo dance genre music group, The Chainsmokers. He had much to say recently. Alex Pall started off as a DJ in New York City . It was his visit to an art gallery that helped him understand dance music was something that would begin to consume in his life. He decided he was going to give it a shot. Soon, he was able to obtain a manager and met Andrew who is his bandmate. It seems that they both dropped everything to give their passion for music a go. Understanding that they had a lot in common musically, the two realized truly how much they really wanted to pursue their music dreams. Alexl and Andrew began to shape an identity for themselves. Alex Pall’s bandmate, Drew, happened to be a great producer. This was a great asset to Alex being a DJ, and being able to incorporate his marketing and social skills. Alex Pall attributes Instagram for the group’s international success.

The Chainsmokers receive messages from all over the world including places like the Philippines and South Africa. Alex Pall and Andrew say that they make music for themselves. In fact, Alex Pall has made known that the group’s music is about Alex and Drew. This is done intentionally especially when it comes to The Chainsmokers writing songs with other songwriters. The music duo did a song called “#Selfie” in which the pair travelled the world to create a shift in the way music was being brought to people. Each time they have a goal in mind. That goal is to make the kind of music that makes people feel a particular way. Their music goes beyond looks and age. The Chainsmokers however, are making sure they don’t become complacent in their performances and work. They don’t want to run the risk of someone else coming in to obtain their spot In music.