Why Victoria Doramus Shares Her Experience as a Drug Addict

For many people, being a drug addict is not a character of weakness. It, however, takes more than the will to overcome the issue. Abusing illegal or prescription drugs will create chemical changes in one’s brain thereby causing cravings as well as a compulsion to continue using drugs.

For Victoria Doramus, coming up with innovative brands as well as marketing ideas takes incorporating new ideas through creativity. Since venturing into marketing, she has shaped her career by working for topnotch marketing brands. She has also garnered experience in media advertising, communication as well as branding and managed to create eye-catching branding ideas. Through her expertise and skill set, Doramus has ventured into leading advertising roles in the corporate sector including working for Trendera, Creative Arts Agency and others. Busy as she may be, Doramus has consistently pursued charity in various organizations. She also works as a volunteer in charitable firms.

Victoria Doramus prides herself in being multi-skilled. She has extensive experience in marketing and trend analysis. She attended the prestigious University of Colorado Boulder where she majored in mass communication. She also majored in arts since she is a believer of self-confidence. As an explorer, she started her marketing career after completing her studies.

Victoria Doramus is successful, but she has a lot to say regarding overcoming life’s challenges. For instance, she was a drug addict for about three years since she turned 26 years old. The recovery process entailed checking in rehab and taking a great treatment program that enabled her to live a normal life once more. Eventually, she overcame her battle with addiction. But that’s not the end for her since she’s now using her life experiences to educate people to live healthy, better lives. Doramus states that addiction is a weakness that contributes to a recurring character which enables you to rely on drugs to feel better. While she always thought that she would be okay as an addict drugs and alcohol affected her. She even lost her job in the process. Moreover, she sold some belongings to settle drug-related debts. Doramus also had major financial issues.

Find out more about Victoria Doramus: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-doramus/

What You Should Know About Unroll Me

Your email box can get messy sometimes. That could bring about a lot of inconveniences.For example, having to scheme through throngs of email to extract some information from an email you had read earlier. At unroll.Me we take our time to help you reorganize your email. For free, you can subscribe to our services and rely on us to manage your email. If you have an issue with unwanted emails popping up every other time, we can help you eradicate such nuisance.

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Heather Parry’s Milestones in the Cinema and Music Industry

Heather Parry took over on December 1, 2015, as the Live Nation’s production, film and television president but her career hit of when she was 22 years old at MTV News. She was later promoted to become MTV’s Chief West Coast Bureau. She subsequently ventured into film development and production and produced a film starring 50 Cent “Get Rich or Die Tyrin.” Heather Parry left MTV in 2005 and joined Sandler’s Happy Madison Production as the head of the film and produced films for over the last ten years. Heather Parry is a multi-tasker, and even on her birthday, Colin Hanks pitched her on the Eagles of Death Metal Film and from there on she started her first project.

Live Nation Productions was launched in 2016 and Parry currently, runs it after she left MTV Films and recently left Happy Madison Production. Live Nation Productions started in the industry with Justin Timberlake and Tennessee kids’ concert and had continuously evolved. Live Nation Productions has dealt with a variety of issues so far such as terrorism, PTSD, LGBTQ, religion, suicide and many more. At live nation, Heather Parry describes it as her perfect home since she gets an opportunity to utilize both her love for music and cinema.

As the president, Heather Parry has been able to maximize the assets of Live Nation in music-related films promotions. It is evident in “A Star Is Born” that fully exploited the music film sector.

Currently, the production firm owns over 100 music festivals. Heather Parry believes their adverse marketing partnership has put them at the forefront. The fact that her office building also houses several artists’ managers gives her the advantage to get involved in most of the projects and also gets to meet most of the artists as well. Her contact list puts her on edge from other production films and is also her power base.

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd Projected to Reward Its Investors with a Valuable Fortune in 2019 Through Its New Trading Contracts

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. – a leading and topnotch firm in the industry of weight management and overall wellness, have remarkably impressed, and attracted many investors, following its 68.7% growth of stock; despite the recent hardship in the industry. This year, 2019, this wellness company is prospected to generate a worthwhile fortune for its investors, following their outstanding performance during the last quarters of 2018.

During the third quarter of 2018, Herbalife company surprisingly rose by 15% of its volume points (1,506.9 million), surpassing the figures which have been projected by the management. This performance, including also that of the second-quarter 2018, was the firm’s notable growth since the year 2012. This high volume, ideally double-digit growth, was witnessed in four of its top five markets, following the firm’s direct-selling strategy, and the commitment of its management in keeping track of their consumers’ preferences.

About their productivity, Herbalife Nutrition has a really strong and robust product portfolio, as well as Global presence. The firm has managed to expand its products, including for energy, sports, weight management, and even targeted nutrition; an initiative that will help their distributors retain their sustainability for their consumers. Hence strengthening their loyalty, and attract more to their products.

During the third quarter of 2018, Herbalife Nutrition Ltd introduced 58 products in its subsidiaries across 51 nations, boosting its growth real big. In one of their innovations, the weight management firm developed a High Protein Iced Coffee, which will serve as a substitute for the tradition coffee.

Additionally, Herbalife has attracted many prominent investors, evident from the firm’s hedge fund bets which have risen by 8. Previously listed in the 30 most popular stocks among hedge funds, the firm was listed in the portfolios of 38 hedge funds at the end of Third-Quarter 2018- 27% change from the Second-Quarter 2018.

At the end of September 2018, Icahn Capital LP possessed the highest number of stocks in this wellness company, i.e., $1.92 billion stakes. Renaissance technologies followed, owning stocks worth $414.6 million. See, https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/HLF/.

For the trading options expiring on August 2019, Investors of Herbalife Nutrition Ltd have been provided with new trading contracts which offers the sellers of puts or calls with an opportunity to earn a much higher premium than other contracts about to expire. The put contract at the strike price of $57.50 possess a current bid of $4.60, and the call contract at the strike price of $60.00 possess a current bid of $5.15. Read more about Herbalife on craft.co.



Bernardo Chua, The Entrepreneur

Bernardo Chua is the current chief executive officer of Organo Gold, and he has grown his empire to become the best leading distributor of coffee in the world. Chua is from the Philippines, but he is known all over because of his success in business. His company Organo gold has its office in Canada and is a global company. Chua is very active on social media, and one can easily find him on several sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Chua is also a member of Linked In where he has a profile about his business. Chua is known on twitter as OG Bernie, and he posts everything about himself from his personal life to daily activities that he does. The information that he posts is very captivating and intriguing. This is Chua’s way of keeping in touch with his clients as he believes interaction is significant. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at YourBeautyCraze.com

Bernardo Chua has managed to start other companies that over the years have grown too big businesses and one exceptional company is Coffee Connoisseur. This is one of his many accomplishments, but the most essential of all is that Chua has created quality coffee that is healthy. I find this very appealing as people need a healthy option considering the many unhealthy things that people eat on a daily basis. Bernardo Chua is a holder of a number of awards that have been posted in some sites such as Business Letters and Crunch Base. Chua has the best networks when it comes to coffee, and his distributions are convenient. The model that Chua uses for his business is direct sales because it’s the best model when it comes to relating to one’s clients. Chua’s role in the society is to make the people aware of the coffee products that he sells and the benefits that come along with it.

Find out more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/12/organo-gold-review-2012/