Matt Badiali- A scientist and financial expert

When Matt Badiali joined college, becoming an investment guru was not in his mind. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in earth science and a master’s degree in geology. He got them from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic respectively. While pursuing a PhD at the University of North Carolina, he met a friend who changed his direction. Badiali switched his focus from the financial aspect of mining. From 2004, he took a path that made him a recognized investment guru in the country.

His friend showed him how to become successful by investing in natural resources. With expertise in geology, Badiali would become successful by picking the best opportunities. He would collect first-hand data from the field and make informed decisions. After the introduction, Matt Badiali was ready to explore further. He went around the world visiting mining fields and meeting CEOs of mining companies.

Matt Badiali had a mission of helping the average investors. In 2017, he joined Banyan Hill publishing and began publishing a newsletter. The Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter meant to provide crucial investment information. It covers commodities such as oils, agricultural made commodities, metals, construction materials, and others. He writes the newsletter in a clear style that everyone can understand.

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Why create a newsletter?

Matt Badiali says that he created Real Wealth Strategist to provide useful advice to investors. Since he is a scientist, he has knowledge and skills that a majority of investors lack. So, he is the best person to advise others since he understands the market better.

Matt loves identifying specific opportunities and trends that benefit investors. Actually, his love for investing comes from the need to help others.

While he was growing up, he saw his father struggle to make money with traditional investment advice. It is an experience he would not wish on any other person. It is for this same reason that he is helping the masses with profitable ideas.

Every week, Matt Badiali is publishing new information for his followers. He also keeps them up to date with news about oils, metals, and other natural resources.

Every month, he gives out a detailed report on the opportunities he recommended.

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The Acquisition of Rose Packaging by OSI Group

OSI has announced its recent acquisition of Rose Packaging Co.; a firm that produces best pork products for various firms in the food service and retail industries. Rose Packaging is based in Barrington, Illinois, and was established in 1924. The firm operates a production facility in Chicago that has more than 700 employees. The secret behind the success of Rose Packaging is the firm’s understanding of its variety of products, the food market, and the ever-evolving consumer taste and preferences. Rose Packaging’s product portfolio includes the following; ethnic sausages, hams, Guinness beer brats, Canadian bacon, loins, chops, meatballs, breakfast sausages, ribs, pork shoulder, boneless turkey, pizza, and salad toppings.

Kevin Scott, the Senior Executive Vice President of OSI’s operations in North America, claims that the OSI’s acquisition of Rose Packaging brings together two long-term players and leaders in the global food industry. Scott further elaborates that the acquisition of Rose Packaging complements OSI’s existing business while also directly supporting the firm’s growth strategy through the provision of new processing capabilities, a formidable presence in the lucrative channels, and additional capacity. OSI Group and Rose Packaging share a cultural bond; an unwavering commitment to offering their clientele with innovative, cutting-edge, and unique food solutions. The financial details of the Rose Packaging acquisition by OSI are not in the public domain.

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that the Chief Executive Officer of Rose Packaging along with other members of the firm’s management team will remain and work together with OSI Group’s executives on post-acquisition integration. Dwight Stiehl, the CEO at Rose Packaging has hinted that he eager and looking forward to working closely with the OSI Group as Rose Packaging becomes part of the broader OSI food brand. Stiehl believes that the acquisition is an excellent fit because both OSI and Rose Packaging share a strong commitment to excellence, and both firms also understand the importance of strong business relationships. Dwight Stiehl is also quick to point out that the OSI Group and Rose Packaging combined possess more than two hundred years’ worth of experience in the global meat industry while also having deep roots in the state of Chicago. Click here.

Various Posts Served By Randal Nardone During His Career

Randal Nardone is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the principal and director of the firm. Nardone became the principal in 1998 and CEO in August 2013 and have been in these posts since then. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wesley Edens, and Rob Kauffman. It started as a private equity firm that turned to FIG after many years of growth and development. Randal pursued his education at Connecticut University and attained a Bachelor of Art sin in English and Biology. He also has a Juris Doctor that he acquired from the University of Boston, School of Law.

Randal Nardone has made incredible achievements that got him to Forbes Billionaire List. He was ranked position 557 with a net worth of approximately 1.8 billion US Dollars. Nardone originated from the United States and lives in New York with his dear wife and one kid. Randal also worked at Newcastle Holding as the secretary and the vice president. He is the co-founder at a Fortress investment fund where he serves as the CEO, Principal as well as Executive Officer. Before this, he used to work as a partner at Thacher Proffit and Wood.

Randal Nardone is the co-founder of an investment trust registered under Fortress. He has been the CEO, Vice President, and Secretary of the firm since November 1999. Nardone has also worked at RIC, a Co-Investment fund as a CEO, Secretary, and portfolio manager. He was the Managing Director at UBS from May 1997 to May 1998. Nardone also served as the Secretary at Newcastle Investment Corporation from June 2002 to Sep 26, 2016, after which he attained promotion to Vice President. Randal Nardone worked at IMPAC Holdings as the secretary and CEO from May 1999. He also served in Fortress Investment Group as its interim CEO from Dec 21, 2011, to Aug 1, 2013. He has also worked as a principal at BlackRock, a Financial Management firm.

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Ted Bauman: Trendsetter in Financial Education

Ted Bauman brings his expertise from the financial and non-profit sector to connect people with resources and literature they need and want. In 2013, Ted Bauman, started Banyan Hill Publishing and serves as the editor for The Bauman Letter,Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. These publications specialize in topics, such as asset protection, privacy, and international migration issues.

Ted Bauman has focused his life on connecting people with what they need to live a life free from the government and the greed of corporation. Ted Bauman, born in D.C., emigrated to South Africa. In South Africa, he earned his postgraduates degrees in Economics and History from the University of Capetown. He continued to serve South Africa for 25 years in the non-profit sector. He had a variety of executive roles for non-profits, like a fund manager for a low-income housing project. Slum Dwellers International is one project that has helped over 14 million people in 35 countries.

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Bauman starts his day off after taking his daughter to school. He finds his home office productive and starts writing right away. He tends to watch the news and pays attention to trends that his readers will want to know. His most important skill is to write about monotonous topics and make them more exciting and readable. Asset protection is not the most interesting, but with the right narrative skills, he can make the reader enticed to read more.

A trend that excites him is that his readers are starting to question their ability to trust in the global economy. Readers want to know if a strategy can benefit society in the long term. Readers are now questioning the decisions of our leaders and how they spend money. Bauman’s passion for less governmental oversight is excited by this trend.


Betterworks and Their Ability to Make Change


Betterworks is the Continuous Performance Management software employers have always needed but have never quite been able to put into words. They have created a program that allows for employees of a company to manage their work in such a way that it is monitored and reviewed, and this is meant to push them to work as hard as they are able. It has been proven to be effective in multiple areas, but specifically, Betterworks has been proven to help individuals who are trying to increase productivity within their company.

Employees are often not given all the tools they need in order to succeed, and they have always viewed this as an issue in the state of modern business. Because of this, they wanted to provide an alternative for all the businesses out there that were struggling with productivity.


It has been shown that they are able to do this, too, as they have been able to make a significant contribution to the current state of the performance management industry, and they knew that there was really only one way to do that.

They saw their avenue into the industry as being the opportunity to create a company that provides a solution to performance management; since they all had such firm beliefs about the importance of having a proper performance management setting appropriated, they decided that they might as well show the world what their vision for the future was. Betterworks is the result of years of cultivating their hard work into what it is today.

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Sheldon Lavin Is a Titan in the Meat Processing Industry

It is easy to understand why Sheldon Lavin has risen to the top of the meat processing industry. He has a knack for making the right decisions that will help his company to a successful business. He is currently the CEO of OSI Group. This is a position he has held for several decades. He took over the company when it consisted of only one facility in the Chicago area. He then expanded operations to other states. Eventually, he branched out into other countries. OSI Group is now one of the largest meat processing companies on the planet. All of this is due to the decisions Lavin has made since he has been in charge of the company.

Sheldon Lavin has his unique style to the way that he leads his company. He does not follow many of the rules that are typically observed by CEOs. For example, he does not believe in distancing himself from hie employees. He likes to talk to his employees and find out if they have any ideas about how they can improve the company. He also studies the competition very closely. He wants to know what competing companies are doing at all times. Innovation has always been key for as long as Sheldon Lavin has been in charge of OSI Group.

He has invested much of the profit that OSI Group has made into buying and developing technology that will allow the company to be more efficient. He believes that having new equipment will help to save time and money. He has opted to use automated systems in many of his factories. This has helped to lower costs and speed up the overall process of getting meat processed and ready for shipment. OSI Group has a very high employee retention rate. Sheldon Lavin thinks it is very important to pay competitive wages in order to prevent his best employees from seeking jobs with other companies. This high retention rate has helped to create a family atmosphere at the company. The employee morale at the company is very high. His unique leadership has a lot to do with this.

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OSI Group McDonalds Allows Business Insider Inside

OSI Group McDonalds Allows Business Insider Inside

About six years ago, OSI Group McDonalds reputation took a bone-crushing blow after David Whipple “proved” that McDonald’s used preservatives in their best beef patties. Though both companies claim that no preservatives are added to any of the food, Whipple’s pictures have everybody up in a roar. According to Whipple, whose evidence only seems to be photos, he purchased a McDonald’s burger in 1999, and 14 years later, in 2013, when he pulled the burger out, it looked almost the same. He and his supporters accuse OSI Group McDonalds of lying over the last twenty or so years.

Though everyone seems to be dog-piling on McDonald’s and OSI Group, some experts have offered some reasonable defenses. Keith Warriner, a food science program director at the University of Guelph, says that rot has nothing to do with preservatives most of the time. Whether food rots or spoils depends on how the food is stored. As everyone knows, the public doesn’t care about scientific evidence once it’s made up its mind. So, to combat the nasty rumors about their food products, OSI Group McDonalds opened the doors to Business Insider and gave them a tour of OSI’s Gunzburg, Germany facility.

The Gunzburg facility is the largest OSI factory in Europe, sizing in at about the same size as a soccer field. In that huge building, OSI produces five million beef products every day, of which 90 percent belongs to one of McDonald product lines. At the beginning of the tour, Business Insider’s people were asked to put on protective clothing. The interviewer, who needed to take notes, was given a clipboard and metal pen, as all beef goes through a metal detector near the end of the process. That way, should the pen be lost, it would be picked up by the metal detector. Business Insider’s people also noted the thick aroma of beef smell that looms throughout the entire facility. Once inside the building, there’s no doubt that they’re working with meat.

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OSI Group and McDonald venture into the Chinese market

OSI Group celebrated 20 years in China in 2012; the company opened a factory in Beijing where it was serving McDonald food in 1992. The company has grown with the Chinese economy for the 20 years successfully supplying food during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The company serves food such as beef, pork, eggs dehydrated onion, and chicken. Since the Olympics, the company has been a leading supplier for most of the Chinese events the group earned a reputation as there were no complaints concerning the food served rather most of the clients gave positive feedback.

OSI Group and David McDonald commitment to improving the quality of its products

The reputation has helped both OSI and David McDonald to enhance stability and the presence in the cultural Chinese food sector. The organizations have shown commitment to improving their services by conducting their businesses responsibly and sustainably. The organizations focus efforts on best quality food, safety, and animal welfare, gaining public trust in China. These three elements are the reason the organizations have had zero issues of food safety and gain acceptance in the Chinese food sector.

The company’s move to gain a global presence

The company also strives to gain presence in the global market, where OSI group acquired Baho foods one of the most recognized European food companies. This has led to the penetration of David McDonalds and OSI in Europe as Baho Foods had a great base of faithful customers who showed acceptance to the Group. Baho Foods adds to the portfolio of the company in addition to expanding its business in Europe.

Move to use environmentally friendly packaging materials.

McDonald has strict rules when it comes to the packaging of products; they focus on environmentally friendly methods which are fostered by the Chinese government. This included the use of renewable, recycled materials in their packaging process by 2025; the company cares for environmental welfare. Moreover, these initiatives will make it stand out among its competitors. Most countries are aiming at creating a green economy which includes environmental friendly practices. McDonald and OSI is known for their stringent measures in the production and packing of their burgers that meet the international safety standards. Adding environmental friendly packaging will make the company stand above its competitors and gain competitive advantage. Click here.

OSI Group Spreads Across the World

OSI Group Spreads Across the World

In the beginning, every company starts out as a small store in a small community. Rarely does a new business start out big and end big. OSI Group is no different from any other worldwide conglomerate. When OSI was first founded, it was a tiny meat market in the cozy community of Oak Park, Illinois in Chicago. Founded by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, in 1909, OSI was never predicted to become a global juggernaut. Mr. Kolschowsky opened his business as a way to fit into the community. As he settled in and started a family, more locals took notice of his quality meats.

Before long, his operations had to be moved to a larger facility in Maywood, a more spacious community on the other side of town. Once resettled, he continued growing his business reputation and winning over more corporate clients in the region. In 1928, nearly 20 years later, his sons, now older enough to work, joined the family business, and Otto rebranded the store – Otto and Sons. As World Wars came and went, Otto & Sons thrived in the Midwest, quickly becoming one of the top food suppliers of high-quality meats in the region. When their father retired, the brothers continued his legacy while looking to make their mark on the industry.

In 1955, an enthusiastic entrepreneur approached the brothers about supplying his chain of restaurants. While opening a restaurant chain doesn’t sound outrageous today, back then, supplying any one client with that much product was unheard of in the food industry. Despite the risk, the brothers went into business with Ray Kroc, and the first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois later that year. In the early days, McDonald’s had over 100 suppliers, but that number quickly dropped, as many suppliers couldn’t keep up with demand. As Otto & Sons and McDonald’s succeeded together, OSI Group was born. Today, OSI Group has facilities all over the world and is a major player in the value added food supplying business.


 Michael Nierenberg Investment Innovator

Michael Nierenberg brings leadership experience to New Residential Investment Corporation. In 2016 he earned the position of Chairman of the Board. The real estate investment trust company is based in New York. His past work experience includes working at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. He worked as head of global securities while at JP Morgan. He also worked at Bear Stearns holding senior leadership positions as well as being on their Board of Directors. Another notable position Michael Nierenberg held was at Lehman Brothers where he worked for seven years. Here he helped the company work to promote their adjustable rate mortgages.

A real estate investment trust is an organization that owns, in some instances

operates, and may finance real estate that will provide income. They include properties such as hospitals, shopping centers, and other commercial real estate. Michael Nierenberg is successful in all the companies that he worked. He identified the investment potential of excess mortgage servicing rights and has been successful in finding success in the once undervalued asset. Michael Nierenberg is an innovator in the investment market and is unbeatable as a leader. While at New Residential Investment Corporation he has brought his talent and with hard work continues to be successful.

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