All About Infinity Group Australia

This is an organization that was founded by Graeme Holm. He is a man who has been in the financial services sector for more than a decade. Among his completed accreditations is through finance, financial planning, and real estate. What motivated Graeme to start his company’ Infinity Group Australia is when he learned that the financial institutions were directly offering a poor deal to most of the families in Australia. It made Graeme become inspired and he started his company so that he could help finish the problem. He has been aiming to change and fix the lives of most Australians one home at each time financially.


When he was in an interview talking about his company, he explained why using a debit card can help control the financial expenditure for a consumer. According to Graeme Holm, when you are not paying for something cash, then you are not purchasing it! When he talked about his company, he said that they ensure that each dollar is given a purpose and it has been focusing to help in educating the people the difference that exists between having a need and having a want. It will also help to keep them accountable to one’s goals.


He said that most of the kinds of stuff that consume the hand earned money end up being thrown to trash in a few months time. Instead of that, the money should be sitting in someone’s mortgage which will help in reducing the daily interest of someone. What people have been assuming and forgetting is that interest still calculates on daily basis and there are charges at every end month. His company is, therefore, focusing on mitigating clients expenditure where they won’t be eating mince in seven different ways every week.


The company is also aware that most of the families have been spending what they can directly access and therefore be having the credit becomes their ongoing enemy to an average family living in Australia. A debit card is known to operate in a similar and flexible manner like a credit card but the advantage is that it ensures that the client has not hyperextended his outgoings. Learn more:


He also talked about how his company is being received by the borrowers. He said that most of them have loved the company. This is because they are able to go to work, have time with their families when they are sure that their bills are being taken care of. This is able to remove the stresses that they have been experiencing. For other clients who love being more hands-on to their finances, it is a big adjustment because at the third month they are able to have cleared their debt instead of having it for 122 months and they are able to see the big picture there.



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