George Soros: China Transfers Its Problems Abroad

The start of 2016 hasn’t been a good time to be an equity investor. Markets around the world declined rather substantially.

There are fears that we’re on the brink of a financial crisis, similar to that of 2008. Back then, the stock markets worldwide had declined steeply amid a full-blown subprime mortgage crisis.

At that time, we were on the edge of an economic depression, not seen since 1930s. Since that time, the central banks, especially the Federal Reserve in the United States, have been pumping money into the economy through purchasing toxic debt, bailing out financial institutions, and spending more and more, while debt has grown.

Now, however, the Fed had stopped the quantitative easing and has started the cycle of raising interest rates. Meanwhile, China’s economy is slowing down substantially, which has led to a carnage on a Chinese stock market.

A famous multi-billionaire investor, George Soros, expects hard landing for China’s economy. The GDP growth in the Middle Kingdom fell below 7% per year, first time in many years, while Chinese debt skyrocketed.

At a recent economic forum in Sri Lanka,George Soros warned investors to be very cautious as the financial markets are facing a crisis.

China has been having problems finding new economic growth model to sustain its prosperity and keep the country from social unrest. So far, the Chinese solution has been to devalue the yuan, although minimally so far. This is expected to boost Chinese exports, but is transferring China’s growth problems to the rest of the world.

Soros is a highly successful hedge fund manager. His funds averaged 20% a year for 45 years, a performance record very few can match. He became quite well-known back in 1992 when his ten-billion-dollar bet on a collapse of a British Pound has made him a billion dollars.

With that bet, Soros correctly predicted that Britain will pull out of the European Exchange Mechanism, which is a prelude to joining the Eurozone. Since that day, he’s been known as “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

Due to his tremendous performance record in the financial markets, many investors are paying close attention to what he has got to say.

George Soros Predicts The Collapse Of The European Union

George Soros is a billionaire who has put his money behind many projects around the world, and he is predicting a collapse around the migration crisis. People have been displaced in the middle east, and these citizens are moving into countries like Germany. Angela Merkel has been identified as the key person in this crisis, and George has a solution for the problem. This article explains what George thinks should be done about the migration crisis before Europe falls apart.

#1: Germany Is Critical

CNBC recently published an article about the crisis, and George Soros was asked about his solutions for the problem. He said that Angela Merkel is the only person who is making the right calls on this crisis at the moment, and he believes that she is going to be the person who brings Europe together. Europe is falling apart because of dissenting viewpoints, and George wants to see Angela Merkel step up to lead Europe out of this hole.

#2: Kicking The Can Down The Road

George Soros is a financier who has given money to many worth causes around the world. He has worked for civil rights, for the freedom of enslaved people around the world and for the freedom of information. He does not believe that refugees in Europe should be held back as they come into Germany, but he does believe that radicalization must be stopped immediately. He knows that Europe is willing to let the problem get worse, and he hopes that Germany will force the issue today.

#3: The Schengen Zone

The Schengen Zone is a free zone that allows all EU citizens to move through its member nations. The EU has built up a strong federation that is free to move within, but refugees may need to be stopped from moving. George is opposed to freezing the movement of refugees, but he wonders if Germany is willing to accept the financial burden of holding all those refugees. Germany could emerge as a leader in the EU if the nation absorbs all those refugees without trouble.

The Eruo is suffering at the moment, and the economic balance of the continent could be in jeopardy simply because of an influx of people. Europeans are not sure what to do, but George Soros believes that Angela Merkel can become the most important person in this crisis. Her leadership in Germany could prevent a collapse of biblical proportions.

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The Importance of Education in the Market

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He has plenty of writings that could be found on the Internet that deals with the market. Igor Cornelsen has plenty of tips and examples that he could use to help people know what to expect and how to make better and more profitable decisions on the stock market or any market that they can invest in and earn money. It is also important to be educated on the market because many people’s instincts take them in the opposite direction of profit. This is a knock back in their efforts to profit.

One of the things that people do which take them away from profitability is trying to predict a change a trend. Many people see that an asset has been trending down or going in a certain price direction. So they try to get in on when they thing is going to be the next correction. The only issue is that they wind up losing money when the price does not go how they expect it. Another thing is that they hold on to the losing trade as they see that they are losing money with the hopes of turning it around. Igor Cornelsen would advise people not to take that action.

Igor Cornelsen would recommend that one takes the time to study up on the different assets and the market that the asset is under. There are tons of different types of ways to read the market. There is the technical analysis and fundamental analysis. In the end, like Igor Cornelsen did, one must find a method that works for him. There is no method that is going to work for everyone. However, there are effective methods of trading in the market and ineffective methods for the market. Igor Cornelsen knows which methods works for him. It is up to each investor find one that works for him. Fortunately, there are many different methods that one could use. Many of them work in some way. There are some that do not work at all. Even some of the methods that ultimately fail the user actually works for a while.