Some Of The History Of Apia, Samoa

Fagali’I Airport provides the residents of Upolu Island, and tourists, a way to get in and out of Samoa. It lies just outside of Apia on Plantation Road next door to the Royal Samoa Golf Course. It was named after a village on this island which lies around 3 miles away. Up until 2002 it just had a grass airstrip but this was paved over.

The Fagali’I Airport structure is around 3000 square feet. As the planes that land at this airport seat just 19 passengers it doesn’t need to be very large. Polynesian Airlines owns and operates this airport and it has several flights a day to nearby American Samoa. It has four ticket counters and has enough seating to accommodate around 60 people.

Fagali’I Airport and Apia are located on the northern coast of Upolu which is the second biggest island of Samoa. Apia is the only city on this island and other inhabited places are smaller villages. As of the last census in 2011 there were 36,735 people living in Apia. Although an earlier village occupied where Apia now lies it was formally founded in the 1850s according to

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One famous incident that took place near Fagali’I Airport was a naval standoff which occurred on March 15, 1889. America, Britain, and Germany collectively had seven ships in the harbor while a typhoon was approaching. Each nation’s captains refused to leave the harbor first because they didn’t want to lose face. As a result of this monumental stupidity six of the boat sunk and the only survivors were on a British boat which somehow managed to leave the harbor at the last moment.

Most of the things to see and do on Upolu Island are within walking distance of Fagali’I Airport. It is rather hot, though, so many tourists prefer to take taxis instead of walking. Another danger for walkers is that there are many aggressive dogs on Upolu Island, particularly around dusk as well as in the evening. People living on this island use their dogs for protection and train them to be fierce so just walking by a home can result in a dog attack.

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