Beneful Brand Dog Food Sounds As Good As it Is!

Many dog foods are branded with names that don’t say much about their quality. Not so with Purina’s Beneful brand. To really understand the meaning of the word “Beneful” it’s important to look at each syllable.

First of all the word “bene” is the Latin root word for “well” or “good”. If you look at the word “benefit” you will see it has the same root word. The same is true of the words “benevolent” which means a giver of good things, “beneficial” which means something that affects someone in a good way and “benefactor”, a person who bestows good things to others. When someone is applying for a job, they no doubt look for good employee benefits. Just about any word starting with “bene” means a boon or goodness given to someone or by someone.

So when Purina was thinking of a name to brand its premier dog food, naturally the name “Beneful” fit well with the idea of optimum choice and nutrition at a price that the average household could afford. Pet owners don’t have to go to specialty shops to find Beneful, it’s right there in the supermarket and conveniently located on big box store shelves like Walmart!

Another obvious “benefit” of Beneful brand god food is the variety. There are formulas of wet and dry food for puppies to older adult dogs. Whether it’s savory wet stews or crunchy kibble, Beneful makes the right product for all dogs. Beneful also makes healthy treats in flavors canines crave. You can see the goodness in the product when you open the package

So, easily translated, Beneful simply means food that is full of goodness and promotes wellness. Happy canine customers and their adult caretakers have made Beneful their choice when restocking the dog food supply.