Doing A Full Cloud Migration From Using OneLogin

Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends which is shaping the software industry. Businesses are falling over one another to see whom is able to do a cloud migration fast enough. Data can be secure with the help of the right cloud migration assistance. Many organizations fail to take the best practices into account when they are attempting to migrate their applications and infrastructure. Two-pronged approaches are helpful when businesses need to migrate, and this helps to prevent and correct security issues. Policies and practices are designed to ensure that organizations are secure.

There are still a few challenges which can come with not having adequate hardware. Shadow IT then became a solution that took advantage of cloud computing. Employees of many companies often decided that they would make a choice for their own tools. The tides are turning for many businesses looking to migrate over to the cloud. They are able to take advantage of cloud computing software that enables them to use their own tools.

Nearly any employee with a company credit card can set up new virtual machines, meaning that many companies are less reliant upon their IT departments. A centralized IT structure is able to also done little to improve a company’s understanding of IT security. There is also a major risk that costs could spiral out of control without the right management structure in place for cloud computing.

IT Professionals manage hardware, and IT isn’t fully visible. Developers can easily set up a instance of a server that the IT department doesn’t know about, among other potentially dangerous scenarios. Access control is necessary to make sure that no one person has the ability to put the entire network at risk.

OneLogin is a company which provides access management to IT departments. The aim is to mitigate some of the risks which come with cloud computing and having multiple users working within a shared system. It also makes onboarding/offboarding easier for the enterprise. Onelogin also aims to increase end-user productivity with a Single Sign On. Onelogin is a venture-backed company which is based in San Francisco, CA.

How ClassDojo is of Benefit to the Education Sector

ClassDojo recently announced that is has managed to raise 21 million dollars in its second series of investment funding. This was specifically done to help in the development of a platform that links parents and teachers. This app will eliminate any communication lapses and help parents to closely monitor the academic and social development of their children in school.


Such an easy flow of communiqué during school days is helpful in keeping parents updated about the experiences of their children. Previously, this had to be done through parent-teacher meetings, which are not only hectic to organize but also time consuming. The brains behind the project, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don point out that the funds will be used in the improvement of features contained in this groundbreaking app. They also stress the fact that the app will not just be useful during schooldays but also at home when they are not available.


Teachers will be guided by ClassDojo to come up with a daily schedule, which will also be made known to parents. While using it, they will have the ability to take and send videos of the students. These videos are meant for showing the parents how the kids are participating in academic and co-curricular activities. This will ultimately create a close-knit community encompassing educators, learners and parents. The fact that it will be free to use makes it even more enticing. As per now, the founders are focusing on availing its app to tutors and parents. In future, there is a possibility that it will be expanded to include services such as paying for school trips via mobile money services.


A Synopsis of ClassDojo


This is a technology upstart whose purpose is creating a convenient platform through which educators can communicate with parents. Since its formation in 2011, it has been on an upward trajectory and now boosts more than 15 million students in the US. Two thirds of schools in the country also use its services besides having 8,000 hits every minute. This impressive growth has been largely attributed to highly talented and motivated members of staff.


ClassDojo is based in San Francisco and has managed to raise 31 million dollars in venture funding, which will go towards the development of its interactive communication platform. So far, it has attracted funding from large investment firms such as Felicis Ventures, General Catalyst Partners and GSV Capital. Such backing shows the faith that ClassDojo has cultivated amongst its investors.