ClassDojo, Serving the Education Sector Best in the 21st Century

ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary among other associates like Liam Don. ClassDojo is committed to listening to teachers, students and parents as far as education formation and development is concerned. ClassDojo has helped in solving communication skills between students and their parents about their progress outside the class environment. The problem has been assumed in many schools around the world leading students giving false information to their parents as far as academic progress is concerned. However, with ClassDojo, everything has changed and became manageable, especially in the U.S. K-8 schools districts. It was recorded in Business Times by San Francisco that more than 90% of U.S. schools are already using the technology to serve better.

ClassDojo has gone forward and raised 21 million dollars to help in funding technology that connects educators to parents and students. The technology helps parents, students and educators to communicate consistently about social and behavioral growth in school and at home. The technology has taken the education world to the next level by I involving parents to engage and make follow up about their children’s progress anytime compared to the meetings held at the end of every semester. Parents are in a position to learn how their students are proceeding at their comfort other than visiting the school quite often.

The two co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have been looking forward to improving the app and make it much better and convenient to all parents at any time. The company closed late 2015 and decided to use the money raised to make a proper research on what features to improve and add. These efforts were meant to make the app convenient and easily usable by all parents. It would help to track their children grades, make inquiries through emails, send their recommendations and pay school fees at their pleasure.

As a result of many schools turning to the digital world, Edtech has come to fill the gap that has been created in Schoology. With the use of iPads in the vast technology ClassDojo has made sure that all is well, including implementation and adoption plan to modernize education world.