Talkspace Provides Major Expansion in Providing Mental Health Services

Talkspace is a private psychotherapy company that specializes in online therapy and unlimited messaging mental treatment operating globally. The facility was founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, New York, United States. Recently, Talkspace planned for major expansions which will ensure delivery of quality and additional services such as prescribing drugs. According to Talkspace’s cofounder Roni Frank, the company reached over one million users with only three years in the business.

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Drug Prescription

Talkspace hired Neil Leibowitz, a Chief Medical Officer, and a former UnitedHealth senior medical director, to provide drug prescription services to mental problem patients. Roughly twenty percent of Americans suffer from mental illnesses with two-thirds going for a year without treatment. However, there are other startup online therapy companies such as AI-Powered app Woebot and Better Help trying to solve the problem. Talkspace is hiring licensed psychiatrists working closely with the company therapists to determine if any patients demand for medication prescription.

Expanding To Offices and Universities

Besides expanding to drug prescription, Talkspace has also extended its services to offices and universities through employer support projects and partnering with fraternities in campuses. For instance, Delta Tau Delta members will get free access to the company services through a unique code. Similarly, Talkspace joined with Alpha Tau Omega another fraternity firm in 2016 through an advertisement.

According to Lynn Hamilton, Chief Commercial Officer at Talkspace, the strategy aims at reaching many young people in universities and provide them with the essential care to those suffering from mental illnesses. She mentioned that many people nowadays are free to talk about psychological issues and willing to get help, but universities have a great challenge as students demand extra care. Currently, the company is under talks with multiple sororities to deliver quality mental health services as well as working closely with institutional therapists.


What You Should Know About Unroll Me

Your email box can get messy sometimes. That could bring about a lot of inconveniences.For example, having to scheme through throngs of email to extract some information from an email you had read earlier. At unroll.Me we take our time to help you reorganize your email. For free, you can subscribe to our services and rely on us to manage your email. If you have an issue with unwanted emails popping up every other time, we can help you eradicate such nuisance.

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Unroll.Me is a service that values categorizing. The roll-up inbox we offer is designed instinctually to automatically rearrange each of your emails,and place them in their own category for your own retrieval ease. Junk can be time-consuming,it prevents you from accessing the much-needed information at the right speed. Our systems are made to ensure that you no longer waste your time scrolling through a long list of email to get to the right one.

We all love our Android devices; they make things easier. Unroll.Me provides you with one of the best Android application to help you manage the spam and junk in within your email. The best thing about this app is allowing you more convenience while reading your email on your Android device; you can do this while on the go. This application is easy to use,once you connect your email account,the Unroll.Me features can be used to unsubscribe unwanted emails. You can then roll up the rest for your everyday use in a suitable manner.

Unroll.Me knows that you value your work,most of your time at the office involves communicating through this beautiful electronic medium. That is why our products are designed to not only to make your email account elegant but also simplify it. Our system have been engineerer to understand the fundamental problems experienced while navigating through our will love the experience as you use unroll.ME

Why Slyce Remains The Best Visual Search Technology Developing Company

Nowadays, the internet plays a very integral role when matters related to how people communicate and live life are concerned. The world wide web has transformed a lot in the last twenty years precisely in matters related to information searching. Gone are the days when text searching was the only exclusive method to make a search. These days, one can make either a video or images search and still manage to come up with very good results. In particular, image searching has grown a lot in the last two decades. This is highly contributed by the fact that it is very popular when people are making online purchases.

There has been very recent advances in image recognition on software. Pinterest is a social network that has been on the front line when matters related to the technology are concerned. Together with, the website has been using a technique known as deep learning that has an awesome software that has the ability to match humans on some benchmarks for image recognition. The technology uses Google image search and a photo recognition service that was launched a few months back.

As reported on the MIT Technology Review Website, the new search tool allows users to draw a box around something that is seen in an image on the service to find items that are similar from over a billion items. There are some items that also come accompanied by buy buttons making it very appropriate for online shopping purposes. The technology was recently rolled out to users in the company website as well as all mobile apps associated with Pinterest. The system learned to make concrete understanding out of images drawn from the images shared on the platform.

Very many companies have tried to make sophisticated image search technologies that can be used more efficiently for different uses. Slyce is one company that is in the front line when matters related to developing the best visual search technologies are concerned.

The company has different solutions for the different customer needs. It has an In Store and an Out Store solution that it offers to its clients. Both technologies enable consumers to buy products they see in the real world when they simply snap a photo and search it on the database.

Both technologies have been in use in different major retail stores and owners have attributed improved sales, better customer care as well as better inventory management to them. Slyce has and will continue being on the front line when matters related to developing the best visual search technology are concerned.

Skout Is Still the Best Mobile Dating App Available

If you look at an article that was recently written discussing the 10 most popular apps for online dating, you will undoubtedly recognize many of the names listed. The list serves as a veritable Who’s Who when it comes to online dating apps that are known to be both legitimate and effective. With that being said, they all have something about them that makes them fairly unique. As a result, some people obviously prefer one mobile app over another and in many cases, people even double up by using two or more apps at the same time in hopes of increasing their chances of finding that special someone that they know is out there somewhere.

One thing the that should not surprise you in the slightest is the fact that Skout, the popular online website that helps you meet people, showed up on the list. In fact, it was very close to the top of the list, as the mobile app provides you with the same level of convenience and security that the website has always been known to provide. There are a number of things that make people more apt to use Skout than many of the other mobile dating apps that are out there. Part of it has to do with the fact that the app has been around longer than any other mobile dating app in existence and part of it has to do with the fact that people simply like the way that Skout works. They never have to worry about the pressure that often comes with some of the other online dating websites or mobile dating apps that are out there. Skout truly does change the face of the way people meet each other and it makes the entire process much easier.

So, why is Skout so special? First and foremost, it is not just a dating site. It is a place where people can go to meet friends. That is how it was intended from the beginning with this particular app and that is still the way that it operates today. Most people don’t go on Skout with the idea that they are going to find someone to date and even eventually marry. In many cases, they are doing it because they have recently moved to a new area and they want to get to know people in the area or they want to make new friends from different countries that have different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Because Skout exists all over the globe and serves people in more than 100 countries, this is easy to do. Imagine being able to meet a friend who lives halfway across the globe and then converse with them on a regular basis through e-mail, Skype or something similar. Of course, there are a number of occasions where these friendships turn into something more serious and people do end up getting married. The great thing about Skout is that you can use it for whatever you wish instead of feeling like you have to meet someone and then date that person exclusively.

Mobile dating apps are the way that most people will decide to meet in the future. They are the epitome of convenience and they allow you to have instant access to all of your online relationships at the touch of a button. When you choose one of the best apps in existence, you have the chance to take your relationships to new heights that you never even imagined before.

Dating In Russia Can Begin At Any Age

Unfortunately, many have a negative view of dating women that live in international locations. Russian women are one of the most well-known women when it comes to catalog brides, and some have a negative view of these types of women, but a lot of the views that people have about these women are incorrect. Many may feel that Russian women are dating American men in hopes of coming to America for a better life and that they are in no way in love with the man that they are talking to.

The fact is, many women from Russia have fallen in love with American men, and they’ve even had marriages that continued on for years with these men. Those that are experiencing the dating process in America or Russia that consists of international dating can understand that people may have opinions about international dating, but it’s no different than having a long-distance relationship. There are many that have long-distance relationships that are genuine. Each person will wait for one another until the day that they can be together, so there is no difference between a Russian woman dating an American man. Many are choosing to date online these days because of the fact that it’s an easier process.

Those who go to the Anastasia Date website will have a much easier time dating internationally, and they’ll join the millions of other Anastasia Date users that are going to the website. Anastasia Date currently boasts over 20 million members and counting, and over 80 million users go to the site throughout the year. Anastasia Date is known as the number one international dating site, and the website boasts many different types of women, including Russian and Ukrainian women. The women on the Anastasia Date site are looking for love like many other women out there.

Men who choose to talk to women on the Anastasia Date website are in for a treat because these women are not gorgeous, and many of the women are truly looking to fall in love with a great man. There are several ways for men to communicate with the women they meet on Anastasia Date, and one of the most popular ways to communicate is via messaging. The messaging is live, which means that each person will get a response from the other person right away. Those who want an in-depth experience can choose to video chat, which allows each person to see one another.


In today’s society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a world without mobile technology. As more technological advances are made, the smaller the world becomes. People can use mobile technology to pay bills, send gifts, order take-outs, complete homework assignments, conduct meetings, and connect with new people who live far way. There are countless mobile applications – apps, for short – available for cell phones and mobile tablets; nowadays, hundreds of new mobile apps are created each year. Mobile apps allow mobile device users to link with others with ease and to access a wealth of information in the palm of your hand.

In addition to mobile apps, social media has become a very popular means of connecting with other people. Popular social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook, allow users to share their personal world with others via written posts or tweets, pictures, and/or videos; express their thoughts and feelings; re-connect with family and old friends; and meet new people. Some of these social media websites cater to users looking for love and romance. Since the Internet has become more accessible to many, people are using it to find a potential mate and/or have a good time in the company of another. There are several popular online dating websites available, like Zoosk, Tinder, and Omegle; mostly all of them also have mobile apps.

Skout Inc. is another popular mean for online dating. Founded in 2007 by current CEO Christian Wiklund and current CTO Niklas Lindstrom in San Francisco, Skout on techcrunch currently boasts over 10 million users, with 1.5 million new users each month, from 180 countries. Skout is a mobile app that used GPS to connect users with others in close promixity for the purpose of flirting and dating. If the GPS is disabled, Skout users can create a profile for interested prospects to view. Skout has separated communities for adult and teen users; it is also available for iOS and Android devices and in 14 languages.

Skout allows its users to chat with other users via instant messaging, exchange photos or notes with each other, and send virtual gifts to each other. In addition, Skout has some unique features, like “Shake to Chat”, “Skout Travel”, and “Feature Me”. With “Shake to Chat”, Skout users form random connections with other users by shaking their phones at the same time. A premium paid feature, “Skout Travel” connects traveling users to each other. “Feature Me” spotlights certain Skout users who placed themselves on center stage for the entire community.

Skout offers two additional mobile app products, Nixter and Fuse. Acquired in May 2014, Nixter is a nightlife app allowing users to find nightlife events, purchase tickets, and access guest lists for events in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Launched in June 2014, Fuse is a short-lived group messaging app allowing users to create social networks using their devices’ address books. Skout Inc. continues to grow in the expanding yet lucrative mobile dating market while exploring new ways to foster interaction and possibly love among its users.