Too Much of A Good Thing In Hair Care Can Be Bad

Hair care should be high on the list of things to do throughout your life. If you don’t take good care of your hair, then you’ll surely begin to lose it. Many of today’s haircare brands aren’t as honest as they may appear. The majority of haircare brands have chemicals within their structure. This basically means that the products are full of parabens and sulfates. These two chemically-based ingredients are stripping your hair of its natural oils. When the natural oils are all stripped away, you’ll begin to experience issues with your scalp. The best thing for anyone to do is to use the gentlest products possible for haircare maintenance.

One of the better haircare brands of 2018 is known as Wen by Chaz. According to a Wikipedia research, this phenomenal brand uses some of the finest of ingredients in its advanced formulas. Botanicals are in high-use here. Some of the ingredients that you’ll find in Wen products just so happen to be lavender, sweet almond mint, chamomile, wild-cherry bark extract, panthenol and pomegranate. Wen haircare products tend to heal the hair as well as heal the scalp. When these ingredients are consistently being used, the scalp’s environment is better and easier to maintain.

Wen by Chaz was actually founded by a celebrity-haircare stylist. This stylist has worked with a number of prominent figures in Hollywood. Chaz Dean is the man with the plan, and he has worked up on how WEN led the way for the no-lather hair care trend. Dean actually started his career as a photographer. Photography led into a growing love for cosmetics. For a short period of time, Dean got a chance to attend cosmetology school in Los Angeles. According to, as of 2018, he has his very own salon in Hollywood, and he treats a variety of people on a daily basis. For more info, visit

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Using Cleansing Conditioners – Wen by Chaz; The WEN Transformation

When looking for alternatives to traditional and harsher hair shampoos, cleansing conditioners become a very viable alternative. Cleansing conditioners promote a healing system to help restore and manage your hair care. 25 years ago Chaz Dean sought something better for his salon clients. After 7 years, he had developed and launched an alternative approach to normal hair care. WEN is that idea and is a revolutionary way to cleanse and condition hair.


WEN hair care products are not some fad or quick cleanse transformation with short term gains. With WEN, you can say good-bye to blah and icky hair. There will be markable and long lasting differences with WEN and you will want to give up traditional shampoos and conditioners, reveals a Twitter review.. Proper use of the WEN hair care system will make your hair healthier in look and feel.


Measurable differences between pre-WEN and post-WEN hair are easy to see. The use of WEN products will leave your hair looking great and full bodied. After using WEN products, people often say that they love their hair and can not stop touching it because it just feels so good. Hair is just nicer, healthier and bouncier after using WEN products.


WEN products work to repair all types of hair. According to, if your hair is damaged, then the WEN products are perfect for restoring your hair’s health. Regular use of WEN keeps performing for your hair even when you get your hair cut, colored or highlighted. It even keeps working to restore hair after activities that are rough on your hair, like swimming or working out in the gym. The WEN system works for all hair types (be careful to see the website for proper use instructions for your type of hair). WEN is safe enough to be used for kids and pets too.


The transformations that WEN does to your hair are enough reason alone to make you want to use the WEN system. But extras like the scent that smells so good and is based on aromas that inspire memories from good parts of life will further endure you to the WEN system. (Seasonal scents are also available.)

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Blogger Shows World Wen By Chaz Works

My friends often lie to me and say they don’t obsess over their hair. I don’t believe them especially because I often catch them looking in the mirror obsessing over their hair or watching the latest youtube video hoping to get hair tricks. And perhaps they don’t obsess or maybe they don’t realize they are obsessing but in anyway they are just like other women out there who have every reason to adore their hair. Shoot, I’m one of those women so I am the last to judge anyone about their hair and the decisions they make to obsess over it.
Not long ago the people over at Bustle decided to give Wen By Chaz a try on her hair. She had heard so many things about the sephora marketed product and wanted to see if it really worked. Fortunate for her everyone else in the world wanted to know if it worked too so we all followed her. We watched and took note of her hair changes via videos and photos and surprisingly the product worked and worked pretty darn well. Leaving many of us to wonder if maybe we should give WEN By Chaz a try.

If you have never heard of the product it was created by Chaz Dean. It is a 3 in 1 hair care system that was created for all types of hair. See, for more info.WEN is available for order on ebay online.