Igor Cornelsen’s Invaluable Tips on Investing

Igor Cornelsen, a retired banker and now the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Inc. is credited with being one most successful bankers heading major banking institutions in the world. Apart from his acumen in the commercial banking sector during his days, he is also one of the smartest stock market investors in Brazil. This has enabled him to become a looked upon authority on providing investment advice for people who wish to start trading in the stock market.

One of the stock investing methods on disqus that Igor Cornelsen believes in is that, the stock market is not a trading platform meant for the accumulation of wealth fast. On the contrary, he strongly believes that shrewd and successful stock market investors ought to make long term investment decisions in the stock market as opposed to short term buying of stocks with the hope that one will get quick riches. Investing in the long term is essential as one is able to earn dividends periodically and eventually get over a hundred percent profit on the particular stocks he has invested in. Therefore he advises investors to deride themselves of the notion that the stock market is meant to make one rich fast.

Further he strongly advises stock investors of the importance of having a diversified stock portfolio as opposed to massively buying one stock. This is particularly important for new investors in the market who are green in trading of stocks. Essentially, this means that it is prudent to purchase stocks of different companies publicly listed in the Bourse. The investment guru believes this is important because it significantly reduces the inevitable risk that so often plaques stock markets world over.

Another invaluable investment advice that Igor Cornelsen holds true is the importance of considering passive income as a viable way of getting more money. Passive income works well because the income generating activity does not require active participation of its owner. This gives the owner time to concentrate on other important activities that are income generating or take time off and relax. The bargain in this kind of investment is that one ought to finance it at the beginning then let someone else, often a professional to manage the income generating activity as an agent of the owner. The owner only needs to check once in a while. An example of such an investment is, investing in the stock market and hiring a manager to oversee your portfolio.

Lastly according to Igor Cornelsen the investment magnet also holds the view that a shrewd investor in the stock market has to consider a number of factors before deciding on the particular stock. The disadvantage of blindly buying stocks of a company is that the company’s stock may fall down due to the company’s financial position and maybe management woes. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the basics of an investment before going for it.