The success of BMG competitive strategy

BMG is a financial institution that is privately owned and controlled by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. The family entered the Brazilian banking industry in the 1930s by establishing the Banco de CreditoPredial S.A. It was later renamed to Banco de Minas Gerais S.A.

BMG is a commercial bank offering a variety of financial products to their clients. For years, BMGs sales strength and professional operations have given it a cutting age in the Brazilian financial sector. The institution was able to create a brand that is a household name in Brazil because of its tradition, ability to tap into modern technology and to understand and move with major market shifts.

BMG concentrated in wholesale and consumer financing as its core business. It took up the largest market share in vehicle financing until the 1980s. After a few years, BMG shifted its focus to providing payroll loans. In 2012, the bank formed a joint venture with ItauUnibanco S.A with the aim of distributing and commercializing payroll loans in Brazil. Currently, the BMG and ItauUnibanco SA are in a unified business offering payroll loans.

The unification strategy in the joint venture seemed to benefit BMG even though it only owns 40% of the total and voting capital stock while ItauUnibanco owns the rest. Some of the advantages that BMG experiences in the joint venture include helping the bank to concentrate on other strategic products, which include financing used vehicles, BMG Express and payroll credit card.

The ability for BMG to stand out in the financial market is attributed to the professional management team that has maintained a high-level corporate governance practices. BMG relies on the board of directors with at least 40% of them being independent members. Under the knowledge and discipline of BMG’s vice president and operation director Marco Alaor, the institution has been able to lure more consumers in Brazil, business entities and investors to their strategic plans.

Mr. MarcioAlaor has steered the bank to profitability and sustainable growth successfully despite the presence of intense competition in the Brazilian financial market. Among the adopted strategies that have made BMG remain competitive is tapping into the veteran credit team that utilize technological resources and have an incredible experience to spearhead BMGs values of credit policies.

It is through the director Mr. MarcioAlaor and BMG vice president that the bank has been able to diversify its funding and investment practices. BMG core strategy is their intent to ensure that companies and individual consumers can reach their financial goals while at the same time mitigating the institution’s financial risks.

Finding Green Space in New York Just Got Easier

Many people live in the New York City area because there are great jobs. In fact, a recent study found that the city is cleaner and safer than it has been in a long time. However, for those who are longing for a private outdoor space, you may be hard pressed to find something under $500,000.

In the area of Staten Island, many areas have large yards, but there are many other boroughs to have a lot of green space too if you just know where to look. A report that came out on August 20th stated that there are more than 256 condos in the Manhattan area, and many of these had an outdoor space. They’re also 373 apartments available. These all were under the 500,000 mark. Unfortunately, the ads didn’t specify what type of outdoor space, so it was likely just a patio or garden area shared with neighbors. Checking specific terms on the results like balcony or deck was less encouraging to those looking for some green space.

In the Brooklyn area getting ample green space is not a problem. Being in this area allows you to get out of the Metropolitan feel and have a down-home feeling. An apartment listed there for $435,000 offered a large garden with a Japanese maples, hydrangea and even an excellent brick path lined with hostas. It provided a little bit of peace and tranquility with proximity to the downtown area. This particular apartment over 500 square feet and the garden area was larger than the apartment itself. However, the inside of the flat had a Pepto Bismol pink tile and needed to be upgraded. But how much are people willing to pay for some green space.

There are numerous apartments available in Manhattan that have terraces, but you’re going to pay for them. How does a luxurious 3,000 square of outdoor space sound? This will only cost you $100 million dollars. If you are looking for a fantastic area in NYC apartments for sale, Town Real Estate can help you. They are the ones to call first.

Town real estate has been in business for quite some time. They help upscale clients find the green space that they’ve been looking for. Whether you want to grow herbs on your window sill or plant of tropical bush in your courtyard makes no difference; their brokers can help you find exactly what you need within your budget.

Written Agreements

More people than you might think work on a purely commission basis, while others work on a commission and salary basis. However, it is important to make sure that all parties involved agree to the commission terms or things could really get heated. For example, a recent case from the Houston Courts of Appeals is a perfect example of what could happen to an employer that works on a commission basis. In order for an agreement to work, both parties must have a meeting of the minds. However, the Colter v. Amkin Technologies, case is a pure example of minds that did not click. More On That Here.

Written Agreements
Perhaps, you are a sales agent and work for a meager salary and a commission. Did the hiring manager create a written agreement that both parties signed or simply agreed verbally. That verbal agreement concerning a hefty commission might not stand up in court. The fact is that a court of law will give more weight to a written agreement than a verbal agreement. Clearly, a written agreement is a fact. A verbal agreement is based on hearsay.

Professional Business Consultant
Susan McGalla is a professional executive business consultant, American businesswoman. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This experienced business consultant has worked in various managerial positions during her career, and she would of advised all parties involved in the above case to have a meeting of the minds and a written contract to seal the deal. This would have saved a lot of headaches in the long run.

Joseph Bismark brings Spiritual Success to Business


Climbing the corporate ladder, getting the big house, driving the big cars, and receiving the big paychecks are all part of the dream of success. But is business success really all about getting things or is there something more? An article on Judy and Her Dog profiles powerful entrepreneur Joseph Bismark who believes that spiritual success at work leads to business success in the board room.

Living in a Spiritual Business

Joseph Bismark’s story is as amazing as his rise to the top of the corporate ladder. Joseph’s journey started at the tender age of nine in the mountains of the Philippines where he became a monk and lived a life of inner peace. His life as a monk in the ashram(monastery) lasted until the age of seventeen, but his spiritual path was just beginning. By 1998, Joseph Bismark went from monk to co-founder of the QI group of companies bringing spirituality to business and in 2008, he became managing director of the company.

His unlikely venture into the corporate world also led to co-founding the RHYTHM foundation which focuses on corporate social responsibility. His company culture of healthy living through wellness, organic plant foods and spiritual growth is shared by all his employees. His strong belief in everyone’s ability to be amazing extends well beyond his company and his mission is to help millions reach their full potential through such outlets as his Gems of Wisdom blog.

Throughout his extraordinary journey, Joseph Bismark has proven that business can be both spiritual and successful.