Michel Terpins- great rally driver from Brazil

In the Brazilian rally industry, one of the biggest names in every competition that happens in the country is Michel Terpins. Michel Terpins is the brother to another rally driver known as Rodrigo Terpins. Together, they have been able to make the rally industry one of the best sports in the country. Rally driving is one of the popular competitions in the world today. It’s a sport that draws a huge following whenever there are competitions that are going on. In Brazil, many people follow closely the happenings in the rally driving sport. Although seen as a risky and dangerous sport those with the requisite skills enjoy driving rally cars.

Michel Terpins is now a household name thanks to his prowess in rally driving as well as organizing rally car competitions. Together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins, they belong to a rally team known as the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This team usually competes in numerous competitions all over the Latin America region. When Michel Terpins joined the car rally driving sport, he was able to make a mark as one of the best upcoming rally drivers in the country. He showed persistence in all the competitions that he participated in while at the same time, training very hard to sharpen his driving skills.

Michel Terpin first joined the rally driving competitions in 2002. However, in the beginning, he was driving motorcycles. He participated in a number of motorcycle competitions before switching to car rally driving in 2004.

Michel Terpins have been competing in all the competitions with a car known as T-Rex. This is a prototype car that has been in use for some time now. The engine of this car is a V8, and it is injected with ethanol so that it can be competitive. In the T1 category, Michel Terpins is a top rally driver.

Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins have participated in many rally competitions in the country. Some of the competitions they have participated in are; the Brazilian championship competition as well as the Mitsubishi cup. Michel Terpins have now been in the game for about a decade and a half. He hopes that he will be able to earn more accolades before he finally parts with the competition.