News Updates About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is an international company with offices in as many as 10 countries. It was started in 2002 as a company that provides capital to clients around the world that have shares that are traded using the public exchange. Since the company was established in 2002, they have had some 700 transactions equaling more than 1.6 billion U.S dollars in revenue. In December of 2016 Equities First Holdings partnered with the Environmental Clean Technologies to provide the 30 Million dollars to fund necessary research, and to develop important projects in the country of India. Environmental Clean Technologies decided to use Equities First Holdings because they are the foremost international company in securities-based lending and it was the ideal company to help keep things operating in an efficient manner. Equities First Holdings is proud to be a part of the emerging energy and minerals technologies. original source

Adam Milstein and the Israeli and Jew Communities

American Israelis teach American Jews many things. Adam milstein says they are more connected to the Israeli state and are shown the Israeli culture. They are also taught the Hebrew language. Adam Milstein thinks the American Israelis can help grow the American Jews into a better community. Many Israelis came here 1948 and they stayed under the radar. Israel had completely disowned them. Jews did not want anything to do with them until they paid a fee. Now they are Jews. American Israelis are proud to be American but they are also able to help their Nation here.

Adam Milstein says they stand proud and fight back against whoever is anti-Semitism. They are working on passing the anti-BDS legislation and expose anti-Israelism in the UN. They have helped bring people together to pass the Taylor Force Act. Adam Milstein says that Israel is not perfect but it is where they come from. They will be there to help and support their country, even from the US. Everybody knows where they are coming from and they are proud of who they are. They are family.

Israel is a wedge that has many disagreements but the American Israelis still accept and support the state of Israel. They are home of pro-Israel community nationwide. The decisions in Israel should be made by their citizens.

They are not here to take over America but to be apart of it. Israelis are just trying to bring their culture to the Jew community. They are here to learn what they can and to find ways to do activities with the Jew community.

They are here to build a stronger jewish community. Staying spiritual is an asset for them. They do programs where a lot of the community nation wide come together to celebrate their holidays. They get more respect now in Israel.

Why Is Sahm Adrangi Shorting Eastman Kodak?

Kerrisdale Capital Chief Investment Officer & Founder Sahm Adrangi foresees potential troubles for the global firm, Eastman Kodak (NYSE: KODK). Is it struggling to handle digital technology? What specific concerns were raised in his assessment?

Eastman Kodak Problems

On February 7, 2018 Kerrisdale Capital Chief Investment Officer & Founder Sahm Adrangi explained why he was shorting Eastman Kodak on CNBC. Kodak is a commercial printing, imaging, camera and film company, whose stock has risen 187% after announcing its blockchain cryptocurrency partnership. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at

Mr. Sahm Adrangi does not think that the announcement changes the poor performance and unsustainable capital structure of Eastman Kodak. The announcement seemed to be aimed at jumping on the ICO bandwagon – it is full of sound and fury, but devoid of substance.

Needless to say, since the stock’s run up, a short position could be an attempt to take profits. ICOs are actually very competitive and Eastman Kodak might be competing with more agile, blockchain technologies that have more free capital. Mr. Adrangi does not think that Eastman Kodak’s brand name is enough to stem the tide.

Adrangi Financial Expertise

Kerrisdale Capital was founded in 2009 by Mr. Adrangi, who remains as the Chief Investment Officer. Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC follows an investment strategy emphasizing long-term sustainable value and short-term special events.

Previously, Sahm Adrangi had been an Investment Analyst at Longacre Fund Management, LLC. He also worked for the Chanin Capital Partners, focusing on Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructurings. He is an expert on sustainable capital levels.


Honest Appraisals

Kerrisdale Capital Management was launched by Sahm Adrangi with under $1 million in capital and has since grown to $150 million (July 2017). The firm focuses on market research and shorting overvalued stocks. Chief Investment Officer Sahm Adrangi has exposed many fraudulent companies, some of which have been punished by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

Biotechnology, mining and telecommunications are the markets that Mr. Adrangi specializes in. He has shed light on questionable valuations, which is particularly useful during bull markets. Mr. Adrangi holds a company’s feet to the fire. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Institutional Investor.

Susan McGalla Says More Women Are Needed In Boardroom

Trailblazing CEO Susan McGalla says the lack of women in the boardroom has very little to do with lack of effort or opportunities. It is much more about lack of incentives and other women for the purpose of support.

According to McGalla, men still hold the majority of positions. And until attitudes change, and men understand the importance of women in the workplace, it will remain this way.

According to studies, companies with gender-diversity are 15% more successful. “The numbers cannot be denied,” said McGalla.

The Pittsburgh native has held a number of high-level positions in her young age. She has headed a number of Fortune 500 companies like Wet Seal and American Eagle Outfitters. Today she runs her own company, P3 Executive Consulting and she is also the marketing director for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

McGalla was raised to be fearless. With a football coach father and two brothers, she was never given any exceptions and learned from a very young age that she would not be given any slack because of her gender. It is a good lesson that she carried on in life.

McGalla recalls when she first entered the work force, she saw very few women in the board room. “Although it was obviously still a man’s world, I wasn’t going to let that intimidate me or hold me back.” She didn’t.

She worked very hard and proved that she was just as good as her male peers. She was rewarded with a number of lucrative positions that further showcased her exceptional talents.

While things are getting better for women, McGalla feels the pace could quicken up a bit. She says companies like Hewlitt Packard, Yahoo and Pepsi Cola having women at the helm proves that women can do an excellent job if given the chance.