How OSI Industries Changed The Food Production Industry

Think about the last time you ate. Did you think about how the food got to your plate? Did you examine the process of growing food, transporting food, getting food into grocery stores and ultimately how the food eventually ended up on your plate? Did you consider all of the different people and companies that had to be involved to create the food you ate? Food does not seem that deep. But OSI Industries understands the food production industry completely. OSI Industries brings in billions of dollars annually. The mega food production operates on multiple continents. More than twenty thousand people call the company their employee.

The magnitude and influence of this company has on the very food we eat is major. They play a major role in how food gets to your plate. From being apart of the process to creating food concepts to growing food to raising food to the logistics of food to outing food on the shelves of supermarkets to putting foods into restaurants, this company completely understands the process of getting food to the customer. It has not always been this way for the company. Before they were OSI Industries they were a humble meat market located in Chicago, Illinois. The meat market was began by a man that had immigrated to the United States. The meat market was a family business.

The founder’s sons was able to take the meat market to being a regional supplier for many different clients. Over the decades, the company began to expand. Eventually, during the 1980’s and 1990’s the company began to make a presence overseas. Today, the company operates as one of the largest food production companies. OSI Industries was able to change the food production industry because they stayed true to their passion, morals and standard of doing great business with their clients and serving quality food. Changing an entire industry is hard to do. It is rare. It can only be done by companies that have the better good of others on their mind. OSI Industries still has so much to offer to the food industry.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Founder of Jingdong Who Aims for More

Richard Liu Qiangdong has become a role model for hundreds and thousands of young business executives and entrepreneurs, especially in the field of e-commerce. Richard Liu led the foundation of in 1998 when he opened his first business venture in the form of a shop in Beijing. The shop that Richard started was an instant success with the customers, and the profits he made from it were further utilized for business expansion. In the next few years, Richard Liu Qiangdong started a dozen more stores in different parts of China. It helped him build a considerably sized business and get market visibility as well. Today, Jingdong has one of the largest reach in China and reaches its customers in the remote areas of China too.

The business suffered tremendously in 2003 when entire China was facing the worst ever SARS outbreak an epidemic. The sales fell, and so did the revenue, and it became difficult for the company to sustain significant overhead expenses. Richard Liu Qiangdong thought at the time that rather than closing down, it is better to take the entire business to an e-commerce platform. The name of the company initially was named 360buy but was later named, which consists of the initials of Richard Liu Qiangdong and his ex-girlfriend. Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that companies can function effectively by evolving with time and changing according to market trends. initially focused on electronic products but has with time diverted to offering many other products to the consumers. As of now, the company imports products from over fifty countries for its consumers. It helps in ensuring that Chinese customers get access to products from across the globe. Richard Liu Qiangdong is hands-on with the working of his company and ensures that the management is on their toes. He tests the delivery system by ordering products for himself from Jingdong on a weekly basis. He also takes into account the advice of his employees on how to make their operations better. He is already introducing automation on many of his warehouses and want to expand to the remaining ones too. Learn More.

Wine Now Available Same Day or Next at

On May 5, 2019 partnered with the largest winery in Hungary, Grand Tokaj. This partnership represents the initial venture into Chinese e-commerce by Grand Tokaj.’s big data analysis will help Grand Tokaj with customization and marketing of their products based upon the need of the Chinese Market. Just in case you didn’t know, Grand Tokaj is the largest winery in Hungary. It is located Hungary’s historic Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region. Grand Tokaj is know for their sweet wine. The winery attributes their wine’s sweetness to a traditional process that uses partially raisined grapes. This process dates back to 1630 and is known as “noble rot”.

Alcohol sales have increased ten fold within the past six years at has been consistently ranked as the leading online retailer for alcoholic beverages for the past three years., also known as Jingdong, has already run an analysis and determined that well over three quarters of Chinese customers prefer wines from abroad compared to local tastes. The analysis looks to have proved correct as 1,000 bottles of wine were ordered within 10 hours of the promotional launch. This launch period only lasted five days from 17 to 22 April of this year.

President of’s FMCG, Carol Fung, is quoted saying “ is honored to be Grand Tokaj’s first choice online platform for the introduction of their sophisticated sweet wine to the Chinese market”. Fung also went on to say that demand for high quality imported wine is increasing and that will be ready to handle that demand. Grand Tokaj’s CEO, Gergely Goreczky, said he is looking forward to seeing the results of the company’s new partnership with Goreczky also said that Jingdong has a long and impressive history of bringing global wine brands to the doors of their customers. It looks like it’s win-win for the consumers,, and Grand Tokaj alike with this partnership.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Tips on Online Businesses

Every business venture has challenges, and the challenges are supposed to mold the business direction and growth. Richard Liu Qiangdong, however, believes that challenges should also challenge the businessperson to sharpen their skills and probably change their investment path. In the early 2000s, Liu experienced a wave that made him change his view on business and more importantly on offline marketing. He is currently one of the biggest investors in Asia, primarily because he adapted to the challenges he experienced in 2004. Liu, however, points out that the sad outbreak in the early 2000s killed so many potential businesses that did not change with the wave.

Changing with trends or adapting to the wave, therefore, is one of Richard Liu Qiangdong strongest character. Understanding if the tide is a long time or a short time according to him has always guided his decision-making. Since 2004, there have been other major financial waves, but Richard Liu Qiangdong points out that they do not pose a considerable threat to businesses on a long-term basis. He, however, point out that understanding your business in terms of adaptively and if it has strong structure is his greatest tip in remaining consistency in a world of changes. Due to this impressive view on changes and the company’s structures, Liu is still one of the most versatile investors in Asia.

In addition to his approach to changes, Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the people that have restored sanity in online business especially in terms of trust and quality goods. Prior to this company, the previous attempts to make online businesses an alternative to the world of consumption was heavily dented because of quality issues and the fact that the market players at the time did not have a good customer-relations. Fortunately, Liu has set a precedent in industry standards by making certain expectations a requirement for any entity to thrive in online spaces. In conclusion, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been successful in this competitive niche due to his approach to negotiations and his vast understanding of working as a team. Although working together in the corporate world can mean different things, Liu understands how to ratify deals.

The Contribution of Sheldon Lavin to OSI Group’s Success

One of the industries that are known to bring huge returns in the United States is the food industry. Even so, many companies have given their all and invested in this industry. Clearly, only companies with best strategies make it big in the industry. Lead by its chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has dared to dream big. Having conquered the American meat market, the company has primarily aimed at becoming a global company. This is a walk that Sheldon has gladly walked, being the cheerleader of the company. Sheldon has influenced the achievements of the company as well as its goals.

The career journey of Mr. Lavin in the meat industry began being scripted about four decades ago when he was requested to be the financial guide of Otto & Sons, now known as OSI Group. Before the appointment, Sheldon was working at a financial service industry. His diligence at work went unmatched, all the more reason that Otto & Sons noticed him. The dedication he had in his undertakings saw him being named the chief executive officer, few years into his service. He has continued to serve at OSI Group with utmost diligence, with a determination of making it a global company. As at the moment, OSI Group employs at least 200,000 employees, all who are under Sheldon Lavin. He is responsible for managing these employees.

Sheldon Lavin’s leadership has indeed stirred the growth of OSI Group. In the 1970 and 1980s, the company managed to open branches in Taiwan, The Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Australia as well as South America. Today, OSI Group has managed to open up at least 60 facilities across the globe. The exceptional leadership of Sheldon Lavin was appreciated in the year 2016. He was thus accorded the prestigious Global Visionary Award. The award is usually given to individuals who have exceptional service delivery. Under his leadership, OSI Group has received awards such as the Global of Honors award, usually given by the British Council. Companies that fit to be given this accolade are those that have devices strategies of reducing the environmental pollution.

The successful contribution of Mike Baur to the Innovation of Switzerland

The early life

Mile Baur was born in 1975 in Switzerland. He undertook hi early education in the local school before getting to the University of Bern for his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Since he was a young boy, Baur had developed a strong interest in entrepreneurship. He knew he wanted to have a business of his own, but he was not sure where to start. With his entrepreneurial plans in mind, Mike set to pursue his dreams but a little later.

Career path

Since Mike Baur was 20 years old, he worked for different financial institutions. His main interest was to work for different banks in Switzerland. He wanted to understand how banking systems work since this was one of the areas he thought to venture into. Equally, his employment path has always been in the banking sector since it is an area he kept landing different jobs. For close to two decades, Mike Baur held major positions in the banking sector.

The beginning of entrepreneurial journey

In 2014, Baur set a new journey in his entrepreneurial career. He had developed different companies, and these companies helped him develop a strong mind in the end. From his life experience, Mike noticed that several young people had good ideas, but they lacked financial support. He was determined to help these young entrepreneurs to do something constructive as he offered them with start-up capitals. The program was meant to assist the young people from Switzerland who could use the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of the community members.

Why Mike Baur is salient to the new entrepreneurs

After having been in the financial market for several years, Mike Baur was intrigued by the developing importance of technology in the society. He equally noticed that different people had good ideas on technology, but they lacked sufficient funding to turn their ideas into a reality. With this knowledge, Baur set up a company to help such people. Most of the creative ideas came from the young ones whose minds were still fresh.

The birth of Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory started in 2014. Together with other founders, Mike Baur developed the basis of its operation. The company aims at helping the young people with the resources which they cannot raise for themselves. The company picks the projects based on their competence. There is a three month period under which the ideas are incubated and then taken through the test of time.


Bob Reina: You Can Believe In Him

I always look for people that I can believe in when it comes to today’s world. Bob Reina is one of those people, and he is someone that is showing there is more out there than they originally thought or what was originally presented to them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it starts with Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. This is a company that recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary and throughout those ten years, they have brought people a lot of smiles, a lot of joy, and a lot of happiness along the way. They have done it with their product, their customer service, and the way they have improved the product. Learn more:


That is another thing with Bob Reina and it is something he talks about with great frequency: the next best thing. He knows that is it out there and it his mission to find it and the sooner he finds it, the happier he will be and the happier he knows his customers will be that have welcomed Talk Fusion into their home. Talk Fusion is a video technology product that is really changing the way business is done in 2017. It changed the way business was done before that as well.


When things are easier and when things are more approachable, they are better. That is the truth and that is the bottom line. People are looking for things to be easier because it saves time. The more time they save, the more time they have for things that are really, really important to them like family, friends, and having a life. So often, people spend way too much time at their job. There is an old expression and it is an oldie but a goodie: worker smarter not harder. Too often, people are convinced that they have to work harder to get ahead. Learn more:


With video newsletters, they can work smarter as they reach a lot of people at once in various parts of the world at various times. They allow people into their business venture and they become part of it. Learn more:


Jason Hope Explains Purpose of Internet of Things

By now, most people have heard of the Internet of Things. Even if you haven’t heard of it, the chances are that you have seen some type of technology that is related to it. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur of things of the Internet and he wants to make sure that everyone is aware of all of the things that are going on with the Internet. He also wants to show people that there is more to the Internet than connecting with old friends and getting a subscription for socks each month. Jason Hope wants people to know about the Internet of Things. This is a concept by which everything is connected to a network.

From your closet to your lights and even your car, things that you use on a regular basis can now all be connected through a network just like your computer would be to the network in your home. The Internet of Things is something that is happening through things like Sync and Home. It is new and it is big.Jason Hope wants to be sure that this is going to be successful even though he has seen the success firsthand. He is an entrepreneur and knows that the spirit of doing more and selling more for people is always going to be strong in his own soul. He plans to make the Internet of Things more popular and something that people will be able to enjoy no matter where they are or what they are doing.

It is a huge opportunity and he hopes that it will not be a fad.Throughout his career, Jason Hope has come up with new ideas and plans to make technology more profitable. He sees an idea and he jumps on it. Because of the fact that he has been so successful in the past, he is confident that he will be able to continue with that type of success in the future. Jason Hope knows that the right way to be able to help people is through technology and it is something that he plans on doing for many years.

The Unique Style Of Education At WIT

The Wessex Institute of Technology, located in the beautiful New Forest Park in the South of England, is a world-class education and research facility. The institute is unique in that it strives to transfer knowledge to students by working with professionals in various industries. Their educational programs are centered around research, conferences, and publishing.

They typically hold around 25 conferences each year. The conferences are set up to bring together academic bodies and professionals to facilitate trans-disciplinary research. In 2016 they held conferences to further understanding of big data, sustainable tourism, risk analysis and science related to waste management, advances in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, structural engineering and much more.One of the highlights each year is the presentation of two prestigious awards. The first is the Prigogine Medal which honors Nobel prize winner Ilya Prigogine for her work in chemistry. The second award presented is the George Green Medal, based on the work of George Green, who developed the mathematical functions establishing the basis for boundary elements,

Mullen Lowe – Applications are a necessary tool

While on the one hand publishing companies are increasingly using the applications as a tool to update their relationship and sales channels, it is still possible to perceive a certain hesitation on the part of the companies in the corporate branch in using this new method of communication says the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, José Borghi. With this in mind, here are five reasons why applications are extremely advantageous tools and should be adopted as soon as possible by corporate firms.

1) Direct contact

One of the major problems of corporate sales sector is to make contact with the right people, those who have the potential to conduct good business with the company. However, through the applications, you can maintain a quick and direct contact with both current customers and those who may become customers.

2) Application x mobile site

Many people remain focused on this issue, trying to decide what is more important: the mobile site or an application. But the truth is that these two tools can and should be used together for the benefit of the corporation, informs José Borghi , CEO of Lowe Mullen Brazil. While having a website has already become a basic requirement for any company, applications are still a strategic differentiator, which can make all the difference when it comes to communicating with potential customers.

3) Content and more dynamic information

One of the great advantages of the applications is the fact that they manage to take information and content to users even when they are offline, so having a range greater and more comprehensive than other online communication methods.

4) Security

Applications allow the company holds a full control over who has access to your content by simply require the user to perform a login before using the tool. Therefore, it is an easily manageable and easy to administer tool.

5) Monitoring

In corporations, is always a problem performing the return of the ratings obtained by distributing content, something that is usually very charged by the directors and coordinators. However, this is not a problem when using an application because with it monitoring is done continuously, thus generating reports that are organized and easy to analyze, says the Mullen Lowe Brazil publicist.