Betterworks and Their Ability to Make Change


Betterworks is the Continuous Performance Management software employers have always needed but have never quite been able to put into words. They have created a program that allows for employees of a company to manage their work in such a way that it is monitored and reviewed, and this is meant to push them to work as hard as they are able. It has been proven to be effective in multiple areas, but specifically, Betterworks has been proven to help individuals who are trying to increase productivity within their company.

Employees are often not given all the tools they need in order to succeed, and they have always viewed this as an issue in the state of modern business. Because of this, they wanted to provide an alternative for all the businesses out there that were struggling with productivity.


It has been shown that they are able to do this, too, as they have been able to make a significant contribution to the current state of the performance management industry, and they knew that there was really only one way to do that.

They saw their avenue into the industry as being the opportunity to create a company that provides a solution to performance management; since they all had such firm beliefs about the importance of having a proper performance management setting appropriated, they decided that they might as well show the world what their vision for the future was. Betterworks is the result of years of cultivating their hard work into what it is today.

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Visiting an Actual OSI Group McDonald’s Factory: Check out What We Found!

The rise of the internet across the globe has shed light on various hot button issues, one, in particular, is in the manner that our food, in this instance, Mcdonald’s hamburgers are produced. Today’s consumer is concerned about how many food additives or amount of sugar is added to their food. McDonald’s knows a thing or two about producing food; in fact, data says that Mcdonald’s sells over 75 burgers every second of every day! Therefore, it is no surprise why Mcdonald’s would be one of the first company’s to be looked at. There’s a famous experiment made by David Whipple where he purchased a Mcdonald’s burger in 1993 and left it in his kitchen cupboard for almost two decades. After he took it out it seemed that nothing had really changed, no mold or visible discoloration was seen.

However, a scientist was quick to point out that much like we need water, food, and oxygen to grow, so does bacteria although the public might beg to differ on this explanation. Recently, One business insider decided that he needed to see the production of McDonald’s food for himself. Therefore, he went to Günzburg, Germany, where OSI Group Mcdonalds was the exact location to see the process in action. OSI Group McDonalds or OSI Group as it was first called is the American company that first produced food for the Mcdonalds company when they first began.

Although the factory isn’t owned by Mcdonald’s, Eunice Koekkoek, a McDonald’s representative stated that over 90% of its food is produced at the OSI Group Mcdonalds factory. The first thing one notices is the strict guidelines that OSI Group Mcdonalds takes to keep the factory clean from any form of virus. Sick employees need a doctor’s note to begin working again, and since there are no preservatives in the hamburger meat, everything is checked and doubled checked daily. Although meat at every part of the world may have a different taste due to cultural preferences, the fact is that Mcdonald’s meat is and remains original.

Todd Lubar- Real estate investment opportunities in Baltimore

Baltimore has seen massive real estate developments in the recent years. According to real estate investor, Todd Lubar, Baltimore is one of the best places for real estate investors. The investment opportunities in the city are endless. Baltimore has seen an influx in the young generation, especially the young professionals who are settling in the city after their studies. These are people who might not have the wealth to invest heavily in the industry, but who have created a huge demand for housing units. Although most of them are not looking for permanent housing facilities, they have made demands for condominiums and apartments a huge demand in the city.

What the real estate investors have been doing is; building new housing units as well as rehabilitating the old building in the city. The result is that the number of apartments in the city have been going up. Apartments and condominiums are ideal for the young professionals who are looking to start their careers before they can finally manage to buy their own houses. For more details visit Ideamensch for more.

The focus in Baltimore has not only been in the housing sector. Other supportive sectors such as the transportation sector have been receiving huge boosts in terms of development. The transportation systems have been improved to ease the movement of people in and out of the city. The number of people who are now working in the city has improved since a lot more now can be able to access the city via public transport means. This development is expected to change the whole metropolitan area as it will be attractive to the population that will be working in the city. Also, the people working in the city are now able to access the city without their private cars. This means that they do not have to pay for parking charges. The city is becoming more attractive to people living and working there. You can visit his website to see more.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the founder and president of TDL Ventures. This is a firm that provides credit and financing services to people who would like to invest in the real estate sector. Todd Lubar has an experience of many years working in the industry.

Todd Lubar is one of the people who believe that the reals estate industry in Baltimore will grow bigger in the coming years.

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Find Out Glen Wakeman’s 5 Proven Methodologies for Startup Companies

Glen Wakeman is a well-known entrepreneur and business revolutionist. He focuses on developing M&As, offering guidance to startup companies and creating performance techniques. He is the CEO and founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a SAAS corporation that he founded in 2015.

Wakeman’s education background

Wakeman holds a BS degree in Economics and finance from the University of Scranton in 1981 and later pursued an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993. Wakeman is also Six Sigma Black Belt certified.

Wakeman’s career history

Wakeman began his career at GE Capital in P&L and business development positions. Wakeman’s significant contribution earned him numerous awards for his leadership and dedication to corporate social responsibility. Wakeman also founded and presided over Nova Four.

In Wakeman’s career, he has initiated 9 countries start up, over $12bn assets, 17, 000 employees and an annual income of $100mn. Wakeman has also launched various partnerships, new products and established a network of over 1000 branches. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at

Founding LaunchPad

Glen Wakeman started LaunchPad to help startups build their plans easier through a simpler software platform. The trend of machine learning to business problems excited him to help companies improve in speed, quality, and decision-making.

Wakeman is passionate about improving business performance through the following methodologies:

  • Leadership- changing the business for the better
  • Human Capital-having a clear vision, strategy, and tips to succeed
  • Execution- using people, technology, and proper processes to scale the company higher
  • Risk Management- having minimal disruptions
  • Governance- enhancing constructive difference of opinions

Wakeman is an iconic figure in finance and investment. He shares his knowledge about transforming businesses, emerging trends in global markets, leadership, and capital raising strategies. Wakeman is also a mentor and a role model in Growth Leadership. Through this, he has mentored numerous C-level executives, and he’s an advisor to startup companies like Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.


Wakeman is also recognized internationally in his career as being passionate, innovative and desiring to executive development. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

The successful contribution of Mike Baur to the Innovation of Switzerland

The early life

Mile Baur was born in 1975 in Switzerland. He undertook hi early education in the local school before getting to the University of Bern for his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Since he was a young boy, Baur had developed a strong interest in entrepreneurship. He knew he wanted to have a business of his own, but he was not sure where to start. With his entrepreneurial plans in mind, Mike set to pursue his dreams but a little later.

Career path

Since Mike Baur was 20 years old, he worked for different financial institutions. His main interest was to work for different banks in Switzerland. He wanted to understand how banking systems work since this was one of the areas he thought to venture into. Equally, his employment path has always been in the banking sector since it is an area he kept landing different jobs. For close to two decades, Mike Baur held major positions in the banking sector.

The beginning of entrepreneurial journey

In 2014, Baur set a new journey in his entrepreneurial career. He had developed different companies, and these companies helped him develop a strong mind in the end. From his life experience, Mike noticed that several young people had good ideas, but they lacked financial support. He was determined to help these young entrepreneurs to do something constructive as he offered them with start-up capitals. The program was meant to assist the young people from Switzerland who could use the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of the community members.

Why Mike Baur is salient to the new entrepreneurs

After having been in the financial market for several years, Mike Baur was intrigued by the developing importance of technology in the society. He equally noticed that different people had good ideas on technology, but they lacked sufficient funding to turn their ideas into a reality. With this knowledge, Baur set up a company to help such people. Most of the creative ideas came from the young ones whose minds were still fresh.

The birth of Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory started in 2014. Together with other founders, Mike Baur developed the basis of its operation. The company aims at helping the young people with the resources which they cannot raise for themselves. The company picks the projects based on their competence. There is a three month period under which the ideas are incubated and then taken through the test of time.


Bob Reina: You Can Believe In Him

I always look for people that I can believe in when it comes to today’s world. Bob Reina is one of those people, and he is someone that is showing there is more out there than they originally thought or what was originally presented to them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it starts with Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. This is a company that recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary and throughout those ten years, they have brought people a lot of smiles, a lot of joy, and a lot of happiness along the way. They have done it with their product, their customer service, and the way they have improved the product. Learn more:


That is another thing with Bob Reina and it is something he talks about with great frequency: the next best thing. He knows that is it out there and it his mission to find it and the sooner he finds it, the happier he will be and the happier he knows his customers will be that have welcomed Talk Fusion into their home. Talk Fusion is a video technology product that is really changing the way business is done in 2017. It changed the way business was done before that as well.


When things are easier and when things are more approachable, they are better. That is the truth and that is the bottom line. People are looking for things to be easier because it saves time. The more time they save, the more time they have for things that are really, really important to them like family, friends, and having a life. So often, people spend way too much time at their job. There is an old expression and it is an oldie but a goodie: worker smarter not harder. Too often, people are convinced that they have to work harder to get ahead. Learn more:


With video newsletters, they can work smarter as they reach a lot of people at once in various parts of the world at various times. They allow people into their business venture and they become part of it. Learn more:


Jason Hope Explains Purpose of Internet of Things

By now, most people have heard of the Internet of Things. Even if you haven’t heard of it, the chances are that you have seen some type of technology that is related to it. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur of things of the Internet and he wants to make sure that everyone is aware of all of the things that are going on with the Internet. He also wants to show people that there is more to the Internet than connecting with old friends and getting a subscription for socks each month. Jason Hope wants people to know about the Internet of Things. This is a concept by which everything is connected to a network.

From your closet to your lights and even your car, things that you use on a regular basis can now all be connected through a network just like your computer would be to the network in your home. The Internet of Things is something that is happening through things like Sync and Home. It is new and it is big.Jason Hope wants to be sure that this is going to be successful even though he has seen the success firsthand. He is an entrepreneur and knows that the spirit of doing more and selling more for people is always going to be strong in his own soul. He plans to make the Internet of Things more popular and something that people will be able to enjoy no matter where they are or what they are doing.

It is a huge opportunity and he hopes that it will not be a fad.Throughout his career, Jason Hope has come up with new ideas and plans to make technology more profitable. He sees an idea and he jumps on it. Because of the fact that he has been so successful in the past, he is confident that he will be able to continue with that type of success in the future. Jason Hope knows that the right way to be able to help people is through technology and it is something that he plans on doing for many years.

Online Reputation Management: The Next Hot Degree Program? is a purveyor of interesting business solutions and possibilities. They’ve written this way for many years, and been the muse behind countless small businesses. Recently, an article was published on this website which examined the possibility of a collegiate-level online reputation management course. The article pointed out that there are no such courses currently available anywhere on the market today, and that many people stand to benefit. The writer of the article then told an anecdote about his fiancee, whom he met on Tinder, and who went the extra mile to vet him as authentic by checking on his social media before they had any interactions.

If a Tinder date is so savvy to social media impact, it only makes sense that a business like Google or Yahoo or Wal-Mart or Wells Fargo would be as well. In fact, such methods of vetting potential clients are sort of becoming the regular mode of operations today. But what even those businesses don’t consider is that, in a national sense, in a global sense, in a digital sense, the rest of the world vets them the same way they vet potential candidates; only more harshly. A single bad review can plague a business for years, and cost countless thousands of dollars in potential revenue lost due to poor public opinion.

With this in mind, the advent of an online reputation management course seems like a great way to help prepare future generations with practical information that will actually help them succeed. Additionally, a collegiate institution that had a degree program centered around online reputation management could prove itself useful to a ubiquity of corporate and small business interests. If candidates can get hired out of college the same way they’re hired out of a trade school, suddenly that particular college has an increased student body and can offer more effective educational facilities to students. Since the internet is here to stay, it makes sense that college institutions will start moving this direction.

The article ended with an outline of what such a course may look like. On paper, online reputation management courses at the collegiate level appear extremely possible.