James Dondero’s Global Allocation Fund makes major headway

James Dondero is one of the nation’s foremost innovators in the field of finance. Since starting Highland Capital Management in 1993, Dondero has led the firm to become one of the nation’s foremost providers of credit market investment vehicles. The firm has racked up impressive returns over the years, provided its clients with great value and security in their long-term investments.


Recently, Mr. Dondero was written up in an issue of Barron’s magazine. The magazine praised Mr. Dondero’s outsized returns in his Global allocation investment vehicle. That investment vehicle had returned 29% in the first three months of 2017. This rated among the highest performing diversified global investment pools in the entire world.


Mr. James  Dondero has decades of experience in putting together some of the most dynamic and high-returning investment opportunities in the United States. Highland capital Management Global Allocation Fund is just one example of many of the firm’s high-performing assets, which have delivered tremendous value to their investors over the years.


One of the areas in which Mr. Dondero has made a name for himself is in the collateralized loan obligation space. Mr. Dondero was among the first financial experts in the United States to recognize the potential that syndicated debt had in creating more liquid markets and easier accessibility to capital for those companies that needed it. Nowhere was this truer than in the short-term credit markets. Until Highland capital invented its first collateralized loan obligation products, companies needed to go directly to the bank to secure financing, even for periods as small as weeks or months.


Through his creation of a viable syndicated debt product, Mr. Dondero was able to free up lenders from their traditional capital requirements, allowing them to make vastly more loans in a quicker, streamlined process. This enables companies, rather than being forced to go to the local bankers, to be able to essentially tap into the entire national credit market directly, and able in them to raise capital with extreme rapidity and with minimal amounts of accompanying paperwork.


Mr. Dondero continues to achieve outsized returns and provide strong leadership for his firm.

Succeed At Business With A Few Tips

If you want to succeed at business you have to be smart and think of the long run. That means you have to think of not only yourself, but others. Truly successful business people thrive on helping others succeed too. Here a few tips from FlockU.com founder Josh Verne, a veteran of entrepreneurship, on how to win at business.


Find what you are passionate about and go for it. You will be spending so much time working hard on your business, that it’s important that you are passionate about it. If you don’t like it, then you are less likely to succeed.


If you want respect as a leader, you must respect your employees. When you’re talking all the time and not listening, it can hurt your business. It’s not about what you want all the time, it’s about listening to your employees. This makes it a win-win situation. You will also gain their respect. Also, having balance in life and work will make you a must better boss and person. When you are with family, be present and don’t work. When at work, don’t bring family drama into it.


Josh Verne is an American Businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of workspays.com with his childhood best friend Jon Dorfman. It is an online e-commerce marketplace that deducts purchase from payroll. He founded it in 2012, but then sold it to Global Analytics Holding in 2014.


He currently is the founder and CEO of FlockU.com. It’s a company that is based out of Pennsylvania that is a content exchange for college students. This peer-to-peer format allows students to read about college life, sports, watch videos, entertainment, current events, and watch videos.


Roberto Santiago Created Manaira Mall, a Mall Like a Small City

Roberto Santiago is the owner of the largest shopping mall, Manaira Shopping, in Joa Pessoa. The 58-year-old entrepreneur is also the owner of Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago owns Domus Concert Hall, which was established on November 7, 2009. Santiago began his career at Cafe Santa Rosa. Roberto Santiago was born in Joa Pessoa on July 16, 1958. He studied business at Pio X Marist College. After completing his studies, there Roberto Santiago studied Business Administration at University Center of Joa Pessoa.

His malls are like no other. They might even exceed Minnesota’s Mall of America. Manaira Shopping had opened for the first time on November 11, 1989. Several years ago, the mall had expanded to include Capital Steakhouse on Odiario.com. The mall includes eight cinemas. The theater has a 3D active technology game room with several games that include, Game Station, Gold Strike Bowling, and Strike Bar. On the roof of the Manaira Shopping is the Domus Concert Hall. The concert hall has the capacity to hold 8,000 people. When Domus Hall isn’t presenting concerts, it also hosts fairs, art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and receptions. The concert hall has two floors, a mezzanine and a ground floor. On the mezzanine you find cabins, bathrooms, music rooms, and bars. People can still shop in the mall’s 280 stores. Manaira Shopping has a food court that satisfies anyone’s particular favorite dining choices on blogspot.com. People can dine on fast food that includes hamburgers, Chinese food, hotdogs, pizza as some of the delicacies. There are restaurants with names like Bonaparte, China Town, Camarão & Cia, NAU Seafood, and more.

The 280 stores have only brand name items. Nothing is second or third rate. The mall is really a one stop place for all needs. It includes a ballroom, bowling alleys, and an electronic amusement park. This mall is a city within the mall. It comes with its own bank, a gym, and its own college. EPHF colleges are found on the mall for anyone who wants to take a class in health and physical studies. As big as the mall is, plans to expand the mall even more have been planned for the years 2017 and 2018.

Mangabeira Shopping Mall has many different restaurants and some you may have heard of, including Burger King and Subway. The restaurants cater to Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian, and American foods. It also has dessert favorites that include ice-cream. Mangabeira has three levels to its mall and 212 high quality stores. In addition to its electronic amusement park, seven lane bowling alley, it also has a playground for children. It also has a multiplex cinema.

Roberto Santiago is more than his malls. He’s a sports enthusiast. Santiago has won trophies in motocross and kart championships.

Fabletics and JustFab: Two Brands, One Vision

Many in today’s fashion conscious crowd are not only worried about their health and fitness, but also, how they look while wearing their carefully chosen workout attire. For many, however, wearing high-fashion activewear became too expensive to wear “around the house.” Luckily for this growing demographic of health and fitness enthusiasts, Don Ressler and his wife, Ginger, saw the lack of availability of daily wearables as a niche where they could introduce affordable and fashionable activewear.

In 2013, the Fabletics brand of activewear launched and the business grew rapidly by using an e-commerce model that presented stylish activewear well below competitor’s prices on Crunchbase. Don and Ginger, with legendary co-founder and style influencer, Kate Hudson, Fabletics seems to have started a lifestyle change for those looking for an affordable yet fashionable option to high priced wearables. Based on sales, it seems like Fabletics’s marketing prowess blossomed at just the right time.

According to analysts, projected sales in the U.S. athletic apparel market will rise by nearly 50 percent to $100 billion by 2020. Don Ressler, known for his ability to develop lucrative niches in crowded industries is the Co-CEO of JustFab on internetretailer.com, a company that offers monthly subscriptions for discounted clothing and shoes. Ressler and long-time business partner, Adam Goldenberg then created the Fabletics brand. The two brands, JustFab and Fabletics work together to offer their customers fashionable and affordable cutting-edge designs that coincide with the burgeoning activewear market.

The rapid growth of Fabletics demanded that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg find a new home for their business. Fortunately, El Segundo, CA offered the perfect location and, in perfect harmony with their brand, a smooth transition into a unique facility followed. Moving the headquarters of a business requires vision and organization to ensure the transition is successful with little interruption in the daily flow of the business. Also, anticipating further expansion of the business necessitates planning ahead to allow for growth. However, thanks to the responsiveness of the City of El Segundo, the transition became easier without unnecessary delays during the process.

The new area the company now calls home is ideally suited for future expansion and is an ideal location for many years to come. In addition to a business friendly atmosphere, the location bodes well for the current needs of the company, as well as easy access to LAX airport that is essential for the ongoing operations of the business. Moving the headquarters to this area has proven a wise decision because El Segundo is a friendly city that welcomes the presence of Fabletics and because of the unwavering support of El Segundo’s mayor and City Council.

Learn more about Don Ressler:

5 Strategies that Will Make you Successful in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a great entrepreneur and believes in winning. He believes that to be successful you have to have passion. Have that one thing that makes you want to wake up very early and stay up late. As an American businessman, Josh Verne has mastered the skill of successfully running a company and being the best in the industry. He was co-president of home line furniture in 2012. Verne and his childhood friend, later on, founded work pays me. He was the C.E.O of the company. This company was an online marketplace where people did their purchases and deductions made from their payroll. The company was later bought by Global analysis holdings in 2014.


After the sellout, Josh Verne founded Flocku.com in 2016. He is the C.E.O of the organization. The organization which is based in Pennsylvania offers college students an opportunity to share, laugh and learn about the different issues affecting them. The site accepts a variety of topics ranging from cultural critique, research pieces, experiments and even personal essays. This site accepts content that attracts traffic. Your article has to be catchy. You have to be smart, fun and very knowledgeable about what you write. Josh offers these students an opportunity to stand for what they believe in. Writers for this site are paid according to the traffic generated by their articles.


Josh Verne believes that to succeed in business you have to have a vision. See possibilities where people don’t see it and in all situations no matter how bad they look, try to create a win for everybody. This great entrepreneur believes in the following principles;


He believes in good leadership;

In management set-up, there are two kinds of people, those who impose their will on people and demand respect from them to help them achieve their goals and those who earn respect from their followers by putting them before themselves. He says that to succeed in life and business, you have to be a leader. Influence the people under you by first serving them and putting their interest before yours. This way you will achieve your goals easily.




Strive for a win-win situation always;

No matter how bad things may look, never agree to follow a win-lose plan. Don’t settle for plans that are not win-win. You have to find the best solution when faced with an unexpected problem or a new client. This way your reputation will grow.

Listen more;

When you listen more, you create an authoritative source of power. People will always want to listen when you speak.

Have a balance;

Ensure that all areas of your life are in sync.

Have passion;

Get that one thing that drives you and pushes you to be the best. To succeed in anything, you have to be passionate about it.