Matt Badiali- A scientist and financial expert

When Matt Badiali joined college, becoming an investment guru was not in his mind. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in earth science and a master’s degree in geology. He got them from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic respectively. While pursuing a PhD at the University of North Carolina, he met a friend who changed his direction. Badiali switched his focus from the financial aspect of mining. From 2004, he took a path that made him a recognized investment guru in the country.

His friend showed him how to become successful by investing in natural resources. With expertise in geology, Badiali would become successful by picking the best opportunities. He would collect first-hand data from the field and make informed decisions. After the introduction, Matt Badiali was ready to explore further. He went around the world visiting mining fields and meeting CEOs of mining companies.

Matt Badiali had a mission of helping the average investors. In 2017, he joined Banyan Hill publishing and began publishing a newsletter. The Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter meant to provide crucial investment information. It covers commodities such as oils, agricultural made commodities, metals, construction materials, and others. He writes the newsletter in a clear style that everyone can understand.

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Why create a newsletter?

Matt Badiali says that he created Real Wealth Strategist to provide useful advice to investors. Since he is a scientist, he has knowledge and skills that a majority of investors lack. So, he is the best person to advise others since he understands the market better.

Matt loves identifying specific opportunities and trends that benefit investors. Actually, his love for investing comes from the need to help others.

While he was growing up, he saw his father struggle to make money with traditional investment advice. It is an experience he would not wish on any other person. It is for this same reason that he is helping the masses with profitable ideas.

Every week, Matt Badiali is publishing new information for his followers. He also keeps them up to date with news about oils, metals, and other natural resources.

Every month, he gives out a detailed report on the opportunities he recommended.

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Ted Bauman: Trendsetter in Financial Education

Ted Bauman brings his expertise from the financial and non-profit sector to connect people with resources and literature they need and want. In 2013, Ted Bauman, started Banyan Hill Publishing and serves as the editor for The Bauman Letter,Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. These publications specialize in topics, such as asset protection, privacy, and international migration issues.

Ted Bauman has focused his life on connecting people with what they need to live a life free from the government and the greed of corporation. Ted Bauman, born in D.C., emigrated to South Africa. In South Africa, he earned his postgraduates degrees in Economics and History from the University of Capetown. He continued to serve South Africa for 25 years in the non-profit sector. He had a variety of executive roles for non-profits, like a fund manager for a low-income housing project. Slum Dwellers International is one project that has helped over 14 million people in 35 countries.

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Bauman starts his day off after taking his daughter to school. He finds his home office productive and starts writing right away. He tends to watch the news and pays attention to trends that his readers will want to know. His most important skill is to write about monotonous topics and make them more exciting and readable. Asset protection is not the most interesting, but with the right narrative skills, he can make the reader enticed to read more.

A trend that excites him is that his readers are starting to question their ability to trust in the global economy. Readers want to know if a strategy can benefit society in the long term. Readers are now questioning the decisions of our leaders and how they spend money. Bauman’s passion for less governmental oversight is excited by this trend.


Shervin Pishevar on Bitcoin, Banks, And Much More

Since today’s economy involves many aspects that are changing, more and more people have opinions as to how these various factors will impact the national and international economy not only today, but in the years ahead as well. While in years past the opinions of people were limited to writing articles for newspapers and perhaps doing a TV interview, the internet and social media have changed all that. An example of this change was evident recently, when noted businessman Shervin Pishevar used his Twitter account to conduct a 21-hour tweet storm on Bitcoin, banks, and much more.

In giving his predictions about the future of virtual currencies, Shervin Pishevar focused almost exclusively on Bitcoin. While growing in popularity, he predicted the currency would go through a period of losing nearly $5,000 of its current value. While this sounds like Shervin Pishevar was predicting the demise of Bitcoin, he did anything but that. Instead, he predicted that although the income loss would be large, the virtual currency would rebound to even higher values in the coming months, allowing investors to reap many rewards.

After giving virtual currency investors reason to smile, Shervin Pishevar did not do the same for stock market investors. Predicting bond market volatility would lead to a drop in stock market values of nearly 7,000 points, he predicted the only way for stock investors to guard against massive portfolio losses would be to invest in gold, which he noted always maintains or increases its value, even in the most dire economic conditions.

Ironically, while using state-of-the-art technology to conduct his tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar made many dire predictions about the technology industry in the United States, specifically companies in Silicon Valley. Predicting foreign competition would overtake Silicon Valley, he stated many U.S. companies have become lax in numerous areas, including development of new technology and staffing their companies with top talent in the IT industry. Unlike virtual currencies where he predicted a rapid rebound, Shervin Pishevar instead predicted it would take many years and perhaps decades before Silicon Valley once again reigned supreme in the international IT industry.

Chris Burch’s Spectacular 1608 Hôtel Particulier

For many years, entrepreneur Chris Burch had his mind set on inhabiting an apartment in Paris. Not only was he certain that his dream would become a reality, he even imagined the layout and the exact location. His desire for an apartment in a great neighborhood, that also had a garden, required patience. Although it took some time, it was no surprise when a 1608 hôtel particulier was turned into Burch’s family home.

During a visit to Paris, Burch accompanied friends on a Senlis day trip, enjoying the beauty of the village located outside the city. It was during this trip that he visited the 1608 hôtel particulier after learning that it was for sale. Although no doubt stunning, the property was huge and required a lot of work. Burch was not deterred. In fact, he set his sights on the home becoming a place of respite for his family that includes six children.

The house is 10,000 square feet and still has 17th and 18th century paneling, beams and floors. It has two kitchens and nine bathrooms. Burch worked with Michel Pinet and Marco Scarani to restore the home to its original glory. He wanted to ensure it was functional, even though it’s historical.

Burch entrusted Pinet and Scarani with sourcing ancient stone and reproducing the home’s antique tiles. The gardens have French topiaries and were handled by Tania Compton, an English landscape designer. This glorious home has become a gathering place that’s loved by Burch’s family.

Bhanu Choudhrie Has Managed to Put C & C Alpha Group on the Map

Bhanu Choudhrie is an experienced leader who has been in the business for several years. He has been able to achieve significant results through excellent business management and strategy implementation. However, to put C & C Alpha Group at international levels, Bhanu has implemented several strategies that have all been geared towards having a quality and operation business. Here are some of the strategies that Bhanu has been incorporating to move the family owned business into another level.

Having a huge portfolio is one of the strategies that Bhanu Choudhrie has incorporated in the family business. The entity operates in hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and accommodation among others. Bhanu also explained that the company had significant involvement in the aviation industry but later sold the business to another investor. Investing in a huge portfolio helped the company to record significant profits while at the same time having a constant flow of revenues.

Choosing the most relevant sectors to invest is also a significant investment decision that has helped the entity to remain relevant. Bhanu Choudhrie has full information that there are multiple industries that the firm can consider investing. However, very few of these industries will guarantee a constant flow of revenues. Therefore, the company has to make sure that it invests in revenue generating investment opportunities hence avoiding extreme losses. Follow his twitter account.

Bhanu Choudhrie also understands emerging markets are better when it comes to investments as compared to the dominant markets in the developed countries around the world. This explains why C & C Alpha Group has been concentrating in investing in India, China, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. These markets have a vibrant population that is made up of young individuals who are ready to consume. This is contrary to markets in the developed countries where a significant section of the population is made up of senior citizens who are not willing to spend their money.

From the above analysis, it is clear that Bhanu Choudhrie has been able to move C & C Alpha Group to the highest levels by ensuring that the company avoids risks and invests in the most profitable businesses. This means that other business leaders should avoid losses and invest in emerging markets if they want to put their businesses on the map.

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How Oren Frank Uses Technology in Online Psychotherapy

Oren Frank established Talkspace Company to provide online as well as mobile psychotherapy. The company has made therapy services readily available to the general public. Though Talkspace company, people can access therapy services at any time using their mobile phones internationally. Under the management of Oren Frank, the Talkspace Company has solved the health conditions of millions of patients. The company is well focused on giving effective as well as improved services to those in need of health services globally. The company’s president believes that technology, when implemented well, has as to change the way of living of people. That is why he uses technology to make therapy services available and easily accessible to people for a minimal cost.

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Oren Frank believes in teamwork in generating new ideas to nourish his business. Through collaboration, people can share ideas and filter out the best ones to implement for the smooth running of a business. He utilizes his colleagues as sometimes it becomes hard and challenging to evaluate and analyses the best ideas which can have a positive impact on a business. Before joining Talkspace, Oren Frank was working as a senior marketing officer at McCann Erickson Company. During his time as top marketing officer, he demonstrated high skills and creativity in all his marketing operations worldwide.

Moderation is the key attribute which keeps Oren Frank productive in business. With many cultures available in various industries, he recommends his team members to utilize the specific culture of the organizations they are operating. Implementing multiple cultures in a particular business may interfere with business operations. Frank adds that the actions of a company are controlled by the culture of that organization.

Finally, Oren Frank recommends people to seek the use of technology in aspects such as in solving spanning issues of corruption which is currently facing many nations.

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James Dondero and Social Responsibility

It is a globalised interconnected world where good action has overreaching impact, nearby and beyond. At the head of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero one of its co-founders, who has made the financial group a leader in the financial industry worldwide. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

James Dondero who has lived and worked in Texas since the early nineties, has harnessed his efforts to give back to his local community in the Dallas metropolitan region. Dondero has specially been interested in supporting organizations that further science and educational initiatives. He is aware that by contributing to the wellbeing and development of his fellow Dallas citizens, the impact on his enterprise can also be a positive one.

Among the philanthropic endeavours of James Dondero’s are Education Is Freedom, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and The Dallas Zoo. By supporting organizations like these, James Dondero argues charitable organizations can optimize and increase their reach, thus the impact in the local community is wider. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

In order to be more proactive and efficient with his charitable work, James Dondero has hired a dedicated team lead by Linda Owen to make sure the philanthropic goals are achieved. Mrs. Owen has extensive experience interacting with community, government and business stakeholders of the region, which makes her the perfect pick to undertake this role.

One of the most notable contributions of Dondero’s was the one million dollars donated to the Dallas Zoo for the construction of appropriate habitat to house the Simmons Hippo. It was a grueling project that entailed a costly production. In order to bring back this large mammal, a larger infrastructure needed to be laid out in order to host the educational exhibit. James Dondero is aware projects like the Hippo Outpost at the Dallas Zoo have an educational impact in the community. This project will be part of Dondero’s legacy.


Jojo Hedaya’s Efforts into Making Unroll.Me a Success

Jojo Hedaya started Unroll.Me, an app that sorts out emails and excluding the essential ones from the less important one. The app also assists in getting out subscriptions, for example, magazine subscriptions that one may have difficulty in unsubscribing from. Jojo Hedaya started the email servicing app with the help of his friend Josh Rosenwald. The two met in college abroad where they had gone to further their studies. They were studying in Israel at the time. Jojo and Josh had both grown up in New York and had attended Jewish schools for their high school education. Apart from the mentioned they also shared birth. Josh and Jojo had a lot in common. They even went ahead and failed to complete their college education due to various reasons.Josh Rosenwald and Jojo Hedaya met in college after their rabbi ad suggested that they become friends once he discovered that their phone make was the same. The two later became best of friends. Josh and Jojo began working on Unroll.Me after experiencing several problems accessing their mail. At that time, they were business partners, and Josh was having a hard time presenting email to Jojo on time. The two had discovered that a large percentage of received mail was magazine subscriptions, market offers and deals and other several updates on products. Unroll.Me works by going through your entire email inbox and assembling all over it together in one email. The customer can after that go through all the compiled mail and determine what deal or update might be of importance.Jojo Hedaya advises entrepreneurs and business personnel to venture into business as soon as they come up with a great idea since there is no perfect time to start a business. Despite not having completed his studies, his advice to entrepreneurs is to complete their education journey before jumping into starting a business. Jojo Hedaya believes that everyone has different skills and abilities; therefore, it is necessary to work on yours as soon as you discover the ability. According to Jojo Hedaya, when venturing into business work on something that you like and are comfortable doing. Passion is also vital.

Robert Deignan’s Entrepreneurial Guide to Success

Robert Deignan is a businessman and entrepreneur. He created ATS digital services. Robert Deignan states that following his instincts when making small and big decisions have been instrumental has helped him weigh the right decisions to make. He is able to analyze the best strategy for his business and pursue it. This has enabled him to realize his dreams. As a businessman, you are always required to be making decisions. He notes that being hesitant is very dangerous for the company. His expertise has helped him to be an assertive thinker and quick decision maker. This is especially important if you have to give orders and feedback on certain aspects of the company’s operation. Your employees are looking up to you for the way forward.

When you are constructing visions and ideas for your project and business, it is important to note everything down. Putting the numbers down on paper gives you a better perspective on what you are working on. You are able to access what you have and what you need. The numbers help determine whether the company is capable of handling the project. The numbers don’t lie, so like Robert Deignan, be assures that what you note down reflects the cost and expense of the operation.

Robert Deignan believes in positive culture in the workplace. When hiring people, he hires people who are ethical, disciplined and competent. Robert places emphasize on retaining employees he is confident will execute the objectives into tangible products effectively. Creating a good environment for your workers is important in maintaining their motivation and productivity. He does not subscribe to micro-managing people. Once you have people who share the same goal, management of the operations is quite easy. The employees will be dedicated to producing the best quality products and services.

It is said there is no pleasure and friendship in business. Robert Deignan has vowed not to work with those people closest to him. This is because there is bound to be a conflict of interest and unreasonable judgements made. He recognizes separating family and friends with business saves relationship and reputation.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s Role On C&C Alpha Group Ltd

Background Information

Bhanu Choudhrie serves as the advisor and as a member at the board of directors at Customer’s Bank in 2009 and Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation in 2010. He is currently the executive director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd, a family company, since the year 2001. He is also the director of Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp since August 2018.

Mr. Choudhrie is a British-Indian businessman and philanthropist and currently lives in London, England. He was born in 1978 in Delhi, India. Bhanu and his brother grew up in New Delhi together with their parents until he finished his education. He later moved to the United States and enrolled at the University of Boston where he studied International Business and Marketing. It was after finishing his internship at JP Morgan and graduating that he went to London to work at C&C Alpha Group Ltd. In 1016, Bhanu Choudhrie completed the Owner and President Management programme at Harvard Business School.

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Mr. Choudhrie’s Work at C&C Alpha Group Ltd

Bhanu Choudhrie is in charge of directing investment strategies for C&C Alpha Group Ltd. The company deals with a variety of investments in different fields such as healthcare investments, hospitality industry, aviation, real estate, among others. Mr. Choudhrie states in an interview with “This is” that he doesn’t have any favorite investments. He says that he is passionate about all of the different businesses that they are in.

He states that with hospitality he gets to interact with different individuals when they are opening hotels and also during events. For instance, one of their restaurants in Convent Garden, the Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant won the Restaurant of the year award during the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards in 2010. When it comes to healthcare investments, he says that the United Kingdom firmly governs the industry and he likes it because he gets to interact with the physicians, care assistants and even patients and listen to what their views. Bhanu Choudhrie says that aviation was also one of the investments risks that they took which turned out to be a great success compared to what they expected.

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