Desiree Perez is Killing it

Desiree Perez

Recently, Desiree Perez was pictured attending a private dinner that was hosted by Jaz-Z. The dinner was through Roc Nation, which is a company that connects certain recording companies to singers and songwriters who can display their skills and represent Roc Nation. The company is very well known and operates on a very large scale all across the globe.

Now the question might come up about who Desiree Perez is, and to answer that question in a short couple of sentences, she is the chief operating officer for the company Roc Nation. This may come as a surprise to many people who are not familiar with who she is or have never heard of her before. Not too many people would know the chief operating officer of a large music company anyway.

Desiree Perez

To celebrate what Desiree Perez and many others on the Roc Nation line have done for him, Jay-Z hosted a private dinner to thank everybody for all of their hard work over time. The members were taken to a private room, allowing them to get away from the chaos of the public.

It is easy to see how somebody like Desiree Perez may be overlooked through the publics eyes, but she plays a major role in the success of many talented people. She also allowed Roc Nation to grow worldwide and create a lasting impression in many people’s lives. A lot of people say the company wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is without her in control.

Desiree Perez

Sandy Chin’s Book Drive at PS11 School an Overwhelming Success

Can you imagine spending a summer without reading a book? Granted, the internet is often a source of reading material, but it doesn’t have the same impact for children who love to look at pictures helping explain the story. Illustrations are an important part of each book for grade school children.


Those in lower grades may actually forget what they’ve learned during the school year if reading is not a regular activity during the summer. This sometimes puts both students and teachers in a difficult spot come next school year. Considering this and other factors, Sandy Chin and a group of her associates held a book drive to make sure every low-income kindergarten child from the PS11 school had a book to take home for the summer.


The drive was so successful that each kindergarten child in need was able to take home several books. Some donations were above the kindergarten level, so students in higher grades benefited as well. Chin and her team methodically sorted the books to determine the reading level of each and allowed the children to choose the ones they wanted to take home and read.


What a worthwhile project, especially when the internet is more available to these children than actual books. This effort was indeed so successful that Chin plans to do it again next year. We all realize the importance of learning to read and comprehend at an early age. Children happily took the books home, anxious to get started on their summer reading program.


Sandy Chin says she is also a book lover and is glad to have this chance. “The new summer book program will take away another worry for the parents,” she asserts.


Chin is a successful business owner, serving as Chief Investment Officer/ Portfolio Manager of Tidal Bore Capital. While she has a full and busy life both at work and at home, she is happy to have this chance to help the less fortunate. Read more about Sandy Chin on


The Journey to Success of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a Healthcare expert and Payment analyzation Expert. Over the years she has become one of the most respected voices in the health industry on matters concerning bundled payments.

She attended The Wharton School where she got a certificate in Health Care Executive Leadership. From there she went to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where she enrolled for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.). Later on, Deirdre Baggot decided to pursue a Masters in Business Administration, Business Administration, and Management, General at the Quinlan School of business. The highlight of her education is Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. that she studied at the University of Colorado Denver. Visit on her twitter for latest updates.

In 1997 to 2003 Baggot worked as a manager, resource coordinator and staff nurse at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. she later served various roles in many companies as a healthcare strategist.

It was in 2006 when she made one of the most significant moves of her career after joining SCL Health as a senior administrator at the cardiac and vascular institute. She led a 450 employee and $86 million regional institutes and she has continued to create jobs for many. She made an impact and year after year improvements in clinical and operational performance were noticeable across the world.

The success Deirdre was achieving caught the eyes of many suitors, and in 2010 she became the Vice President, Healthcare Payment Practice Leader with GE Healthcare partners. She made a real impact by building and launching bundled payments, recruiting and training a team of experts with a zero turnover amongst other achievements.

From January 2016 to January 2018 she worked as a partner with ECG management consultants. She is currently a healthcare Strategist and what a career Deirdre Baggot has had. Her success is built on her persistence and resilience to approach each situation positively and always find a solution.