George Soros’ Donations Vital To Black Lives Matter

In 2015, philanthropic billionaire George Soros spent more than $33 million promoting the Black Lives Matter movement. According to the Soros-run Open Source Foundation’s tax returns, Soros has donated money to established political groups fighting against police brutality in Ferguson.

While Soros has donated money, that doesn’t mean he controls the political discourse surrounding race and police brutality. The many Black Lives Matter protests taking place in Ferguson, New York, and elsewhere around the United States are genuine grassroots movements that have sprung up in the wake of recent violence; all Soros has done is made it possible for these movements to mobilize, providing much-needed funding. Read more about George’s life story at

More than 500 activists traveled from cities across the country — as far away as Boston, Houston, and North Carolina — to participate in the 2015 rallies and protests in Ferguson. As journalist Akiba Solomon described, their goal was “to support the people of Ferguson and help turn a local moment into a national movement.”

George Soros has founded and currently maintains a number of philanthropic organizations, including the Open Source Fountation, MORE, and the Gamaliel Foundation. Gamaliel is a coalition of grassroots organizations for interracial and interreligious harmony. Notably, one of Gamaliel’s early community organizers was former President Barack Obama.

Gamaliel has also committed itself to standing up against injustice against minority communities. Clergy working with Gamaliel spoke out during a weekend event called “Hands Up Sabbath”, sharing their views and participating in acts of civil disobedience that led to many of them being arrested. Follow George on

The grants and donations given by Soros and his various organizations have empowered many who would otherwise be unable to participate in the current political discourse. Before, local activists found themselves at a loss as to how to make their voices heard. With an influx of money and organizers from around the country, though, the voices of black America are finally rising above the din.

The Importance of Follow Through Explained By Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is someone with vision. This is one of the reasons that she is successful as a business woman. However, many people tend to have visions and dreams when it comes to their lives. It is rare for these dreams to be fulfilled. This begs the question as to why some people have dreams that ultimately do not come true while others are fulfilled. One of the reasons behind this is that people need to follow through on their dreams in order to actually get anywhere. At the same time, one needs to have the knowledge needed to follow through in a way that brings forth the success that they strive for.

Lori Senecal uses vision and follow through in her leadership. This is why she has brought the companies that she has led to a state of growth to the point where the companies have gone global. One thing that Lori Senecal has made clear is that a person’s ideas are only good if they are brought to life. When someone does not follow through on their attempts to bring their ideas to reality, they wind up losing track of their ideas as a whole. Therefore, Lori focuses on the execution of the idea as well as her vision.

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