Yunni Hufnagel is the Most Determined University Basketball Coach

Born in New York, Scarsdale Yunni Hufnagel was exterminated from the Scarsdale High basketball team, and also it became the color commentator for local access TV channels. He also attended the State University of Pennsylvania, where he was the school’s lacrosse team member. He also moved to the Cornell University, where he attained Labor and Industrial Relations bachelor’s degree.


He was also an intern at the Oklahoma University and the New Jersey Nets. In New Jersey, he served as the men’s basketball team assistant coach and is renowned for developing Blake Griffin basketball team. These victories have propelled Hufnagel into one of the youngest and hottest coaches of America. Even more, Hufnagel also served as the assistant coaching staff of Vanderbilt Commodores.


He served under Kevin Stallings and was recognized by ESPN for his innovative projects like Matthew Fisher-Davis and Wade Baldwin IV.Hufnagel is currently the Harvard assistant basketball coach. Hufnagel’s has led to his team to many victories including last year’s Ivy League, and the Jeremy Lin, a first-time couch-surfing basketball phenomenon.


In the American NBA, any American-Jewish player can attain the rank of Amare Stoudemire. But a coach does not have to be that athletic or tall to be a college basketball coach. It Is why the are 30 First Division coaches in the ranks of the Jewish Coaches Association. Hufnagel is one of these groups of promising coaches together with the likes of Coach Josh Pastner of Memphis University.


The two coaches met in 2012, and the match was so entertaining than other matches. It was the first ever Jewish coach showdown since the era of Holzman and Red Auerbach. The previous year, a CBS Sports survey revealed Hufnagel as one of the best mid-major school assistant coaches. Reports from the study applauded his ability to recruit. He was considered as the most relentless college basketball recruiter.