The Significant Role of Avi Weisfogel in Curing Sleep Apnea

Avi Weisfogel is a revered professional in the medical industry. He is a qualified dentist and has been conducting extensive research on sleep disorders. Weisfogel has also used his entrepreneurship expertise in establishing organizations such as Dental Sleep Masters, which has majored in discovering new cures for sleep disorders and training medical professionals on how to use them. The professional firm has played a significant role in curing sleep disorders in the United States. Research indicates that most of the people who are affected by sleep apnea are not diagnosed. The condition is dangerous, and it is linked to life-threatening diseases like diabetes and stroke. Various mechanical therapies have been established to cure the disorder in the past, but they have not been effective. Avi has teamed up with several medical professionals to develop the best treatments for the condition.


Weisfogel is one of the highly skilled dental professionals in New Jersey. He has excellent knowledge of the field and has been handling the most complex dental surgeries. Avi was named as the region’s Best Dentist many times. He loves studying and has researched on the best ways of offering dental cures. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been providing dentistry services for more than 15 years at his clinic, Old Bridge Dental Care. During his early days in the sector, he discovered that some of the patients that came to him were affected by sleep apnea. Avi then gained interest in the field and created Healthy Heart Sleep. The organization has currently established several sleep labs in different parts of the country and is working with various medical professionals to develop cures for sleep disorders. Avi is also the proprietor of Unlimited Sleep Patient, which is used in training doctors on how to handle sleep problems.


Apart from being an outstanding medical professional, Weisfogel is a dedicated philanthropist. He has been participating in medical charity to better the lives of children across the world by offering donations toward Operation Smile. Avi has opened a GoFundMe account that he uses in raising funds for the organization. Operations Smile has conducted thousands of surgeries to correct oral problems in children.