Can Class Dojo End Parent/Teacher Meetings in Schools?

Education software app provider Class Dojo has decided to create a platform that would eliminate the need for parents and teachers to meet up face to face. This feature would be included on their award winning mobile application known as Class Dojo.

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In case you didn’t know, Class Dojo was started in 2011 by two former teachers who decided to take their experience from the classroom into the world of technology. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don had enough computer and programming skills to get this app started. Once they figured out how to get this app up and running; the rest as they say is history.

Class Dojo is a great app because it works on a mobile platform. People can download the app, install it on their phone, register their information and then use it to communicate about students. The whole basis of the app is to turn a class room into a dynamic learning environment. There are over 2 million teachers and 30 million students that use this platform to communicate. So, Class Dojo is really impacting the field of education and making a difference.

The idea about using this platform is a simple and strait forward thing. Once a parent has this app on their mobile device they can then immediately start to contact each other about the progress of a student. Teachers can schedule meet up times on the app with parents. They can then discuss a pupil’s progress and positive classroom behaviors.

According to, this type of service will eliminate the need for parents to have to travel to a school when they do not have the time or the desire to go. Teachers can benefit from the app by contacting parents with the essential information that they need to know about their child’s education. No one has to waste time, energy, gas or even take time off work just to meet up. has more of this.

There are many more benefits to this service than just this. Ultimately, Class Dojo is on the right path with the elimination of parent/teacher meetings. If they can get enough parents and teachers involved within this trend, this part of the education process might permanently change. We’ll just have to wait and see.