Beneful’s Healthy Dog Food

Made be Nestle Purina, Beneful is a brand of dog food products that has had major success. The company has generated billions of dollars in revenue and was recently ranked in the top five of most popular dog food brands. The company has been around for more than ten years.

Introduced in 2001, the Beneful brand has focused on nutrition. The term beneful itself means “full of goodness.” In 2005 the company introduced The Beneful Healthy Harvest product line, which is the first premium dog food to feature soy instead of meat. The product line has been very successful. By 2006 the company was generating more $300 million in revenues. They’ve also put tons of money into marketing their product, spending more than 30 million dollars for a television advertising campaign during its initial launch.

Beneful only produces food for dogs including dry food and wet foods. They produce a variety of products in a variety of flavors that appeal to people all over the world. They continue to be a leader in the production of dog food.