Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a classroom communication app. It is used to connect parents, teachers and students throughout the day. Class Dojo is meant to help all members of classroom work together and be successful. Used in over 90% of classes across the US, children aged 5-14 have used Class Dojo to learn about growth mindset and creating a positive culture.

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The main goal of Class Dojo is to connect. They believe that a good communication platform for parents, teachers and students creates ground-up change, a change that will last with students throughout their entire life. It has now been translated into over 35 languages, which is one of the largest ways the company has been able to connect. All over the world, classrooms have a created a community simply through a messaging app.


Class Dojo has raised 21 million dollars through a series B round of Venture funding. The company closed the fundraiser in 2015, and have been using the funds to help their team grow and make the app more useful to parents. Teachers can use the app to do things like create a schedule, or send out photos or videos of students.  Check this on


There is competition, however; other form of classroom communication have been created. Remind, FreshGrade, and Kickstart have the same idea. However, the difference is that Class Dojo will never try to make money off of the 85,000 US schools currently using it. Info by


By creating a positive communication platform, Class Dojo has connected parents, teachers, and students.

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ClassDojo Is Bringing An Innovative Idea To Education

A spectacular new program has be turning heads and raising eyebrows since 2011.. ClassDojo, is extremely optimistic on improving various areas of our education system. Along with ClassDojo’s website they have an app. This highly innovative app is made up of videos and countless information about the growth mindset, and the many ways it can benefit your child’s learning experience. Since being launched studies have shown that up tp 40 percent of students retain and understand the important fundamentals of traditional teaching methods. With this idea, ClassDojo has hit the charts and become one of the top educational programs that can be found in every two out of 3 schools in the U.S.

Making students feel capable and confident in achieving goals and their abilities helps overall performance on a daily basis. While students are learning properly, teachers are monitoring them and giving feedback and encouragement. By creating a collection of short videos designed to increase all students motivational and positive progress that can be used at anytime is quite beneficial. This platform is easy to use for all ages. Parents can stay in contact with their child’s teacher as well as teachers with their students. While most programs of this kind cost a lot, this one is entirely free. Participation only requires an invite from your child’s teacher. This new educational learning tool is receiving so much praise and not leaving anything out, it touches base on several areas where our education system can use improvement.

ClassDojo’s app is for every child and the team has added a new point system that enables teachers to award or deduct points according to how their student’s are progressing in class. Your child will receive or lose points based on behavior and effort. All of this information is readily available to parents to have their own report on how their child’s progression is going throughout school. This special app is increasing graduations rates all over the world. It has been recommended and referred so much that it has now expanded its reach to over 180 countries. Join the movement and ask your child’s teacher about ClassDojo to open a a door to greater communication with child and their education.



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