Adam Milstein and the Israeli and Jew Communities

American Israelis teach American Jews many things. Adam milstein says they are more connected to the Israeli state and are shown the Israeli culture. They are also taught the Hebrew language. Adam Milstein thinks the American Israelis can help grow the American Jews into a better community. Many Israelis came here 1948 and they stayed under the radar. Israel had completely disowned them. Jews did not want anything to do with them until they paid a fee. Now they are Jews. American Israelis are proud to be American but they are also able to help their Nation here.

Adam Milstein says they stand proud and fight back against whoever is anti-Semitism. They are working on passing the anti-BDS legislation and expose anti-Israelism in the UN. They have helped bring people together to pass the Taylor Force Act. Adam Milstein says that Israel is not perfect but it is where they come from. They will be there to help and support their country, even from the US. Everybody knows where they are coming from and they are proud of who they are. They are family.

Israel is a wedge that has many disagreements but the American Israelis still accept and support the state of Israel. They are home of pro-Israel community nationwide. The decisions in Israel should be made by their citizens.

They are not here to take over America but to be apart of it. Israelis are just trying to bring their culture to the Jew community. They are here to learn what they can and to find ways to do activities with the Jew community.

They are here to build a stronger jewish community. Staying spiritual is an asset for them. They do programs where a lot of the community nation wide come together to celebrate their holidays. They get more respect now in Israel.

Desiree Perez and Jay Z Look to Future of Roc Nation

The entertainment world is on its toes as one of the biggest names in music comes up as a free agent. Jay Z signed a famous 10 year contract worth nearly $150 million with the company Live Nation back in 2008. That means, very shortly, Jay Z is going to have to start thinking about where he’s taking his huge business, Roc Nation, for the next leg of their journey. Jay Z has become one of the foremost names in rap and he is one of the most prolific come-from-entrepreneurs. His next move may be the biggest of his career.

Jay Z’s deal with Live Nation was called the 360 Deal. However, written into the contract was an option point in 2018 that provides each party the ability to buy or sell their stake of Live Nation. This means that the deal will be under fire soon enough. Jay Z and Live Nation will have to each individually decide where they want to go and how they want to go forward. Right now, musical insiders are saying that Live Nation wants to step away from Jay Z’s musical recording side. Instead, Live Nation is committed to working with Jay’s touring side of things.

When Jay Z has to discuss the future of his company, you can be sure that Desiree Perez is in the room to bounce ideas off of. Perez is a longtime friend to Jay Z and a business associate at ROc Nation. Perez has been instrumental in helping to bring up talent and to sign deals that push them to the next level. Perez and Jay Z were spotted in Los Angeles taking a lunch with Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Group, or UMG. The lunch was supposedly just friendly meeting but it cannot be argued that a potential deal with UMG and Roc Nation might have come up. UMG is reportedly interested in Roc Nation but an insider close to the company also says that they are more than happy with the current partnership that exists between Jay Z and the team at Universal Music Group. and Follow him

George Soros Is Establishing A New Crop Of Leaders Who Are Benevolent And Socially Concerned

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, George Soros is known as an ardent entrepreneur, investment guru, and a prominent philanthropist. His ranking as one of the major donors to the Democratic Party goes to show his active involvement in matters society and politics. He is largely concerned with politics in the United States. Recently he made a big decision of transferring over $18 billion’ worth of his fortune to fund his organization. His organization is known as the Open Society Foundations. The donation it received has been ranked as the most prominent single act of benevolence in the world of Philanthropy. The Wall Street Journal avers that George Soros’ transfer of $18 billion to OSF is one of the most landmark contributions to social courses around the world.

This donation places Open Society Foundations second on the list of biggest charities in the United States as documented by Forbes. The Open Society Foundations plays second to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Like the later OSF is expected to positively impact on the social and political realm of the US and also the world at large. George’s contribution to the global community places him ahead of other leaders championing social politics. Many financial analysts  business leaders across the globe have been touched by George Soros’ generosity including billionaire Richard Branson who showered acclaims to George Soros Over his recent donation.

The Open Society Foundations was birthed by George Soros over thirty years ago. The organization has discharged its mandate extensively in over 120 nations around the world on matters involving democracy human rights. In the US the charity has been on the forefront spearheading the push for equal rights to minority groups. These include the LGBT community, victims of drug and alcohol abuse and immigrants.

During the 2014 Ebola epidemic, The Open Society Foundations funded medical and state agencies in a bid to stop the disaster. In 2016, George Soros was vocal on the need to prevent the spread of hate which was championed by Donald Trump’s divisive campaigns. He contributed an amount of $10 million in a bid to fight against politically instigated violence. According to Soros, the election had awakened disunity that was threatening to destabilize the togetherness of Americans.

As an activist pushing for reforms in the American politics and one who is extensively involved with the democratic politicians, George has earned a lot of criticism from the Republican side. He is targeted with baseless criticism and conspiracy theories. However, this kind of criticism has in no way deterred the entrepreneur from his quest for leadership in the United States and Follow him

His childhood played a crucial role in shaping George. His hometown Hungary was invaded by the Nazis who oppressed them. When he managed to flee Hungary, George ended up in London where he joined The London School of Economics. He later migrated to the US, and it was there that he made much of his fortune while he managed hedge funds on Wall Street. They road wasn’t smooth for the philanthropist cum political activist, but he didn’t give up  and more information click here.

The Remarkable Life of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, sports person, father, and philanthropist. He grew up with only his mother and the challenges they were facing motivated him to work even harder. He grew up with a winning spirit always striving to do well in everything he was involved in. This was evident in his high school sporting career where he played both basketball and baseball. He was good at both sports and won several awards to show that. During his time at the University of Dallas, from where he obtained his Business degree, he was an outstanding basketball player.

Logan’s love for the game and helping people has led to him developing two outstanding organizations which are IDLife and the Dallas Patriots. He established Dallas Patriots with the aim of providing young baseball enthusiasts an opportunity and ground in which they could grow and nature their skills in baseball. With his experience of playing and coaching baseball in the World Series, he has managed to develop Dallas Patriots to becoming one of the largest basketball organizations in the world.

Being a sportsman, Logan struggled with finding the best nutrition and supplements that worked for him. The clinics he went to for advice gave him products to use without actually giving him proper instructions. This made him develop IDLife which is a company that gives its members personalized nutrients according to their bodies. Each member is guaranteed of a program customized for them after they have been properly examined.

Logan is also a family man. Currently, he is based in Texas where he lives with his wife and two sons. His only other family is his mother and brother. Logan enjoys interacting with people and sharing with them so that he can find help for them if they need it. He has several publications which he sends out to his readers. The publications consist of different topics from health matters to tips on how to become successful as a baseball player or coach. Logan’s goal in life is to bring out the best in those who have potential and the will to grow. He has various programs in which he supports different groups of people and helping them grow.

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According to ‘How Boraie Development Has Managed to Bring up Sophisticated Apartments in New Brunswick’ blog written by Central Jersey Working Moms the lifestyle at Brunswick has changed. Business and migration have brought together different people of different lifestyle in New Brunswick thus making the area more sophisticated. This has brought the need for rental apartments that are affordable and suit the lifestyle of the residents.

Aspire Apartments is a project by Boraie Development LLC. The 17-story residential high-rise adds to the city number of luxury houses. The units which include studio apartments are at an affordable rent of under two thousand dollars. There are also two bedroom apartments which are ideal for an extended family because there is a private terrace and a balcony.

One of the benefits of staying at the Aspire Apartments is due to its proximity to social infrastructures. With New Brunswick Train Station nearby, it is convenient for residents who would wish to go to Manhattan or Philadelphia.

Another benefit of Aspire Apartments is that there is Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital nearby which is one of the best health facilities in the area. Also, New Brunswick boastbof Rutger’s University and Medical Center which are near the Aspire Apartments.

Aesthetic of Aspire Apartments.

According to Philly Purge, there is a doorman who is in charge of security and an onsite maintenance management man all day round. The elevator from the garage to the main lobby increases efficiency and is time-saving.

The interior features include among many, a gourmet kitchen with cabinetry, quartz countertops, and dryers. With an efficient heating system, it is very necessary during the cold winter months. Also, there is a lounge with high internet speed which can accommodate at least twelve people. Other luxury features include a catering kitchen, tvs and an extended outdoor terrace with seats.

Boraise Development mostly deals with residential buildings and warehouses and is located in New Jersey. Established in 1986 by Omar Boraie it has grown to become a multimillion dollar company.

About Boraie

Boraie is an Egyptian- born businessman working and living in New Brunswick. He heads the Boraie Development LLC in Brunswick and is assisted by his children to run the company. A Ph.D. holder in Chemistry, it was the desire to turn New Brunswick city into a regional economic hub that led him to start real estate business. Being a believer of providing quality services, he only works with reputable companies and individuals. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

Giving back to the community.

He is a philanthropist and humanitarian involved in numerous community projects. He has sponsored New Jersey State Theatre’s series of movies. He is a director of Elijah’s Promise which gives out over 100000 meals annually.

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Chris Burch: What the Fashion and Tech Industry Will Look Like in the Future

Innovation has been the key driver of fashion and tech sectors. The growth trajectory of fashion and technology has been fascinating according to entrepreneur Chris Burch. Today, it is possible to predict tech fashion trends by simply looking at the status of both sectors in both the past and the present.


How fashion promotes technology growth


Chris Burch backs his assertions that technology relies on fashion to grow by using the boom box as the case study. When the boom box debuted in the 70s, people were excited since they could enjoy sweet songs and listen to their favorite station wherever they went. The relevance of the boom box increased immensely after several award-winning films introduced it into their story lines. Everything changed after the Walkman’s invention in the 90s – people could now attain

Don Ressler Made More Convenience for Women

Don Ressler is the CEO of Fabletics, and you can learn more about him on The Huffington Post. He has worked hard to make a company that is great for all women so that they will be able to get exactly what they need from the different things that the companies have to offer. This is something that has been a great change for the way that things are done and it is a great option for people who are able to do different things. It is also a great way for people to do more when they are looking for clothes that they can work out in. Don Ressler has come up with an almost seamless process to getting great workout gear.

First, women must sign up with Fabletics. This only takes a few minutes and will have a lasting effect. There are many different ways that women can sign up and most of the time they are able to use a coupon to sign up so that they can get the most out of the process. They will need a payment method to be able to sign up with the company but it won’t be charged until the items actually ship to them from the warehouse.

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New Sizes for JustFab
Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics by Kate Hudson – Our Interview

After someone has signed up, they will need to take the style quiz. This will give the company a look at what all they will be able to do when it comes to the different items that they can pick out. The style quiz according to Don Ressler will have a lot of information that women will need to look at so that they can be sure that they are getting the most out of the experience. The questions are easy and even fun to answer. Women will have a chance to change their answers later on after they have completed the quiz.

The style experts according to Ressler will match a perfect workout outfit for the quiz answers. The outfit will be just for that woman and will be perfect for them. Women will always have a chance to review the outfit before it ships. Many women choose to change things around about the outfit before it ships but many also choose to just automatically have it ship so that they are surprised when the outfit comes to them. They will be able to get a true surprise when their mail is delivered and they get the outfit that they want to be able to have to add to their collection.

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The Affluent Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Keith Mann.

Keith Mann is a successful entrepreneur with a golden heart. His career kicked off at Dynamic Associates where he was the manager of alternative investments division and proceeded on to be the vice president of the company. He has expertise in hiring and staffing strategy, marketing and hedge fund compensation having worked as a managing director in Dynamic Executive Search. His vast experience in executive search industry led to the foundation of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), one of the largest database of investment executives in the country.


Before DSP where he is the chief executive officer, he had launched Alternative Investment practice to serve the hedge fund industry and later the private equity industry. Keith Mann has worked with firms in the investment industries across Europe, Asia and U.S. He is committed to identifying strong leaders and professionals and pairing them with companies where they can thrive.


Keith is a philanthropist and an advocate of education activities that has seen him create a strong partnership with the Uncommon Schools. He has worked with the New York Uncommon Schools since 2013, and over the years, he has been able to raise funds to ensure students’ testing needs are met. His mission as of the schools is to bridge the achievement gap for needy students so that they can graduate from college. Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is an award that he started together with his wife. The award that recognizes innovative business leaders will be awarded to one graduating senior in one of the Brooklyn Uncommon Schools. The winner will get money to be used for college tuition.


Keith and some executives in DSP have also reviewed and edited resumes of the senior class in a resume building workshop. Such workshops equip students with tactical and practical skills and thereby encouraging and motivating them. They have on several occasions together with his wife sent lunch to 54th Street precinct to support NYPD following protests and violence against the police force. He strongly condemns violence against the police and appeals to citizens to help the cops rather than frustrate their efforts. The kind-hearted man has also donated funds to Hope and Heroes.

NY Schools Get Much Needed Funding Thanks to Keith Mann and Company

Keith Mann is unlike most CEO’s you know (if you know any, that is). Instead of acting selfishly, he gives back to the community. He is the CEO and original founder of his own firm called DSP (Dynamics Search Partners). He lead the way in the effort to support an organization called Uncommon Schools, which assists NY youths with getting the school supplies they need to succeed, like testing supplies.

In fact, in addition to testing supplies such as those for the PSAT and AP (crucial for getting into colleges) the group has also been able to open a new school for high school students in Brooklyn, New York. Reportedly, the school is already thriving thanks to the fact that Keith Mann set aside $10,000 from DSP right in the beginning to ensure that the students would have all the supplies their hearts desired.

It isn’t just recently that the two groups – DSP and Uncommon Schools – have been working together. It was back in 2013 when the pair first started collaborating. Keith Mann has chalked it up to both of their dedication to helping kids succeed.

With 15 years of experience, Mann has a powerful resume. He has helped clients in the hedge fund management business with staff strategy, hiring, and compensation package delivery. He began as a manager at Dynamic Associates in their alternative investment division. Then, he worked his way up to the VP role before finally founding his own firm in 2009 (DSP).

Keith Mann saw a hole in the market of hedge fund managing and realized that the only solution eventually was for him to finally start his own firm that would solve these needs. That is why he formed DSP, which now only serves the niche market of alternative investment companies. He deals with all daily managing duties and makes sure that the team has the growth and focus they need to serve demanding and top quality clients. He hires, fires, and makes sure that the firm keeps on pace with changing trends around the globe. The company has locations all around the globe.