Creating The Entrepreneurs Of Tomorrow With Glen Wakeman

The journey on the business-ownership road. The CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, and one of its co-founders, Wakeman spent over 20 years with GE Capital helping other businesses skyrocket to success. Traveling to over 30 countries and living in six, The University of Chicago and University of Scranton alumni spent these years consulting with and transforming companies with over 15 thousand employees and $10 billion in assets, assisting in downsizing, growth, mergers and start-up operations (

Glen Wakeman’s reputation precedes him, and it’s a reputation the CEO has worked diligently to create. During his time with GE, Wakeman was named General Director for GE Capital, Global Insurance Ventures. His position included the responsibility of analyzing and choosing sales strategies for multiple businesses – strategies that would skyrocket their net income from $2 million to $3 billion, securing his position as a leading strategist. Wakeman held several other positions as well, including the Director of Business Development for GE Money, COO for Consolidated Financial Insurance Group (a General Electric owned company) and CEO of GE Money’s Latin America operation. It was in this position that he would build a $12 billion asset, nine-country business with over $100 million annual income and more than 1,000 branches from the ground up. Once again overseeing more than 15 thousand employees, the executive more than fulfilled the responsibilities that were put upon him.

His current endeavor, LaunchPad Holdings, is drawn from his experience helping businesses launch themselves into the realm of success, and this time is no different. Entrepreneurs and start-ups in the early and launch stages reach out to the SAAS firm for its superior experience in online business planning services, in addition to Glen Wakeman serving as an advisor to multiple business start-ups and mentoring several executives at any given time. Those who wish to learn from Glen Wakeman’s trove of knowledge but can’t afford his services aren’t out of luck though – the financial professional frequently blogs on topics such as angel investors and financing, business strategies and transformations and larger-scale affairs like emerging and global markets and trends.