EOS Lip Balms: Giving the Competition a Run for their Money

You’re out on the town and your friend pulls out this plastic ball from her purse. What on earth is that thing? Have no fear, it’s EOS lip balm. Standing for Evolution of Smooth, this somewhat of a newcomer to the market is revolutionizing beauty everywhere. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, that’s a perfectly normal reaction. The difference between EOS and other lip balms isn’t only a unique design, it’s about superior ingredients. For more of EOS, click this.

Natural beauty wonders like shea butter and jojoba oil make your lips visibly moist and smooth. Chapped lips will no longer be a concern, even in harsh winter weather. The hypoallergenic ingredients and hygienic twist design mean you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions or introducing new bacteria to your face by touching the pot then your lips. The ingredients are also all natural and gluten free. Suitable for any skin type, they also don’t contain any phosphates. You’ll never have to be concerned with putting anything unusual on your lips with a product like EOS.

As you’ve probably already guessed, such a cool lip balm probably comes in some great flavors as well. The “standard” line of their lip balm flavors is as exciting as the unique colorful design of the packaging. Check this on walmart.ca.  New flavor ideas are always being considered, however, these are the current choices:

  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Sweet mint
  • Summer fruit
  • Blueberry acai
  • Lemon drop

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the Evolution of Smooth, you’ll probably want to pick up a few eggs. You’ll find them through either the company’s website at evolutionofsmooth.com or at your favorite retailer. Online, you’ll find many other products in their lineup as well, not mentioned here. With such a huge variety and a great design, EOS gives other lip balms a run for their money

More about EOS on https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/press#

How Fabletics Engages Consumers More Effectively Than Other Major Online Retailers

While other retailers dread showroomers, Fabletics welcomes them with open arms since the company is primarily an online retailer. Being an e-commerce seller has its own challenges; Amazon has 20 percent of the online fashion market, however, Fabletics offers consumers several reasons for shopping with them instead of Amazon. First, Fabletics offers trendy mix-and-match athlesiure wear at very reasonable prices compared to their competitors and they get new styles to the market quickly. In addition, Kate Hudson’s company offers exclusive designs and a personalized shopping experience. By comparison, Amazon provides a generic shopping experience with no social aspects. Hudson is an avid social media user; her posts show how versatile Fabletics’ fashions are for typical busy mothers like herself.


Opening physical stores is bringing Fabletics new customers as shoppers are able to see the quality of Hudson’s line of activewear for themselves. Also, about a quarter of all in-store shoppers are signing up for VIP membership accounts, so they will continue to shop at Fabletics each month for curated outfits from the comfort of their own home. Using data from online shoppers, Fabletics stocks their stores with locally popular products, therefore, customers generally find exactly what they are looking for on each visit. Hudson is taking on Amazon with data-driven, tailored experiences that resonate with consumers. Amazon will never be able to engage customers the way Fabletics does as subscription models allow customers to feel like they are part of a brand.


Founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of the TechStyle Fashion Group, previously known as JustFab, Fabletics is a rapidly growing company that is increasing its revenue by 35 percent each year. Fabletics, which now sells swimsuits and dresses, added a menswear line called FL2, with Oliver Hudson, Kate’s brother, who says the line is appropriate not only for the gym, but for everyday wear as well. Excited by the new line of dresses, Kate says they are made of the same comfortable performance material as her workout gear, yet they are ideal for the office or a night on the town. Some of the dresses have built-in sports bras, however, all of them hold everything in and make women look as good as they do in leggings.


TechStyle’s co-CEO Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler partnered with Hudson, who is not simply another actress endorsing a line of clothing. Hudson takes an active role in the company, and her social media posts and advertisements resonate with women worldwide, since she is approachable and down to earth.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

A video posted by @fabletics on

Fabletics Offering Stylish Workout Pieces

Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics and voice behind many @fabletics updates on Instagram, is a fitness fanatic. Speaking to Elle Fashion Magazine about Cory Monteith, derrire-lifting leggings, and juicing, she says that she hopes to inspire healthy living in the world, and that’s why she has been coming up with fitness fashion. Her collection of shorts, leggings and sports bras accompanied by a lifestyle website offering fitness tips and recipes will help Kate achieve her dream.

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The actress is also a dance instructor, and her six pack abs say it all about how fit she is. According to Kate, her new line of athletic wear can be worn by an athletic or someone starting to become one. Kate says she wanted to make the leggings such that one can wear them to work out and still go out in them. All these benefits at an affordable cost of below $100 without having the garments quality interfered with.

Kate, who is big into Pilates, says that most women need the motivation to exercise. Though sometimes it just the state of mind and you wakes up feeling that you can, and you want to do it. Having a trainer goes a long way in motivating someone. Kate says that growing up in a family of sportsmen and women has helped her lead an active lifestyle all through. See: http://www.fabletics.com/collections

Kate also spoke on her favorite pieces in the athletic wear line. She says that though she has amazing stuff for all body types, she loves the seamless sports bra, the cross back, and the multiple straps sports bra. She also loves the snakeskin leggings which are tone on tone, makes butts squeeze in and up hence giving a nicer firmness that makes one feel secure.

Fabletics was founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson in 2013. It is an online subscription retailer selling women’s sportswear and accessories. The subsidiary of JustFab offers its client members personalized outfits that are chosen for them according to their lifestyle and fashion preferences.

Fabletics has expanded setting up stores in Columbia, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Newark, St. Louis and Woodland Hills. According to Forbes Fabletics is set to open 75 more stores over the next five years. At Fabletics you find a broad range of workout outfits for women from running outfits, yoga outfits, to tennis outfits. All the stretch fabrics come in a range of colors and prints hence a wide variety to choose from.