Sanjay Shah Raises Awareness and Funding for Autism Research

Sanjay Shah knows first hand the struggles that come with Autism. His son Nikhil has the condition, but Sanjay Shah Denmark is determined that it isn’t going to hold his son or anyone else back in the future. Particularly, it isn’t going to hold them back from having a good time at the beginning of April, when Sanjay Shah is throwing “Autism Rocks“, a festival kicking off Autism awareness month.

The event was first set up in 2014 and has drawn in involvement from artists such as Prince, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Bublé. This year the festival involved Tyga and Flo Rida in an effort to include a younger demographic. Besides music this year’s event features family fun in the form of laser tag, crazy golf, zip lining, a bouncy castle, horse rides, a rodeo bull, face painting, inflatable rides, a petting zoo, and barbecue.

The Dubai based businessman’s event has raised over six-hundred thousand pounds for the cause so far, and it seems to be on its way to raising far more. As Sanjay Shah’s wife Usha Shah put it; “While there was a lot of support for special needs people, we felt the need to provide greater exposure for such children. We wanted to encourage more research into why people are afflicted with these conditions and what can be done about it.”

While Sanjay Shah opted not to enter the medical career field, his business acumen has allowed him to contribute to the well being of individuals suffering from Autistic spectrum disorders and their families in his own way. Since his son’s diagnosis Shah has honed in on a brand of philanthropy that he personally understands the impact of. Autism Rocks originated from several other ventures by Shah, including jazz festival Blended, but more importantly originated from a deep caring about the plight of Autistic children across the globe.

Hailing from London Shah went on to run Solo Capital after an exemplary career in finance. With a net worth of well over $280 million Shah now has the time to focus on causes dear to his heart.