Heather Parry’s Milestones in the Cinema and Music Industry

Heather Parry took over on December 1, 2015, as the Live Nation’s production, film and television president but her career hit of when she was 22 years old at MTV News. She was later promoted to become MTV’s Chief West Coast Bureau. She subsequently ventured into film development and production and produced a film starring 50 Cent “Get Rich or Die Tyrin.” Heather Parry left MTV in 2005 and joined Sandler’s Happy Madison Production as the head of the film and produced films for over the last ten years. Heather Parry is a multi-tasker, and even on her birthday, Colin Hanks pitched her on the Eagles of Death Metal Film and from there on she started her first project.

Live Nation Productions was launched in 2016 and Parry currently, runs it after she left MTV Films and recently left Happy Madison Production. Live Nation Productions started in the industry with Justin Timberlake and Tennessee kids’ concert and had continuously evolved. Live Nation Productions has dealt with a variety of issues so far such as terrorism, PTSD, LGBTQ, religion, suicide and many more. At live nation, Heather Parry describes it as her perfect home since she gets an opportunity to utilize both her love for music and cinema.

As the president, Heather Parry has been able to maximize the assets of Live Nation in music-related films promotions. It is evident in “A Star Is Born” that fully exploited the music film sector.

Currently, the production firm owns over 100 music festivals. Heather Parry believes their adverse marketing partnership has put them at the forefront. The fact that her office building also houses several artists’ managers gives her the advantage to get involved in most of the projects and also gets to meet most of the artists as well. Her contact list puts her on edge from other production films and is also her power base.