Sheldon Lavin Is a Titan in the Meat Processing Industry

It is easy to understand why Sheldon Lavin has risen to the top of the meat processing industry. He has a knack for making the right decisions that will help his company to a successful business. He is currently the CEO of OSI Group. This is a position he has held for several decades. He took over the company when it consisted of only one facility in the Chicago area. He then expanded operations to other states. Eventually, he branched out into other countries. OSI Group is now one of the largest meat processing companies on the planet. All of this is due to the decisions Lavin has made since he has been in charge of the company.

Sheldon Lavin has his unique style to the way that he leads his company. He does not follow many of the rules that are typically observed by CEOs. For example, he does not believe in distancing himself from hie employees. He likes to talk to his employees and find out if they have any ideas about how they can improve the company. He also studies the competition very closely. He wants to know what competing companies are doing at all times. Innovation has always been key for as long as Sheldon Lavin has been in charge of OSI Group.

He has invested much of the profit that OSI Group has made into buying and developing technology that will allow the company to be more efficient. He believes that having new equipment will help to save time and money. He has opted to use automated systems in many of his factories. This has helped to lower costs and speed up the overall process of getting meat processed and ready for shipment. OSI Group has a very high employee retention rate. Sheldon Lavin thinks it is very important to pay competitive wages in order to prevent his best employees from seeking jobs with other companies. This high retention rate has helped to create a family atmosphere at the company. The employee morale at the company is very high. His unique leadership has a lot to do with this.

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Stratford Shields is providing unique and innovative strategies to his clients.

Stratford Shields is providing unique and innovative strategies to his clients.

Stratford Shields serves in the position of managing director for Loop Capital Markets, a firm that is based in Chicago. Before his current position, Stratford Shields worked for the government serving as the Deputy Director for the Office of Management and Budget in Ohio and also the President of the State Controlling Board also in Ohio. Stratford Shield devotes most of his time to come up with strategies and solutions for their clients. Stratford Shield focuses on coming up with unique, customized and practical solutions for his clients.

Stratford Shields gives his advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Stratford Shields is one who has the habit of reading and remaining up to date with the current affairs. This trend of staying up to date with the current issues has not only enabled him to stay ahead of the competition but also keep up with his clients and their evolving needs.

Stratford Shields advises budding entrepreneurs to remain optimistic in their endeavors and not to be afraid to be innovative. Stratford Shields urges young entrepreneurs always to find better ways to do things. Also, Stratford encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to embrace failure and points out that the most important part of failure is getting back up and pressing forward.

Stratford has emphasized on keenness to the needs of the client and the little details, and this has made him more productive and also to stay organized. Furthermore, Stratford Shields also points out that knowing your clients and finding what business they wish to do with you comes in handy when taking the step of expansion. He urges those with the desire to expand their business to remain realistic and avoid enforcing things that cannot be obtained in reality. Stratford also advises business owners to keep constant communication with their clients and listen to them to come up with better ways to serve them.

Matt Badiali Focuses on Investment Education

Matt Badiali is a successful investor in the country. In his early life, he did not grow up expecting to be the person he is today. He joined the university to take a degree in earth science at Penn State University. After that, he joined Florida Atlantic University to pursue masters in geology. In 2004, he was pursuing his PhD when his career path changed abruptly. A friend told him that he could make money by investing in natural resources. As an expert in this field, he was ready to explore more and learn how he could make a fortune from the markets. Matt Badiali stands out among other investors who deal with natural resources because he does not rely on the news from the mainstream media for him to make decisions.

Since he is a professional in natural resources, he can take primary data gathered from the mining fields and make his own conclusions. His ability to analyze information and come up with his own conclusions allows him to avoid being misled by the so-called experts who are out there to take advantage of the average American investors. We all know of many scammers who masquerade as experts, yet they have little knowledge they claim to help others with. Matt Badiali is confident that investors who will follow his advice will gain financial freedom. Since he understands what drives the market, he can offer insight on profitable investment than any other person.

In 2008 when the global economy was facing the challenges of the financial recession, Matt Badiali made investments by buying a commodity that was valued at $0.06. Although fellow investors and family members discouraged him from making this investment, he was certain that it was the right time to purchase. Two years later he proved them wrong after he sold his investment after making over 4000 percent return. He believes that as long as an investment is made at the right time, there is no doubt that it will give the intended results. The newsletter that he is publishing will allow the average investors to access his advice in an efficient way.

Madison Street Capital’s Deal of the Year

The Advisor of M&A recently announced the winner of the highly coveted 13th Annual Turnaround Awards to the Chicago based international investment banking firm.


The Madison Street Capital also attained the award for Distressed M&A Deal of the year which reigned in over $25 million to $50 million. This was due to their performance in service as the exclusive advisor to the Sachs Capital Group in relation to the take-private of the RMG networks.


The investments of Sachs Capital Group together with the Virgo Capital and the Merion Investment Partners offered the debt financing in relation to the sealing of the transaction. The leader of the Madison Street Capital was headed by the Senior Managing Director, Barry Petersen.


The founding member and acting CEO of the Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway was honored for the recognition of the work on the transaction. He further thanked all the team members that had invested the efforts and hard work towards the course.


According to Botchway, the award elevated the ability of the Madison Street Capital in assisting the clients in navigating and closing in on complex transactions. Apart from the award, the M&A Advisors also announced the winners in different categories such as Restructuring of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Firm of the Year, Sector Deal of the Year, Turnaround Product/Service of the Year and Professional of the Year.


The nominations were inclusive of over 275 different participating firms which were judged by an independent just that consisted of experts in the industry. The firms that took home the awards were representation of the distressed investing and the shifting industry in the year 2018. According to the founder of the M&A Advisor, Roger Aguinaldo, the firms earned the honors by standing out in the group to curtain raise for others.


The awards were meant to recognize the leading transactions in an environment which is characterized with increasing demand of the professionals. It also shone a light on the firms and individuals who represented the highest levels of performance in the industry.


The winners of the highly coveted awards will be later presented with the awards during the black tie gala. This would be held during the 201 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit late in March, The venue for the event would be in Palm Beach, Fl.


Madison Street Capital reputation is an internationally recognized investment banking company. The firm is committed in virtues such as excellence, integrity, service and leadership in the delivery of the corporate financial advisory services. They also offer merger and acquisition expertise, valuation services to public and private entities and financial opinions.


The services help in the positioning of the clients to attain success in the worldwide market. The firm has earned the trust from the clients across the globe due to the dedication to their professional standards.


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Louis Chenevert Made A Lifelong Friend With His Great Work Ethic

The Early Life Of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Montreal Quebec. It was during his typical childhood that the world of business peaked his interest. He knew that if he gave endless dedication to his dream of entrepreneurship he would be successful. He understood that success came from hard work. Chenevert went on to study business at the University of Montreal. His major was production management. Production management is the department that makes sure goods are created with top notch quality, quantity, and speed, while costing the company very little, to gain a profit in the end. The production management department is sometimes the most important part of a company’s efficiency. Chenevert chose this area to work in because he had a desire to be instrumental in the success of a company.

Getting Into The Auto Industry

It was right after Louis Chenevert earned his degree in production management that he was hired on to General Motors in Quebec. Guy Hachey was very proud to have hired him. Hachey placed Chenevert in charge of the assembly line. The two young men had a common interest of making the company better and climbing the ladder at the same time. Hachey was already a year-and-some ahead of Chenevert. He says every time he would get promoted, he would promote Chenevert. Hachey says Chenevert is most likely the best executive he has ever had.

Continuing To Climb

In 2008 Hachey went on to be the president and COO of the Bombardier Aerospace company up until 2014. Both of the young men learned so much from working in the auto industry. The speed of the assembly lines required so much attention to detail, as well as fast decision making. Hachey says they were building a vehicle per minute, that left very little room for error. If any mistakes were made, within the hour you could have 60 vehicles that needed correction. Today the two men are still close. They both recall their experience in the field, working together. Hachey says whenever they reflect on old times their laughs bring them both to tears.

Harry Harrison’s Career at Barclays Over

Harry Harrison was an investment professional with an excellent career. At one time, he was one of the leading executives of Barclays. Harry was in charge of all the non-core products and services offered by Barclays.

In recent months, he started working on a business plan. He was tired of the corporate grind, and he wanted more control over his time. He decided to start a business in the financial services industry. His wife already ran a financial services company, so he knew what was needed to be successful. Harry recently had an interview and discussed his decision to leave Barclays.

Why Did He Leave?

As an executive at Barclays, Harry was making a ton of money each year. He could have stayed in that position and retired early. He talked about becoming bored with his routine. Each day, he would wake up and work long hours on various projects. His health was declining, and he decided to make a drastic change.


Harry is a major proponent of diversity in the workplace. He firmly believes companies should hire diverse workers to improve results. During his interview, he gave examples of how employees with unconventional backgrounds were able to improve his company.

Starting a Company

Harry also discussed the challenges of starting a business. Few people realize all of the problems that new business owners must face. Harry invested a lot of money to get his company started. Although it is a financial risk to manage his own business, he is excited about the coming years.

Financial Services Industry

Multiple trends are impacting the financial services industry. Customers are tired of paying high fees for lousy service. Harry’s company is designed to offer valuable recommendations at an affordable cost. He plans to add hundreds of new clients this year through various advertising methods.

Vinny Parascandola, the Financial Advisor with a Difference

Insurance companies have mushroomed in the present business field. Investors no longer fear the high risks associated with high-return investments. As a result, they have utilized the services of insurance companies by acquiring insurance policies that cover probable risks in their line of investment. Moreover, these companies make use of the unique services of financial advisors who not only use their expertise for the best of the firm but also for their clients’ financial well-being. AXA Advisors is among these businesses with Vinny Parascandola being their most coveted financial advisor.

Vinny Parascandola is a prominent financial advisor well known for his wise and accurate advice on insurance policies. His unique financial skills and vast experience of over 17 years have set him on a career path that has lead to him being appointed the vice president in charge of Finance at AXA Advisors. The company is a brokerage firm with over five thousand authorized representatives in the country, and it is located in New York.

The company was incorporated in 1859 and has been in business ever since. Since time immemorial, it has aimed at offering services to its clients in both stable and reliable manner. Its services circumvent around wealth management, advice benefits to employees, retirement strategies, life assurance, and financial cover. The firm is purposed at helping clients lead well-defined and secure lives.

Vinny Parascandola has the responsibility of recruiting and training new advisors to the firm, which ensures business efficiency. To complement this, he has inspired the creation of strategies that assist clients through financial security.

Moreover, Vinny has overseen the development of other financial professionals in New Jersey. Presiding over the company’s sales, he has enhanced productivity. This has seen the profit margin of the company build-up uniformly. He is an advisor with a difference whose focus is to help clients make meaningful steps towards sound financial futures.