Harry Harrison’s Career at Barclays Over

Harry Harrison was an investment professional with an excellent career. At one time, he was one of the leading executives of Barclays. Harry was in charge of all the non-core products and services offered by Barclays.

In recent months, he started working on a business plan. He was tired of the corporate grind, and he wanted more control over his time. He decided to start a business in the financial services industry. His wife already ran a financial services company, so he knew what was needed to be successful. Harry recently had an interview and discussed his decision to leave Barclays.

Why Did He Leave?

As an executive at Barclays, Harry was making a ton of money each year. He could have stayed in that position and retired early. He talked about becoming bored with his routine. Each day, he would wake up and work long hours on various projects. His health was declining, and he decided to make a drastic change.


Harry is a major proponent of diversity in the workplace. He firmly believes companies should hire diverse workers to improve results. During his interview, he gave examples of how employees with unconventional backgrounds were able to improve his company.

Starting a Company

Harry also discussed the challenges of starting a business. Few people realize all of the problems that new business owners must face. Harry invested a lot of money to get his company started. Although it is a financial risk to manage his own business, he is excited about the coming years.

Financial Services Industry

Multiple trends are impacting the financial services industry. Customers are tired of paying high fees for lousy service. Harry’s company is designed to offer valuable recommendations at an affordable cost. He plans to add hundreds of new clients this year through various advertising methods.

Vinny Parascandola, the Financial Advisor with a Difference

Insurance companies have mushroomed in the present business field. Investors no longer fear the high risks associated with high-return investments. As a result, they have utilized the services of insurance companies by acquiring insurance policies that cover probable risks in their line of investment. Moreover, these companies make use of the unique services of financial advisors who not only use their expertise for the best of the firm but also for their clients’ financial well-being. AXA Advisors is among these businesses with Vinny Parascandola being their most coveted financial advisor.

Vinny Parascandola is a prominent financial advisor well known for his wise and accurate advice on insurance policies. His unique financial skills and vast experience of over 17 years have set him on a career path that has lead to him being appointed the vice president in charge of Finance at AXA Advisors. The company is a brokerage firm with over five thousand authorized representatives in the country, and it is located in New York.

The company was incorporated in 1859 and has been in business ever since. Since time immemorial, it has aimed at offering services to its clients in both stable and reliable manner. Its services circumvent around wealth management, advice benefits to employees, retirement strategies, life assurance, and financial cover. The firm is purposed at helping clients lead well-defined and secure lives.

Vinny Parascandola has the responsibility of recruiting and training new advisors to the firm, which ensures business efficiency. To complement this, he has inspired the creation of strategies that assist clients through financial security.

Moreover, Vinny has overseen the development of other financial professionals in New Jersey. Presiding over the company’s sales, he has enhanced productivity. This has seen the profit margin of the company build-up uniformly. He is an advisor with a difference whose focus is to help clients make meaningful steps towards sound financial futures.