Michael Nierenberg Investment Innovator

Michael Nierenberg brings leadership experience to New Residential Investment Corporation. In 2016 he earned the position of Chairman of the Board. The real estate investment trust company is based in New York. His past work experience includes working at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. He worked as head of global securities while at JP Morgan. He also worked at Bear Stearns holding senior leadership positions as well as being on their Board of Directors. Another notable position Michael Nierenberg held was at Lehman Brothers where he worked for seven years. Here he helped the company work to promote their adjustable rate mortgages.

A real estate investment trust is an organization that owns, in some instances

operates, and may finance real estate that will provide income. They include properties such as hospitals, shopping centers, and other commercial real estate. Michael Nierenberg is successful in all the companies that he worked. He identified the investment potential of excess mortgage servicing rights and has been successful in finding success in the once undervalued asset. Michael Nierenberg is an innovator in the investment market and is unbeatable as a leader. While at New Residential Investment Corporation he has brought his talent and with hard work continues to be successful.

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Southridge Capital a Trusted Partner in Financial Solutions

Founded in 1996, Southridge Capital is a private equity firm dealing with securities brokerage and investment banking services. The firm is based in Connecticut. The finance analysts at Southridge Capital have talked about Bitcoin’s path towards becoming mainstream currency. In recent past, the cryptocurrencies have not only gained popularity but also in value. The analysts further confirms that, there have been notable swing in the financial industry in regards to cryptocurrency approach. Today many financial institutions are paying a closer attention to cryptocurrencies.

The financial analysts at Southridge Capital further explains that the increment in place where the Bitcoin was being spent played a major role in regards to increasing its popularity. Huge financial institutions such as Citi Bank, BNP Paribas, and Barclays Bank have shown their interest to work with Bitcoin. The interest of these institutions also shows their immense confidence in the blockchain technology. The financial analysts at Southridge Capital are of the opinion that this asset and the underlying technology will eventually alter some aspects of financial services. They also believe the past setbacks of the cryptocurrencies will not affect it current and future performances. However, it is unclear whether the cryptocurrency will replace the government-controlled currencies at some point.

Southridge Capitals have grown rapidly in the last 22 years by going global through its expansive and wide reach. The firm has reached almost $1.8 billion dollars in terms of investments from the growing companies. The Think outside the box philosophy have made more than 250 companies put their trust in Southridge Capitals. You can check their website southridge.com


In the interview, Southridge Capital’s founding principal and Chief Executive Officer Stephen M. Hicks terms news feeds such as OTC markets, online Wall Street Journal, and Quotestream as crucial sources of information. He further explains about his ideal day where he begins his day by preparing a to-do list of the day for his staff and himself. He programs his day in such a way he gets time to look for new opportunities, as well as, keeping the existing investments on check.


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Dierk Hohman Appointed as General Counsel of NexBank Capital, Inc

For many years now, the company has been serving companies, individuals, and institutions in Texas. Before the company was rebranded to NexBank SSB in August 2005, it was previously known as Heritage Bank, SSB, and it was founded in 1922. NexBank SSB has been operating as a subsidiary of NexBank Capital. Recently, NexBank Capital, Inc. announced that it had chosen Dierk Hohman to serve as Executive Deputy President and general advisor to the company. Dierk Hohman has a vast experience in the fields of banking, financial and capital market. Dierk has played a vital role in advising institutions and banks on state regulatory issues and compliance and risk management. Dierk also deals with corporate, litigation and finance transactions.

Before he started working at NexBank, Dierk worked as a senior Deputy President and Associate General advisor for Nationstar Mortgage LLC. In his career life, Dierk Hohman has served in various posts at leading financial service firms, financial institutions, and litigation companies. Some of the corporation he has worked for includes White & Case LLP, GE Capital, HBK Capital Management, and Bank of America. Currently, the company is worth $ 6.4 billion in assets as per the report released on June 30, 2017. NexBank Capital, Inc. works with an experienced executive management team that combines industry prowess and a strong focus on their clients to offer exceptional financial services,

About NexBank

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a top financial services company that offers banking and financial services and products in Dallas Texas. Some of the service the company provides include:

  • personal checking accounts
  • savings accounts
  • mortgages and mobile banking
  • commercial checking accounts
  • savings accounts
  • Internet banking
  • treasury management
  • commercial lending services, comprising business and real estate loans

Additionally, NexBank offers institutional services such as:

  • corporate banking and lending
  • customized programs
  • advisory services
  • corporate finance and advisory
  • agency services
  • syndicated loan servicing
  • investment banking