The Acquisition of Rose Packaging by OSI Group

OSI has announced its recent acquisition of Rose Packaging Co.; a firm that produces best pork products for various firms in the food service and retail industries. Rose Packaging is based in Barrington, Illinois, and was established in 1924. The firm operates a production facility in Chicago that has more than 700 employees. The secret behind the success of Rose Packaging is the firm’s understanding of its variety of products, the food market, and the ever-evolving consumer taste and preferences. Rose Packaging’s product portfolio includes the following; ethnic sausages, hams, Guinness beer brats, Canadian bacon, loins, chops, meatballs, breakfast sausages, ribs, pork shoulder, boneless turkey, pizza, and salad toppings.

Kevin Scott, the Senior Executive Vice President of OSI’s operations in North America, claims that the OSI’s acquisition of Rose Packaging brings together two long-term players and leaders in the global food industry. Scott further elaborates that the acquisition of Rose Packaging complements OSI’s existing business while also directly supporting the firm’s growth strategy through the provision of new processing capabilities, a formidable presence in the lucrative channels, and additional capacity. OSI Group and Rose Packaging share a cultural bond; an unwavering commitment to offering their clientele with innovative, cutting-edge, and unique food solutions. The financial details of the Rose Packaging acquisition by OSI are not in the public domain.

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that the Chief Executive Officer of Rose Packaging along with other members of the firm’s management team will remain and work together with OSI Group’s executives on post-acquisition integration. Dwight Stiehl, the CEO at Rose Packaging has hinted that he eager and looking forward to working closely with the OSI Group as Rose Packaging becomes part of the broader OSI food brand. Stiehl believes that the acquisition is an excellent fit because both OSI and Rose Packaging share a strong commitment to excellence, and both firms also understand the importance of strong business relationships. Dwight Stiehl is also quick to point out that the OSI Group and Rose Packaging combined possess more than two hundred years’ worth of experience in the global meat industry while also having deep roots in the state of Chicago. Click here.

OSI Group and McDonald venture into the Chinese market

OSI Group celebrated 20 years in China in 2012; the company opened a factory in Beijing where it was serving McDonald food in 1992. The company has grown with the Chinese economy for the 20 years successfully supplying food during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The company serves food such as beef, pork, eggs dehydrated onion, and chicken. Since the Olympics, the company has been a leading supplier for most of the Chinese events the group earned a reputation as there were no complaints concerning the food served rather most of the clients gave positive feedback.

OSI Group and David McDonald commitment to improving the quality of its products

The reputation has helped both OSI and David McDonald to enhance stability and the presence in the cultural Chinese food sector. The organizations have shown commitment to improving their services by conducting their businesses responsibly and sustainably. The organizations focus efforts on best quality food, safety, and animal welfare, gaining public trust in China. These three elements are the reason the organizations have had zero issues of food safety and gain acceptance in the Chinese food sector.

The company’s move to gain a global presence

The company also strives to gain presence in the global market, where OSI group acquired Baho foods one of the most recognized European food companies. This has led to the penetration of David McDonalds and OSI in Europe as Baho Foods had a great base of faithful customers who showed acceptance to the Group. Baho Foods adds to the portfolio of the company in addition to expanding its business in Europe.

Move to use environmentally friendly packaging materials.

McDonald has strict rules when it comes to the packaging of products; they focus on environmentally friendly methods which are fostered by the Chinese government. This included the use of renewable, recycled materials in their packaging process by 2025; the company cares for environmental welfare. Moreover, these initiatives will make it stand out among its competitors. Most countries are aiming at creating a green economy which includes environmental friendly practices. McDonald and OSI is known for their stringent measures in the production and packing of their burgers that meet the international safety standards. Adding environmental friendly packaging will make the company stand above its competitors and gain competitive advantage. Click here.

Sheldon Lavin and His Advocacy for Green Innovation

Sheldon Lavin is from a humble beginning. He was an investor and a bank executive before joining OSI Group. The following is a recent interview where he discusses his career journey, achievements, and contributions to OSI Group.

OSI Group

OSI Group has been in existence for more than a century. Otto Kolschowsky established a meat marketplace and a butcher shop in Chicago and called it Otto & Sons. The establishment has gone through various advancements to become OSI Group. It currently has partners across the world and over 65 locations. Sheldon Lavin is the company chief executive officer. He focuses on food safety and sustainability, and green practices. The CEO uses strategic market-focused approaches to continue growing the food company. OSI acquisitions are an indicator of its exponential growth.

OSI Growth

Otto & Sons started experiencing its growth in 1955 after McDonald’s chose it as its hamburger supplier. In 1973, it opened a special facility to serve McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin joined Otto Kolschowsky sons, and they became partners. He helped steer the brothers into an international market. The entity changed its name to OSI Group in 1975. By 1980, it had opened outlets in Brazil, Australia, Spain, Germany, and Taiwan. In 1990, the organization had plants in Philippines, China, Poland, and Mexico.OSI Group began aggressive development of its poultry operations on various continents. The first partnership was in 2002 in China. Australia acquirement brought OSI into the beef industry of the country. The company acquired a poultry firm in the US in 2006To satisfy the expansion demands.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon entered OSI Group over forty years ago. He became the third firm partner in the 1970s due to his professional experience and leadership skills. Lavin later bought interest from one of the Kolschowsky qualifying him to be a half partner. Upon the retirement of the other brother, Sheldon Lavin obtained voting control.. Lavin emphasizes on green innovations to boost the company growth. OSI has created employment opportunities to more than 20,000 workers around the world. All outlets must uphold to the entity culture despite the industry focuses, oceans, and languages separating the facilities. Lavin is a religious philanthropist.

OSI Food Solutions Grows its Footprint in the U.S., Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

While OSI Food Solutions has always been a top name in the industry of high-quality meat production and distribution, the company is now poised to become the number one provider of meat globally. The company was built around the idea that consistent growth should be a key focus of its business development strategy. The company frequently purchases other companies that produce meat, or the company buys majority stake in those companies. Basically, OSI Food Solutions has an umbrella of additional businesses underneath it, many of which they choose to keep the name of the company, as it is a household name.

Speaking of household names, OSI Food Solutions just announced that it has purchased a major chicken development facility formerly owned by Tyson Food Group. Tyson has been a household name in the United States for decades and is synonymous with chicken throughout the country. It is the leading provider of chicken products throughout the United States. The facility, which is located on the Southside of Chicago, was purchased by OSI for $7.4 million. The facility is two hundred thousand square feet large and employs several hundred people.

Tyson Food Group made an announcement in 2017 that they would have to close the Chicago plant. They could no longer justify keeping the plant open with the current volume of chicken being produced. There were over four hundred employees working at the plant when that announcement was made. That would leave those four hundred people unemployed in an area of Chicago where jobs are already hard to find. OSI Food Solutions bought the facility, and the majority of those people will now be keeping their jobs, which is incredibly fortunate. This purchase is a big part of OSI Food Group’s plan to grow its footprint in the United States. The company is a household name in the Europe and already has a huge presence in the United States. However, OSI Food Solutions is always focused on growth, and seeks to increase presence in North America.

OSI Food Solutions also made another recent announcement on its European front. Its facility in Toledo, Spain just added a high-capacity production line and expanded its facility by over twenty thousand square feet. The addition of this high-capacity production line will now give the company the ability to produce twice as much chicken products as it could previously. The volume of chicken products has grown from 12,000 tons annually to 24,000 tons.

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OSI Group Supplies Protein To World!

The OSI Group has continued to expand its operations and satisfy the needs of the world’s population for protein. Starting with it fruitful McDonald’s relationship, OSI Industries has not only won the 2016 British Safety Council “Globe of Honour,” but is listed by Forbes as one of America’s largest private companies. The brand keeps on growing, expanding and delivering food excellence.

Providing Protein to the World

The State of Illinois has a central location in the heart of America. This has made it a great location for building the OSI Group headquarters. Aurora, Illinois can bring together the meat industry ingredients from America’s Heart Land.

What parent has not been running late and stopped in a local McDonald’s restaurant for a Happy Meal to tide their family members over? The McDonald’s hamburgers have plenty of protein to help them rebuild their body’s cells. Growing children need a great source of protein and OSI has satisfied this hunger.

58th Largest Private American Company

You have truly arrived when you make Forbes Top 100 American Largest Private Companies List as OSI Group did at #58 for 2016. Founded in 1909, the OSI Group is in the food, drink and protein industry. For 2016, it earned a healthy revenue of $6.1 billion.

Chairman & CEO Sheldon Lavin and CFO Sherry DeMeulenaere have built the company up to 20,000 employees. One of its secrets to success has been cryogenic food processing, which has used liquid nitrogen to freeze the beef. This has allowed for McDonald’s to provide fresher Big Macs to its customers. The result has been a more succulent culinary experience.

From Aurora to West Chicago, the OSI Group has expanded around the world. It has been one of the primary meat suppliers for Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. The sky is the limit. As the world population increases its wealth, people will naturally crave more protein. OSI is a winner – providing protein to the world!

Beneful Brand Dog Food Sounds As Good As it Is!

Many dog foods are branded with names that don’t say much about their quality. Not so with Purina’s Beneful brand. To really understand the meaning of the word “Beneful” it’s important to look at each syllable.

First of all the word “bene” is the Latin root word for “well” or “good”. If you look at the word “benefit” you will see it has the same root word. The same is true of the words “benevolent” which means a giver of good things, “beneficial” which means something that affects someone in a good way and “benefactor”, a person who bestows good things to others. When someone is applying for a job, they no doubt look for good employee benefits. Just about any word starting with “bene” means a boon or goodness given to someone or by someone.

So when Purina was thinking of a name to brand its premier dog food, naturally the name “Beneful” fit well with the idea of optimum choice and nutrition at a price that the average household could afford. Pet owners don’t have to go to specialty shops to find Beneful, it’s right there in the supermarket and conveniently located on big box store shelves like Walmart!

Another obvious “benefit” of Beneful brand god food is the variety. There are formulas of wet and dry food for puppies to older adult dogs. Whether it’s savory wet stews or crunchy kibble, Beneful makes the right product for all dogs. Beneful also makes healthy treats in flavors canines crave. You can see the goodness in the product when you open the package

So, easily translated, Beneful simply means food that is full of goodness and promotes wellness. Happy canine customers and their adult caretakers have made Beneful their choice when restocking the dog food supply.

OSI Group: One of the Nations Top Food and Beverage Companies

OSI Group may be one of the largest companies you’ve never heard of. The company operates as a supply chain and product food and beverage producer that provides products to restaurants and food service operations around the world. For a company of its proportion, OSI operates and functions with the down to earth attitude of a small business. In fact, OSI has been a vocal advocate for sustainable food practices and operates under its own set of social, ethical, and environmental responsibilities.

Chicago Roots

The company opened its doors in 1909 as a small meat market in the city of Chicago. Now a global enterprise, OSI has demonstrated over a century of uncompromising dedication to its customers. OSI employees work with customers to establish their unique needs and then go to work. From sourcing top ingredients to around the world, to developing delicious products, and delivering them flawlessly, OSI is one of the most innovative food service companies in the world.

A Plan For the Future

Part of what makes OSI so successful is their ability to provide customers with a diverse product line. Not only do they produce everything from breakfasts, sandwiches, and dinners, to desserts and snacks, but they do so with great variety. If a client is looking for something that is fully cooked, they’ve got it. Same thing goes for the customer who wants their product completely raw. Moreover, OSI operates on a global level and comes prepared to answer questions of international law and varying food regulations.

The company currently operates in 16 countries and has over 60 different individual operations. The global headquarters is still located in Chicago, where the company started many years ago. Recently, the company merged with Baho Foods, a Dutch foodservice company. Previously, Baho specialized in snacks, convenience foods, and deli products. There is no telling exactly what the acquisition means for OSI, but it will likely result in them expanding their European market.

The food industry is always evolving. By offering more diverse product choices, OSI can meet their customers’ newest needs. OSI sells mostly private label meat and other premanufactured foods. Most of these products make their way into fast food chains or convenience shops. What many people don’t realize is that the signature tastes of their favorite restaurants are often developed and manufactured by OSI.

However, OSI’s achievements have not gone unrecognized. In fact, Forbes magazine recently recognized OSI Foods as the 58th largest privately owned company in the county. With over 6.1 billion dollars in annual sales and over 22,000 employees, OSI is feeding millions. Also on the list of the 100 largest food and beverage companies in the U.S., OSI operates with outstanding results. Thanks to its incredible service and manufacturing abilities, it doesn’t look like OSI will be going anywhere soon. So, the next time you are in your favorite convenience store or fast food restaurant, ask yourself if that pizza or hotdog was made by OSI.

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