The Acquisition of Rose Packaging by OSI Group

OSI has announced its recent acquisition of Rose Packaging Co.; a firm that produces best pork products for various firms in the food service and retail industries. Rose Packaging is based in Barrington, Illinois, and was established in 1924. The firm operates a production facility in Chicago that has more than 700 employees. The secret behind the success of Rose Packaging is the firm’s understanding of its variety of products, the food market, and the ever-evolving consumer taste and preferences. Rose Packaging’s product portfolio includes the following; ethnic sausages, hams, Guinness beer brats, Canadian bacon, loins, chops, meatballs, breakfast sausages, ribs, pork shoulder, boneless turkey, pizza, and salad toppings.

Kevin Scott, the Senior Executive Vice President of OSI’s operations in North America, claims that the OSI’s acquisition of Rose Packaging brings together two long-term players and leaders in the global food industry. Scott further elaborates that the acquisition of Rose Packaging complements OSI’s existing business while also directly supporting the firm’s growth strategy through the provision of new processing capabilities, a formidable presence in the lucrative channels, and additional capacity. OSI Group and Rose Packaging share a cultural bond; an unwavering commitment to offering their clientele with innovative, cutting-edge, and unique food solutions. The financial details of the Rose Packaging acquisition by OSI are not in the public domain.

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that the Chief Executive Officer of Rose Packaging along with other members of the firm’s management team will remain and work together with OSI Group’s executives on post-acquisition integration. Dwight Stiehl, the CEO at Rose Packaging has hinted that he eager and looking forward to working closely with the OSI Group as Rose Packaging becomes part of the broader OSI food brand. Stiehl believes that the acquisition is an excellent fit because both OSI and Rose Packaging share a strong commitment to excellence, and both firms also understand the importance of strong business relationships. Dwight Stiehl is also quick to point out that the OSI Group and Rose Packaging combined possess more than two hundred years’ worth of experience in the global meat industry while also having deep roots in the state of Chicago. Click here.

OSI Group and McDonald venture into the Chinese market

OSI Group celebrated 20 years in China in 2012; the company opened a factory in Beijing where it was serving McDonald food in 1992. The company has grown with the Chinese economy for the 20 years successfully supplying food during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The company serves food such as beef, pork, eggs dehydrated onion, and chicken. Since the Olympics, the company has been a leading supplier for most of the Chinese events the group earned a reputation as there were no complaints concerning the food served rather most of the clients gave positive feedback.

OSI Group and David McDonald commitment to improving the quality of its products

The reputation has helped both OSI and David McDonald to enhance stability and the presence in the cultural Chinese food sector. The organizations have shown commitment to improving their services by conducting their businesses responsibly and sustainably. The organizations focus efforts on best quality food, safety, and animal welfare, gaining public trust in China. These three elements are the reason the organizations have had zero issues of food safety and gain acceptance in the Chinese food sector.

The company’s move to gain a global presence

The company also strives to gain presence in the global market, where OSI group acquired Baho foods one of the most recognized European food companies. This has led to the penetration of David McDonalds and OSI in Europe as Baho Foods had a great base of faithful customers who showed acceptance to the Group. Baho Foods adds to the portfolio of the company in addition to expanding its business in Europe.

Move to use environmentally friendly packaging materials.

McDonald has strict rules when it comes to the packaging of products; they focus on environmentally friendly methods which are fostered by the Chinese government. This included the use of renewable, recycled materials in their packaging process by 2025; the company cares for environmental welfare. Moreover, these initiatives will make it stand out among its competitors. Most countries are aiming at creating a green economy which includes environmental friendly practices. McDonald and OSI is known for their stringent measures in the production and packing of their burgers that meet the international safety standards. Adding environmental friendly packaging will make the company stand above its competitors and gain competitive advantage. Click here.

Renowned Executive Of OSI Group, David McDonald

Mr. David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group. He has served in various posts including the Project Manager of OSI Industries, chairman of North American Meat Institute, and as the independent director of Marfrig Global foods. David McDonald grew up in Northwest Iowa. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. David McDonald was awarded the ‘Outstanding Senior Award,’ which recognizes people with outstanding characters in academics. During his thirty-year career at OSI, David McDonald has risen from his first job as a project manager to his current position as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

McDonald has played a leading role in the important expansions of the company into the international markets. Such roles include the purchase of Baho food, which is a food company based in Dutch-based that offer snacks and deli meats for the European retail market. McDonald is an expert in food production logistics with a wide experience with local business companies, government agencies, and international retailers. His leadership skills are highly attributed to his childhood life in Iowa as a farm boy and food product distributor. This is seen in his managerial style and leading to diverse business partnerships and acquisition of international business opportunities.

David has developed a deep understanding of technical issues that matter in running the business and close partnership with local and international companies. He embraced and held on to the idea of growth and innovation up to date. During his recent interview with CEOCFO magazine, David strongly expressed that the desire to grow and improve is the main philosophy of the company. He also revealed that the company’s vision is to go global and to be valued by both their customers and partners.

As part of business advancement, McDonald has incorporated a strong basis of research and sustainability into the philosophy of OSI Group. Under McDonald leadership, OSI has been stable and has grown to extend its business operations in various locations. This is seen with the acquisition of Baho Food, Flagship Europe, and Tyson Foods. These purchases helped in building an international network of food producers. They were given an opportunity to run businesses in local markets. This was made possible as they were boosted with purchasing powers and technical skills from OSI Group. The advancement and steady growth of OSI Group have been achieved so far through the leadership and commitment of David McDonald.

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