What is Environmental Law?

While the term environmental law would appear easy to understand, it’s easy to misunderstand the definition in its entirety. The environment we live in needs laws to help sustain it, but the laws within those laws and anything related to the environment is just as important. This means that the contents of the land, how it affects the surrounding areas of land and the air are all important. The laws that are put into place to protect the land, animals, and the air need special attorneys to ensure these laws are being followed.

There are tons of regulations, statutes, and other rules in place to help maintain the environment that we as humans live in. One specific area of interest recently is pollution and how it’s effecting the world we live in. It’s easy to see how human beings feel this is too big of a task to take on, especially one that concerns the entire world. However, if we don’t implement laws and regulations to help protect the environment, it’s ultimately our fault when things go awry with our air, water, land, plants, and animals.

Frans Schoeman, an attorney on medium.com for Phatsima Diamond in South Africa knows something about this. His profound knowledge of the law and how it works has served the Cape Town area greatly, and there continues to be issues surrounding mining. Mining is a big deal in South Africa as a result of the gold rush and the need for more diamonds. As mines around the world continue to close, Schoeman heads up the mining operation that takes place for Phatsima Diamond Corporation. Mining and the tools used to perform the task can have a tremendous impact on the land and the air we breathe.

Miners who choose to mine the land for diamonds or other gems and precious metals must abide by certain rules and regulations. Those who are not familiar with this type of mining may view it as a means to disrupt land while others are merely looking at the opportunity as a way to generate profit long term. Frans Schoeman provides the expertise necessary to help Phatsima Diamond oversee every detail of their operations. The many duties that Schoeman reviews include the acquisition of the land, legalese concerning the borders as well as any mergers between miners or land-owners.

Environmental law isn’t always cut and dry, and for every country, city, and state there are various issues that should or need to be addressed. Schoeman oversses the mining in Angola, and at this time the mining of diamonds is still a hot topic in South Africa. It’s safe to say that laws concerning the land and its contents do matter and that having expertise in various areas of law is also an advantage for Schoeman as he continues his career in South Africa.