Meet Clay Siegall at Seattle Genetic


Clay Siegall is the co-founder, CEO and president of Seattle Genetic. He is also the chairman of the company at the board of members. He achieved a Ph.D from George Washington University in Genetics and added a B.S from the University of Maryland in Zoology. In a nutshell, Siegall is a successful scientist and entrepreneur. He has worked for so long in the biotechnology field. As a result of his great work, he has been awarded as the 2013 Alumnus for Math, computer and natural sciences from Maryland University.

Biotechnology is simply putting and initiating technology in the process of science. For a much-explained form; it is assembling a number of microorganisms to work on particular manufacturing methods for the sake of creating non-natural drugs and hormones. Seattle Genetic has the objective of using their biotechnology effort to treat cancer victims. They hope that at the end they will create the best antibody drug conjugates (ADC). Clay Siegall and his colleagues work as a team to keep generating better results of assisting the patients suffering from cancer. Having reached more than 60 countries all over the world; Adcetric is their first drug and they hope to do much better each and every day.

Furthermore the financial results of the company have also over the years went up because of the incredible work Clay Siegall and his team is doing. Clinical developments have received over 20 ADCs of the organization; Siegall has highly contributed to this growth due to his long-term experience. The amount made by the company is so far $330 million. Adcetris has helped so many patients globally, approximately over 15,000 victims of Lymphoma have got treatment with the drug.

Seattle Genetic has also come up with SGN-CD33A in acute myeloid leukemia as well as SGN-CD19A in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. These drugs dosages have so far worked positively. Cancer patients are assured by the organization that they will get more excellent therapies for cancer so that they can have normal healthy lives. Clay Siegall together with his members has decided to collaborate with other organizations to work on making better therapies for cancer.