Avaaz: The Modern Day Civic Organization

While the internet can be used to do many things, Avaaz chose to use it for the greater good. Avaaz— a US based civic organization—uses emails, videos, and online public petitions among other tools of communication provided by the internet to promote global activism. There is no doubt that poverty, corruption, conflicts, violations of human rights, and climate change among other social problems are of concern to people around the globe. Avaaz plays a strategic role in addressing the many challenges affecting humans.

Avaaz was founded in 2007 by Res Publica, MoveOn.org, and Service Employees International Union. All the founding partners of Avaaz are dedicated to alleviating human suffering through promoting good governance, civic virtue, and other progressive courses. The organization coined its name, Avaaz, from a transliteration of a Persian word which means ‘’voice’’ or ‘’sound’’. Therefore, Avaaz is the voice of people.

Avaaz’s innovative mode of operation has enabled its presence to be felt all over the globe. The organization has a website that Avaaz’s members and members of the public can initiate petitions. A petition that generates interest is looked into by Avaaz’s specialists who then send tester emails to some members of Avaaz. If the members agree with the petition, then Avaaz welcomes all its members to partake in the petition. According to Avaaz’s website, secure.avaaz.org, the organization has over 44 million members in 194 countries, and it uses different languages in its campaigns.

Avaaz has been involved in significant global incidences. For instance, during the civil uprising in Syria, Avaaz sent 34 international journalists to Syria to cover the unfolding events and make the world more conversant with the goings-on in Syria. The same organization sent over $1.5 million to Syria to enable protesters to access the internet and air their grievances to the world.