Versatile Entrepreneur Don Ressler

Entrepreneur Don Ressler is one of the most successful and prominent businesspeople in Southern California and the rest of the United States. He has had a very long and extensive career in building companies and running them. Don has founded as well as managed a number of businesses in the health and wellness and media fields. Before he became an entrepreneur, Don worked in the consulting field in which he used his marketing expertise to help a number of businesses take advantage of the emerging demand of online marketing. As well as being a successful consultant and entrepreneur, Don has proven to be quite gifted at generating very high sales figures and raising capital.

When Don started his career and before he became an entrepreneur, he was a consultant. As a consultant Don Ressler would often work with businesses that were in need of assistance with online marketing. During his stint as a consultant, many businesses were looking to capitalize on the internet as an ideal place to market products and services. Therefore Ressler would tell businesses how to best market themselves online and use internet space to most effectively market their business. With his assistance, a number of companies would get great results in their marketing and reach their revenue goals. Therefore Don Ressler proved to be one of the top internet marketing consultants.

While working as a consultant was a very successful endeavor for Don, he had other ambitions. These ambitions were to start up companies and run them. Ressler would found a number of media companies as well as one in the health and wellness industry known as These companies emerged as leaders in their industry and provide high quality services for their customers. One of the media companies that Don founded became the parent company of the social media site Myspace. As well as founding and managing a number of companies, Don Ressler has also made a skincare product line called Hydroderm.

Don Ressler has founded successful companies and established himself as a top consultant but some of his most notable achievements was generating a lot of sales and raising capital. In his years as a businessperson, Don Ressler has helped make revenues for a number of companies that run up to $1 billion. Therefore he has proven to be an expert at using his marketing skills to make lots of sales. He has also raised capital which amounts to $100 million. As a result Don has proven to be someone who can get funding needed to start up and expand companies on a regular basis at

Investment Guru Igor Cornelsen

To Igor Cornelsen, a retired banker from Brazil, investing is a hobby but he also happens to be an professional in the stock markets as well as pursuing multiple types of investments. Igor Cornelsen is presently working with the Bainbridge Group Inv. Inc. in the Bahamas investing in the stock market as well as advising and guiding less experienced investors who are new in the world of stocks.

He has lead new investors to focus on many small stocks instead of one large stock and not to over commit to only one of their projects, this has made many new and inexperienced brokers much more profitable and successful in a shorter period of time. He is gladly generous with his expertise and experience by encouraging investors to research and diversify by not putting all of their eggs in to one basket.

As seen on, Igor Cornelsen became so accomplished in this field by making mistakes, learning the hard way and working his way up to the top. Born and raised in Brazil he built a name for himself as one of the country’s top bankers as well as managing a few of the biggest banks in the country, Igor Cornelsen knew he what he wanted early on in life so he made it his goal to make that happen. He feared he could possibly run out of money during his life time so he decided to become fully involved by building the perfect life for himself so he would have no concerns when retirement came around. When retirement arrived he was able to happily settle down in South Florida where he enjoys golf as his new favorite past time. His retirement in 2010 has not kept him from what he is best at though, he continues investing on the side as a hobby and he still works with Bainbridge.